We are seeing now the value of Intelligence asset Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, nothing more than an arm of the National Security State. I just read through the latest disclosures, and had to laugh. According to Wikileaks, they are watching us via our smart phones, TV’s, PC’s, cars and I imagine, through our keyholes.

Why? Have you talked to your neighbor? Your barber? Your kid’s teacher? Your priest or rabbi? Do you listen to radio? Watch news? CNN? FOX? Do you listen to Rush? Thom? Alex? Amy? Have you visited Reddit? HuffPo? Are you on Facebook (itself an Intel front, like Wikileaks)? It would cost billions upon billions to monitor all of that, and for what? There is no there out there. There is no potential for rebellion, no sense of our situation. People are content with TV, movies and sports, gambling, drinking, pornography – add pot to the mix and we are a completely dumbed down population. Education merely reinforces our stupidity. That they offer us sixteen different possible viewpoints, all controlled, is merely scattering feed about the floor of the cage.

Do not kid yourself. We are in a cage. The Truman Show movie was perhaps, after the Matrix, the biggest slap-in-the-face hint available. Our discoveries here, that Amy Goodman and Alex Jones are Zombies, controlled opposition, lifetime actors, along with Noam Chomsky, Thom Hartmann, Crrow777, Jim Fetzer, Dr. Judy Wood … they are put there to obscure the wire fencing that surrounds us. There is but one escape, and it is internal: Our brains. Turn off media, ignore schooling and read, but  also think.

Most books are useless. Intelligence controls all of the printing presses. You have to go back a century or more to find genuine thoughtful literature. There are a few that contain useful information, but usually done in a ‘limited hangout’ fashion, so that only our brains can get us through it. Straight and I read Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, but we used our brains too. We noticed that McGowan didn’t interview anyone, didn’t bother to do something as basic as checking SSDI for all of the supposed rock star deaths. He was (is) disinfo. However, couple his deliberate obfuscation with our use of our own minds, and McGowan opened up a door in the cage and set us free. That was not his intent!

Surveillance? The idea that they would watch us, that there is even a need to watch us, is like this idea that the Russians care about the outcome of our fake election contests … ludicrous. They’ve covered every base. It starts with that first day of “education” and continues through with a lifetime diet of fake news, fake elections … and psyops like the one we are now witnessing called “Vault7.”

The whole point of Vault7 is to convince us we are being watched. That is all they are investing in surveillance – a little scheme run through “Wikileaks,” controlled opposition, because that is all it takes – mere suggestion. It is much cheaper to convince us we are being watched than to actually watch us.

If you stop and think about it, the sheer size of the population and the relatively small size of the spook community, they have neither time nor technology, much less desire to keep tabs on us. Between TV, movies, education, sports, elections, and pastimes, drugs, legal and not, they have us covered. It is a little more elaborate than mere bread and circuses, but the idea is the same … we are easily distracted, and present no problem to our rulers.

Wikileaks is just diddling us. There was no leak. It is just another psyop. Wikileaks is but an arm of our controllers. (Also, Julian Assange is free at large, not holed up in an embassy. So too with Bradley Manning, never imprisoned, never tortured. That too is part of the Wikileaks psyop.)

23 thoughts on “Vault7

  1. Pretty much spot on. These stories about the all powerful surveillance state, complete with zombie “civil liberty” criticism are all but routine and it’s all a whole load of hooey. Surveill what is my question? There is literally zero threat to the present order from the general population. Indeed- the only “threat” to the powers that be comes from their own internal rot.


  2. There is no potential for rebellion, no sense of our situation. People are content with TV, movies and sports, gambling, drinking, pornography – add pot to the mix and we are a completely dumbed down population.

    Methinks, this is part of the operation to convince the populus that no ‘revolution’ is needed.
    Wikileaks, brave government wistleblowers and and alt-media heros are doing this revolution for us.
    No need to put away beer and chips and get your ass up …


    1. There is a war against independent thinking and strong individuals, both male and female. What government wants an awakened populace? I feel sorry for those who succumb to the brainwashing via push of marijuana, drugs, alcohol, Hollywood garbage, pop stars, professional sports. What govt wants a populace who arms itself and wishes to protect itself and its family? I wish more people would wake up. I remember speaking to an intelligent woman who thought “50 Shades of Grey” was a wonderful psychological study and couldn’t wait to see “The Danish Girl”…. completely unawareo to the psy-ops being perpetrated on us. Keep up the good work, Piece of Mindful, endeavoring to wake up the sheeple.


      1. P.S. I said something to a 30 year old the other day about Zuckerberg and Facebook getting funded by a CIA front. She said “No Way! That’s not true!” I said “Really? look it up.” So here is a member of the younger generation poised to take the helm from us elders, and she’s swallowed the Kool-Aid. I do hope that she’s not representative as my sons in their mid 30s are completely awake to the folly going on. But perhaps they are in the minority? My sons actually became awake before me and when I awakened to the lies, it was precipitated by Miles Mathis paper on Steve Jobs. Boy did that wake me up and ever since, I feel born again inside.


  3. Some may argue that they collect data so they can use it when someone becomes a threat. The data stays dormant until then. There is a real or fake quote by Stalin (or other communist leader), where he says that they should not bother to eliminate newspapers that have less than 10000 readers (a newspaper that presents an alternative or the truth). The point is that a few individuals are not a threat to the system(Since newspapers always belong to the elite we can say a blog instead). We should point out that they are also not scared of disorganized masses with guns. For example there are many Hispanic and black gangs that have weapons and some organization, but I am pretty sure they are not scared by these gangs (and probably these gangs are controlled).

    I believe they collect this data to experiment with data mining. In the movie Ex Machina the genius billionaire makes an android that can retrieve a lot of information from internet to give the impression of artificial intelligence (if I remember correctly). I don’t believe they can create AI, but they can create this pseudo AI using data collection (how people react and respond on facebook to various stimuli), data mining and processing power. I believe this pseudo AI will play an important role regarding transhumanism, new age, scientism and virtual reality. A few years ago a guy that works at CERN was invited to give a presentation at my university, and he pointed out (maybe somebody asked him about the benefits) that CERN is useful because they develop better techniques to deal with large amount of data. Mathis covered the science bullshit, but in my opinion the main role of these laboratories is not to study particles but to develop better computers and software that deals with large amount of data.

    The leaks are there to convince the people that no conspiracy is possible because somebody will expose them. They also misdirect, try to make some entities bigger and scarier or just flood curious minds with new info. Now is harder to stop the exchange of info, so it is more useful to flood the people with bogus info and narratives that will create conflict (pizzagate is not, you are a pedophile apologist and I hope the pedobear will rape you).


  4. Hello, great article and spot on. But I disagree that the spook community is small. Our friend Miles Mathis has estimated that the intelligence community runs into high numbers (million or more plus, I can’t remember the exact number he estimated but it was big) when you take into account all the agencies, not just NSA, DHS or CIA, that are involved in mining data. Cheers !


    1. So you know, first-time commenters are sent to moderation. Once approved, all future comments flow through without that inconvenience.

      Anyway, I have no way of knowing how many there are, but I don’t think it takes many as long as we think there are many of them.


    2. That reminds me on the “German Democratic Republic”, commonly known as East Germany. After it’s (orchestrated) collapse, it turned out that the Secret Service – the infamous “Stasi” – had hundreds of thousands of ‘informal personnel’. Meaning people spying on their friends and families.
      Speaks volumes about the corruption+brainwashing of the populus and the fear of the government.


        1. Exactly. An atmosphere of fear was omnipresent.
          As was the case in the whole eastern bloc, the “worker’s paradise” …
          I can tell from personal experience.


  5. Preach it brother. All of it is horseshit. I was reading something today about Session’s remarks about Gitmo and thought that it is probably just a country club for naval officers. It has never held a single Jihadi terrorist. Castro probably hung out there and had drinks with McCain. They smoked cigars and had big laughs about the faked missile crisis.


    1. The Internet ISPs are so bad in large parts of the country, there’s no way they could be collecting that much data. I do believe Windows and other software such as WordPress have all sorts of back doors and vulnerabilities just in case they want to hack into someone’s system to steal intellectual property, and they can track phone calls. My guess is they want to have a way to keep track of certain people who might cause a small bit of trouble or who develop something worth stealing, but aren’t concerned about the bulk of us.


  6. I agree … when the Internet Explorer was first “invented” by Microsoft, it came complete with back doors in place. The whole of the Internet was birthed as a full grown adult, ready to spy on us. And they are aware of groups like us, they do read our email and track us. But for the population as a whole, it would be like watching a fishing show.


    1. I think MS-Windows is basically a spy tool, and developed as such from the beginning. Just check that ridiculous story of how Bill Gates supposedly got a contract with IBM for MS-DOS. Compares well the Miles’ story about Steve Jobs, and the whole Zuckerberg/Facebook legend.
      In the last two decades, there had been dozens of reports from European companies, who got preempted by American companies when trying to patent their development. Usage of M$-Windows is the common denominator …
      Albeit, I vividly remember an IT scandal – from 1999, I believe. MS seemingly got sloppy, and shipped a debug version of a crypto DLL, containing suspicious symbols. Weeks later a Bulgarian SW expert discovered a “NSA Key” symbol in that DLL.
      MS tried to play down the issue, telling they “worked together with the NSA to harden their OS against evil attacks”. Yes, sure they did.
      At least from that time on, everyone in the field could have known.

      BTW, the arrogant MS management missed advent of the public internet, and bought the TCP/IP stack and Browser from others (BSD and Mosaic, respectively). And surely compromised it later on.
      For the internet itself, I’d like to remind everyone it originates from DARPA, i.e. is a military product. That should tell it all.


  7. So I am curious, you mentioned Dr. Wood being among the likes of Gage, Alex Jones and Co. I have been a champion of her work…but lately a few things have really bothered me. Most specifically is how she has excused the medias role in 9/11 quite unscientifically with comments like “they just want to be the 1st to report”.

    So, can you elaborate on what leads you to conclude that she too, sadly is controlled opposition.


    1. Reluctant on my part, as I like this nerdy woman. And know that I am often wrong. But my judgement was that the PTB needed an explanation for the absence of filing cabinets, computers, metals in general … that the buildings had been stripped bare in the years after the first WTC bombing. After seeing no victims in Boston, Sandy Hook, all the other events, I began to suspect that 9/11 was victimless too. The proof here will be if Hurricane Erin was real, or if those who controlled that day could also supply a fake hurricane.


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