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I have a large piece I am working on, and don’t want to do the serialization business again until it is done and vetted, beginning to end. In the meantime, a couple of matters are worthy of a look:

  1. Trump’s entry into the Sunday religious worship practices of Americans, his inflammatory remarks about those NFL players who dare take a knee during the national anthem  … you know, those uppity niggers. It has, as designed, created a firestorm and pits people who should be friends against one another. Trump, or his handlers, must be pleased with this outcome.
  2. I heard via our old friend Josh that Vexman has put up a very good piece called “The 1972 Olympic Attacks Were Another Hoax.” I look forward to reading it, and hope he does not mind that I promote his work here regardless of our falling out.

15 thoughts on “Matters for reading and discussion

  1. German election is over. It was very pathetic to say the least. The clowns here don’t even pretend, they are for real and still, even very educated people take this for real. It looks to me like they have problems getting new clowns to do the show. The few that are still willing to play the main characters are getting every year less and less motivated. Off topic: there was a terror drill in Berlin recently. Nice pictures:


    1. My take on it:
      Germany’s government, like other European governments, are just second-rate puppets. They know a little more about our scripted future than we (or the hoi polloi) do, but not much. Their gigantic ambitions outdoes their mental capabilities by far, so how can one trust them with really important stuff.
      However, they (the politicians) are sensing the scripted power shift from west (US) to east (China Russia) that is coming. The ongoing dismantling of Trump is a speaking symptom. And only the most corrupt and power hungry will take the helm at times of transition – public figures often end up on the bloc during this times, virtually or physically.
      And of course, I see the rise of a “non-established” party (AfD) as a scripted event. It doesn’t take much insight to recognize this aggregate of “renegade” politicians as controlled opposition.
      I don’t believe in polling numbers – I think I can spare the Stalin and Mielke quotes here – so the result indicates a major shift is ongoing here in Europe as well.
      Not for the better, if it follows the script.


      1. fm,

        Excellent comment.

        I especially like this part:

        “However, they (the politicians) are sensing the scripted power shift from west (US) to east (China Russia) that is coming.”

        “Game of Thrones” is predictively programming people for this outcome.


  2. The New England Patriots won the last Super Bowl in a rigged, contrived comeback*.
    When the USA was at war previously in the post-911 era the Patriots seemed to win as a, well, Patriotic morale boost.

    They may have done it the other way around this time.

    The racial aspect is interesting as Trump would be perceived as quite “negrophilic” by some – counting Mike Tyson as a personal friend – and now we have him “signalling” against black NFL players. Some onlookers to this squabble will think dismiss both the NFL players and Trump himself as spoiled rich kids regardless of race.

    I’m not asserting that each-and-every play of the game was choreographed or scripted by the numbers, for numerological reasons. But I *am asserting that the overall arc of the game – the glorious comeback – was scripted like a Hollywood sports movie. And I’m saying that the outcome of a Patriots victory was rigged for purposes of propaganda and predictive programming.


    1. I agree the Superbowl was scripted, as were the two before. I think back to Superbowls that were blowouts, and realized that advertisers had to be crying in their beer knowing that in the second half TV viewers had abandoned the game and were socializing, playing cards, whatever, but were NOT WATCHING ADVERTISING! They must have approached the league and told them “either you give us a full game that keeps people watching to the end, or we pull out.”

      That is far more basic than predictive programming, I relaize, and all things are possible.

      Here’s something odd: Denver/Buffalo on Sunday, Vaughn Miller did a delayed blitz and creamed Bills QB Taylor, causing him to throw a wounded duck that landed harmlessly on the turf. Miller got up and extended his hand to Taylor, and as Taylor reached to take it Miller pulled it back. They both laughed, as it was a joke. Taylor left the field laughing as the referee threw a flag, called unsportsmanlike conduct on Miller, gave Buffalo fifteen yards and new life. It was pivotal, and reminded me that referees can call a penalty on every play, or not, and so have such control over the game that they own the outcome. It is a rare occasion where the players have to do things to throw a contest even though that happens too.


      1. My suspicions of scripted outcomes in the NFL were confirmed after the Broncos won the Superbowl couple years back…it was all set up to give Peyton Manning his little (huge, actually) Budweiser/Papa John’s sales pitch post game.


      2. There is definitely a strong commercial motive to the rigging of recent Super Bowls.
        It was probably the main motive.
        But I do feel that sport is tightly controlled.

        I thought that the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series after the Boston Marathon Bombing was suspicious. Too much like a rigged reinforcement of the “Boston Strong” narrative:


    2. This past Sunday, the Falcons had a 17 to 6 lead just before the half, when their QB Matt Ryan threw a pass behind Julio Jones to hit a Detroit cornerback in full stride, who took it in for a touchdown, breaking a streak of over 300 passes without an interception. The game was in Detroit, so I guess they had to keep people interested. It then went down to the last play, where a TD was reversed after the Lions had scored the winning TD.


  3. I may be completely off-base but I think I may have figured out at least one reason why 11s, 33s and 88s show up so often in these sorts of “events”.

    Hold up your two hands. Now pop your middle fingers up. There’s your 11. A big ol’ double “fuck you”.

    Perhaps that’s a stretch? Well, now let’s do some counting. Your middle finger is the 3rd digit on your hand, regardless of which direction you count from. So that double one-fingered salute is also a 33.

    And if you begin your count from the other hand, and go across, your middle finger on the opposite hand is number 8, which makes the two middle fingers an 88 as well.

    Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

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  4. Even now, the Cleveland Indians are being given a police escort to the winner’s circle as compensation for bending over for the inferior Cubs last year. Even pulling a portion of their rotation, the Indians were still too good and finally after six games, the players, managers and umps simply choreographed a clumsy mess of a seventh game that ended in 10 exhausted innings. The Cubs got the monkey off their backs and now Cleveland has the longest title drought in MLB. Since MLB TV is basic cable (like the NFL) the narratives have to be simple and obvious for viewers at that pay grade.


    1. The idea of rigged sport has a morbid fascination for me.
      Figuring out the how of the rigging is very interesting.

      For me it can be a truly eerie experience to realize that I may be witnessing a contrived contest.

      Football – the military milieu – the power of the officials.

      Baseball – the Masonic milieu – the value of a run.


  5. I don’t know where to put links to new “possible hoaxes” or something like that, so post it here, feel free to move it, Mark.

    I don’t watch TV, so when I do, like today waiting for something (TV is very common here, though most people do not pay attention 24/7), the alarm bells go off, this is allegedly happening:

    A submarine of the Argentine Navy allegedly lost at sea off the coast of Argentina.

    Some numerology:
    66 meters long
    44 crew on board
    ’83 (11) year it was built
    45 (9) km/h top speed
    22,224 km (not nautical miles?) range

    allegedly 1 woman on board, the “Queen of the Sea” as she is nicknamed, with the very Argentinian name Eliana María Krawczyk

    It is the military after all, so they can stage whatever they want.
    The conditions at sea were allegedly rough (but submarines are not affected by what happens at surface), so it could be real this time.

    Reminds of this famous submarine that allegedly was stuck at seabottom: Kursk (wiki):

    “K-141 Kursk was an Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarine of the Russian Navy.
    On 12 August 2000, K-141 Kursk was lost in the Kursk submarine disaster when it sank in the Barents Sea, killing all 118 personnel on board.”

    An Oscar-winning unclear-powered cruise-missile (possible fake, see John Le Bons material about that) submarine. 118 crew there. 119 was just a bit too obvious?


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