POM and the MSM

Family duties of late has exposed me to television on a regular basis for the first time in  ages- The show I find most amusing is from NBC- Timeless is the title of the show and it’s a reimagining of the old 60’s lunacy, The  Time Tunnel, from ABC-

I will not belabor too much at the risk of the collective readership’s forehead crashing through the tabletop in a narcoleptic seizure but I do want to let TV-free readers know just how reliant TV is on conspiracy culture these days-

The plot of Timeless involves a secret industrial company that has created two time machines- The deluxe model has been stolen by a rogue member and the beta version, which is a rust bucket, is manned and sent through the past to catch and kill the rogue and return the deluxe model-

As for conspiracy candy laden nonsense, Timeless could not be more blatant: The time travelers work for “Mason Industries”, named after the founder, Connor Mason- (Con job, perhaps?) This is a spin on Elon Musk and his Space-X nonsense- Connor Mason is played by a black actor, bald, with a British accent- The time travelling threesome includes a white, beautiful and brainy female historian whose exposition informs the illiterate viewers of who is who and what is happening as they visit the past in pursuit of the rogue villain- There is a white, GI Joe basic, soldier whose task is to do the actual killing, and a pilot, a big teddy bear of a black guy who is also the comedy relief- See, up to about now, being black has always been problematic within the wider social order, so lots of jokes result from his complaints about the now decommissioned racist norms that blatantly flourished in earlier time periods-

Getting back to Masonic symbols, the four main characters are two white people and two black people so there, ahem, is the allusion to the checkerboard- The time machine looks simultaneously like a giant mechanical (all seeing) eye and a baseball, as metal seams spin round when the contraption powers up-

Timeless - Prototype Time Machine

The rogue’s motivation is to change history by wiping out a sinister cabal called Rittenhouse which was founded in the 1770’s and is clearly patterned on the Illuminati myth- Rittenhouse is behind everything bad that has happened since its founding, including being responsible for the murder of the rogue’s wife and child- Presumably they will exist again in the new, altered time line once Rittenhouse is written out of history- The mind boggles…

And, best of all, Rittenhouse is a collection of inter-married bloodlines, one of which, surprise, includes the historian- She’s from the “Cahill” bloodline and when she meets Charles Lindbergh (don’t ask) he reveals he too is of the Rittenhouse bloodlines and is impressed with the historian’s Cahill breeding-

What’s the point? Timeless has not yet been renewed for a second season- The producers are in a quandary- The show requires a certain familiarity with famous people of the past and the desired demographics (18-35 year olds) are historically illiterate as far as I can tell- Therefore, as the show strives to turn young, conspiracy minded eyes towards the TV set, those too few eyes that view the show will view it with incomprehension-

I don’t think it will be renewed, but even if it is, it shows that conspiracy culture is of a large enough presence that advertisers have made a very expensive investment in trying to cash in on such interest-

PS: All of the hoaxed events we know about are sold straight but slightly altered to dilute the total hoaxing concept- Lincoln’s assassination for instance, except it’s the rogue who kills Lincoln, not Booth- The Hindenburg blows, the Alamo falls, even Bonnie and Clyde show up, though they get gunned down at their hideout and not on a backroad- Oh, and  Werner Von Braun is saved from assassination so we can go to the moon, which they do in one episode, yadda yadda… Hey, its NBC, so what do you expect?

27 thoughts on “POM and the MSM

  1. There was a conspiracy secret society super bowl commercial about nachos or something. It’s harder to find people who swallow whole the Mainstream narratives- and there are dozens of alternative narratives to occupy the questioning. The culture and is saturated in conspiracy narratives (and dystopian themes).


  2. Reminds me – every time I go to the post office I see a glassed in newspaper display on the wall, with the headline “Lindbergh makes flight to Paris in 33 1/2 hours.” I don’t have my phone with me to grab a photo, but will remember next time.

    I have here now the book “The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Sottish Rite of Freemasonry.” It lists all 33 levels, but I cannot shake the feeling that if it is published, it is heavily censored. I don’t think they are bad people or plot murders or abuse children, but they do guard their secrets closely enough that they would not let a book out. Supposedly first published in 1868.


    1. I’ve read somewhere that at degree 13 you are allowed to kill a woman- That’s probably not in your copy of that book-


        1. Some Masonic stuff I’ve read is heavily couched in metaphor so unpacking the meaning would be tricky-
          Degree #4 involves a humiliation ritual, so whenever a politician has to endure scandal, that’s likely a Mason undergoing a ritual step- That’s why police officials are high degree Masons- They have to control the scandal while officiating at the ritual- The Rob Ford mess in Toronto was discussed at length at Fakeologist and was thought to be Ford’s 4th degree ritual- His “dying”, that step I do not know-


        2. This explanation shows the initiate to be shamed and threatened into obedience-And once pliant, is forgiven and is now ready to do the master’s bidding- Bill Clinton was always on board, but the Lewinsky ritual, I suspect, was his willingness to ascend to this degree- (That’s all spec, but I do think the Masons are far more plausible than the you-know-who’s….(psst: the naughties..) http://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/dun/dun05.htm


          1. Good grief! That’s frightfully boring and long. As someone who cannot sit through long rituals, I could never be a mason. I’d keep nodding off. It says the fourth degree is designed to detect impostors.

            One guy I am trying to get a grip on is this Dennis Washington character. It says his Dad was a member of a “32nd degree” Lodge. His obit says his same was “Ray” Washington, but in other papers we find out he was named “Royal.” Does each lodge have a certain degree associated with it? 32 would be way up there.


        3. I think the imposter would be a spin on who is Really committed- Are you faking your interest in the Lodge or are you all in? The death threat is the key- So publicly, the test of loyalty is weathering the shit storm they manufacture for your public persona- You’ve gone through the ritual so you know the stages of the test when in public scandal- Celebrity death hoaxes may be a form of this though plausibly speaking, I think the dead celebrity program is just the end of an assignment-


  3. I watched the 1st few episodes just to see how stories were handled. When they saved Von Braun, thus saving NASA and the space program, I couldn’t take any more. I believe the next episode was Bonnie and Clyde, I didn’t watch that one and haven’t watched any others.


  4. I think this is part of a project to mainstream (some) conspiracy theories. I have two kids in grade school. They and all their friends go around making a triangle over one of their eyes and shouting at each other: “Illumi-naughty!” (Well, they’re really saying “Illuminati,” but I prefer my spelling.) Yet they don’t even have a clue what the Illuminati are supposed to be. You can see it with all the “one-eyed” gestures and other signs among celebrities on album covers and in photo shoots and what-not. I don’t think they’re just drawing on conspiracy culture, I think they’re deliberately pushing the symbols and mythology. I’m not sure why they’re doing it. Perhaps to take the sting out of it, make it seem normal and mainstream. I suppose it’s another avenue for dismissing conspiracy theories: “Oh, right, Jay-Z and Beyonce are member of an evil cabal of rulers.” Or maybe, “Hey, if Jay-Z and Beyonce are members of the illuminaughty, maybe they’re not so bad.” I’m really not sure, just spit-balling here, but I don’t think it is an accident that my kids and their friends are using the word and its symbols, even if it’s just some meaningless game to them.

    (I know we’re not supposed to talk about Illuminati, but I think the intention behind that is that we don’t want people coming here posting things about how the world is run by the Luciferian Illuminati and stuff like that. I don’t mean to suggest that it’s the Illuminati that are pushing this. I think the notion of Illuminati was adopted or promulgated by TPTB to make them seem more than they are, which is just a bunch of greedy, power-hungry little shits. If they want to call themselves the Illuminati or whatever, it doesn’t change anything. Like putting lipstick on a pig.)

    Edit: Thanks for bringing this show to our attention, Tyrone!


      1. I believe it started out that way. But with the release of the Illuminatus! trilogy and now the widespread dissemination of the term and its imagery, I believe something else or more is afoot.


        1. Maybe The Powers That Be think they need a new mafia-esque boogeyman. They can’t sell us Italian stereotypes anymore. Come to think of it? When was the last time you saw a big “drug bust” with cops sitting around surrounded by hundreds of keys of heroin or Coke? That used to an old stand-by. Maybe the “Illuminati” is being primed as some version of “Chaos” from the show “Get Smart”- that the FBI and CIA and the Mi6 will forever be battling . . . . and just about anyone could be a member of the “illuminati” . . .


          1. That would mean playing the illuminaughty up into some kind of bogeyman. But as I see it this mainstreaming is playing them down,or as Vexman puts it below: “trying to diminish its importance.”


    1. Interesting thought. I find it funny what your kids did, making a triangle over one of their eyes, like if they were laughing at it. As much as I’m concerned about the symbolism of a 3rd eye – I hope TPTB can clearly see my middle finger raised with that additional eye 🙂 Probably it was a joke to your kids and their friends, but I’ll admit – I have no more knowledge about Illuminaughties than your kids.

      I think since we can lately observe illuminaughties pushed as a mainstream, that they’re spinning some truth involved within it. The PTB are catching on conspiracy subject overall, actually, trying to diminish its importance and re-gain control about what is being published and made accessible. Like we’ve discussed in some other thread at PoM, all of these “secret” societies are most likely equally important in the big picture – being just another front (of men and women) for those few actual Rulers. In my opinion, the end of the ruling line is elsewhere, beyond and above Illuminaughties.

      Illumi-naughty, I laughed out loud, kudos for the coined term 🙂 I really love the sarcasm of it, naughtiness shone on the chosen few, making them Illuminaughties – is that how you suggest they’ve invented their band’s name?


      1. “The PTB are catching on conspiracy subject overall, actually, trying to diminish its importance”

        Yeah, maybe that’s what this mainstreaming is trying to accomplish — not just diminish the importance of the illuminaughty, but by association all the conspiracy theories.

        I do think ‘The Illuminaughties’ would be a good name for a rock band. Or maybe a collegiate A Capella group. (-;


        1. I wanted to add to your above reply to CJD, with mainstreaming Illuminaughty they already admitted we are seeing through it, which is exactly why it has to be downplayed. Since they have the power via MSM outlets to program our youngsters (and everybody else to ignorant to learn about such subject themselves so far) to think about Illuminaughty, we can observe them at the damage-control mission. So when all those manipulated and manipulable people come across Illuminaughty or any other subject interpreted by MSM, they will dismiss it by association. Consequently, we get “disarmed” by our own disclosures about it. It appears as game of words at its best, but with dangerous consequences for them in my opinion.


    2. My 12 year old daughter and her friend did the same thing about a month ago, tripped me out.

      Niether one could tell me who or what the illuminati was though.


  5. I’d take that time travel stuff as metaphor.
    The future and the past this TV tales refer to are our perception of past and our perceived expectation of the future. Thus, “traveling to the past” means actually rewriting our recordings of history.
    This kind of “time traveling” goes on for centuries.
    Almost everyone here is aware the the current report of history, and the history of the last century is mainly lies and propaganda, with a fraudulent description of events, and insertion of pseudo events that never happened.
    It would be naive to believe this started 20 or 50 or 100 years ago.
    It is a known fact that current ancient and medieval “history” is based on Scaliger and Petavius, two Jesuits. Yes, of that dubious crypto-jewish Morrano sect within the catholic church.
    Would they have any reason to remove events from the records unfavourable to their liking, and insert events glorifying their ilk ?
    Several people have noticed some grave problems with the mainstream history timeline, including Harduin, Newton, Edwin Johnson and Wilhelm Kammeier.
    A more recent, interesting case is Anatoly Fomenko, a russian mathematician. Using his statistical method, he claims that the whole history of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the ancient Greek history and the Biblical dynasties are a fiction, created from one (Hapsburger) dynastic record, and disseminated over time by just changing names, places and years.
    Just search for “History: Science or Fiction”, there exist downloadable PDF copies on the net.

    To come full circle back, with this kind of TV stories, they boldly tell us what they are doing, while they are doing it.


  6. I inserted “Illuminati” as a forbidden subject in the comments due to the blackwashing effect. The word is well known and is often a rejoinder when some subject is brought up, elections being fake or Lennon being alive … “ooooooohkay buddy, an the Illuminati are running the government too.”

    I don’t know what it is, I don’t care about it, and don’t wish to be ridiculed based on something that might be used, like “what you got there, a conspiracy theory?” to block thought processes and draw a halt to curious inquiry. It’s a thought stopper.


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