Human Head Transplant Procedure Ahead of Schedule

Last year there was a minor media frenzy over plans by Dr. Sergio Canavero to do the first human head transplant on Russian wheelchair user Valery Spiridonov.

Somebody beat Dr. Canavero to the punch.  It appears that an unknown surgeon, or perhaps an AI robot, has successfully replaced the head of former president Barack Obama onto the body of President Donald Trump.

Hours after White House Chief strategist Stephen Bannon was removed from the National Security Council, President Trump announced an about face on his Syria policy.  He will now pursue Obama’s R2P (Responsibility to Protect) agenda.  It appears the neocons have won, without Trump uttering so much as a whimper.  More troops will occupy Syria, more bombs will fall on Syria in order to save it.   The fake gassing of children, with Oscar-winning “white-hats” lucky enough to be in the right place filming the spectacle, will have turned the tide.  Like all good “spaghetti westerns,” Obama’s R2P team, made up of Moussad, CIA, Pentagon and chicken-hawk neocons, will have their chance to run the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrian out of town at gunpoint.

The presidential head transplant seems to have worked.  It’s a brave new world out there, people.  Same as it ever was.  I think I need a Coke.

9 thoughts on “Human Head Transplant Procedure Ahead of Schedule

  1. Like all good “spaghetti westerns,” Obama’s R2P team, made up of Moussad, CIA, Pentagon and chicken-hawk neocons, will have their chance to run the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrian out of town at gunpoint.

    Only if the script of this spaghetti western says so. And I believe it does not – instead, they are scripted to be the fall guys.
    We’ll see how this movie ends, but bet my bag of popcorn on that …


    1. I also bet on a surprise where the neocons, Saud family and some bad Israeli will be the fall guys(also some bad Turks). The “Iranians” and “Russians” may end up victorious. They will probably also play a narrative where China will renounce its claims in South China Sea. Are they on schedule for a world currency (XDR/SDR) in 2018? They can use sand box wars/tensions (Syria, Ukraine, South China Sea) + a few economic downturns to bring the population of the world at the right place (also add debt crisis, internal social unrest etc).
      As outsiders is hard to pinpoint the real chit because of the tremendous noise (fake noise we may add). The final product will be presented as a more fair world , no more “western intervention” in various countries with military bases. But we will probably end up with the more “fair” UN bases.


  2. Great post, Steve!

    I’m guessing the surgeon also did a reduction job on Trump’s famously large hands …


  3. So we had the “Gassing” on 4/4/2017 (sums to 18) in which 74 (7+4=11) were killed “at least.” And of those 16 were (8+8) were women and 23 were children (or two 3’s- 33). How many wounded? 350- or 3+8=8.

    And now we have the retaliatory attack on 4/7 (4+7=11). I suspect tomorrow 4/8/2017 (sums to 22) will bring some other hoax headline.

    Were 50 plus missiles actually rained down on an air base in Syria? Possibly. I don’t know. But just as possible that they were rained down on some empty buildings in the dessert somewhere – or that they were never launched at all. Who knows at this point?

    The story makes no sense. And I guess sensing that- here is what the New York Times came up with as a reason as to why Assad would do something like “gas his own people” at a time when the story line was going so well for him.


    1. “Gas his own people” Haven’t we been down this road before? The script is old and they are supremely lazy with these psyops now.


      1. I wonder if it’s always been so lazy or I’m just now seeing it? “Gassing his own people?” Really? That’s what they are going with? Off the shelf sound bite- too lazy to even invent something else? I guess they do it because they can. Hundreds of thousands of people who deem themselves sophisticated and informed will read that insane nonsensical New York Times article and actually buy the preposterous underline premises of it whole. They may vehemently disagree with it but they’ll actually think they “analysts” honestly came up with that theory. It’s the laziness of and the clearly reality tv wrestling like nature of the political propaganda that I find most unsettling- almost like they don’t care because some sort of sea change is in the works that will make it all moot. Few people believe the media at face value and true believers are going through contortions of logic and reason to keep their faith alive.


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