Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

I was passively watching a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday while fiddling with something else, when he announced that New England quarterback Tom Brady was on. Right away I thought spoof, and as the door opened and a fully clad football player walked out, I instantly knew, even before the big reveal, that it was Matt Damon.

The reason I knew this is because of the work we we have done here at POM, especially Straight’s work on the Matt Damon Batch. For reasons we don’t yet understand, a large number of A-list Hollywood males stars (and one female) bear a freakishly strong resemblance to Matt Damon. At the same time, they are all easily distinguishable. Their facial features line up precisely. There is difference in ear size and location and skull size, but other than that, they are … not twins … not duplicates … we do not know.

I suggested we call them “Bokanovsky Brats” after the cloning process described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. However, that presumes too much. We don’t know that cloning is going on, or selective breeding or in vitro processes for replication of selective traits. Perhaps Hollywood merely scours the population for handsome lookalikes. Is it all makeup magic? Are the photos not to be trusted? Maybe they constructed a profile of the classical handsome man, and search for those features in the general population.

Whatever is going on, this appearance of an actor who so strongly resembles Tom Brady on the Kimmel show indicates to me that there is inside knowledge in show business of the resemblance. Maybe it is just a rumor mill, or perhaps they know the origins of these people, be it a test tube or a horse farm in Kentucky or bastard factory in Manila. Maybe that is why NSA is spying on us – looking for clones. Or maybe the Kimmel show is eavesdropping on us and reading our behind-the-scenes email.

But add this to the mix Matt Damon’s pedigree (alleged anyway, as I do not do this kind of research and cannot vouch for it):


Add another factor – we often find that famous people have manufactured identities – Jim Morrison, John Denver, Taylor Swift, John Lennon, Anderson Cooper, Janis Joplin – are not members of the families given us by Wikipedia. So this is highly speculative work, and nailing down Damon’s bloodline, as done above, assumes his name is real and that he is not just another manufactured screen image.

That in tow, let’s take a look at Damon and Brady side by side:

Eyes are set to one inch on each, gaze is forward, head angles are the same. Here is a face chop:


Good grief! Yes the ears are off, but the skull shape, eye mouth and hairline alignment are near dead on. Of course they are not twins,  and are aging differently. They are different people – one is an actor given every opportunity to succeed, who reads scripts and acts out his part, often being cast in a superhero role.

The other is Matt Damon.

Just for fun, I am going to throw two more face chops at you and let you figure out who they are, one a famous Hollywood star, the other a world-famous athlete:

If we knew what was up with this, we would share it with you.


PS: Holy S***: Just on a whim I ran Damon against Jimmy Kimmel. The circle completes.


30 thoughts on “Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

  1. “They are different people – one is an actor given every opportunity to succeed, who reads scripts and acts out his part, often being cast in a superhero role.

    The other is Matt Damon.”

    Nice one!

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          1. Well, riddles are not meant to be easy. Beckham is well known to people who follow sports, married to a Spice Girl and like Tom Brady, being credited with an enormous load of talent. I am questioning it now.


  2. On a whim, recalling the Nixon/Kissinger-approved 1971 trip to China by the U.S. national pingpong team, I checked out Kimmel’s sponsors. Here’s what comes up:
    Ken Lee, Chief Executive Officer, retired in 2008 as the Vice President of Security for UPS’ U.S. Operations.
    Tom Hayashi currently serves as the Executive Director of OCA National Center in Washington, DC. Founded as “Organization of Chinese Americans” in 1973, OCA today is a premiere pan-Asian membership driven civil rights organization with a national network of over 80 chapters and affiliates. (He is the first openly gay OCA Executive Director of multi-cultural ethnicity.)
    Pretty heavyweight “partners.”

    Maybe the clone/twins research is being done “offshore,” in Asia, like so many other secret business arrangements. Probably nothing to worry about.


    1. Not worried, Steve just curious. I would not be surprised when we are done here we learn that every news reader, every famous actor and musician and high-profile sports hero is somehow connected to the bloodline.

      This would help make sense of 9/11, as the media participated in that hoax in full and still does – those people on the TV screens that day were actors with manufactured identities willfully reading their lines knowing full well it was a hoax. Makes sense to me.


        1. This is going to sound off-the-wall but hell, you are at this website so should be used to it. HIV cannot cause AIDS because AIDS is simply immune deficiency brought on by a host of causes, including “poppers” that gays were using in SF when that city was said to be a hotbed of AIDS. Drug abuse over a prolonged period also breaks down the immune system. Mere presence of HIV, just as with mere presence of ZIKA causing microencephalitis, is speculative. Ergo, a gene editing process that creates immunity against HIV would be fake by definition.

          I know how that sounds. But AZT is a killer, far more than “AIDS.” That’s my tentative belief after quite a bit of reading on the subject in the last couple of years, always subject to revision as better information comes along. Obviously, being a non-scientist I ahve to rely on those who better understand it, and am at their mercy. But I know with a common cold that no symptoms are produced by mere presence of the virus. It has to overwhelm the system with millions of replicates. It should be the same with ZIKA and AIDS, but no, they say a very low number of the viruses can cause horrendous outcomes.


          1. I think you are on to something about the deficiencies of the germ theory of disease. A very educational book: .

            However, … I had a friend thirty-some years ago, a hemophiliac. He had a blood transfusion at one point, later tested positive for HIV. Years later something like AIDS killed him. He didn’t do drugs or have sex. He was something of a simpleton due to a head injury in childhood and lots of intracranial bleeding. But that blood transfusion gave him something that his immune system buckled under. Obviously there are always complicating factors. But I stop short of pooh-poohing the mainstream connection of HIV to AIDS, based on my friends’s health history.


          2. I don’t dispute the germ theory of disease, having had colds, infections now and then. I came back from New Zealand a couple of years ago with a bug that hung on for two months … it was a battle between my immune system and the germs, and being relatively young and in good health, the immune system won. Beef carpaccio, raw beef, a breeding ground for germs. I was so tired of limey food that I grasped for something sounding Italian. If left to sit, it is a breeding ground for germs. Never order Italian food in New Zealand. Stick with pork belly and eggs Benedict.

            The troubling thing about AIDS was that once diagnosed as HIV positive, it opened the door for treatment, and it was the treatment that killed, in my current understanding, also knowing that certain lifestyles tended to lead to compromised immune systems. I don’t know about your friend … did he undergo treatment? AZT? This is some of the most disturbing stuff I have ever come across. Obviously medical personnel did not know what they were doing, trusting the research and following procedures.

            We have to question the presence of a few viruses causing massive damage, even death. Someone has to answer the question how? 1) Virus present, 2) ???, 3) death. With ZIKA, virus present, ???, microencephaly. Long before Zika Chomsky wrote about the presence of a Pygmy population in Brazil, the result of malnutrition and pesticides. ZIKA could be a cover story behind which hides Monsanto.

            And again, a non scientist I have to trust and be amenable to new and better info.


          3. Mark, you have taught me so much. I am glad to begin to pay off the debt a little by sharing the following name with you: Antoine Béchamp.

            Louis Pasteur got fame and glory for pushing the germ theory so hard, and he lives on as the patron saint of Big Pharma. But he achieved his successes at the cost of honesty. He falsified his results and actively suppressed the competing cellular theory of disease that Béchamp had pioneered and Claude Bernard was advancing. Even after Pasteur’s perfidy became widely known, his paradigm still shapes Western (=corporation) medicine.

            Through the germ theory of disease, doctors and other lackeys of Big Pharma are milking the public dry with medicines that abate symptoms but do not treat the underlying causes (i.e. the actual dis-ease). You can’t make millions by prescribing lifestyle changes, so doctors push pills instead—pills that don’t cure and keep you coming back for more pills. (

            I am beginning work today on a piece that touches on these issues.


          4. Maarten my friend, you should never think in terms of correcting me. Rather, think of it as updating, as we do with our phones. Just send an email that says “Maarten has prepared a new update for you. Do you want to install it now? One hour from now? While you sleep?”

            And thank you for that new information, new to me anyway. I will follow your links after I plow the driveway. I offer a weak defense in that I don’t take any of their pills, and with my New Zealand disease, though it did take a couple of months, I took no remedies for it.

            And remember that was you who updated me on Koestler and the origins of the Jews, for which I am grateful, and just last week I disposed of my copy of Wood’s Where Did the Towers Go? as it now seems absurd that I bought that wheel barrel full of manure. But like my Iphone … from time to time …


          5. It must have been another commenter who introduced you to Koestler. I have not read The Thirteenth Tribe. I am interested in his book The Sleepwalkers (but it sits unread on my shelf). I am curious about the Khazars as a people, but am not sure much hangs on the hypothesis that Koestler wrote of.


  3. Ever since Burt Reynolds created his parody of a movie star persona back in the 70’s, many tough guy actors have been spinning that shtick on talk shows to one degree or another- It wasn’t a bad strategy for Reynolds as very few American movie stars would appear on The Tonight Show so as to not destroy their carefully crafted and marketed mystiques by appearing functionally illiterate in front of Carson, our national cretin- The joke façade that Reynolds developed synched perfectly with his action star roles and allowed him to come on talk shows almost weekly which contributed to his dominance at the box office, even as his films were obscenely puerile-
    Bruce Willis is probably the most annoying of the Burt Babies, especially when he tried to sing and play the blues man- The best was Leslie Neilsen who had a whole second career as a parody of himself- Same with The Shat who today seems funniest trying to be tough in the old Star Trek drek, given how long and familiar his self-parody phase has been-
    Damon was once a potentially good actor- He came to fame as a jerk from Southie in Good Will Hunting, but now is just a CGI prop, currently saving China from it’s ancient self in another money laundering snooze fest, The Great Wall- As his super hero phase has expanded, his self-mockery, with Kimmel enabling, has increased- This must now be some planned for shift in career gears for these guys to extend their shelf-life, even as going to the movies is something mostly left for retirees to experience-

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    1. Could not believe how much of his acting in Jason Bourne was just walking from one place to another as the music played, you know, carrying out his plan, up to something devilishly clever no doubt, but really, just walking here and there. I would say it is safe to say the Bourne franchise is done, maybe Damon too.


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