Fake, fake, fako

I spent a couple of hours yesterday in a discussion with Faye, a woman who lives in Switzerland, about the topic of Waco – it was done on February 28th, the 25th anniversary of the initiation of the event. Faye reminded me that two days earlier, February 26th, is the 25th anniversary of the first bombing of the World trade Center, and event which she and I and others now think to have initiated the evacuation and stripping of the buildings in preparation for their destruction on September 11, 2001.

Anyway, I had a fun time, I hope she did too. Faye speaks four languages, and her English is clear and easily understood, this even though she never formally studied it and only picked it up by immersion, apparently.

Also, we did not stick on Waco, but instead went far afield. Otherwise it could not have lasted two hours. I am not expecting too many to actually listen to it, as even my wife knows to leave the room after ten minutes. Napoleon and Rollo join at the end. It is nice to be among people of similar intellectual makeup.

Towards the end of the discussion I mentioned that I get a sense of floating these days, of being above events. I am not emotionally moved by events like Las Vegas and Parkland, as I know them to be fake.  In the comments below (starting here) there is some discussion of the idea that even those of us who see through the mist are being played, that we are all victims of fake events, if only on differing levels.

I don’t see it that way. I know that human intelligence is stratified, and that it is unavoidable that a certain percentage of us will not be fooled or moved by the fake events that are used to govern us and manage our perceptions. We are also under house management, I realize, but I don’t think we are merely being fooled on a higher level. We are being observed, and at various times actions are taken to keep our numbers under that one percent threshold. (That is just a guess on my part. Maybe three percent, maybe a real undercurrent of five percent. It is hard to know since we don’t poll the public about such matters, or at least such polls are kept under wraps.)

So now we learn that there is a purge going on at YouTube, and even AB’s “fairly weak” channel was deleted. In the second sentence of a guest post about Parkland on Miles Mathis’s site, the anonymous author linked to two YouTube videos that offered “plenty of good evidence showing it was staged.” You had to be quick. They are gone now, in fact, were gone last week. I rarely watch YouTube videos, as I just don’t have the patience for most. I can read for hours, but I cannot watch a computer screen for more than a few minutes. And … I don’t trust YouTube anyway. If something is allowed to stand there, it must have been vetted and found acceptable.

Which reminds me – Alex Jones still stands. He is unaffected by the purge. You’d think they would take him down, if only for a day, just to give a false impression that the sonofabitch is genuine. Of course, he is as fake as Waco itself, the event that spawned his career. And this reminds me that I should have called my Waco piece, instead of “Wanton destruction of a movie set“, merely “Fako.”

I long ago decided that I cannot change the world, which is why none of this bothers me. I am happy to drift through it, or above it. I love solving mysteries. I love a challenge. The more complex, the longer I have to sweat over it, the better. If by good fortune I break through, discover how they did it, viola! I am a happy man.

But I know I cannot reach regular people with my information. The “conspiracy theory” meme, a thought control device, is too powerful. By that means the overlords have conditioned 95-99% of the population not to exercise their curiosity or to be skeptical. So powerful is the meme that it contains its own reward. People who do not question what passes before their eyes on TV and computer screens get to imagine they are smarter than those of us who are gifted with higher tools of discernment. They say we have a conspiracy theory, even imagine us mentally ill, and walk away in disdain.

Screw them. I am still having fun. I will not change the world. After I am gone, it will go on as before. This is why I float, relax, enjoy, explore, and why even after all we have been through, I am still astounded at the degree of deception around us. It seems nothing is immune from the corruption of the overlords, from art and music to medicine, geology, astrophysics, nutrition, history, paleontology, evolutionary science … add your own to the list. It is all fake fake fako.

So, my friends, float with me, enjoy the show below. What else have we got to do? Would you rather join them?

23 thoughts on “Fake, fake, fako

  1. There is much more to the story than specific (fake) events being broadcast daily, weekly, annually, to keep that 1%-3% busy investigating within a narrow prescribed set of (false) assumptions. As other colleagues like to say: This is my opinion. Bread and circuses.

    But please, consider at least, a bigger con, one that has lasted for Centuries. There is a smaller than small percentage of that 1% searching, learning, living, trying to understand, and move beyond, the false institutions most of us take for granted.

    We cannot ever expect to change society, only ourselves. This simple truth is foundational to understanding how we, individually, have been duped to lead false lives, wearing masks, that serve the man-gods of nations, churches, schools, and all other soulless authorities our conditioning has taught us to respect and obey. So, who (are you)? Not a “person,” “place,” or “thing,” that’s for sure. I know this because these re-creations are only found in words without substance, not in nature. In other words, if there’s no substance, it’s not Real.

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    1. “Wearing masks” … I am currently (re) reading Eric Berne’s Games People Play, a 1964 book that strips down human interaction to wearing masks and trying to gain personal satisfaction at the expense of others. My search in life is for authenticity. If I meet you and you seem happy and we get along and you don’t want to sell me a life insurance policy, and if I later learn that many other people like you as well, then the only game is “You’re a nice person.” There are no angles.

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    1. The Schaeffer “murder” is as craptastic as Lennon and Reagan/Hinckley. Bardo, the actor who played Schaeffer’s killer, was, get ready, prosecuted by Marcia Clarke of OJ fame. Priceless.
      Like the Polly Klass hoax, which ramrodded the three strikes law through the California assembly, the Schaeffer show forced legislation restricting access to DMV records because Bardo, it is said, had hired a PI to get Schaeffer’s address through the DMV.
      This event happened at the dawn of the celebrity stalker craze which, given actors were the targets, was certainly managed for maximum dramatic effect.
      It also put a huge physical divide between celebrities and fans. Given that many celebrities, IMO, are actually multiple franchisees, being able to get a close look at some persona messing with your fantasy life is something the mindbenders would want to avoid.
      I will be listening to the broadcast tonight.


  2. After finding this blog and others like it (like Miles Mathis), I assume every event is faked. It’s ridiculous to have to go through life like this, but that’s the way it is. It never stops, and it’s on an enormous scale.

    I even assume non-fake stuff, like fictional dramatic films, like The Company Men (2010) with actor Ben Affleck, are malevolent government machinations designed to introduce anxiety into the citizenry:

    And of course, films and TV docudramas based an “true events” of fake events are made to reinforce the false events (like Zero Dark Thirty) in the mind of the public.


    1. Affleck’s walk and mannerisms are odd to me … maybe I just don’t like him, but he strikes me as a low intellect kind of dufus. He sure in the hell did not write Good Will Hunting, anymore than Damon. Anyway, actors, actors, actors, imitating reality.


  3. Mark your remarks really knock it out of the park and strangely match where I am about at with all of this stuff. Who give’s a tinker’s damn? I feel like I walk among zombies in any public place pretty much. Maybe this is true enlightment — in which case, good on the hoaxers and scammers and schemers and so on. God used them as his instrument to liberate many of us spiritually.
    Now, I just popped into Netflix and see a new series – “History’s Greatest Hoaxes”. Hmm — reckon they will cover the real ones and tip their hand? Nah…

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    1. Then again, maybe that’s why all the limited hangout truther content online — to entrap the more perceptive among us, foster our curiosity, and burn us out utterly on the whole topic, and so turn away the gaze of we few who can see through the shineola like superman through a wooden door.

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      1. ^Like (don’t have WordPress and dropped the own blog idea with Fakeopedia).
        “50 shades of piss off”, haha funny name.


  4. There is a movie from 2002 called S1m0ne that was written by the same guy that wrote The Truman Show.
    It’s basically the inverse of that movie. Instead a real guy living in a fictional world, it’s about a fictional character, a SIM CGI person presented to the world as a real and everyone believes it. They use body doubles, holograms, green screen effects, and mannequins to fool the public that this SIM is real. Worth watching if u can find it. It stars Al Pachino and Wynona Rider two big stars, yet hardly anyone has heard of this movie much less seen it.

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  5. The 1% that you mention, Mark, is probably slated for a mental illness diagnosis in the future and perhaps involuntary hospitalization. That’s what I think the upshot of the Parkland shooting will be–not gun control, but the marginalization of those who commit thoughtcrimes.


  6. I personally have no shame textually assaulting the unwashed masses, in social media arguments and debates or in person. The “free range rude” rarely stand a chance and almost never score. I gain more allies than I lose, generally finding interesting and decent thinkers all over the world. More people want to know the truth or at least get closer than one might think, if we go by population here at this site or the others we visit. Most people don’t visit sites like this anymore.

    But at the same time I demolish random “normies”, I also feel a deep sadness. We’ve been deceived. It’s malicious and malevolent, and exposing these deceptions to any who listen is important to me. Sure, I get the standard dismissals even from my friends – especially regarding science and history. But those don’t matter, since they can’t argue me at all, never bring any evidence, refuse to read Mathis’s papers (in physics), and so on. They can’t score a point – and the audience notices. The readers not involved in the conversation notice, and over time become swayed to THINK a little bit even, on occasion. So it’s worth being called stupid names by idiots to spread some fucking truth. It’s no skin off my back. I still feel sad for them, honestly sad, that they’ve so wholeheartedly eaten the Lie Porridge. But I don’t feel sad enough to give them a break, polemically.


  7. “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

    Morpheus explains to Neo that the lemming masses are not his friends but in fact his enemies. At any moment, they can transform into agents of the (Lie) System and attack you for daring to question the authorities and the telescreen.

    And yet many of us who believe ourselves to be ‘unplugged’ will still choose to see the masses as our friends, as though we share some inherent quality with creatures who still to this day believe man walked on the moon — even when shown photos of the lunar module which clearly reveal that it is made of paper, foil and sticky tape.

    I now see those people as no more awake than the lemming masses they worry about. If you cannot understand that there is a fundamental and significant difference between the thinkers and the believers, then you are just as hopeless as the man who still believes man walked on the moon.

    And you will waste your finite time on this earth arguing with other hopeless creatures.

    I know this because I made the very same mistake myself for a couple of years. Unlike many others, I have seen and admitted the error of my ways and sought to rectify it.

    When we were children in school we were indoctrinated with the absurd notion that ‘we are all the same’, that as ‘homo sapiens’ we all share the same fundamental characteristics. Most people will never ever break free from this conditioning, and will instead spend their lives getting OFFENDED at those of us who point out the absurdity of this notion.

    We are not all the same, the masses are the enemy of the thinking man, and all the thinking man needs to do to prove this for himself is to speak the honest truth in front of the masses. Watch what they do next. And then ask yourself, is their behaviour like that of friends or foes?

    You know the honest answer to this question. If you get angry at me for asking it, then I’ll know which type of creature you are.


    1. “Unlike many others, I have seen and admitted the error of my ways and sought to rectify it.” If only, John. Bad news, you don’t.

      You’ll end up alone, disgruntled, sad, frustrated.

      I have no problems interacting with people who believe man walked on the Moon. I will try them to see my point of view, to great lengths, but if they don’t, then not. I know they can be far more entertaining and even thought-provoking than Prof. Dr. John “War is a hoax. Period” Le Bon. Ah, the beautiful diversity of life.


    2. I mostly agree with John Le Bon regarding the average people/most people. The allegory of the citizen who morphs into Agent Smith is also a good one. If you want to discuss things you must first poke the person in question to get an idea where he/she is coming from. You have to do it in steps, crescendo. If the discussion reaches a point where the result seems useless or negative, you have to step back. Of course you can improve your strategy of communication but in the end try to evaluate the benefits and the costs of you engaging with that person. Trying to make most people understand or at least consider certain alternative ideas is probably worse than the punishment of Sisyphus.

      This does not mean you cannot interact with most people in a positive manner. You can discuss important matters that don’t necessarily involve alternative ideas (at least at the superficial level). You can also probably discuss some alternative ideas that are more acceptable. It usually helps to have some knowledge of the mainstream culture and memes.

      When you discuss alternative ideas it is probably not a good idea to create a debate. You don’t want to defeat the person, you want to make the other person to at least consider alternative ideas. You can discuss the basic assumptions that make you understand the world in a certain way. Of course you also have to understand the basic assumption of the other person. Many of these ideas cannot be digested during the conversion or even many conversations. Thus, maybe you can direct the person to relevant books, articles or other sources. Discussion about important and deep ideas should end with additional homework. The people discussing these ideas should also understand that probably every human being has a limited perception, knowledge or experience .


  8. Out of respect to Mark and all others who value this website, I will not allow Gaia to draw me into a juvenile mud-slinging match in this comments section. Instead I will post here a link to something Gaia wrote on Fakeologist a few weeks ago. It will provide all of the context one may need to better understand Gaia’s heart and mind, and why he is here in this comment section targeting me, without any provocation.



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