Yitzhak’s Cadillac had a fake back seat?

I want to get a link up to this post by Josh, Was the Yitzhak Rabin Assassination a Hoax before we have another mass shooting event. This one is featured at the Mathis site, so probably doesn’t need any boosting, but it is interesting.

Here in the US, we’ve had fake assassinations, and they all come equipped with rabbit holes. So it is not surprising that the Rabin event is as well, and that it was as traumatic to the people of Israel as our own JFK or MLK was to us. That is part of the psychology, to traumatize us, to kill hope. I suspect that had a large part in the fake John Lennon assassination, to build him up as some liberal/anti-establishment icon, and then off him.

Only the good die young, but Rabin was 76. He would be 98 if still alive – maybe bathing in the Dead Sea has restorative powers. Maybe there is a photo of Yitzhak, Bobby, Abraham, Martin and John (and John and John-John) floating together. It would be priceless.

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    1. Yes, it’s true. Not all Jews have “Jewish” noses, and not all people with “Jewish” noses are Jews or crypto-Jews. But it should not be ignored as a piece of evidence, which, taken together with other evidence and red flags, lends credence to the conclusion that the person was Jewish. I plan on writing something about this issue possibly in the near future.


      1. I think there maybe more to it than this. The stereotype – did it start with Marlowe and then the Shakespeare project – seems to me to be no accident. “When Scotland was Jewish” brings Ivanhoe into the light, The Scarlet Letter has its own stereotypical Jewish character, and on and on, example after example. At the weekend I read through the first few chapters of William Cobbett’s Rural Rides. On his first day (October 30th incidently) he passes through the park of Lord Caernarvon, commenting on this and that, and also on the agricultural depression. His Lordship will have to be careful the Jews don’t come and buy him out.Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon. Herbert is of course one of the families Miles has identified.

        Anyway, with regards the question as to Cobbett, spook or dupe? I will go with spook, as a working hypothesis.


  1. Add to that the fake suicide of Hitler. Imagine everyone knew he had escaped. Ppl would have hoped for a return like Napoleon.


  2. Thanks, Mark. I 100% agree with you about killing hope. And about Lennon. And I’d love to see that pic of them floating there next to the loch ness monster. Strange as it may seem, the Dead Sea is, well, dying. Or rather being killed. The Dead Sea is the site of immense mineral extraction. In the Southern end on the Israeli side there are these enormous evaporation pools. They pipe water from the sea into those pools and when the water evaporates, they remove all the leftover minerals. They use them for all sorts of things, including beauty products. Anyway, this has massively accelerate the drying up of the Sea, along with less water reaching it to replenish due to growing upstream usage. So the water level is rapidly going down, which is causing all kinds of problems.

    So they are going to pipe water up from the Red Sea to replenish the dead sea water. At an enormous cost. And of course the companies that profit from the mineral extraction don’t want to pay for the fix. They’re being forced to pay for some of it, but most of the burden falls on the taxpayer.


    1. Draining the dead sea is part of the Judeo-Christian desire to beckon the final days… It is a part of the antichrists signs.


  3. The Weinstein scandal is another fake. Rose McGowan, one of the main accusers, was a longtime “girlfriend” of shock artist Marilyn Manson. There are plenty of semi nude pictures of her and him on the web. So this woman telling the public about sexual harassment is as if a hooker gives classes on abstinence.
    All it does is adding choas and dividing society further


    1. I tried to argue on Facebook today that there ought to be an adversarial setting to vet these accusations, as in “innocent until proven guilty,” but that concept has left the building along with Elvis.


      1. I am not sure what you are trying to say. For me there are noinnocent persons involved. Everyone knew who Weinstein was and most of these women became famous and rich. I mean a real prostitute could work 24/7 until she turned 90 and would never make anywhere near that kind of money which famous actresses make.
        And there is so far I think only one accusation of rape. I’m not defending any of this just trying to make sense of it all.
        I guess they are trying to inforce new rules between the sexes and make it even harder for people to interact with each other so you cannot talk to someone without the state as an intermediary.


      2. Also called “due process.”

        Apparently Netflix has canceled Kevin Spacey’s contract and show House of Cards based on mere accusations, and not any legal conviction. So his situation is apparently a hoax as well I think. If his situation and accusations were real, could Netflix legally do what they were doing to him without him taking legal action (He is after all “innocent until proven guilty”)? I’m not a lawyer and I’m not sure exactly how these hollywood contracts work.


        1. It’s all an act now. No need to go to the cinema. I don’t believe anything that comes out of the electro-Jew(tv) or hollywood. These people don’t care what the peasants or goyim do.


  4. If that is one of your worries, the sexes interaction… Just move to a 3rd World country. Just came back from vacation from Costa Rica. Absolutely recommend the place. People is much real and normal over there. Violence is too, although Costa Rica is a unique country in Central America (Jurassic Park island, remember). For sure there are psyops but suffering is real. Here is just… over here we have become an Hyper-real country.


    1. Great you went on that journey, Ronin. I can recommend any truth seeker to do that; visit other countries, talk to the people, real people and learn.

      That was my objection against Mark’s stance on “communism”, and he tried to back up a bit with his comment “I don’t deny the bad stuff but cannot confirm it either”. Yes, you can! You can visit those countries that suffered from the boots of communism and actually talk to the people there. Or any other “ideology” or religion. It gives comfort he doesn’t deny the horrors, so I decided to contribute again here.

      These staged events have various layers and going from one layer to the other, extrapolating fakery is not justified. Yes, individual events are staged, and especially today we here recognize the many “terror” events that have been staged. So is the Rabin “murder” and I think Josh has done an excellent job in revealing that.

      But that doesn’t mean “everything is fake” or “do people really suffer or is it ALL propaganda?”. People do suffer and propaganda is all around but that doesn’t make everything fake. Yes, probably the numbers of “deaths by communism” are inflated. But does it really matter if it’s 60 or “””just””” 20 million deaths? Does that relieve the communists from their horrible deeds? I wouldn’t think so.

      Mark’s comment “I cannot confirm it” doesn’t hold water. He, and anyone else, can visit socialist or ex-communist countries and talk to people who actually suffered from those regimes. It’s not like the Napoleon case, deconstructed by Mathis, of 200 years ago, no, today. I’ve been to Cuba twice and actually talked to people. In private because they risk to be arrested when done in public, something that happened in front of my eyes when walking along with two Cubans who wanted to show me and my friend a nice salsa bar. They were arrested by the police, in broad daylight. Just for talking to us, foreigners…

      But when you talk to people in private (taxis are a great way), you understand their lack of opportunities. The political left always hails the medical status of Cuba. But what they neglect to mention is that they pay peanuts to their medical personnel. I spoke with an ex-medic who became a taxi driver because that paid better. Unheard of, but who cares about truth when propaganda is so rampant.

      There is a big trap in this truther “””community””” and that is nihilism. The idea that “everything is fake” falls in that category and more importantly it is a desired effect that the “perps”, “powers that be”, “Elites”, etc. want us to think. It is their Disneyland world they propagate. They must think “They either believe everything or go for everything is fake “. Playing into an “everything is fake, I am good, just sleep well, no worries” view is the exact desired outcome for those of us who dare to awake from the lies.

      Take the current “migrant crisis” in Europe for example. Yes, they fake photos of 100 migrants in a boat that can only accommodate 30. Does that mean there is no mass immigration to Europe? No, of course not. Yes, they control the narrative of fake policor left vs fake alt-right. Does that mean that mass immigration, the destruction of whatever cultural or social structure that was there, the import of strange to even hostile religions, ideologies or whatever other factors is not happening? No. One can visit those countries and see with your own eyes it is true. No matter the spin or propaganda that surrounds it, the agenda is real.

      On CF (CluesForum) there is a “movement” of people who think even Barack Obama or Mark Zuckerberg don’t exist. It is supposed to be just some digital creation. Not -far easier- actors that want to play that role, no, just invented personalities. Similarly, this “it is ALL CGI folks” movement is bad for truth seeking.

      Lesson is: go and do “fieldwork”, travel, visit other places, talk to people.

      To realize ourselves that no, not everything is fake, that the Elites yes stage events but that that doesn’t mean that outside of that there is no real suffering, no real horrors, no real organized pedophilia, no real threats, no real bullets, weapons and wars.

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      1. I do not belieive that everything is fake, and write about things that are because it interests me. I cannot confirm the suffering of people in the Eastern bloc because my only means of communication is the American mass media, which tells lies. If someone were to tell me that life in Russia pre-1990 was a bed of roses, how would I know? Our “news” of that era shot all images in black and white. Around 1990 they started with color, and then allowed us to see beautiful Russian women. Prior to then all were fat and ugly old hags. They controlled our perceptions. That is all I am saying. I deny nothing.


        1. “I cannot confirm the suffering of people in the Eastern bloc because my only means of communication is the American mass media”

          Two months or so ago you visited Switzerland. And that stamp of tranquility within the turmoil of Europe is totally deserved. I wouldn’t want to take that away from you, great you have a good retirement and spend happy times with everyone you love.

          Yet it means two things:
          1 – you are a USAmerican who actually sees things outside of those arbitrary borders
          2 – you have the financial means to travel and explore

          Both are very positive.

          By saying “I can’t” you state an inability, impossibility. That is clearly untrue. You can. If a mediocre USredneck can visit Cuba, Nicaragua or Ecuador, you can too. Russia may be a bit more expensive, but certainly cheaper than staying in FFS Switzerland.

          If you don’t WANT to, fine. I also do not intend to visit Rwanda or Burundi to get to know the story behind that “mass murder” in the mid-90s, but at the same time I do not call that a total fake, don’t worry people, I have a happy life safely in Colorado, people! a priori.


        2. well maybe I can say something about the “suffering of people in the Eastern bloc” as a former member. I grow up there so I know what I’m talking about. Back then I would also claim we were suffering and it was a cruel dictatorship, people got jailed for nothing and such, but now my perspective changed and I see those things in different light. There were many restrictions, no bananas for instance (lol), traveling to western countries was almost impossible (except for the chosen people I think), buying food often required wasting a lot of time in queues at the shops. But other than that, people were quite happy having much less than they have now. I know (or knew) people who supposedly got trouble with the Stasi (state security service) but I’m not so sure anymore if they just weren’t agent provocateurs being payed for it. And if you call a cop names you are asking for being beaten yourself. It’s the same here and now, no? What I’m trying to say is, the life was simple but nobody really had to suffer. I think, the technology improved that much in the 80-s, the world got globalized and there was no need anymore for splitting the civilization into reach (and hardworking) west and (poor and not so hardworking) east. We (the world) suddenly could afford to let the eastern countries participate in the global market. That’s the reason why the wall got teared down. But then there was need for a new enemy and new fearporns and they invented the Islamic terrorism. And you are right of course Mark, they manipulate our perception constantly. That’s why so many suddenly see mass migration of dark skinned people from some poor countries nobody ever visited before. The truth is, this migration process started some 30 years ago. TPTB constantly moved people from hopeless countries like Lebanon or Syria allover the world and this is probably done now, the people adapted themselves to the new environment and that’s why they use it for new fearporns. The mentioned countries are empty and used as movie sets for scripted wars. I see a lot of this “migrants” here in Frankfurt but those people behave like they live here for years already, they have jobs, families, children. They usually still stick to their old customs but their children not anymore. That’s how it works.

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        3. Gaia, when I say “I am not aware” I mean just that, but it is not meant to imply that my unaware state cannot be changed to more aware. I am just saying that I don’t have access to information. The US during the Cold War was an information desert, and then as now were were up to our ears in propaganda.

          I am wide open to new awareness and better insight and information.


      2. Gaia: yes, thank you. I do agree with your sensible remarks. I cannot make generalizations, but some people I asked have the following view of americans (well, north americans to them, they consider themselves americans too, since the whole continent is “America”): americans are very kind and generous people but too ignorant of the outside world… oh, and we dress very badly too… again, not a generalization.


        1. I understand you. It is a common idea among outsiders that USAmericans are ignorant, arrogant and repulsive even.

          My experience is two-sided. When there, I experienced the typical low-intelligent redneck type of USAmerican, but at the same time I know many USAmericans irl (in real life) first hand who are not like that at all. I guess it’s a case of diversity (true diversity, not the policor left blah blah that is promoted, which in essence is veiled communism; the destruction of diversity).

          But for yourself it is very good you experienced this. You can talk from first-hand experience, which is invaluable to truth seeking. You may have spent a week or so in Costa Rica, but that’s more than 95% of USAmericans have done. And yes, they suffer. It is that suffering, that real poverty, those real regimes, and those real influences on the lives of other people that are important.

          I agree to be able to help expose the hoaxes, the staged events, the fake “threats” that are manufactured. And it should be shown they are fake. But that doesn’t mean everything is fake or that nobody else suffers.

          Take 9/11. An almost complete hoax (the towers still were demolished). But what was the effect? You and me cannot take a fecking bottle of water through security, because “it may be a bomb”. Our grandmas (RIP or not) cannot take their nail cutters because Oy vey, they may try to hijack a plane, bullcrap. Those effects are very real, no matter the whole motive to install those “legislations” was a completely fabricated (non-)event…


          1. Where I’m especially aware of 9/11 fallout is the rare occasion when I fly and at the airport have to finish or discard my beverage before going through security. I think of all the over-priced bottles of water, etc., now being sold by vendors located between security and the gate, because we can’t tote our own any longer. What a coup for them!


      3. Great comment, Gaia. I especially like your point about nihilism, and I really struggle with it. At the end of the day I know that the research I’m doing doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans. But I sort of feel like it’s the only thing I can do at this point. I struggle against the feeling of nihilism or defeatism. I mean, trying to really change things is like moving a mountain. So it’s easy to just shrug and give up. And I know that’s what they want. But I also know that they want us spending all of our energy reacting to their hoaxes and whatnot.

        I am reminded of something Karl Rove said back in the aughts: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

        So I often feel like I’m playing into their hands and being played. Just studying what they do. I do believe the truth has intrinsic value, and yet…


        1. It’s interesting you’ve mentioned your own struggle with nihilism or whatever a proper word is. I think I have the same feeling about my efforts, at the end of the day – what’s the point with our hoax-busting business? I got into an interesting debate a week ago when a reader commented about his own defeatism (or whatever the right word is, again), saying he’s been following hoaxes and fakery in his own country for more than a decade and how this hoax-busting business exploded after Sandy Hook event. An interesting observation on its own, however the essence of his series of comments was that despite all disclosures and partial truth discoveries, nothing ever changed. His message is eventually my / our own dilemma – how to justify any effort after so much was already disclosed, that we should be seeing some positive effect? Will there ever be any action following all this? How much more do we need to get done before anything changes? Is penning anything really enough to stop psychopath’s actions? It actually sounds ludicrous.

          I don’t know about you or anybody else, but I have difficulties lately to find any proper subject for my own research. I think that so many of you have already disclosed more than enough to conclude we need to dismantle our rulers. Adding my own findings to the pile, I’m convinced there is a large, global conspiracy going on for centuries already. As I’m lately reading some relatively old books (mid 19th century), I noticed so many authors have already been disclosing the truth, that it’s hard to comprehend why nothing has actually changed. Does anybody actually care about the truth? What the hack is going on here? Realizing this, I suddenly find lack of motivation to dig deeper into the corrupt and distorted reality as I know what I’ll find. So, really, what’s the point? I feel like I need to get my “regular” dose of dope with every new disclosure, as if learning about another lie or hoax is the salvation or solution to the problem. No, unfortunately, it’s not. Only “re-action” can be a proper counter-measure to their “action”, right?


          1. I look at it as a test I am forbidden to walk away from .
            I was talking to a stanger at the bar and he said how NASA
            should not be spending money on Mars or anything , as I took it deeper
            into Truth , put his hands over his ears with awkward reaction and
            took off for the pisser , but later I did have a good convo. with
            him as he then began to see what I was saying had value/logic .

            How often the mind is torn between – is it fake – or not .
            Two local stories for me yesterday do just that .
            This event takes place in Bethleham PA – aka Bedlam .


            Then ,
            this beloved mensch crashes his plane , that is capable of a landing
            in water , in eight feet of water , Roy Halladay . What’s a person to think .


          2. Perhaps some find value in what I’m about to say (even you trolls and agents): Would you rather study Economics or History? You can do both of course, but if you had time/resources and had to pickk one?
            Some commented a few days ago about Mr. Mathis being not that into Economics. I am of the opinion that Economics affects everyday life (see here for some very basic but illustrative examples: https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/5628/economics/applying-economics-in-everyday-life/). You feel its (Economics) effects at a micro and macro level. You make economic decisions (conscious or unconsciously) every single day of your life. It seems this virtual space here is a gathering point of smart and insightful minds. Can you/we start devising a better society from here. Setting up the foundations of a better economic system? What is the advantadge of TPTB over us? Is it Intelligence, Physical Strength or is it Money? Select your answer. What is Money? How it is created? I make an appeal to MM and everyone of you to put your brilliant minds to that effort.


          3. Hello darkness, my old friend
            I’ve come to talk with you again
            Because a vision softly creeping
            Left its seeds while I was sleeping
            And the vision that was planted in my brain
            Still remains
            Within the sound of silence

            In restless dreams I walked alone
            Narrow streets of cobblestone…


          4. There is another side to this feeling of disempowerment. At some point in all of this you as a person has to come into play — ultimately it’s your life and you’re living it for you. People find satisfaction in many ways. If discovering and writing about hoaxes and fake history is something that you find very satisfying or meaningful, then there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Are we not allowed to find satisfaction in life; to do things that exhilarate us? Are we not allowed guilty pleasures? I know for myself that “waking up” has also taken away many sources of satisfaction, exhilaration, entertainment. Yes, it might not change anything in the big picture, but you could be doing many, many worse things with your free time.

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        2. Thanks Josh. I am lately saying to myself “there are only two good things coming out of Israel, Josh and Infected Mushroom”… 😉

          Having been there too, I must say it was a horrible experience. Two main reasons; the ridiculous prices (Norway almost seems cheap in comparison) and the people. It’s not so much the jewish thing I guess, more the 3 years of military indoctrination the Israeli men and women receive and that changes them to the most unpleasant, rude and brainwashed people I have seen in many countries worldwide…

          The quote from Karl Rove is eerily to the point and Vexman here below seems to be affected by it. To him I want to repeat my message; this is all hobby, please take it that way. Yes, it’s serious and certainly more illuminating than doing crack cocaine or watching Netflix as a hobby, but still, it is a pastime.

          I don’t have any illusions that we will ever get enough (to what standards?) critical mass for people to wake up en masse. And that should be fine. We can only lay out clues, share our experiences about real life, real things and our observations about “fake”, or rather staged things. That’s all we can do. If people follow those clues, fine. If not, also fine.

          Only when you have a utopian view, that our research will wake up masses of people and “we can change things”, you can be disappointed, frustrated by all those who set their psychological barriers in motion. It may take a strong self-conscience to not be influenced by what our peers think of us or the points we bring up, but I think it’s a good training for ourselves and it may be a good test for our friends and family.

          Apart from the nihilism trap I see the superiority trap. Those two things have been put to me in online discussions by shills or others who actively refuse to acknowledge they have been fooled (the motto by Twain and POM). The superiority trap exists in the idea that we are wiser (I think we are), but that that means we are somehow “better” than others who do not recognize the same things we do. I think that’s wrong. Is an atheist “better” than a theist? Is someone who can solve a challenging puzzle superior to someone who doesn’t? I think it’s wrong to go on that path and it makes life more complicated when dealing with the “95%”.

          We simply see new things, discover lies, manipulations, untrue stories, etc. That’s our strength and we can and should be proud of that awakening. But key is to not be depressed or frustrated that our peers, our friends and family do not see the same things and are happily living in Disney La La Land. In the end it all doesn’t matter, what matters is to create a good living, stay healthy and enjoy the world as much as possible. It may sound like a cliché but what alternative is there?

          Also a lesson to take from Karl Rove’s quote is that we will never ever know “THE truth”. We will only be capable to investigate untruths, lies, but the truth will always be hidden. Truth pushers are even hostile to truth seeking.

          And Vexman, don’t worry that you “suffer” from a kind of “writer’s block”. There is no obligation to publish a paper (in Mathis speech) a day. It’s a hobby. There is no rush, nobody is asking from you to reveal more plots everyday. Take a break, do other stuff, Nobody is pushing you but yourself.

          I nourish a quote from Vladimir Nabokov: “What do you call ‘genius’?” “Well, seeing things others don’t see. Or rather the invisible links between things.” And that’s it. But a true genius is not affected by others not being at the same genius level. Hyperintelligent people still have to buy groceries from cashiers who are in the 80-90 IQ levels. Nothing wrong with that.


          1. @ Ahmad ibn Fadlan:
            A challenging choice, history or economics. I go for history. Because what is economics? Micro economics is what runs our daily lives and yes it is important to stay financially healthy. But macro economics is a scam. Money theoretically is a way to transfer the intrinsic value of something (goods or services) into numbers. Practically that is different from the theory.

            Money is nothing but a cell in an Excel sheet and those who control that sheet control “money”. Money isn’t based on anything (anymore). It is an invention, something we cannot reach. That means that for the real upper Elites (let’s say the Rothschilds to put a name to it) it is irrelevant. For the lower Elites money still plays a role, but for those who are “in control” (at least they believe they are) it is nothing. They can do whatever the feck they want.

            Look at the oil price. It’s ridiculous. The product that takes millions of years to form, that runs the world, transport, derivative products as plastics, paint, coatings, petrochemicals, etc. is priced at a completely ridiculous level.

            At 60 dollars a barrel (159 liters) it means oil is cheaper than bottled water. Yes, bottled water is way overpriced, but at the same time oil is way underpriced. The price doesn’t reflect its value. What does a beer cost in your country? 1 dollar for a can of beer (0.33 liters)? Something like that. It means beer, one of the easiest things to make, costs like 480 dollars a barrel. How can a barrel of oil cost 1/8th of that?? It’s impossible.

            Also, if you look at the development of the oil price and the value of the dollar, it’s unrelated. That makes this term “petrodollar” moot. There is no “petrodollar”, it’s one big mystery, founded by those same guys and gals that control that Excel sheet, not a real, natural product that took millions of years to form.

            His-story is important to study and I really like Mathis’ take on that; going back centuries and reveal the plots way back in history (the crusades, Napoleon, Shakespeare, the peerage, etc.). It shaped the world of today. In today’s world things are extremely fast and with Facebook and Twitter everyday new manipulations are added and spread. But to understand the present-day hoaxes, staged events, lies, manipulations, untruths, etc. it is important to deconstruct the past. That’s why I keep reading Mathis and especially his historical work, because the world of today is built upon those foundations. Yes, it’s more challenging to seek sources of so long ago, but it’s very rewarding to actually see the things of today in a broader context.

            History has no end nor a beginning, it’s a continuum, and unfortunately one that has been manipulated for so long.


          2. What you’ve described is not a writer’s block actually, it’s really about the issue I described in the comment. There is more to it, to be honest. I had some free time in the last few days and was researching about the complex events when I found a major lead. I was instantly happy, like if I just solved a major problem, but after a few minutes, I was horrified by my own happiness to learn about the new scam. Just what was the purpose of such researching? To prove my knowledge of fakery is large enough to predict & find it in every story I look into? I was actually expecting to find proof of scam, and when I did find it, I was happy about it first. Do you honestly think that is an acceptable satisfaction? I don’t anymore. While they may seem as an illusion, my hopes and wishes are true, I really wish to see this bizarre world would become a better place. Where you see utopian dream, I see lack of imagination. But that’s ok, as long as we see the problematic past as totally unacceptable. For that matter, I have already learned enough to make a judgment and to prove why we need to properly investigate,arrest,try and sentence a few thousand traitors and real conspirators. How high does the pile of evidence need to get before we do something about it?


          3. Well…Getting discouraged/disappointed?… Not really. At least not in my case. It all depends on what started you into this path. For me, a la Miles, I got tired of seeing inept people falling upwards… and what I mean by that is: I noticed that in many fields or areas of our reality, talent-less and lazy people instead of getting fired or demoted, they got promoted… How come? So I said to myself I better get to understand how the world works… I may be slow, no rush… but I am not stopping… and here I am still at it…


          4. This is just my opinion. Since we all here are persuaded that what happened on 11/22/63 was a hoax and we are so sure of it… Let me propose all here sign a petition to close and extiguish the eternal flame (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_Eternal_Flame). It’s been 50 years and on now… Why are we to commemorate something that never happened? As Mr. Mathis would say, are we that stupid? Perhaps if this petition go viral or mainstream more people will open their eyes. It’s called proselitizing. Not all will waken up, but not few either.


          5. Gaia: you went a little bit off-topic. I will go too: Infected Mushroom? Wow. You are a conoisseur… or conoisseusse… Let me recommend Kinky’s “Despues del after” and the like…Petro-dollar? I think you got the concept a little twisted. Just let me say that the Petro-Dollar is one of the elements that make USamericans buy cheap goods from anywhere. His-story is very interesting but Economics touches people’s lives everyday. “Money isn’t based on anything (anymore)” If so, why don’t you create your own money? That is in my opinion is not a very fortunate sentence. As for History, I would like to see someone connecting the original Boston Brahmin families (you folks love wikipedia so here it goes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Brahmin) and Old Philadelphia families to current rulers and PTB. What was of them? Went they into obscurity? Did they get extinct, went the way of the Dodo? Or were they crypto jews as well?? Hmmm… If we keep this rythm, someone will soon proclaim the American Indian Wars were a staged/fake and the Trail of Tears was all fiction… Did Henry Ford took the Protocols seriously or was he hedging? Are we deflecting blame (from the Military-Industrial complex and Big Pharma) or just throwing up a smokescreen with the Rothschilds and the like? Because even if the Holohoax didn’t happen as we are told, what I.G. Farben did was indeed verifiable. Did the pilgrims succeed if and only if the Darien colony failed? Still a lot to learn an uncover don’t get trapped into nihilism and inaction. People in the 3rd world see life with more optimism even if it is just only to live another day.


          6. I would welcome a paper from the writers of this blog or the very own Miles regarding the method they use to get to the truth. How sure are we that the method we use to uncover the truth is not fatally flawed? Question to any interested: When using your method for teasing out the truth what is the set of criteria and how do you apply it to the evidence? Perhaps is the method the reason why so few people get convinced of these hoaxes.


          7. I have been working on a post but got sidetracked this week – it is about what we should look for not in a fake, but rather a real event. I thought when I last left it it needed right column/left column (real event/fake event) treatment, and that meant that I had to put a bunch more work into it. That is where I left it, in draft form. I will finish it up next week I hope.

            In the meantime, the following is from a blog post I saved (I deleted over a thousand today) as it fits with reading I am doing on this event, which I also suspect was fake, the Tiananmen Square “massacre.” At this point it is merely an eyewitness account of that event, which I suggest might be evidence, of course subject to the credibility of the eye witness, who wrote a magazine article that was only published as part of a book of articles that were rejected by magazines that year:

            There was one eyewitness, a young American, T.D. Allman, was present that night and the following day, and says

            “As anyone who was there knows, the ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ is a myth. No one was killed inside the square that famous night of June third to fourth, 1989. Instead, when the troops reached the entrance to the plaza, the armored column paused. Following negotiations with the military, most of the hundreds of thousands of people in Tiananmen Square left in an orderly, self-disciplined fashion. But some people felt they had to stay… No one was killed right in the square, though from my balcony I saw dozens killed on Chang-Ang Avenue when demonstrators attempted to reenter Tiananmen Square the next day.”

            Allman wrote a piece for GQ in 1989 called Living Well Is The Best Revenge. It never made it to print, of course, because the Chinese must be censoring the American media too, that’s all I can make of it. It was published as part of a group of magazine articles that were deep-sixed in a book published in 2004 called Killed: Great Journalism too Hot to Print.

            The standards by which I “tease out the truth” are not hard wired, but I do rely on contradictions and spook markers … since contradictions are not possible in nature, when we encounter one in “news” we have a hook by which to tease out some truth. An aluminum jet, for example, cannot penetrate a concrete and steel building, therefore we have a hook – by some means we have to determine what did happen, since we objectively know the buildings were destroyed.

            And, in Tiananmen, I realized that when the actor dressed as a Chinese military officer came on the set of CNN that night and told them to stop filming, that this was the mere power of suggestion that created the “massacre” that supposedly followed, all in our minds.

            You use hard words, LaSalle, you want proof from us when we only deconstruct – is it not enough that we can (easily) deconstruct? Must we also tell you what only those on the other side of the curtain know? It is plain that JFK did not die on 11/22/63 – as to what really happened, what became of him, what are we, insiders?


          8. Mark, thanks for the comment. Looking forward to your upcoming paper. Sounds very interesting. As far as hard words, I am not following you. I have not demanded proof of anything. Perhaps you had other readers comment in mind. What you stated about the Al airplane is called a pragmatic contradiction. William Blake once wrote:”Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made up of contradiction”. I’m no authority on this, I am a heathen, a pagan, a gentile… but it would be interesting to get schooled by Josh or another fellow Jew about how Jewish Philosophy or Talmudic Logic deals with contradictions. I read somewhere that Dialectic embodies the spirit of the Jewish Talmud that what appears to be contradictory has a hidden resolution. Again, an educated jew could help us shine a light here. Keep focusing on some conflict and attention is pulled from the real solution.
            fya (for your amusement):

            A young man in his mid-twenties knocks on the door of the noted scholar Rabbi Shwartz. “My name is Sean Goldstein,” he says. “I’ve come to you because I wish to study Talmud.”

            “Do you know Aramaic?” the rabbi asks.

            “No,” replies the young man.

            “Hebrew?” asks the Rabbi.

            “No,” replies the young man again.

            “Have you studied Torah?” asks the Rabbi, growing a bit irritated.

            “No, Rabbi. But don’t worry. I graduated Berkeley summa cum laude in philosophy, and just finished my doctoral dissertation at Harvard on Socratic logic. So now, I would just like to round out my education with a little study of the Talmud.”

            “I seriously doubt,” the rabbi says, “that you are ready to study Talmud. It is the deepest book of our people. If you wish, however, I am willing to examine you in logic, and if you pass that test I will teach you Talmud.”

            The young man agrees.

            Rabbi Shwartz holds up two fingers. “Two men come down a chimney. One comes out with a clean face, the other comes out with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”

            The young man stares at the rabbi. “Is that the test in logic?”

            The rabbi nods.

            ”The one with the dirty face washes his face,“ he answers wearily.

            “Wrong. The one with the clean face washes his face. Examine the simple logic.The one with the dirty face looks at the one with the clean face and thinks his face is clean. The one with the clean face looks at the one with the dirty face and thinks his face is dirty. So the one with the clean face washes his face.”

            “Very clever,” Goldstein says. “Give me another test.”

            The rabbi again holds up two fingers. “Two men come down a chimney. One comes out with a clean face, the other comes out with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”

            “We have already established that. The one with the clean face washes his face.”

            “Wrong. Each one washes his face. Examine the simple logic. The one with the dirty face looks at the one with the clean face and thinks his face is clean. The one with the clean face looks at the one with the dirty face and thinks his face is dirty. So the one with the clean face washes his face. When the one with the dirty face sees the one with the clean face wash his face, he also washes his face. So each one washes his face.”

            “I didn’t think of that,” says Goldstein. It’s shocking to me that I could make an error in logic. Test me again.”

            The rabbi holds up two fingers. “Two men come down a chimney. One comes out with a clean face, the other comes out with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”

            “Each one washes his face.”

            “Wrong. Neither one washes his face. Examine the simple logic. The one with the dirty face looks at the one with the clean face and thinks his face is clean. The one with the clean face looks at the one with the dirty face and thinks his face is dirty. But when the one with the clean face sees the one with the dirty face doesn’t wash his face, he also doesn’t wash his face. So neither one washes his face.”

            Goldstein is desperate. “I am qualified to study Talmud. Please give me one more test.”

            He groans, though, when the rabbi lifts two fingers. “Two men come down a chimney. One comes out with a clean face, the other comes out with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?”

            “Neither one washes his face.”

            “Wrong. Do you now see, Sean, why Socratic logic is an insufficient basis for studying Talmud? Tell me, how is it possible for two men to come down the same chimney, and for one to come out with a clean face and the other with a dirty face? Don’t you see? The whole question is “narishkeit”, foolishness, and if you spend your whole life trying to answer foolish questions, all your answers will be foolish, too.”

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          9. Thanks, Gaia, for putting me in the same league as infected mushroom. Though to be honest they’re not really my cup of tea. I am more of a Balkan Beat Box kind of guy. There are actually many wonderful musicians in this country. One of my all time favorite Israeli musicians is Matti Caspi. He has a very pure, soulful voice and his lyrics are lovely.

            Here is a very simple song called “how dares the star”:

            The lyrics roughly translated:

            How is it that one star, alone, dares?
            How does he dare, for God’s sake?
            One lonely star.
            I wouldn’t dare,
            And I’m not really alone.

            A love song called “After you left (and you)”:

            Lyrics again:

            And you I choose
            You I dream
            With you I know
            That only with I’m free

            Alone I feel as if you’re with us
            But when I’m quite with myself
            You are with me, but you’re not

            … and so on and so forth

            And one last one, which is really worth listening to until the end. I think it can give you goosebumps even without understanding the lyrics. It’s about a man whose lover becomes “born again religious” which in Jewish terms means she goes from being an atheist to being an ultra-orthodox Jew. The orthodox Jews call it “returning to the answer.” And when you’re ultra-orthodox and lose faith, they call it “returning to the question.”


          10. Thanks for that very nice post, LaSalle. Perhaps instead of “harsh words” I should have said “harsh standards.” In the business if deconstruction there must follow reconstruction, I agree, but you ask that we discern things for which we have no evidence and can only speculate. Yes, we can determine that JFK did not die that day, and the evidence abounds, photographic and deductive. As to what he did with the rest of his life, we have only tantalizing clues, but nothing solid. How can we know? How can we learn anything when we know there is an apparent omerta so rigidly followed that not even deathbeds yield anything useful. These secrets are kept beyond the grave. Unearthing them as a standard by which our deconstructive research is judged is an unduly harsh standard.


          11. Gaia: “Having been there too, I must say it was a horrible experience. Two main reasons; the ridiculous prices (Norway almost seems cheap in comparison) and the people. It’s not so much the jewish thing I guess, more the 3 years of military indoctrination the Israeli men and women receive and that changes them to the most unpleasant, rude and brainwashed people I have seen in many countries worldwide…”

            I completely understand your reaction. My mom doesn’t like Israel or Israelis. But it is a complicated place. Many Israelis are the rudest, most obnoxious people you’d ever want to meet. And many are the nicest, warmest, most generous people you’d ever want to meet. And sometimes it’s the same person! This is the stereotype of the Israeli “Sabra” (a type of cactus): tough and prickly on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Of course some of the assholes are assholes through and through, and often the sweet people are sweet on the outside, too. But the default is a kind of tough, no-nonsense, world-weary demeanor.

            I have found that people here are often weary of strangers, which can come with rudeness or simply lack of Western “niceties.” But once you are introduced to them, especially if you are a friend of a friend, then they will instantly become like a different person. They dismiss as superficial the kind of “friendliness towards strangers” attitude that is much more common in, say, the U.S.. I say, give me superficial politeness and friendliness over shortness and rudeness any day. You know that song, “If you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”? Here I liked to say “If you’re smiling, everyone wonders what’s wrong with you.”

            It has been said that Israel is a place where every day 6 million Jews wake up and try to screw each other over. There is something to that, and people over time develop a tough exterior. There is a kind of expectation that people are trying to screw you over or take advantage of you, so people kind of adopt a kind of wary and tough demeanor. Also people here are very pushy, and you have to be pushy back in order to make sure you’re not inconvenienced by other people’s pushiness (like cutting in line). I have struggled with being pushy when needed without letting it become part of who I am. Don’t want the mask to stick.

            What you observed isn’t just via the army, though I don’t mean to diminish the effect that the army has on people. The effect of the military is very deep and goes far beyond people’s individual service. Israel is an unbelievably militarized country, with the military being much more central to people’s lives here. I remember when we moved here, my 5-year-old went to kindergarten, and they were already talking with them about what they were going to do when they were in the army. I was shocked and appalled!

            And yes, they are one of the most brainwashed people you could imagine. The Zionist project involved taking a bunch of nebbishy Jews and turning them into modern-day Spartans. It was an incredible feat of social engineering and has been incredibly successful.

            Having said all of that, there is actually much I do like about living in Israel. Starting with the food. The food here is amazing. But, as you said, it is also a very expensive place. There are other things I like about it, but I’ll stop here lest I be perceived as doing Hasbarah.


          12. I don’t consider the search for truth a hobby. To create a good living, stay healthy and enjoy the world as much as possible is connected to the bullshit exposed on this blog and similar websites. For example, I fell better now being 99% “certain” that nukes don’t exist and that Kim Jong will not destroy the world (actually I always laugh when I see related news). This blog , Mathis and others did a lot of deconstruction. Deconstruction is a very important step, even Michael Tsarion talks about it. This deconstruction part is probably related to the nihilism people mentioned in the comments. Yes, even the deconstruction of the nukes can bring nihilism since now you don’t have nuclear armageddon but the propaganda seems much stronger (it also means that probably the elites of most countries are allied and not enemies). The deconstructive work is necessary in order to have a good philosophy of life. Think about the good people that are Christians and wait for the end times. How easy to manipulate such people.
            There are a few people that did both constructive and deconstuctive work. For example Mathis did a lot of constructive work in physics. Even on this blog there were few posts about nutrition. Nonetheless, knowing about things that are probably scams lets you concentrate on things that are real. I know that people from Fakeologist and John le Bon also talked about conspiracies as hobby or entertainment. Seeking the truth can be fun, like solving a puzzle. But I argue that it is much more. Aristotle said that all men by nature desire knowledge. Unfortunately many desire knowledge that makes them feel good or aligns to their current belief. Few people want knowledge that aligns with truth because it requires the deconstruction of their current belief system (which can lead to nihilism as mentioned above).


          13. Josh, regarding the connection between Spartans and Israeli I give you this quote from here http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/0510juddin_jew.php
            “Curiously, from the third until the first century BC, many Judean Jews thought they were kin to the Spartans. According to 1 Maccabees 12:6-18, the high priest Jonathan wrote a letter to the Spartans to renew the relationship they had had, and assure the Spartans that sacrifices and prayers were continually offered for them at the Jerusalem temple. 1 Maccabees quotes another from Areios, a basileus of Sparta, sent in the early third century BC to the Jerusalem high priest Onias. It records that a document had been found proving the Spartans and Judeans were both descended from Abraham! This belief in the Judeans’ kinship with the Spartans is echoed at 2 Maccabees. The only likely basis for this, especially in the light of the alleged kinship with Abraham, is that Spartan Greeks had been among the deportees sent into Judah by the Persians.”

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          14. One more thing to add to my last comment. Israelis have this cultural “thing” about not being “suckers.” As in, not being screwed over, falling for a ploy or a con. Worse than actually being suckered is being seen as a sucker. Of course many people don’t care about this, but for many it is really something that is more central to how they conduct themselves. This goes some way in explaining the sort of wary and tough front that people put on.

            It’s actually funny that they pride themselves on not being suckers. In my view they are just about the biggest suckers on the planet. Not the biggest losers; but man have they fallen for a few big lies.

            It’s always a bit harder to see the brainwashing that goes on in the country where one was raised. I was born and grew up in the U.S. Moving to Israel it was a lot easier to see. It was also easy to see how deep and ingrained it is. The example I gave of the kindergarten teacher talking with the kids about what they were going to be in the army is a perfect example. That’s one reason why I don’t feel superior to them, or really to anyone. People are completely brainwashed. Not just here but everywhere. And until recently I was partly brainwashed, too. I don’t necessarily think I got here out of some kind of inevitability as being part of the 5%. If I hadn’t have tripped across the information that snapped me out of it just as I did sort of by accident, then I might still be deep in hypnosis. So having empathy for other people who are still in that situation is really just having empathy for myself.

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          15. Very good comments Josh, your first about Israel and your second about taking distance and (then) actually being able to see things sharper, also my experience.

            It would be great to have an audiochat on e.g. Fakeologist. I was a guest there two days ago and enjoyed the opportunity to actually share and talk live.


      4. What countries have you visited to observe mass immigration besides Cuba? Have you seen it in France or Germany? “The Hidden Hand” has been using immigration for centuries to change defeated countries.


        1. I have first-hand experienced mass immigration in Germany. 1) people taken from the train (ICE) for not having tickets and clearly were immigrants, 2) being cut by a Syrian refugee in some small village.

          I know it is true and taking the “they fake immigrant pictures” reality towards an idea that somehow mass immigration is not happening stance is false.

          Coudenhove-Kalergi is real, they really want to dilute the previous European social structure into some policor nonsense idea that everything and everyone is equal.

          The opposite is true. Everyone and everything is DIFFERENT.


          1. Gaia: You are correct. Let’s not forget the infamous quote from Barbara Spectre Lerner and who is pushing this agenda; hint: it’s not Christians:

            “I think there’s a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

            I hate to break it to Spectre-Lerner (and what a dreaded name… Spectre! Shades of spooks-ville and vile-ville), but Europe is not going to survive due directly to policies she actively implements and the Coudenhove-Kalergi push for multiculturalism, to blend us all into one hive of global serfs beholden to the hidden elite.


          2. Thank you Grace and I also agree.

            I think those Elites speak their filthy minds sometimes, semi-offline, because they know nobody can stop them. Typical psychopath arrogance, gambling on the thought they are somehow superior.

            It is one of the reasons to oppose the “I am happily living in my Mansion in the Denver foothills” point; not everybody has that luxury. Imagine so many Europeans who are (stuck in) middle-to-lower class in European villages and suddenly they are flooded by mass immigration??

            The important point imho is that those particular immigrants are not the culprits, so it’s wrong to direct our anger and disagreement to them. That’s what the “Alt-Right” is about; directing our attention to them, the poor pawns in this whole game-of-chess-or-Risk-however-you-want-to-call-it. “Those evil blacks, those muslim maggots” kind of speech.

            It’s not THEM, those people… I mean, imagine being born in f*cking Eritrea, of course you want to get out as quickly as possible.

            The culprits are up there, in their ivory towers, in their mansions, safely away from what’s really happening. The Brussels Bastards, the Coudenhove Cunts, the Kalergi Culprits.

            And they want nothing more than that we direct our critical arrows towards our peers, those poor people coming from Africa. So they stay safe from criticism.

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  5. No lawyer here… and I am 100% certain beyond doubt nobody here is a lawyer either: Not MT, MM, TM, JG, MH, etc, etc… but I think somebody can be terminated based on grave suspicions even if those cannot be proved at the moment of the termination, they must be substantiated, though… again, we are better off not speculating in a professional field as vast and convoluted as the Law.


    1. What is “law” but a couple of letters put on paper controlled by people we don’t know?

      SacredCowSlayer, a good guy from CF is a professional lawyer though.


        1. Hey, Tyrone. Not a lawyer, so sorry. Know a few things by reading acts of congress, briefs and opinions. LIke most everything, “the law” isn’t what most think it is — something I may write about when I can get all those thoughts to settle in nice rows on a page.


      1. No, not a lawyer am I. My only experience was Montana, and it varies from state to state. There you worked at the will of the employer, who could fire you without cause. Your only recourse would be to prove bad faith by the employer, as in perhaps lying about you, defaming you, making false accusations, but if the employer merely said “I let him go because I did not need him anymore” then that was the end of the story.


    2. Who says he isn’t in on the con? Remember they are chosen and part of his act in real life is to be kicked of a show. Just like Mel Gibson and his fake jewish outcry. If you believe any of it then you are really brainwashed.


    3. Here is a good run-down of how “at-will” employment works in the U.S.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-will_employment

      In the case of people like Spacey or anyone in Hollywood, this is basically irrelevant since their employment will be governed by a contract. So whether or not Netflix has the right to suddenly cancel the show and “fire” Spacey will depend on whatever the terms of the contract with him are. We are not privy to those details. However, even if they violated the terms of the contract in cancelling the show, he would have to sue them for wrongful termination–or I guess in this case breaching the contract. I have no idea what the standard terms are for such contracts.

      But, I agree with the sentiment that Spacey is in on the con and will not sue even if he can. This does not mean that all the charges against him are fake, nor does it necessarily mean he agreed to have his name dragged through the mud like this. But I suspect he is going to play ball.


    4. I rest my case. No lawyers ’round here. All we can do is speculate about HW and KS cases. So let’s take it for what its worth.


      1. At the time of the Boston Marathon bombing that I said that the legless wheel chair victim could not have survived blood loss, and should have died. I was told I could not make such a determination because I am not a medical doctor.

        But I can easily make that determination. It is rudimentary. Sudden and massive blood loss produces unconsciousness and if not remedied, death. There is no requirement for an underlying medical degree to know such basic facts.

        The same with law … I took three semesters of business law, and scored higher in that section of the CPA exam than any other. I loved it because so much of it, a child of British Common Law, was so eminently sensible. I have long since learned that BCL is largely irrelevant, and that lawyers deal mostly contractrual and administrative law, which while requiring exceptional skill in logic and rhetoric, is not always sensible. The best lawyer wins.

        Even so, it did not take a lawyer to parse and respect BCL, and we need not be lawyers to undersatnd basic legal concepts, even as we know courts are jungles and logical outcomes not at all the guiding rule.


  6. Oh vey, some people here are really great at writing a lot without saying anything. They even give tips on where to find “real” truth. Classical diversion.

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    1. A mark of intelligence, as I view it, is to be able to process large volumes of information and sift it without being overly swayed. If everything written in comments here is bullshit, so what? How does that harm someone aboe to think properly and weigh evidence? In fact, I think behind these comments are some intelligent people and a few less so, but all are drawn to these types of exchanges due to native curiosity.

      And we host a spook or two, of course.

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      1. my saying is: you can learn from even the most stupid one. You just have to listen carefully. It’s not always what is being said. It’s mostly what lies between the lines. And if there wasn’t movies like “They live” or “The Matrix”, would any of us become skeptical of anything?


  7. A great read here Josh , two questions :
    Have you lived anywhere other than Israel , so to
    compare the high levels of security/control ?

    Do you have an opinion on the idea that , as Mark
    alluded to , an area inside Israeli control , where the
    fake dead actors could live out their lives ?
    How restricted are Israeli Jews from free travel inside
    Israel ?


    1. Thanks, Dave.

      I grew up in the U.S. and lived most of my life there. I have lived in several states: California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arizona. I am in Israel now because my wife is Israeli. We met in the US but she Shanghaied me…

      I assumed Mark was joking. No, I don’t think they’d be able to live out their lives in Israel unless they had plastic surgery. Israel is much more densely packed compared to most places in the U.S. I don’t know where they’d hide. But there’s really no reason to think they’d have to or want to hide here.

      Israeli citizens, both Arab and Jewish, are not restricted from traveling anywhere in Israel proper, other than say army bases, which are ubiquitous. Also the nuclear reactor area is off limits. As for the territories, Israeli citizens are not restricted from traveling in what are called Areas B and C, but they are not supposed to enter “A” areas, which are ostensibly under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian authority. But with few exceptions there isn’t much in the way of border controls going into those areas that try to keep Israelis out (they are much more serious about who gets into Israel). But if you’re caught in one of those areas I guess it would be some kind of embarrassment. I don’t think you’d really get punished for it. See here for some more perspective:



      1. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3979094/

        I watched this and an earlier doc. about Palestinian women
        traveling through highly policed neighborhoods to get to their jobs .
        While those portrayals of real situations can be heartbreaking ,
        the left in the US are being fed a steady diet of sympathy porn ,
        and now that Miles has ( probably ) outed Roger Waters as a veiled
        aristocrat , his whole role becomes more apparent .
        As usual what we are shown is very often different from reality .


        1. The plight of those women is all too real, unfortunately. Israel is a very complicated place, and there is far more diversity than you’d think. With respect to the Palestinians, they can at first blush be divided into three main groups based on their citizenship status.

          The first group is what people usually mean when they refer to or think of Palestinians. These are the 4-6 million Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza. Most of them were living there before the ’67 war and simply came under Israeli sovereignty after that war. Others living there were refugees from the ’48 war. These Palestinians are not considered citizens and are under the jurisdiction of the military. The Jews who have settled in the West Bank (there are no more settlements in Gaza) are considered citizens and for the most part fall under the jurisdiction of Israeli law. To understand more about how this absurd and disgusting double standard came about, there is a decent documentary called ‘The Law In These Parts” that takes you through the history. Shamgar Commission head Meir Shamgar is interviewed at length in the film. It’s worth watching: https://www.thelawfilm.com/eng/#!/the-film

          The second group would be the 200,000 or so East Jerusalem Palestinians. After the ’67 war, Israel captured the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, but did not want to give them citizenship (there were also some murky questions of international law). But they live cheek to cheek with the other Jerusalem neighborhoods, so it presented a dilemma. This was ‘solved’ by giving them a kind of ‘residency status’ that comes with certain rights, like the ability to vote in municipal elections and the right to welfare assistance. They have largely rejected these “rights” to signify that they do not accept the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation. They are in a very difficult, even desperate, situation, which has only gotten worse in recent years with all the alleged stabbings and car attacks in Jerusalem.

          The third group are the nearly 2 million Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel. These are mainly Arabs who lived in the area now known as Israel when it was founded after the ’48 war. Many Arabs were pushed out and fled out of fear during the war. They were never allowed to return. But many more stayed, and they are now known as “Israeli Arabs.” They are a very heterogeneous group, including both Muslims and Christians, and within those many other various sects and subgroups, such as the Bedouins. And then there are the Druze, who are sort of a separate group altogether. Israeli Arabs have full citizenship, at least on paper. They can (and do) vote in national elections, own businesses, are part of the state-subsidized health insurance program, etc. They are also allowed to travel freely in and out of Israel’s borders. Of course they are discriminated against on many levels and find themselves in a situation not unlike that of blacks in the U.S. But their experience is night and day compared to that of the Palestinians who live in the territories. There is actually an interesting book called “Army of Shadows” about the Palestinians who collaborated with the Jews prior to and after the founding of the state.

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  8. I meant a gated type situation , not out in the
    open public , but an island is probably the
    obvious choice for such an idea .

    And we see more irony in the cheerleaders of capitolism ,
    US , British etc. auto manufacturers ,
    selling their luxury/custom cars to dictators hell bent on no
    cars for the masses or free markets .

    I was thinking of the Camper Van Beethoven song
    ‘ Stalin’s Cadillac ‘ when I saw Mark’s title .


    Check this paste-up couple out cruising .



    1. There’s no overt Jewishness in his line that I can see, though the name Templeton is a possibility. But so what? His father has been a professed Catholic forever. Yes, and its a family of actors.
      Is he a rapist? That’s the important question. I wish all the accused would demand their day in court to ward off this witch hunt atmosphere, but if they really are guilty, I guess they’d admit it and get help, like Spacey (Unless he’s under orders to burn his career down). I assume the statute of limitations is applied here, though that wasn’t the case with Cosby, indicating this is almost certainly all bull shite. Oink Oink is the mea culpa of choice for us pig men, apparently.


      1. This might point at the phenomenon Josh has written about, that these people are “Jewish” in the same sense that Italy is Catholic. The cathedrals are there, but hardly anyone attends services. There is some other aspect of their makeup that makes them insiders, be it blood type or bloodline, and the Jewish veil could be very sophistictaed misdirection that allows accusations of prejudice if we attempt any scrutiny. I doubt Martin Sheen is a sincere Catholic, but he does give the public an illusion of Hollywood inclusiveness. I also doubt he is Jewish. But he is surely, as is Charlie, an insider.


        1. I would agree, that it’s almost impossible to verify or prove what religion do certain people practice, unless they admit it openly. But on the other hand, we usually use the term “Jew” or “Jewish” in mixed meaning: one part describes the religion, while the other marks nationality. Even the dictionaries do explain it exactly like that. Let’s not forget, that Israel citizenship exists only since 1948 and that people used to describe a “Jew” – as a “Jew” for ages before any Israel was engineered. I don’t mean to be rude with it, just factual. In fact, the term has been adapted through time, from the Latin “Iudaeus” to the English “Jew” these English forms included successively: “Gyu”, “Giu”, “Iu”, “Iuu”, “Iuw”, “Ieuu”, “Ieuy”, “Iwe”, “Iow”, “Iewe”, “leue”, “Iue”, “Ive”, “lew”, and then finally in the 18th century, “Jew”. The many earlier English equivalents for “Jews” through the 14 centuries are “Giwis”, “Giws”, “Gyues”, “Gywes”, “Giwes”, “Geus”, “Iuys”, “Iows”, “Iouis”, “Iews”, and then also finally in the 18th century, “Jews”.

          Catholic Italy can be equated to Jewish Israel, if the religion describes the majority of country’s people. Although we can’t equate nationality with religion in any manner, we still most commonly do it when naming one “Jew” or “Jewish”. So it’s a true misnomer and we should properly clarify it. There is an overwhelming amount of research done, showing that the Jewishness is a common denominator of any real conspirators, spooks, agents, H-wood actors, rock-stars, etc., which implies we ought to be alerted by it. The same can’t be said about Catholicism. Maybe answering the question “Can a Jew be Catholic?” would help answer the dilemma. Of course, the Jew can be(come) Catholic, but then he ceases to be a Jew. And vice versa, right? I do think so. Further, we have all heard about the Marranos, conversos or crypto-Jews, while we have no similar terminology is use for any other religion and/or people converting from one to another religion. So I believe it’s really hard to be very precise when describing anybody of Jewish origins. Just by saying anybody is Jewish we haven’t described anything but the descent of that individual, that points to his/her roots to Judaism.

          While at it, there is one more common denominator to the same group of people – they like to change their names from time to time. I think they do it in order to better blend with the natives. For instance, Martin Sheen is originally Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, and Charlie Sheen is actually Carlos Irwin Estévez. You could argue and say that all H-wood stars tend to change their name, but I don’t see that as normal in any possible way. Wouldn’t you be proud as a movie-star of your original name becoming globally recognized? I know I would be and I’m positive about 99,5% of the world’s population to share my opinion about it.

          Why would it matter if anybody has any prejudices when you talk about the facts? Why some subjects don’t allow scrutiny without labeling such attempt? Isn’t antisemitism exactly what this is about, labeling the attempts to disclose some facts about Jewishness for what it actually is? It’s a perfect “weapon” to stop the discussion even before it has begun,isn’t it?. Just don’t let the prejudices stop you from learning about the truth.


          1. I believe it was Reverend Robert Taylor (19th century radical) the first who mentioned that originally words like “Jew” and “Christian” were names for degrees of initiation. Taylor may actually be a suspicious character (maybe related to the famous Taylors) but I believe that his idea of degrees of initiation is true. So these words may have an esoteric meaning that has nothing to do with dictionary definitions. In fact I believe that the esoteric meaning is reserved only for people from the elite families. In Judaism, the Sadducees were probably the true esoteric Jews, the priests that controlled the temple and the common Jews. The history books tell us that they became extinct in 70CE, but I call that booshit. Josephus Flavius belongs to these elite families, and we know that there are many conspiracies involving him with the creation of Christianity. The European Royalty probably belongs to this class. In fact I would not be surprised if the Sadducees became the European Nobility (through marriage with Roman ,Germanic,Greek , Celtic and other elite dynasties), while the Pharisees were assigned as keepers of Talmudic Judaism (maybe the conflicts between Sadducees and Pharisees were manufactured) . Talmudic Judaism was probably used as a network that was mobile and spread among many nations. In my opinion the Talmudic Jews (in Western Europe they were relatively few and very elite) were kicked out of many countries because the common people saw some funny business between the royals and these Jews and they were becoming more rebellious. When common people became rebellious, these Jews went to other places to avoid rebellion. I believe this makes sense considering the connections pointed out by Mathis.
            Regarding the more numerous Eastern European Jews, I still believe that a great percent of them are Kazhar/Cuman/Hun converts (in west there were probably many Roman converts). Even in antiquity the Maccabees used forced conversion on Idumeans (South) and Galileans (in the North). The more funny part is that maybe Jesus was Izates bar Monobaz, who was a convert. Another funny thing is that the common Jews of antiquity probably remained on their land and later converted to Islam (so the average Palestinian is probably an descendant of these common Jews).
            There are many other interesting connection but my point is that some words may have other meanings that are not mentioned by even people that see deeper connections. When I study the Jews I am usually interested in these elite Jews. Some people will say that it cannot be the Jews because my spouse is Jewish or my colleague from work is Jewish. But I am not interested in those Jews. At the same time you find people that say
            that these elite Jews are not Jews, but Satanists. I say that these Jews are the true Jews and they probably also created Christianity and Islam (again, even these words probably have an esoteric and a common meaning). Michael Tsarion uses the word Atonist to denote the elite people from these religions (and I believe this can be very true due to the Akhenaten connections). Also Zionism is probably zealotry for common Jews (a certain segment), so is probably a misdirection. Israeli Zionism is a misdirection if we consider the genealogical connections uncovered by Mathis regarding the families that rule the European-derived countries. The world is not enough for these families, so the plan goes beyond Greater Israel (which may be a misdirection).


          2. Thanks, Calgacus, I really appreciate your insight into the earlier history. There is much I agree with, especially the Elite Jew part.

            However, I’ve manage to trace the word of “Jew” to an earlier age than you suggest was done by Rev. Robert Taylor. There is a theater comedy play, written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816) and first published in 1775. In there, Act II of the play, you can read:

            “…The lady shall be as ugly as I choose : She shall have a hump on each shoulder ; she shall be as crooked as the crescent ; her one eye shall roll like the bull’s in Cox’s Museum ; she shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew she shall be all this, sirrah ! yet I will make you ogle her all day, and sit up all night to write sonnets on her beauty.”

            In the Vulgate Edition of the New Testament, authored by St. Jerome in the 4th century, Jesus is referred to by the genitive plural of “Iudaeus” in the Gospel of John reference to the inscription on the Cross, – “Iudaeorum”. It was in the 4th century that St. Jerome translated into Latin the manuscripts of the New Testament from the original languages in which they were written. This translation by St. Jerome is referred to still today as the Vulgate Edition by the Roman Catholic Church authorities.

            Jesus is first referred to as a so-called “Jew” in the revised 18th century editions in the English language of the 14th century first translations of the New Testament into English. The history of the origin of the word “Jew” in the English language leaves no doubt, that the 18th century “Jew” is the 18th century contracted and corrupted English word for the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition.


    2. Dear Tom: “I am talking from my own experience. 90% of forum talk is just about garbage and it gets annoying to have to read through all the nonsense too.” With this last unfortunate post of yours.. you are just echoing the MSM. Got ya!


      1. Hello? Did you read things on this site or MM work? All of Holloywood is jewish and gay, and apparently pedophile. And that is not a joke or a scam!
        What would be the purpose to make them look like the worst humans walking this planet? Who will watch them now? Who will pay them?
        But it is all part of a greater scam, right? Maybe it is, but it will take them down and they will no longer be relevant in other people’s lives. And if you think child abuse does not exist then you are one crazy freak that has some mental problems.
        So tell me, what is the reason to blackwash themselves? Here is a link where Sheen admits his jewish roots. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/charlie-sheen-i-m-proud-164398
        There are other sources, google it.
        I didn’t make any of this up.I hope you have better counter arguments other than your emotions of betrayal, because you probably were a big fan. It sucks to be lied to, but you chose to watch and admire these ppl. I turned off the electro-jew a long time ago. Plus look at sheen. He is a soulless person. You can’t act that part.


  9. Does anybody here know the total count of patents MM holds? No joke, serious inquiry. I was conducting some research about Edison but have not been able to confirm number of patents about our famous texan.
    For example, I was taught T.A. Edison invented the lightbulb… not really, it was courtesy of a canadian, Henry Woodward. Edison just bought the patent from him and his partner.


  10. This is in response to LaSalle’s comment above with the story about the guy who wants to learn from the Rabbi. I thought the anecdote was hilarious!

    With regard to your statement: “but it would be interesting to get schooled by Josh or another fellow Jew about how Jewish Philosophy or Talmudic Logic deals with contradictions. I read somewhere that Dialectic embodies the spirit of the Jewish Talmud that what appears to be contradictory has a hidden resolution. Again, an educated jew could help us shine a light here.”

    I don’t really know much of anything about Jewish or Talmudic philosophy. I was raised reform, with almost no connection to religion, in that religion played very little role in my household apart from Hanukah presents. We were very “assimilated.” We went to synagogue once a year during the high holidays. When I was 15 I became an atheist, later agnostic. I had a bar mitzvah but overall learned very little about Judaism. I was surprised last year to hear someone differentiate between “Torah Jews” and “Talmudic Jews.” I had always heard about a distinction between Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Ultra-Orthodox, but never between Torah and Talmudic Jews. I’m still not even sure that’s a thing.

    But more importantly, I’m not at all sure that the Jews and crypto-Jews who seem to be running things are really “Jewish” in the sense that they worship the God of Abraham and follow Jewish rituals and traditions. Do they go to temple? I don’t know. Think of the Bushes. Are they actively hiding a Jewish identity and Jewish beliefs? When I think of crypto-Jews, that’s what I think of: people who maintain their real faith but hide it in order to get along in society, or because they were forced to. Is that what these crypto-Jews are, like the Spencers? Did the Bushes erect a hidden synagogue in the bowels of the White House so they could go down there on Friday evenings to read the Torah portion? I tend to doubt it. I don’t know what belief system our governors subscribe to, but I have a feeling that we are not going to discover it in Jewish philosophy or Talmudic logic.

    People like to say that the Talmud makes a strong distinction between Jews and Goys, according to which Goys can be treated like second-class people or even like animals. And there is certainly some truth to that, though the Judaism I was exposed to growing up never made that kind of distinction. But if they follow the Talmud, they should not treat the vast majority of their fellow Jews with the same kind of contempt. But they do. As far as I know that’s not allowed by the Talmud. So that tells me their belief system, such as it is, does not resemble anything that could be considered Judaism.

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