Postcard from Denver, home of fake events …

I only had to look at this once before thinking “fake, fake, fake.” What do you think? He needed to choose a larger hostage, one big enough to cover both his front and back. He leaves the store thinking the only police are stationed to his right front?

Placement of police car conveniently hides him as he takes his fall.

For those who believe in TV news, video is beneath fold. Proceed with caution.

13 thoughts on “Postcard from Denver, home of fake events …

  1. Here is another one put up by AB over at Fakeologist. I don’t know what to make of it. If you have ever visited Yellowstone you know that at the brink of waterfalls the force of the water is far too concentrated to allow for anyone standing there. I thought at first that they are splicing long shots of Niagara with closeups taken somewhere else. But then if you look you see that he is way off to the side, where the force of the water might indeed be more tolerable. I am up in the air.


    1. I don’t think there’s any part where the force of the water isn’t great. Not to mention the fact that the water would have been super cold and your ability to do anything while frozen cold is greatly diminished. The Falls are my backyard and I get nervous just looking over the edge of the wall at the precipice.


        1. There is something about the quality of the water, where it is a massive and powerful stream when looking at the falls, yet in photos where the man is standing on the brink, the water takes on a less menacing quality and seems calmer and laps up against him instead of threatening him with force. But the rescue footage looks real. Very confounding.


          1. How does the life saver not float toward the edge of the falls? The rocks would be slick as ice on the edge. That volume of water coming down the falls would easily be enough to sweep the guy over the edge. Brilliant move to fly a helicopter right over him.


  2. How does a convenience store robbery take so long that Swat dogs and shit have time to get there and in position? This is a drill and fear porn for the useless eaters.
    The guy is well fed, clean shaven, has a cop/military haircut, drops like a stone from one shot to the what? Having seen my share of YT CCTV robberies gone wrong videos, getting shot makes you jump and run, not fall straight down in your own sick (unless half your head is blown off) – Bad police actor. (Sounds like a sit com title)


    1. And if it WERE real, why shoot him? Where was he going? To the helicopter just out of screenshot? The way he was dilly-dallying he was obviously not a “man with a plan.” Ridiculous.


  3. I thought about that but don’t know enough – just that I have heard or read that people when shot don’t realize it right away and don’t drop like he did, unless, of course, they are playing Nazis in a war movie. Or star troopers in Star Wars.


    1. we really have no idea how it looks like to be shot in reality because all the videos we saw are fakes or movies, right? I actually know somebody who got accidentally shot once in a pub during a New Years Eve’s celebration, where some idiots started trouble using real guns. I don’t know what guns that were. I haven’t witnessed this myself. All I know is a description of how it feels from that person who got shot and spend almost a year in a clinic. According to him, it throws you out of your feet before you realize there was some shooting. He told us, he suddenly laid there on the floor and then other people told him, he just got shot. It happened in the 90-s before the Internet. Back then we made some checking and found nothing about it in the papers or news. We thought, maybe it’s because of ongoing police investigation. So we all simply don’t know how it looks if somebody gets shot.


  4. I thought it might be a valium clinic as calm as the “hostage” was acting. Plus, the cops all seemed pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing.


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