27 thoughts on “Jewish pogroms and retaliations of the Ruling Jews – Part II: The Red Evil

  1. Jewish Expulsions and Exiles
    If jews had been exiled, expelled, or otherwise done away with by one or two countries, you could possibly make a case for this fable of “anti-semitism” or that maybe just certain people had a problem with the jews. However, when it gets to the point that you have a list of 109 different exiles from 84 different places, with some of them having to do so repeatedly, one is forced to start looking at jews themselves as the problem, and not those attempting to free themselves from the grasp of these parasites.
    More here: http://www.subvertednation.net/jew-lists/jewish-expulsions-and-exiles/


    1. Hi Wanda, I’m all for open discussion, but I objected to your use of the term “the Jew.” It’s dehumanizing and totalizing and plays into neo-Nazi rhetoric, which in addition to being despicable is also controlled opposition designed to make criticism of the power of wealthy Jews totally unpalatable. So I’ve changed the language of your comment.


      1. Okay… i thought to change it, but it isn’t my comment, it is a copy and paste from the article and site i linked to. It’s not my argument, really, just i found your rather abbreviated list of expelled or massacred Jews to be a bit, how to say it… typical, yes, that’s the word for it. But thanks for leaving the comment up, in any event.


        1. Wanda, I authored the text but daddieuhoh found your comment inappropriate enough to modify it. I only understood that it’s not your original comment after reading it at the link you’ve provided. Maybe you should put a note to such comments in the future to avoid misunderstanding.

          Thanks for that link anyway, it’s a nicely composed list with dates and city names to it while I wanted names of the countries to be transparent. It’s a bit easier to relate to countries in my opinion, so I composed the list of countries from all the cities mentioned in Part I. The list from the link is missing some countries, which was admitted by author on his webpage. I find it incomplete for both reasons just mentioned.

          The case is even more transparent if only the number of expulsions and massacres is considered. Instead of two or three cases as you suggest with the quoted text, there are at least 109 such cases that provide an excuse for resentment. Although there may be some weight to the issue that the author relates to, I disagree with the logic he implies with it. The focus in the case of exiles and massacres (or pogroms in the extreme) should not be about who is to be blamed for such event. The focus should be about the force that’s driving such violent event and yet the author seems as a part of that force. I’m still waiting to learn about any dispute that was successfully solved by using force as an argument, That’s just not the way to go nor it was like that at point in time. So instead of discreetly pushing violence with his post, the author would be better off by not publishing anything at all.


  2. There is no intuitive pathway for me to enter this paradigm- I cannot conceive of so many people being so docile and so ignorant as to allow for such “mass slaughter”- Call me naïve, but this series is leaning VERY heavily on POV’s with an axe to grind- I’m no apologist for anyone, but for me to believe that such a mass of men could be assembled for these purposes and be so successful in mass murder with god knows what relatively primitive, standard issue weaponry, (likely single shot bolt action rifles and bayonets) strains credulity-
    Add artillery if you want, but just about everything would be moving literally on horse power, and that would be a slow moving operation- Trains, with easily disassembled tracks, only go so far into the wilderness- (Movies show wanton slaughter and they never lie, right? No one’s being massaged emotionally in a movie theater, especially in a “period piece” where all peasants are nature savants and only want and experience peace and quiet, thus so ripe for mass extinction)
    But I am lead to believe these land dwellers could not survive without government assistance? Could the alleged psychopaths of the Red Army be so comprehensive in their severing of food and water supplies over such a vast area that the inhabitants could be destroyed in such numbers over such a short period of time? Were those peasants that lazy and willing to be totally dependent on central authority? And so insufficiently armed as to be routed to a village?
    I’m now beginning to wonder about all “atrocity” stories that ferment in political ideology- Alexander Solzhenitsyn is not an objective source- I am not either if I let the Irish holocaust go unexamined- I have my suspicions now that most of what we think of as mass slaughter is actually forced migration, as I believe the Irish population was coerced into doing-
    Deliberately pulling opportunity away from a region will force a peaceful, if seriously annoying, move to more prosperous parts of the world where the same forces that have cut off economic activity are waiting for the immigrants to seek employment and survival where these elites want them- Along the way, some do die, but the overlay of unspeakable horrors I now suspect are camouflage to occlude the mundane economic chain pulling that underlies what we would likely find is the real history of these times- I mean, seriously, how many murderous psychopaths do you know who can tie their shoes, let alone lead an army of fellow psychos to bathe in the blood of revisionist roaders or whatever the fuck the problem was?

    Not buying- Need logistics that make sense, not testimony from former political prisoners-

    PS- Add to that the relatively new sport of Crypto-Jew hunting and you will have a serious, if mythical, rabbit infestation to run down while the truth of the matter continues to evade detection-

    PPS- And don’t run the cast of Jewish Bolsheviks- If you want actors to do ethnic, Jews have always provided, from Injun’s to Italians- This stuff is strictly business, not personal-


    1. Thanks, I was having the same problem, but you supplied the words. I said “monsters from outer space” because I could not accept that humans would treat one another in such a fashion as this. We are a benign species. We cooperate, and seek friendship and commonality. When desperate we steal, when provoked we kill and then experience deep remorse, and when stimulated by narcotics and alcohol, we can be assholes. But when sober, when appointed leaders of masses of us, we do not plot their extinction. Only creatures from outer space would do this.

      I do not buy this Jewish stuff, even as I see there is something afoot there. Whatever it is, there is a tendency to use hyperbole to demonize them … but I see no race or religion. Just some smart and devious fuckers,


      1. Don’t take words that follow to personally. You claim that humans are benign species, yet the USA and its army is one of the largest and the strongest army in the world, exporting wars wherever you Americans feel it is appropriate, officially for the glory of democracy and freedom. There’s nothing benign in that and there is nothing benign in the body-count made by US soldiers. The soldiers ought to be benign humans as well. And it’s not like that just with USA, England, Japan, China and many other countries’ soldiers bahave in the very same manner for ages. Then there are some ill-minded elite rulers who demonstrate same delusional characteristics. While we may actually be benign if left alone, that is not the case in reality as you would agree. Cognitive dissonance about such soldiers and elite rulers is so strong, that rational mind calls for some abstract solution to the problem. Here would be convenient to think of them as some silly reptilians, but the idea of alienated features of human dark side is just about that – denying that any human is capable of inhumane behavior. But that’s just the illusion, because we want to believe into something that is obviously not true. Some specimens of our species have monstrous features, which is a fact you may choose to ignore. However, to be aware of it is already a progress.


        1. Of course I take nothing personally, so such advice is unnecessary. But let’s consider what it takes to make a fighting soldier … boot camp, otherwise known as physical training and indoctrination, the latter a key component. It’s a grueling time when the men are worn down phsysically to the point of high suggestibility in order to fill their minds with notions of evil enemies. They bond with their unit, lose their identity. They don’t fight for causes, but rather for their buddies. Another part of it is to remove their tendency for compassion, instilling them with such hatred that killing is no longer a repulsive act, but a grave necessary one.

          With ordinary conscripts the success rate was not so high as it is now with volunteers and professionals who stay for longer periods. The real killing now is done by professionals, as conscripts had a tendency to shoot to miss in WWII, as General Marshall discovered.

          Soldiers are always treated as heroes, other than dumb schmucks. This is universal. Any insult of a person who has “fought for our freedom” is considered blasphemy.

          And another aspect: to the degree possible, killing is done from far away by cannon and aircraft, as hand-to-hand combat is horrible and usually avoided. A fighter pilot dropping bombs is not witness to the suffering he causes, out of sight and out of mind..Same with those firing cannon and other artillary and launching missiles.

          So as I see it, warfare is carefully contrived to work around our benign nature. Only in movies do people kill and then turn around and fall in love and have families and normal lives. PTSD is mostly just remorse.


          1. Good then, I’ll try to stick to the subject further. As much as I’ve experienced an American way of reasoning, you in general tend to believe that everybody should have a right to own a firearm. I wonder why that came to be, but anyway, looking at only one aspect that ties into this debate – it was wrong to take away the land you now own by guns and wars from natives. As much as it was wrong taking Australia from Aborigines by the Brits in the same way, both newborn countries were founded by the same ruling forces, that encourage war and violence. Order from chaos, or so it’s alluded to be the real issue here. Same interconnected people organized slave trade from Africa and then expanded the business to India, where they later added new opportunities by enslaving masses to opium, which were the beginnings of famous East India Company. Wars, force and drugs are just tools to imperialize and control the (new) territory, just like soldiers are tools of their generals. Whether you pull the trigger, press a button to release the bombs or kill with the joystick of a drone is all the same, as firearms should never be used against humans. To achieve that we need proper education that build proper values and completely abolish violence as solution for anything. As well or even more important is that same knowledge to understand when somebody wants to manipulate you to use the firearm and take lives for whatever reason. Only than are you able to notice a psychopath that’s in front of you, which is again another checkpoint of progress in our society in my opinion. Chain of command leads upwards too so it shouldn’t be hard to remove them. While such delusional psychopaths, as the PTB have proven to be, rule our world we have no chance of progress. Who is to be really blamed? Only we, the people, who allowed all of that mostly by ignoring severity of manipulation going on. If everybody abolished use of firearms today, who would be left to fight all those wars with? There is the solution right in front of us, as I see it, but can we make it there peacefully is the real issue.


          2. I’ll leave it there, as your points are valid. I think mine are as well so that a blending of the two natures of humanity, the vast majority benign and controllable, a small minority controlling us to their own ends.


            1. And just as you two close the discussion, I’m going to add my two cents. I am always wary to make any broad statements about human nature. I don’t know what human nature is, and more to the point, I don’t know how we can really know what it is. There are, however, two things I feel that I can say about human nature with a fair degree of certainty:

              1. Humans are almost infinitely malleable by their social surroundings. Thus whether they are going to act in a way we would define as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is going to depend almost entirely on their past socialization and present social milieu.
              2. Humans instinctively divide the world into ‘people who are like me’ and ‘people who are not like me.’ This instinct serves as the foundation for group identity and social groups and, unfortunately, this is the instinct that TPTB manipulate for their divide-and-conquer strategies.

              There is a wealth of social psychological evidence that people are much more loving and accepting of people who they identify with, people in the same social groups or categories as them (race, gender, education, etc. etc.), and they are much less loving and accepting towards members of out-groups. Under certain conditions this antipathy towards out-group members can be exacerbated to an almost unlimited extent. It serves as the foundation for man’s inhumanity towards man.

              I have been meaning to do a post on this, and I will. But the point here is that you’re both right: humans can be kind and loving and good, especially towards in-group members; and they can be cruel and vicious and evil, especially towards out-group members.

              And I’ll finish by just saying kudos Vexman for trying to grapple with these very difficult but important issues.


          3. An afterthought however, that our “founding fathers” were descendants of British royalty, and were probably placed here as part of the seeding operation, enough farmers to feed the population, enough soldiers to kill or drive out the natives. Same in Australia, and in my humble opinion, Israel.


    2. To doubt about anything is pretty much your right and a necessity of a sound mind.
      I rejected the idea of monstrous human behavior for a long time, however judging the rest of the people on my personal values and experience didn’t bring me closer to understanding any atrocity.

      I live in a small town in Slovenia and there is an even smaller town of Laško in vicinity. The surrounding hills of Laško are still full of skeletons of those humans, who were labeled as enemies of the state and executed in short-term without any trial, then piled in an abandoned mine shaft and forgotten until recently. There are two mass graves I’ve seen and thousands I’ve heard of, which is proof that mass graves are not a myth, at least for me. In my country, there were few brave and diligent people that gave those bones identity, so we were eventually able to learn who were the victims. There were even autopsies done on those bones, providing the evidence for stories of cruelty surrounding their death. For instance, marks of sharp objects were found on neck vertebrae, indicating executions by slaughter, skulls were found damaged with blunt object like i.e. gunstock, iron wire bound around the wrists was found, that cut into the bone structure, indicating senselessness of their butchers and no-bullet-for-traitors approach. There are survivors of this horror, but their stories could be understood as biased and subjective, you may say. Biased story can still be true, while truckloads of exhumed bones (that were finally decently buried afterwards) tell the story of executions objectively while confirming them true by evidence. It’s true that I haven’t seen any Russian mass graves in person, but I’m convinced they would be quite easy to find regardless of the vast territory involved in such search, like in the case of Poland, Estonia or Slovenia. It would not be necessary to do so in person if you could trust some source, though.

      To be objective in one Russia as an author of the communism era is almost impossible. As you allowed the possibility of being an actual dissident/political prisoner to Solzhenitsyn, there is something substantial to relate to. As a matter of fact, he was not imprisoned but sent to Gulag. Not being just an issue of semantic dispute, Gulags have taken millions of lives by working people to death, for which the national census of the era is the best testimony. There are so many books by so many gulagged authors, that I do accept that part of communism as real, even if no other part of that country’s history is proven as authentic. And even if they’re all biased and not being completely objective when describing the horror they’ve experienced, does that mean the horror wasn’t true? Mass graves found confirm the story and so do some archived records. I’ve included quite many different sources, to cross-reference and confirm stories told. There could be an issue about it if I was using only Solzhenitsyn as a source for my work presented (even though he footnoted his book with 1500+ sources), but since I included some sources that are not authored by any dissident, I want to believe my text is objective.

      I wanted to avoid beliefs but still, I believe that any widespread terror induces en massé emigration. Wouldn’t you want to save your family and yourself? Even if men stood behind and chose to fight, there would be women, children and elder people running for safety. You may argue that in case of such emigration, they were as well driving out the Jews, which was one of the goals aiming to populate then still Palestinian land (as was the case in some other parts in the world). It may be true to some extent, yet the majority of communism’s victims in Europe were Christians. This gives room for ethnic or religious reasons to explain atrocities committed, but that is not the solely reason we’re looking at, in my opinion.

      What can be deduced from all learned so far is that the perpetrators tend to do things cunningly. Most of the people disappeared during the night, while single raid wasn’t about taking all of the victims at once. They were coming back in waves of such raids, eventually eliminating them all, like in the case of Crimean Tatars, the local muslims. With such modus operandi, you don’t induce panic, just terror. And how do most of the people react to terror? They tend to freeze, terrified by the shock, majority of people does nothing in reaction and when eventually they get to reason once again, most of them would run or hide rather then fight.

      As much as I could understand, you may be thinking I’m some kind of newage crypto-Jew hunter. Not at all, actually, I only chose to point to a pattern I noticed. You may consider that there were never so many people with access to knowledge as it is the case in modern times, which explains why so many of us find the Elite Jewishness an issue. Being aligned to such trend is not to be ashamed of, in my opinion, since I find it alarming. I’m on the quest for knowledge, that can help me understand this crazy world and as it’s shown lately by many people’s research – the world is not crazy by coincidence.


  3. Like Tyrone I have some doubts. When I started to see the lies about the Holocaust I became pro Hitler . Sutton introduced some doubts about Hitler, then Mathis moved me towards seeing Hitler as fake. The important thing is that people will not extend their doubts over other massacres (especially the communist ones). Holocaust is the most studied by alternative people, and when they see the lies they assume that the Jews lied about Hitler and that Hitler was a genuine historical personality. Then you learn about the Jewish involvement in communism. Then you start to believe that Jews lied about Hitler in order to hide their own mass murder. I am still what some may call pro-white/white nationalist , but I extended my doubts over some massacres/pogroms.

    I also believe that people focus too much on people killed. When a more scientific dictatorship comes, the people don’t see the killings (or very deplorable life conditions) . Even if other freedoms are taken away, many people will not see it as a dictatorship. The image of Communist Russia/Korea/China/Burma (especially before 1989) being associated to killings,gulags and prisons was useful to make people accept increase in various budgets, military bases, foreign interventions etc. The non-communist countries now also look like heaven. In US we have the irony of exponential increase of prison population since 70’s (communist apologists like marxists.org will point out that US had larger rate of prison population than Soviet Union). Nonetheless, despite the fact that I believed that less people were killed/died the people at the top are not less dangerous and deranged. They have less physical powers than what most believe ( like fake nuclear bombs, or the ability to kill people in general), but at the same time their propaganda is stronger(history,religion,science). While people worry about the nuclear holocaust, the elites not only control their fears they also control their hopes (religion), how they see the past (history) etc. The New World Order in my opinion will be a marriage of 1984 with Brave New World(also maybe a multicultural face). The cities will look like Judge Dredd 2012, with murder rate like in Caracas (favelization of white countries). We can add a basic income to keep the system running (with only the basic income you can only live in the favela, unless you own a house already).

    Some points regarding Tyrone remarks on immigration. I believe that many European wars plus other things (policy towards the Irish) were made to drive many Europeans to the new lands (Australia, Canada, USA, Argentina etc). The elites wanted to use the new natural resources of all kinds and they needed cheaper labor. They also needed people just to be present in order to construct cities until they reached the Pacific or whatever region in other relevant countries. In Britain they gave people in prison (many were minor crimes) the choice to go to Australia (is this correct statement?). In the beginning there were El Dorado stories, mythical christian kingdoms or the fountain of youth to help with the initial immigration (16th century).

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    1. I’m enjoying this debate, so many good issues raised. We were once discussing how far does fakery extend in regard to wars, where I explained I’ve seen the ruins of our most recent Balkan war and talked to one witness from Sarajevo. Very recently one of my readers emailed me about Lockerbie piece I did, we ended up discussing many different issues, one of which was the case of Srebrenica. I have to say it, allegedly, there were 7,000 muslim Bosnian men gathered and transferred to several execution sites where they were mostly slaughtered. But in my belief, I doubt only about the number and not about the event itself. There are so many unearthed skeletons resulting from most recent war in Bosnia, that you can even volunteer as a »bone collector« since local authorities lack staff. The essence – some things are not faked and not hoaxed, real people actually die. There is no end to cruelty when Balkan is at war, remember that, skeletons found everywhere are the evidence of it. For instance:

      This is from Slovenia, in the hills of Laško near my home town, not some place from Red Khmer’s Cambodia, aftermath of 2 wars actually: one against Hitler’s occupation and the other as civil war, where you can understand that as communist regime’s seize of power during those years. The skeletons in the picture are young and old men, women and children that were running from deranged communists, both innocent civilians and some armed forces of NDH and Yugoslavian Royalists of all nationalities. To doubt what I’m showing here would be wrong, these were real people as you can see from the picture, with bones and its grave which I found to be true and real, in person.

      That’s exactly why I think it’s extremely important to see what extreme fascism like communism is capable of. Anybody should jump at any withdrawal of civil and human rights, but like mentioned before, the PTB tend to do it cunningly. By faking terror lately (which is good since they could be waging it for real) they induce fear in us so that we run to the State for protection, ergo we get introduced emergency state with exceeding military presence, Patriot acts, barbwire fences, Guantanamo, war on terror, more terrorist attacks, immigration, etc… with each one of the listed fulfilling several goals of their own simultaneously.

      Yes, I agree, immigration/emigration may be used for some goal like you and Tyrone suggest, to populate the colonialized land, but I don’t think it is for that reason only. For instance, WWII caused massive migrations, but people were mostly staying in Europe, similar to the case of i.e. recent Balkan refugees which ended mostly in northern/western European countries. You’d need to make a significantlly wider area to appear undesired to live in, in order to get people moving to distant continents. Famine does that efficiently and some other natural disasters as well.


      1. Those photos could be fakes as well, or at least the story behind them? Just like the bodies on the trains in the Nazi work camps. Were they Jewish or German civilian bodies, mannequins? So many survivors with their story to tell of how horrible it was, yet they survived and too many others survived for these mass killings to have really happened. I never believed the Holocaust story, it was a military “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda that was never meant to continue up to 2017. They really milked it for all it’s worth! And look at the millions of white gentile looking people of Russia. If their ancestors were mass killed by the Bolsheviks, wouldn’t most of the current population have more hooked nose kosher type characteristics? None the less excellent articles and comments!


        1. None of the above pictures is fake, I said as well that I’ve seen the skeletons myself, but you have every right to doubt about all that.

          The (pictures of) bodies you connect to Nazi extermination legend are real to an extent, but there are few facts to note when you are looking at them. Millions of people died in wartime Germany of typhus due to lack of proper hygiene, nutrition, exhaustion, harsh living and working environment, etc. These dead and typhus infested bodies are highly infectious, so the most secure way to get rid of them is to burn them in a big crematory. So the crematories were real as well, used for burning the dead typhus infected mostly. You should as well consider many bodies to be the consequences of Allied carpet bombing that started in 1943, an awful war crime committed, which destroyed both firearms factories as well as food and medicine factories, roads, railroads, water and electricity supply and all the rest, which means slow death of all people – being imprisoned or free doesn’t make any real difference in such case.

          Now imagine, there is a picture of bodies piled and loaded on a train and I note it as “The victims of Holocaust”. With all news outlets copying my picture and note, what are you left with to believe? Here is the catch, not all in those pictures of alleged Holocaust is fake.


          1. Your statement regarding typhus and sanitation I can support- The numbers? Who can say? I tend to believe they are always inflated, but mass internment dependent on external supply lines is a disaster waiting to happen- Add the bombing raids and it was inevitable that scores of victims would leave their remains to be piled in mass graves- What I object to is the notion that this was a precisely detailed objective- That the stagers of the world wars had a large kill quota and a precise technique for killing en masse- I can’t prove it and I can’t prove that incompetence or unseen circumstances caused large loss of life- As I originally stated, I have no intuitive door to walk through to understand such things- Being forced to eat brains? No. Just no. Back to Beatles research for me…


          2. I don’t deny all the killings, I only believe many are presented with inflated numbers. Many times they also lie about the reason why people died. I also believe they can find mercenaries with sick minds. They can also provoke various groups by using fake news, videos or pictures in order to make people fight each other. If the number of people killed is indeed less than what is presented in history books (lets say 10 smaller), can we say that the people that orchestrated the conflicts are less sick? For these people, like Bond, the world is not enough (motto of the Bond family). They like to play chess with people’s life to make the world in their image (or who knows who). Mark mentioned “outer space”, and I still keep in my mind the possibility that the elites are aliens . A scenario like the one presented by Michael Tsarion, with aliens using their DNA to make humans. I give this scenario a small chance since ancient myths can be interpreted in many ways (astronomical symbolism, real events masked by allegorical language etc).


          3. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate them all really.

            Tyrone, I know that you are aware of inquisition and their tools, from which some were in use until 19th century. There is a passage to such intuition. I’ll have another one in the next part of this series as well.

            Calgacus, sick mind is what I’d try to deal with in this series. Surprisingly, I was thinking that Jewish pogroms and authenticity (of sources) of those would be much bigger issue in following debate, but it turned that more doubts are involved with Christian victims of the relatively modern era. Go figure. Anyway, as well as there are some microscopic chances that our beloved elite is alien species, I think they are just abnormally behaved humans. Delusional, psychopathic, mean and remorseless describes them to the point, which may indeed make them appear as some aliens. But that’s just an illusion in my opinion, since we can’t rationally accept that humans are actually capable of some “non-human” behavior. After this research I’ll attach some other attributes to the established list.


    1. That is an interesting piece Steve, but rumblings going on elsewhere by other writers are suggesting with some pretty strong genealogy that Hitler was himself Jewish, which puts a huge question mark on the whole era, and is something that might better be left alone, as far as I am concerned. I have no desire to be hanged, literally or in effigy.

      But that in mind, and WWII then being seen as a cooperative effort by the hierarchies of Britain and Germany combined to achieve a host of goals, the agitations by Jews against Germany prior to the war can be seen as probably staged.


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