Fake shooting event in Denver, 11/1/17, 11 PM

Mass murder suspect Scott Ostrem

Numeric signals, I know, are a matter of uncertainty with readers here. I have wondered if I merely find what I am looking for … confirmation bias, but they are too prevalent and consistent, way too predictable.

We had a mass murder last night in Denver last night. A man supposedly walked into a Walmart and just started shooting people. He hit three, they all died. He was a very good shot. [He fired thirty shots, hit three people. Got it?]

OstremThe photo of Ostrem, whose name appears scrubbed at Geni.com, has been bugging me. Do you notice, as I do, a different shading of skin color around the eyes? It is almost as if they have inserted a pair of sinister and close-set eyes in the photo. Or, he could have an occupation that requires he wears goggles  … welder? Aviator? Does he wear a hat for a living that keeps his high forehead covered? And what is with the pink cardigan and high collar – it looks effeminate, almost as if they pasted his head on a woman’s shoulders.

But overall, this photo does strongly resemble that if the man leaving a store down below. Keep in mind that we make assumptions when watching news, and don’t verify. The photo of this man and the man below being the same man only means that they are the same man, and not that this man committed any crimes, or that the photo below was taken at WalMart in Thornton. Maybe it was, but we need to verify details, something that is never done with news broadcasts. People just accept them at face. If this is a fake event, both photos could have been taken anywhere, anytime.

Denver is spook central, home of Columbine and the Batman shootings, two  of the major fake events of the last twenty years. The problem: people don’t just randomly shoot other people! People do kill other people, don’t get me wrong, but it is fueled by love and addiction and alcohol. It is never just random. That is an Intelligence psyop meant to keep us in high tension, this idea that random strangers will murder us for no reason. Spooky!

Suspecting it was a fake event, I looked for markers. here is a photo of our TV set as a police officer told the highly gullible members of the media about the event. Though it happened earlier in the day, this news broadcast was used to interrupt the Kimmel show at the times shown lower right.


And, there they are, lower right.  The time is 11:17, or 11 and 8. Timing was just perfect.

I accidentally recorded thus stuff because I record Jimmy Kimmel. I listened intently, Knowing they would tip their hand. Look again at the  time, lower right, one minute later


That is 11:18, or 11 and 9, or 911, their old standby. Yes, 11:17 is followed by 11:18, but do you suppose the timing of [the reporting of] this event was set to happen at this time? I do.

The two people standing behind the police officer are of interest, as they are calm, non-uniformed, and yet front and center. Who are they? We are not told. They calmly speak to one another and smile throughout the interview. I wonder what their role is. Are they set decorators? Did they have a role in the staging? Are they supervising the officer? It is odd they are so prominent.

Here is a “surveillance” photo of the suspect:

Though this is a surveillance photo, it bears no time stamp.

Steely eyed, well-groomed, military cut, clean-shaven. Told to walk out at a certain time, he did so, having done nothing. He is military. I feel that more than know it. By the way, the time of this screen shot, not  seen, is 11:26, or 11 and 8 one more time. [Also note the numbers across the bottom … 1, 39 and 4, totaling 44, or another way of expressing 8. Yes, I know it could all be coincidental, but the same damned framework of numbers pops up every time.]

I need to follow up on this, as I suspect there was a fake shootout last night, and that the perpetrator was killed, and that the case is now closed. I will let you know. Right now I am tired. We senior citizens get up very early. [As of 8:30 this  Thursday evening, 11/2, he is still at large, and the community is frightened.]

[Update: the suspect was apprehended last evening without incident and is in custody. He was said to be nonchalant, both in the shooting and arrest, indicating to me that he is merely an actor. They have also provided a fake witness, Aaron Stephens, age 44, who said that he was using self-checkout when the guman fired about thirty shots. Like James Holmes, the fake Batman shooter,  they have officially kept him alive, so he will have to endure a fake trial and a fake life imprisonment sentence before going on to his next assignment.]

[Update: They have now TV-interviewed the spouses/relatives of the “victims,” and it is appalling. They grimace and show pained expressions, talk about what wonderful loving people these were, and yet are not shedding tears! They are acting. You’d think that when they budget these events they would toss in a bottle of Visine, but they don’t.]

Just understand that all numbers should appear at regular intervals, randomly though not evenly. When certain numbers as we continually see appear time and again, always the same numbers, it is beyond coincidence. They are signing their work, rubbing our face in it.

42 thoughts on “Fake shooting event in Denver, 11/1/17, 11 PM

    1. But they put it in TV at the times indicated, not that 6:30 should be overlooked. Anyway, in my view, fake, fake, fake.

      [The above commenter, Painfultruth2017, has a blog that to date has but one post, on the NFL. He thinks that some contests are affected by gambling, but that the big games, like the Super Bowl, are played straight. His blog looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes, still showing setup instructions in the headings.He claims to be a former bookmaker.]


    2. Juding from available evidence, it appears that “painfultruth017” hastily assembled a blog and was preparing to come to this blog to attack the forming consensus that NFL games are fixed. He was interrupted by the fake shooting in Denver and had a premature gesticulation, offering a haughty sneer that since the Denver shooting happened earlier in the day, the 11PM news conferences, complete with spook markers, had to be coincidental. I would ban him, but I don’t think he’ll be around again. He misfired. He was sent on one mission, and got sidetracked.

      His mission, if you read his blog post (just click on his name above) is to defend the NFL, and his technique is the limited hangout, conceding that some hanky panky takes place, but that it is all caused by betting, and that there is no scripting. Further, he says, the big games are clean. People bet, but betting does not affect the outcome. He gives himself unverifiable credentials, claiming to be a former bookie. How very fucking cinvenient that he found this blog, started his own blog in very short order, and was on his way here when the Denver shooting interrupted him.

      My judgement, subject always to the arguments of others: Spook!


  1. I was waiting for this. I heard about it and knew it was fake. I live in Denver, and of course this was everywhere. On my friend’s Facebook pages and so on. Great job on the numbers, as usual.


  2. You ‘senior citizens’ had better take care. It seems there is a beginning of an effort to demonize older white males. Saw a ‘news’ ‘item’ 2 days ago about a 77 yearold man strangling a young woman of 23 on their ‘first date’! the shooter you show also seems older then the usual muslim fanatic. Will the next ‘terrorist’ have a walking frame?
    I am a longtime lurker. Love your site. Stay well.


    1. What gets me is that with cameras everywhere, I sincerely doubt that they will have or share any convincing footage of this “event.” They never do. This in itself is a huge red flag. Why don’t more “average” people question this?


      1. Also note that with interviews of the survivors of the victims we see this ritual of pained expressions and words, but no tears. You would think that if they can afford to stage a fake event of this magnitude, they could throw in in a bottle of Visine.

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        1. TPTB are probably not getting the best people (competent actors) for this type of work for obvious reasons. We are ruled by morons.


  3. Okay, I’m also convinced that all these mass-shooter stories are fake. I’ve enjoyed some of the content on this blog and have participated in a few discussions in the comments. Honestly, though, I don’t see how blog posts like this accomplish anything except a) preaching to the choir and b) convincing anyone outside the choir that people who question the official story are intellectually lazy buffoons.

    Not saying I think you’re a buffoon, Mark, but if I were to read this post without already sympathizing with your viewpoint, I definitely would. These timestamps on your TV … you are aware that our country, and the entire world, is divided into different time zones, right? The suggestion that our behind-the-curtain rulers took the time and effort to sit at their TV control boards, fingers hovering over the “send” button, saying “wait for it … wait for it … ok, now, GO!” just so they could air this news story at a time that has numerological significance only in one time zone … I’m sorry, but it’s just laughable. Your observations about the alleged shooter’s possibly photoshopped eyes and pasted-on head are not persuasive. Your comments about the people standing in the background of the news footage and critique of the performance of the supposed family of the alleged victims — added to the rest of the fact-free content in this post — just make you sound like you’re reaching.

    As you yourself have pointed out, there’s plenty of deliberately planted disinfo out there designed to create the impression that anyone who questions official reality is either a loon or a buffoon. I don’t believe you are a disinfo agent, but seriously — posting articles like this which are completely devoid of research and filled with easily dismissed “observations” and speculation serves the exact same purpose of disinfo. It discredits people who question the propaganda.

    I’m sorry if this comes across as mean-spirited or harsh. I’ll continue checking in on your blog because I’ve found some good stuff here. But posts like this just exasperate and infuriate me, so I had to say something.


  4. Off-topic. Does anyone know or remember Yuri Bezmenov aka Tomas Schuman the KGB defector from the 70/80s who in 1983 gave presentations about the Communist deception strategy? I just watched a few videos of him again and damn was he right.
    I’m bringing up the topic because I looked through his written works and it has pictures in it of him during his youth, KGB time, foreign deployment. I wondered was part of his personal life could be trusted and looking at some of the pics I am not convinced they were not tempered with. Afterall he was a spy and as the saying goes, once mafia, CIA, KGB always …. (part of the club).
    But I still find him an interesting character. He seems jewish, especially his chosen western name. We all know who was behind communism so I know this term (communism) is just used for the masses. Nevertheless his predictions are spot on. To remind you his thesis is that Communism opted for a different strategy to achieve world dominance. He also explained how we all would go through different stages. 1) Demoralization 2) destabilization 3) crisis and finally Normalization. Stage 1 was supposed to last 15-20 years, the time of a generation.
    Comparing all that with today’s world I think it perfectly fits. And I have to say his prediction and warnings about a communist takeover of America are all too clear.
    The things I take from that.
    Most ppl are dumb ignorant idiots. And they are everywhere, even in my own family.
    Communist (jewish) power is back in the west i.e. if it ever was gone.
    The NWO is still on its course.
    The enemy works on long term plans and they really seem to have figured out the basics of human life time, the different phases of aging and how to control all these aspects of every person.
    I am wondering if this Yuri Bezmenov was just an actor playing a role to lay it all out in the open for the ones who can see like some say TPTB always give away their plans to clean their karma?

    There are quite a lot of these small productions from the eighties or nineties that seem to resurface now. Of course back then there was no internet and the reach wasn’t that great. I’m just a bit suspicious because YouTube doesn’t seem to care even though they have closed a lot of accounts lately with way less truth telling.


    1. Anthony C. Sutton is somewhat similar and I would say more interesting and useful for us. But even Sutton can be put in the limited hangout group. The family connections emphasized by Mathis is probably the most important aspect. I wonder if one of the big projects of communism was to delete or obscure the genealogy of the eastern branch of elite families. Even in west they obscured the genealogy of a few members (Mathis pointed out many times how important personalities have missing genealogy). However, in the communist East they could obscure much more. Eastern countries like China and Russia are becoming more important in the last few years. China is becoming the economic engine of the world. Even in China I assume that the new elites are from the same elite families of Qing China. I laugh when I see that a Chinese billionaire is self-made . These types of fake “homines novi” give the illusion of meritocracy since most people believe the fake and ridiculous biographies.

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  5. I would not disregard the “defectors” or this Bezmenov. Sutton’s work is mainly concerned with the past and as far as I know his works end at WW2 (I could be mistaken though). Yes, he does make the connection between banking, industrialists and other players between West and East while at the same time he overlooks family-ties, never mind their jewishness, actually this being the most important connection between them all.
    As far as the eastern genealogies are concerned that can be explained quite easy. The East has never been a free society therefor ppl never had free access to information. To the contrary, truth was oppressed and any attempt to do so would be severely punished. The East consists of even fewer ruling families.
    China of today is completely fake in my eyes. Yes, they have all the fancy things, but they don’t pose any threat. They might have been one just for pure man power, but the west took care of that. I’d say that 90% of chinese would be against a major war involving their country since they are all about consumerism today and individual greed. The average chinese has too much to lose.
    The biggest threat for weathly countries are the poor migrants that flood the west now.


    1. The flooding of the west by poor migrants has not happened by chance. It is not a threat to the wealthy countries, because it’s been completely engineered by them. We are all being herded into one big pot of global serfs, with the controllers at the top of the pyramid where they have always been. The only difference now is we are now being forced into a world where there is no middle or lower class – we little people are all going to be “one”. Sounds very utopian but it’s only utopia for the elite.

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    2. Sutton’s work is mainly concerned with the past and as far as I know his works end at WW2 (I could be mistaken though).

      You missed “The best enemy money can buy”, dealing with Soviet – Western cooperation up to the Russian Afghanistan war. Including propping up Soviet military industry during direct-confrontation war times (Vietnam, Afghanistan via proxies).
      Communism is not back, it was and is always a mask, where TPTB hide behind.

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      1. I remember somebody mentioning that there were no major shootings since the election of Trump (maybe on Youtube or some meme image). Well, it went from 0 to mega psyop in 1 month and a few days.
        Devin Patrick Kelley is the new shooter. Devin has 2 origins or etymologies, one comes from “divine” and one refers to a “fawn” or young deer.Kelley comes from strife or contention and Patrick comes from patrician or nobleman. The “divine” or “fawn” connection is a bit ironic since we have a shooting in a church and at the same time we can call it a hunt (hunting fawns). Again we have a white guy.


          1. I could not get past ten mins. of this film director’s ‘ The Lobster ‘

            But oh look more mythology , like Ragnarok .


            ILast week I watched ‘ The Days of Wine and Rose ‘ which I had
            not seen before , But I thought hmm , ‘ The Days of Weinstein and Santa Rosa ‘ ?

            Jack Lemmon’s character is a P.R. pimp , and although the film
            later delves into the hopelessness of alcoholism , he does
            shed light on the re-branding of realty ( myth making )
            to an unsuspecting public aspect of his job .
            I’ve always like the Mancini title song and
            didn’t think I’d like the film but I did .


  6. TPTB really ratcheting it up – so much fake terror one smack dab after the other – the sheeple will be screaming and begging for gun control and for the overlords to save them.

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    1. IMHO everything proceeds according to their plan.
      First step is the election of a highly controversal POTUS (done).
      Second step is a rising wave of civil unrest, with violent clashes and assaults (in progress).
      Third step is a military confrontation with an external “enemy”, ending with a debacle for the US forces.
      Fourth is the removal of the Trump from office as alleged reaction to his “failure”, either by military coup, or by “Making The Kennedy”.
      Martial law and the split-up of the US are following close upon.
      Then, China and Russia will be the new US – in other words, nothing really changes.
      Except for the Americans …


      1. The POTUS election was certainly done with a scheme in mind. Beyond that, however, I am not seeing anything coming to fruition. I don’t see the civil unrest. Just the staged violence.


        1. It doesn’t need to real, the illusion suffices. Just enough to keep people from complaining when the POTUS is disposed.
          Remember the so-called storming of the Winter Palais in St. Petersburg / Russia 1917, where Kerensky was arrested, allegedly ? Never happened, just a legend of “heroic bolshevists”.
          Somethink along this lines …


  7. My hypothesis: I think things will probably get worst over time with more of these projects occurring in frequency and in scale and level of weirdness and malevolence due to the increase in mental illness and psychopathy along with increasing frustration among the TPTB due to inbreeding effects. If the peerage who are responsible for these projects are marrying among only their own group, an increase in inbreeding causing more metal disorders would be expected. What happens when these projects no longer have the desired effect among the normies? Will the TPTB resort to real killings? God help us all.


  8. It’s an interesting social experiment, certainly. The tone on Facebook is still outrage, but posts about are considerably less than those about the Vegas shooting. Either people are becoming desensitized to the the violence or they are waking up to the fact that these are all staged. I would prefer the latter, if course.


  9. Greetings: Getting back (sort of) to the topic at hand, why continuously use the same numbers as signals? I was under the impression that the “controllers” are operating secretly and behind the scenes; therefore, if anyone outside picked up their code system, wouldn’t they change it to keep those outside in the dark?


  10. Here is another fake shooting (Zachary Parrish III, wife’s name Gracie) near Denver, close to where I live. There is also a GoFundMe page which raised over $350,000. https://www.gofundme.com/ZParrish

    “Officer Involved Shooting At Copper Canyon Apartments 12/31/2017
    Early this morning at approximately 5:13 a.m., the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic disturbance at the Copper Canyon Apartments, located on County Line Rd, between Colorado Blvd and University Blvd. During the investigation, shots were fired and multiple deputies were injured by the suspect. At this time, five deputies have been shot and transported to local hospitals. One deputy has been confirmed deceased. The suspect, who will not be identified at this time, has been shot by law enforcement and is also believed to be deceased. The scene remains active and deputies will be present for an extended amount of time.”


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