4 thoughts on “Jewish pogroms and retaliations of the Ruling Jews – Part III

  1. I can’t get past the picture of Yezhov which looks like a paste up to me:

    He is simultaneously being lit from above/behind/left? and from the front but the shadows aren’t making sense. Why is his front so dark especially below the head? His skin is bright white yet his uniform is almost black
    His head doesn’t look right.. perhaps pasted in and proportioned wrong
    The line around his uniform looks unnatural
    Trying to understand the background.. was this Picture Day at the NKVD?


    1. Quite possible for the fake, I didn’t check it before posting since there’s no particular point within the picture other than to portrait Yezhov. Some faces of those people do look horrifying, at least I was able to see nastiness about some of them without learning anything before, just by looking at the faces and eyes. Anyway, Stalin’s photo crew were specialist, when he eliminated Trotsky for instance all previously published photos that were picturing Trotsky were re-touched to delete him from the history. So I can imagine that some of those portraits included in my piece could be manipulated, but it doesn’t make any difference in these cases since they’re all dead already.


  2. I mentioned this in a previous post, but here is more relevant. How many prominent Jewish figures “executed” during the Great Purge teleported alive to Palestine to organize the inception of the state of Israel ? This is very probable in my opinion. Since Hitler was “anti-Jewish” and he made the connections between Jews and Communism in “his” writing, they had to delete some of the Jewish faces. Read the wiki page of Maxim Litvinov (Jewish). He was the Foreign Minister , so they tell the story of how Hitler was pleased when they changed him with Molotov. You can also find the nonsense about Molotov having the mission to “purge the ministry of Jews”. The same Molotov who was married to a Jewish woman called Polina since 1921. In her wiki page we find out she war “charged” with Zionism in 1949. What a joke. In her wiki page we also find the interesting fact that she supported the idea of granting Crimea to the Jews . This can be connected to the Khazarian theory. Consider what happens today in Crimea. I take in consideration the possibility that the elites will really do the Crimean move in the future. People talk about the Greater Israel but this can be a distraction.
    Similarly we find reassigned Jews after Slánský trial . A closer look at various trials can be useful.


  3. Holodomor/Holocaust … interesting use of language. I have to stop and wonder at this piece of history, how it could happen in a vacuum. Just as the idea of 700,000 people perishing by means of gunshot in the back of the head, it has the sound of fantasticism, designed to horrify and enrage. We are not in charge of our own history, and so don’t know the truth of events of 15 years ago, yet we are asked to believe these tales of murder and famine … on what basis? I am also offended that “Jews” is being used in the pejorative. I want this whole series to be done and forgotten.


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