The Waco Massacre: Wanton destruction of a movie set

The Waco Massacre was the closing act of a 51-day siege took place from February 28th to April 19th, 1993. It has all the hallmarks of a psyop. I doubt anyone died, and in fact doubt that there were any people placed in the building during the 51 days except for photo ops. It was just a movie set. So I suggest there were but a few hired actors to play “survivors,” some fake jail sentences, but in reality no “Branch Davidians.” Just an empty building surrounded by frenetic activity.


Planning for an event of this nature had to have gone back years, so that I speculate that when Vernon Wayne Howell (who later changed his name to David Koresh) moved his “Branch Davidians” to the Mt. Carmel complex in 1989, it was done knowing that it would be the center of a psyop and a movie. Further, I expect that the date April 19th would be chosen knowing that two years hence another fake mass killing, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, would take place on the same date.

As to the significance of the date 4/19, it was the 109th day of the year, and 109 is the 29th prime number, and that yields 11, and that is a long way to go to make a point and feels like a reach. But I’ll be damned if 11 does not pop up again and again.

Images and videos

I want to spend some time with images here, as it was these that convinced me that no one died in the making of this movie. There are quite a few to follow, so relax and enjoy.

First, the Mt. Carmel compound, which will be incinerated in total on April 19th:


It is a nice place, that is, before the tanks seen here destroy it. It speaks of a regular source of income beyond what the families living there can provide unless it is one of those operations where people who join turn over all their assets to the cult or church. The swimming pool is  nice touch.

Here’s “Sheila Martin,” who appears in the video below. She also features prominently in the movie made to accompany the psyop: Waco: The Rules of Engagement. Sheila, we are told, lost her husband and child in the fire of April 19th. She is tearless, but more importantly, her voice and gestures speak of someone not emotionally involved in the events she is describing. I suspect her to be a lifetime actor. Tune in at 2:13.

Below is a nine-second clip that I filmed off our television set, taken from the Rules of Engagement movie. Sound quality is poor, I am afraid, but she is describing the incineration of her husband and son. “At some point they felt all that heat.” See how her eyes dart about, and feel how emotionally distant she is as she imagines her son and husband being turned to toast.

From Wikipedia:

“During the siege, the FBI sent a video camera to the Branch Davidians. In the video tape made by Koresh’s followers, Koresh introduced his children and his “wives” to the FBI negotiators, including several minors who claimed to have had babies fathered by Koresh. … On day nine, Monday March 8, the Branch Davidians sent out the video tape to show the FBI that there were no hostages, but in fact everyone was staying inside of their own free will. This video also included a message from Koresh.[22] The negotiators’ log showed that——when the tape was reviewed——there was concern that the tape’s release to the media would gain sympathy for Koresh and the Branch Davidians.”

That’s an odd thing, having a siege and sending a camera in to allow the victims to film themselves, to make their case to the public. Also, the underlying suggestion of sexual misconduct adds to the image of Koresh as a cult leader. But why the video? Most likely this was done, just as the shot below was done at Columbine, to convince us that there really were people in the building.


At Columbine this footage was used to add believability to there being two shooters inside the school. At Waco, to make a “hostage crisis” and “siege” believable, they needed inside footage.  FBI then claimed that they were surprised by the calm nature of the footage and did not want to show it to the public for fear of generating sympathy. It reads like misdirection.

In the video, Koresh show us his wounds:



That, we are told, is an entrance and exit wound, each covered by a small two-inch cotton bandage. Apparently, it is just a flesh wound. Here is another wounded Davidian:

Wounded finger

I admit that looks nasty, but I fail to see how a bullet caused such a wound. It looks more like a burn, a grease spill or reaction to a bee sting.

ATF made great fare of doing a major assault on the compound, and we are given many images. In each I ask you to imagine where the camera is, and why it is allowed to have such an advantageous view during active exchange of gunfire.

Standoff 2


Standoff 3

That last shot is unusual in that I do not see that type of combat fatigues in any other photos.I wonder if it is a stock photo, or from a movie.

Then came the parade of the wounded after the initial assault on February 28, 1993:

ounded on carCarrying a dead guyWounded Foot

That last shot I call “Wounded Foot.” I wish they had showed just a little more leg, so I could call it “Wounded Knee.” Nonetheless, I am inserting that joke.

BM BombingI don’t see blood or bandages. I don’t see medical personnel. According to Wikipedia, each participant was stamped with his blood type in case of battlefield wounds, so it is odd that there was no medical tent set up, and that the wounded had to be carried out without stretchers and before waiting cameras. It seems … staged.

At a certain point during the siege, anyone in the compound who wanted to leave was allowed to do so, and we were treated to the following, again taken off my TV set:

The accompanying narrative is by the woman seen leaving with her kids and “late” husband, said to have died on April 19th. What is striking about this, and the reason I captured it, is that this footage is taken after ATF has launched a major assault on the compound, fired hundreds of rounds of ammunition inside, and yet, look at the kids! They should be traumatized, but they are beaming. The little girl in gray stripes knows she is on camera, and is loving it!

Here is another prominent “survivor” of the inferno that ended the siege on April 19. He is Clive Doyle, an important player in that he was slated, we are told, to be Koresh’s successor. He testified in (fake, or at least unseen) tears before a congressional committee that features prominently in the Rules of Engagement movie. He blames the fires on the Davidians.

Clive Owen

Doyle is seen here as he breaks down during testimony describing the screams of children and friends who are being incinerated a few feet away. He decides to choose life and exits the building. We see him emerge with hands up in the footage, seen in the movie below:

Doyle escape

That could be anybody. Doyle notes during his emotional testimony that all of the skin had burned off his hands, and that his jacket had melted on to his back. Having had some experience with burns, I can testify that such wounds to his hands would require grafting if the third layer of skin burned off, since we cannot regenerate new skin on burns that deep. Here are Doyle’s hands, shown during his testimony in 1995, two years after the event:

Clive's hands

No scarring, no deformation. Remarkable recovery.

And, of course, there is something we are so used to these days, the agonized testimony of survivors, in the case of David Koresh, his maternal grandmother, Earline Clark.

Grandma Howell

A tearless performance.

Just a point of curiosity, but during Doyle’s testimony, the camera focuses on a representative who is moved to tears. He looks to me to be Sonny Bono, who indeed would have been a member of Congress in 1995, during those hearings. He’s a good actor, or a complete dupe, or both. If so, he is sitting in someone else’s seat, and was not a member of the investigating panel.

Sonny Bono

Finally, we are shown corpses, and indeed it is gruesome. The one below is of a child whose body has said to have been contorted and incinerated on April 19th.

Twisted kid

This adds to believability, as it is indeed a corpse of a child, though I do not know why they could not have used a better camera. The tag appears to say “DOB 45?” and the blue color appears to have been added as a Photoshop after-effect. The clothing and shoes do not appear burned. It does not look natural. I suggest we are looking here at a real corpse from another time, perhaps 1950 or so, perhaps Korea? Just a wild ass guess. It is unlikely to be a Waco victim.

Waco: The movie

I tried to review the events of 2/28 to 4-19-93 as objectively as possible, as I know the dangers of inductive reasoning. As I reviewed the initial raid on February 28, however, a sense of unreality set in. It made no sense! Why would any reasonable person order a military-style raid on a compound that housed men, women and innocent children?

  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) sought and got a search warrant based on the suspicion that the Davidians were modifying guns to have illegal automatic fire capability. Arrest warrants were issued for Koresh and certain followers. They planned a massive raid.
  • A television reporter who had been tipped off about the raid (!) asked directions from a postal carrier who happened to be Koresh’s brother-in-law. Koresh then learned of the raid, and then told an ATF infiltrator, Robert Rodriquez, that he knew what was coming down, and, oh yeah … I know you are an infiltrator.
  • 75 federal agents, 3 helicopters, 10 Texas National Guard members using pump-action shotguns, flashbang grenades, 9 mm handguns, MP5 submachine guns, AR-15 rifles and a 308 bolt-action sniper rifle, along with a “dog team” (that was to be used to kill Davidian animals that were penned up on the compound), rode up in trailers. They disembarked, and used ladders to reach upper windows.

So far, no good. There was no threat of violence from the Davidians, an illogical and nonsensical “leak” that allowed them to know ATF was on the way, and a massive show of force. This was done against a group known to have weapons on their compound, though there was no evidence of anything illegal going on.

It appears staged. Cameras were everywhere. We are allowed to see the trip to the compound, the disembarkation, agents crawling up on the roof on ladders, and then the ATF force (some wounded, though I caught no sign of any blood – grimacing and limping), and lots of gunfire. A controversy, often typical in false-flag events, swirls about who fired first.

From a legal standpoint, I am not sure it matters. Assume the following: You are a citizen, and a search warrant has been issued to look for and seize any illegal weapons on your property. By design, the serving of the warrant and the search have to be surprise events, otherwise, you would know to ditch the evidence. Suppose, however, that instead of announcing their presence and commanding you to show yourself with arms up, they instead use a battering ram to break into your home unannounced, sporting weapons.

In that situation you would have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself. Agents of the law are not above the law, and cannot use deadly force before all other means of enforcement are exhausted. Surprise and violence are the worst form of introduction. Not only does it invite violence in return, it also makes no sense. It is not done. True law enforcement seeks to minimize confrontational violence.

The intent of the initial raid was to set the stage for a siege to follow, a suspense buildup, complete with photos for the nightly news. Then to follow was the burning down the compound, and wanton destruction of innocent life. In 1993, even as news was becoming less centralized, network news was still heavily viewed, and this event gave them 51 days of material.

As I watched Rules of Engagement, I came to realize that I saw no evidence that there was anyone inside the building, that we were seeing a rehearsed TV show of an assault on an empty building.

The Posse Comitatus Act, which has to be regarded as vestigial legislation, in part prohibits the use of military forces in local law enforcement. We are told that ATF agents underwent training on a military base, and that the hardware supplied, including helicopters and tanks, were not lethally armed, and were legal. It is not hard to ascertain, however, that Waco was a scripted military operation.

The Waco incident is said to have been the cause of the motive of revenge by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols two years later to the day, April 19, 1995. From this we can deduce that the Oklahoma City bombing was in planning stages in 1993 at least, and that assuming that Koresh was a planted victim, that the Waco Siege and massacre was in planning stages in 1989, when Koresh and company are said to have taken control of the Mt. Carmel compound. Thus do we see that the major events of the 1990s leading up to the big daddy, 9/11, were scripted long in advance and used to traumamatize the American public, to get us used to viewing senseless violence.

Manufactured controversies

As with any well-planned psyop, we are given misdirection in the form of controversies surrounding the events and evidence to keep us from asking more sensible questions like “Was anyone in that building? Really?” Here are a few that have occupied Waco “researchers” for years now:

  • bullet holesWho fired first? Agents pulled up in front of the building en masse, and we see a door, part of a double door, full of holes. Later, during the investigation of the event, we find that the door seen on the right has gone missing, probably kept now in storage with JFK’s brain. This fuels suspicion that something important is being hidden from us, namely that the missing door is evidence of shots from the outside. It is deliberate misdirection. Such rumors are planted to keep researchers focused on the missing peanut under the wrong shell.
  • BirdsShots fired from helicopters: We see three helicopters in footage of the event, said to have been borrowed from the Texas National Guard and used on February 28th as a diversion, to keep the people in the compound looking the wrong direction. We hear a protracted debate between Bob Ricks, FBI agent supposedly in charge of the siege, and David Koresh – Ricks is saying that the helicopters were not armed, Koresh is saying shots were fired from them … finally Ricks admits that it was possible that agents on the helicopters had weapons, but that the vehicles were not armed with gunnery. We are left to suspect that shots from the helicopters resulted in the death of a man atop a water tower.
  • CS Gas was pumped into the buildings: Rules of Engagement focuses long on hard on the footage of the tanks destroying the compound on April 19th. We are told that CS gas, or tear gas, Tanksis being pumped into the buildings in massive quantities, and it is suggested that in confined spaces, it is an agent capable of starting a fire. I have no idea what these tanks are doing other than creating a visual image, maybe starting the fire, no crime if the building is empty.  Forget for a moment that we are told there are women and children inside.
  • Who started the fires? Clive Doyle, who we see above testifying before the Senate committee in tears (?), claims that the Branch Davidians started the fires, while others say it was CS gas, or that the tanks seen above were injecting fuel. The Senate Committee concludes that the Davidians started the fires, an essential element if all of the government actors in this bizarre movie are going to be found innocent.
  • Why was the crime scene bulldozed? This lends credence to the idea that something is being covered up. Truth is less interesting: The movie was over, the set was cleaned up.
  • FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer): How very fortunate that this new technology was being tested on April 19, 1993! It is infrared film that senses heat, not light, and so was used in the Rules movie to suggest that 1) tanks were firing flame jets into the compound, and 2) soldiers on the outside were firing automatic weapons to prevent people from leaving. What good luck for skeptics! What bad luck for the government! The Danforth Report, the official cover-up headed by Senator John C. Danforth, concludes against all logic that the flashes are just reflected sunlight even as we know that FLIR does not record sunlight, just heat. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new controversy!
  • Waco: Rules of Engagement: Without this movie, we don’t have a good vehicle to inject controversy and fuel rumors. All good psyops need a movie to accompany them. Consider this move, a major Hollywood production, a Zal product, or JFK, the Waco Version.
  • The Danforth Report: We cannot have an assassination without a Warren Report – every psyop needs what appears to be a cover-up to fuel controversy. “Final report to the Deputy Attorney General concerning the 1993 confrontation at the Mt. Carmel Complex, Waco Texas” a 2000 report by a committee that concluded that all government agents were innocent, that the Davidians started the fire and committed mass suicide. (There is no truth to the rumor that Hale Boggs’ missing plane* was found in Alaska during this time, and that he was still alive and testified that Danforth lied. Then they killed him again. Just not true.)


Napalm girlKent StateIn past efforts on this blog, and at other places like the Mathis site and Fakeologist, we spent a lot of time covering fake events, and even as readers can use their own brains to understand the “what?” element, the “why?” element is murky. For instance, our writer Tyrone brought us evidence that the famous photo to the left here, Napalm Girl, was a staged event, as was the one to the right.

Why? There are surely more than one motive, but I will list just two:

  1. To keep us divided. Every event creates partisans. Napalm Girl and Kent State fueled the antiwar movement, which we now know was led by agents provocateur. As long as we are fighting among ourselves, the powers that be do not care about what, in fact, even provide the fodder. After all, in a totalitarian state, public opinion does not matter, but it does matter that the public has opinions.
  2. Dark forces: Waco was used to launch the career of Alex Jones. This brings to mind the death of Bill Hicks, who many (including me) think became Jones after plastic surgery. Set that aside, and focus on the psyop behind Hicks’ fake death … he was seen on stage mimicking the gunshot to the head that supposedly killed JFK. Those of us of more suspicious nature are meant to assume that dark forces killed Hicks. After all, they can inject anyone with cancer, so the rumor goes. With Waco we are left to assume that in the belly of the beast, the heart of our shadow government, are people who kill in cold blood, women and children no less. It is frightening, and that is its point – to keep us in a state of tension and fear. It is part of the Strategy of Tension.

Waco was a traumatizing event, and was used to foreshadow Oklahoma City and 9/11. It is part of the regime of fear we live under. However, take comfort. No humans were harmed in the making of the movie WACO.

Almost forgot: “In 2018, the Paramount Network is set to air a six-part miniseries based on the siege starring Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch.” Any bets that this series will reignite the controversy and settle nothing? Zal 2, it is.

*Hale Boggs was a member of the Warren Commission, and was said to have been reluctant to sign the report. In October of 1972, his small plane disappeared in Alaska, leading to suspicion that he was murdered. It was classic misdirection, and Boggs, father of NPR reporter Cokie Roberts, probably lived to a ripe old age. To add even more chill to the drink, we are told that he was driven to the airport that day by a young Bill Clinton.

42 thoughts on “The Waco Massacre: Wanton destruction of a movie set

  1. Excellent analysis, Mark. TPTB have been manipulating us for centuries, but this event and its cousin OKC appear to have fostered in the modern era of fear-mongering that is all too common nowadays. I “fear” we will see the end-game in our lifetime.

    Waco was a clear case of overkill (pun intended.) A government that spends 60% of its budget (our tax dollars) exporting weapons and death and terrorizing its citizens is trying to label us as unstable and encouraging us to have each other committed. Unfortunately, the people who need this information will never read this article or anything similar. I mean that Anderson Cooper is such a sweet kid. Why would he lie? It’s ironic that the US is the most insecure country in the world despite having local/city/county/state police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines…


    1. Thanks Kevin. Really bad timing. Everyone is off discussing the most recent school shooting. I might pull this and re-up it when that dies down. I worked too hard on it … I heard about the school shooting, but I cannot even tell you where it supposedly happened. I jsut thought “Meh, another fake event.”

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      1. Yeah, I just let these shootings roll off my back, but this one seems to be striking a chord. I’d pull it, its too important to be overlooked.


    2. Unfortunately, the people who need this information will never read this article or anything similar.

      That is a really sad truth, my friend, can’t be more accurate than it is. Will we ever reach critical mass or is everything we do actually futile?


  2. The expectation of a love of history by readers of this blog, or anywhere in our culture today, and its significance to our present, is like all expectation, a strong belief not necessarily grounded in reality. Observe the trend. So few people read these days. Children do not learn cursive writing in school. Newspapers struggle. Reading and writing; lost to the 3 Ds ( distract, discredit, divide). Just sayin’.

    You mentioned “timing.” Here’s a little essay (long version) about time. You might find it interesting. It reveals to the remnant population still functioning with 5 senses what I think all this manufactured chaos is trying to hide.


    1. “To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it.”
      “To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation
      of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except an
      appeal to our money and power.”
      Thus spake The Protocols of Zion (that Miles Mathis covered awhile back)

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  3. Great article and I agree that it was all fake. I also think the Randy Weaver incident was fake as well. He is another so called white nationalist actor who went to some reunion at Waco.


  4. Kudos for this research work, Mark, I like the flow of your writing. Can’t say that I like the notion of another fake reality event as a good read, but there it is – I enjoyed how you’ve put it together.

    There’s a question in my mind lately, have we ever faced anything real? What seems to be the most real, is by default nasty and ugly – a fact that we are manipulated, war casualties, hunger deaths, malnutrition of billions of people, Earth poisoning, live mass psychology experiments, etc… Waco included. When I think of it, it seems as if the PTB are furiously investing enormous amounts of energy in faking our reality for ages already. It feels as if this fakery business is the most important part, a dominating activity of their miserable and pathetic lives. And it is most certainly repulsive to know we breathe the same air.

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    1. Agreed, thanks for writing this up Mark. And don’t pull it – leave it up. Let it ride. Don’t let the Florida fake school thing distract you or us here.

      Regarding “reality”, I’d like to briefly describe a similar “siege” at my own house several years back. I live in a linear triplex, three identical apartments in one long buildling, with small 25’x25′ garden patios out back and the front doors facing the street. Behind my back patio is a large 5-acre raspberry field that stretched out to a nearby freeway, Hwy. 167 in Washington State. Late in the evening on Dec. 30th 2011, I was out smoking on my back patio and was hailed by several military-geared “cops” from across my fence, telling me to get back inside while pointing what appeared to be AR-15s or another similar rifle at me. They were all in black, as far as I could tell, with goggles or IR gear on.

      Me being me, and kind of a jerk, I asked what the fuck was going on of course and then promptly retreated back inside. My girlfriend was here and we were both a little freaked out. There were cop cars and vans and what appeared to be SWAT teams piling up outside, some 20 to 30 vehicles. Perhaps 30 minutes later, so around 9:00pm or so, the SWAT cops knocked on my front door and asked me and my girlfriend to leave. I had a couple beers in me and told the cop so, and he said, “You seem fine to me.” and they forced us into my car and off into the night, nowhere to go. It was 19° outside that night and not a great time for us, but we made do on a friend’s couch.

      At 4am, the SWAT lieutenant who had knocked on my door called me to say it was safe to go home. I had given him my number just for this purpose earlier, when we were leaving. We made our way home.

      Later that day, a sheriff and a local city cop showed up and took our statements. It turns out that our middle-apartment neighbor had assaulted the other-end-neighbor, and then killed himself. At around 7pm. The entire event with the police occurred with him dead in his apartment (allegedly). So they were there for at least 8 hours, earning paychecks, using a robot and flash bangs and a massive show of force – for what? The BAD GUY HAD BEEN DEAD THE WHOLE TIME.

      That tells me that not only are these types absolute pussies and completely afraid of anyone with a gun, they are also massively inefficient and will milk the clock any chance they get. One or two cops could have handled this scenario. Knock, enter by force if necessary, shoot bad guy if necessary, done. But no, they needed 50 cops, SWAT, helicopters, robots, and they needed to kick us out into the cold night too.

      So that to me is what “real cops” do. They are cowards and pathetic at their own jobs. No conspiracy theories here, I believe my neighbor did kill himself earlier in the night (he had expressed ill thoughts previously to me that year, and his wife had recently left him, and he drank a LOT). I’m just painting another picture of what cops actually do. Nothing. They are pathetic.

      But they’ll take any opportunity they can get to play dress-up military soldier and pretend they’re an assault squad.

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      1. Thanks Jared, great insight here. These massive response teams and their overbearing weaponry are no accident, even if the event you describe was a real suicide, not even uncommon. If any of us get out of line, get drunk, scream out our window “I am not going to take it any more,” we are conditioned to expect the SWAT response. Militarized police will batter and force us into quiet compliance.

        As we speak I learn that in my former home, Montana, a rural highway has been shut down between mile markers 56 and 60, there’s them numbers again, and the SWATTIES are out and the public is endangered and protected at once. There’s been a murder, they say. The mile marker numbers say otherwise, but assume there has been a murder … is it necessary to traumatize everyone? Shutting down a highway, people unable to return home from work? Can they otherwise just quietly go about their business? We are sold on the idea that there are crazies around who randomly murder strangers. There are not. There is only drugs and liquor, love triangles, and desperation, but even the desperate ones are not going to pull out a rifle and start killing people. They have conditioned us.


  5. as for the picture of the “burned” child, burned corpses don’t contort. We grill a suckling pig (Spanferkel) every summer and it never contorts in any way. In 1993 they could have make better quality pictures with the cheapest cameras. So why show such a bad made picture in the first place? It’s a fake. What means “military operation” at all if military is not fighting any wars and is as fake as everything else. All those trained “soldiers” don’t fight. They are a kind of sportsmen and “military operations” are but a kind of Olympic games. The ranks within military have the same meaning as the ranks within any corporation. The generals are a kind of CEO’s and nothing else.

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  6. Excellent post and great food for thought. I don’t have clear memories of all that was going on around the time period of this TV movie psyop, but what I do remember is that there was a strong militia movement that we were told was gathering steam in different parts of the USA. I felt then and now that this was TPTB way of saying that guns, fellow patriots, and even your religious beliefs are not strong enough to take on the Federal government. The over use of the show of force was scary enough to keep people in line and not question the Government. There was trade agreements and White Water going on at the time and as shady as the going on were in Washington DC, the Waco Show was a way to let the US citizens know that TPTB were still not to be taken lightly. Great post and a new research strain for me to explore more in depth.


  7. This defaming of a possibly false movement (Independent militias/freedom of ‘religion’ style breakaway communities/ trading with community created fiat script) smacks of the Manson op doing damage to the idea that independent lifestyles (consuming other than centrally processed food/coupling-procreating-educating-healing apart from state sanctioned licensed drug dealers-mindbenders-propagandists/leading credit-debt free lives) will lead to murderous chaos.
    The periodic staging of a worse case scenario seems to be the bite on the nose that leads discontented thinking back into the pen until restlessness rears its head again in another few years.
    The R&D for these stage shows must include careful analysis of the last chain pull’s effects and determining where the next nerve to be struck is located. This must take some time and is one reason why these things are set up years in advance. The psychological reverberations must be studied like brain scans multiplied by a magnitude of infinity. You can be sure the compartmentalized research on these things cost a fortune and that surely is where a large part of the military budget goes.

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    1. Your work that caught my eye so long ago, JFKTV, was about what was then a relatively new medium, TV, and the notion that the same idea was fed to us, 80 million viewers at a time. By the time of Waco, with OJ, OKC and 9/11 to follow, they had honed their skills, everything happening inside that box and inside our minds. What you say here, that the message is dense and that they work very hard on it, imagery and ideas, is disconcerting. They are way ahead of us, we only catch up from behind, with those of us even smart enough to see through things looking backwards, and certainly not forward. I dislike this notion of moving though life walking backward, but think this is the best I can do. Even being one of the smarter ones, I am behind the eight ball.


      1. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
        -Karl Rove


  8. Good post.I was heavily into right wing politics at the time and still have the “Waco:The Rules of Engagement” vhs tape.Bought the whole thing too,hook,line,and sinker.It just never occurred to me then, that the whole thing was a hoax.It was just the diabolical Clintons,and the she/man Janet Reno,going after religious people,gun owners,etc.Glad I crashed out of that college.Also,I didn’t know where to post the following.I know you have talked about Madoff.It comes from “former”(I see you rolling your eyes) Naval Intelligence officer Madsen.


    1. Bet you Madoff has notseen one day in jail. It’s all a show of course. Regarding slippery Madsen — Once Naval intelligence, always Naval intelligence. Once CIA, always CIA. I always try to “beat” that into the heads of some of my more naive fellow truth seekers.


      1. Use our search engine on the blog upper right for “get out of jail free cards” … a series I always mean to continue. Bernie Madoff is there along with a Martha Stewart and others I don’t recall right off. the idea is this: Once the notion is set in the public mind that someone is in jail (or dead), we stop thinking about them. MM mentioned that Napoleon never went into exile at St. Helen’s or anywhere. He walked the streets of London. But he was out of our minds, in jail in some far away place as far as we knew, so we did not think of him.

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    1. There was a freaky story just these past few days in my former home Montana where near Red Lodge, a small community at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, police had blocked the roads from mileposts 56 to 60 on a mountainous road. Later we learned that an old man had been murdered at a trailhead, and the perp, a 33 year old fella, was in custody.

      I have to do more work on this, but the trails in that area are not useable in a February. I have hiked them in May, and the snow is just too deep, impassable. The perp being 33 tells me the game is afoot. You can Nordic ski them, but the victim just looks too old for that. These are not groomed trials, and are hard going up and treacherous going down. I have done all that in my younger years, and the victim … forget it.

      And I have never liked the name “Wayne” … would never name a kid that if only because a grade school classmate, Wayne Carlin, had really bad BO. He later became a security guard.

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    2. Ha, never noticed that. In the satirical show ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ the crazy guy who keeps them locked up in a bunker for years is named Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.


  9. John Wayne
    John Wayne Bobbitt

    the guy who became a “porn actor” after his dick being cut off by Lorena…. Gallo (meaning “cock”, as in rooster, in Spanish), the same last name as the AIDS scare fellow.

    John Wayne tags into the thug scare, the “terrorist” psyops of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Including Wyatt Earp (exposed by Miles Mathis), Bonnie and Clyde (exposed by Tyrone McCloskey) and John Dillinger (exposed here:


    1. And then there was Wayne County and the Electric Chairs which spawned the tranny Jayne County, speaking of coitus interruptis in extremis, ala JW Bobbit-
      And to fill out the John Wayne inversion there was John Wayne Gacy, killer clown-
      Have not read his wiki page but I’ll be utterly if it isn’t laden with spook indicators- Resting….


  10. The fake events nowadays give themselves away immediately to astute observers. Once you ask the question, “Might this be fake?” the answer becomes obvious.

    While the JFK assassination certainly spawned a cottage industry in truth research, the percentage of the population now “awake” is larger. Why? Maybe it’s the internet, maybe it’s increasing cynicism and (justified) loss of faith in institutions. Or maybe the planners are getting sloppier on purpose.

    The day-to-day crisis actors, media flunkies, doofus mid-level FBI agents, etc. may be dumb, but the controllers at the highest levels are quite intelligent. If nothing else, they are masters of psychology and propaganda.

    And they want us to know these events are fake, apparently. The clues are glaring. Miles Mathis posits a turf war between rival intelligence factions, e.g. NSA vs. Homeland Security vs. CIA.

    But my theory is that it’s ALL a show, and we are audience members as much as the normies are. “Alternative media” is thick with controlled opposition. In some cases they exist to throw us off the real trail. But in many cases they want us to know about the fakery. Why?

    Revelation of the method; Gaslighting us; Dividing us—it’s not just the partisans of each event (e.g. pro or anti gun control, pro or anti government intervention in Waco, etc., it’s also the smart skeptics against the normies. We “woken” see right through Waco and Sandy Hook and Parkland (nice touch…a nod to the hospital where JFK “died). And in doing so we become alienated from everyone. Local governments in every city in America are flying the flag at half mast….for the fake school shooting in Florida! Our government and media and town fathers and neighbors are mocking us, rejecting our correct understanding. Our own families and friends think we sound crazy.

    And indeed, we are left staggering through the hall of mirrors, less sure of things than the normies are, to our detriment. Sure, they believe something fake, but at least there is some consistency in that. We only know that nothing can be believed. And that running for Congress or getting a job in cable news is pointless. We trust no authorities, believe no realities, and are forced to be suspicious of our own ambitions.

    Even as we think we are uncovering the truth, the controllers have us even tighter in their grip.

    Here are some interesting quotes about how the controllers LETTING us discover their fakery only makes us more complicit in it.

    For example:

    “It is certainly possible that, on a subconscious level at least, the perpetrators wanted the public to know that the towers were not brought down by airplane crashes. That sort of cloaked revelation seems to be, in many cases, a component of the traumatisation process. What better way, after all, to disempower and demoralize the American people than through an unspoken acknowledgment that the enemy is within, and can act with impunity?”


    “Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them – murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it – and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gary, your comment hit me like a ton of bricks. You put into words something that has been burbling in my subconscious mind. As much as I enjoy knowing the truth, I admit that in this case truth is not power, or at least it feels very disempowering. If everything is controlled and managed, then how can we change things? What is the point of trying to make things better when things are only allowed to get better when THEY want them to and they always get better on their terms? I have to believe there is still some room left for agency and effective action, individual or otherwise. But it’s hard to see or to know where and at what level, let alone how to go about achieving it. So yes, very disempowering. Yet I had never realized until now that this is the reason they don’t really care if we see behind the curtain. So thanks for that insight.


    2. Why all of this now? Why the fake news, mismanaged staged events and slopinnes, etc, etc?
      We are not that smart. Ever heard the term self-delusion?

      What Is Misdirection?
      Ever seen a magic show? you know all about misdirection. Magicians direct audience’s attention away from the trick so they don’t see what’s happening. Because we’re not paying attention, we miss the obvious and see what we’re asked to see.

      All MM’s revelations, all this site speculations and many more examples, are part of the current wave of misdirection. I used to support MM but I’m over that gatekeeper now. He, hmself warned us in his guru paper… but most of you are still blind to see. Too good to be true? Correct.


      1. “Misdirection” from what? What is “the right direction”? Who defines what that is? On what basis?

        I think all we can do is analyze these stories and show the inconsistencies. We will never ever know “The Truth”. There is just 1 truth; the sequences of events and choices made by humans. But it will always be hidden. None of what we do here and elsewhere, including Miles Mathis, is “the truth”. It is peeling away untruths, removing the rotten spaghetti strings and end up with a more tasteful pasta or cleaner onion, but that’s it.

        The only change in the world we can make I think is training our children and helping our peers to think for themselves, without fear of being called crazy.
        For that two must-do’s in my opinion:
        – never send your own fecking child to a school (public or private), do “home”schooling
        – exclude this whole “news” world from your lives as much as possible, especially with children; no TV, no internet news, none of that crap

        That saves years of drug-addicted fear-based mind control programming that needs this “detoxication time” to resolve that.


        1. IMHO, Misdirection from Progress. Well, the right direction is Human Progress and Well-being. The Truth? Who has/have the Truth? Who can handle the Truth? Certainly not Lt. Daniel Kaffee… Can it ever be achieved? Is that the only goal worth pursuing? Not at all I would say. While many are digging the past -no shame in their game of course- the controllers are steering and shaping the future as they envision it. While we look at events past, they are making sure the advancements in Science and Technology (Robotics, AI, Big Data, etc, etc) are theirs to control or to keep controlling. The construction companies that built Washington DC are still in business. Did you ever think about that? Who built all the federal buildings in Washington D.C.? Dig out that. Hint: some John McShain among many other interesting surnames. You will be amused but I digress.
          If you are a Baby Boomer perhaps missing those advances in Technology/Science doesn’t tickle your pickle… but for others still young enough, it is/could be a tragedy… Provided you live in a 1st World Country. The rest is pretty much fucked up, but I will not elaborate. Thanks for listening.


          1. I am the son of baby boomers, so you can guess my age.
            And I live in a “2nd world country”, where people really don’t care about all those psyops anyway.

            All I see around here is love, care and happiness.

            Also I see -at least for the moment- that thise “robotics/AI” movement is mostly programming, not real.

            Most people don’t like to interact with automatized machines (take phone centers as example) anyway, so to get them to embrace robots is a long call.

            In my time goals are merely defined by us, as individual humans, not by anyone else. Individualism (which is not, contrary to popular belief, anti-social, the exact opposite essentially; respecting our differences, embracing our similarities) should be leading in life, in this collectivist -either direct, in the communist examples- or indirect -in “fashion” and “Facebook” examples- society we live in.

            Does all this digging in history help us? Well, if you get something good out of it, why not?


          2. I beg to differ. Take a look at your passport. It is from a 1st World Country. Even though you don’t know it, you have put on virtual sunglasses while looking at everything you see over there in that country you are currently residing. Don’t get me wrong, Colombia and most Central and South American countries are great countries in terms of their people. Many of them very cheerful in spite of …. won’t extend.


  11. Oh yes, for sure there are zones of conflict. Even here the kidnappings and paseos millomarios (taxi rides where you are forced to pull money from ATMs) are still happening.

    I spent only 1 day in El Salvador, unfortunately, want to go back because the landscapes are breathtaking and even after having been around the world and Latin America in general I was shocked by the poverty.

    But at the same time things are developing; the middle classes are growing (from the poor) and safety is improving. Slower than desired for sure, but still.

    The opposite you see in Europe. With Coudenhove-Kalergi in full swing, things are getting worse there. A big shame for the cradle of modern civilization


  12. Gaslighted Gary here. Good discussion. Here are a few follow-up thoughts:

    1) Distract us from what? I think one possible suspect is our enslavement.

    Fiat money, usury, debt, taxation, inflation, and flat out government looting. In a freer world, like the age of monarchies in Europe, the average person paid essentially no taxes. Kings or churches could enrich themselves on 1% taxes, or 10% tithes. Heck, the Boston Tea Party was supposedly fought over 1% tarrifs on tea. (Although who knows!) But now even we woke skeptics use ever depreciating dollars as a “store of wealth,” subject ourselves to massive taxation, hidden taxation by money printing, and get no benefits to speak of for our trouble (most of the money seems to go to inflated-cost weapons programs and banker bailouts). This is the government along, never mind the central banks, the hidden billionaire families, etc.

    Imagine this scenario. You make 100K a year and spend 65K. In our current tax scheme, you will never get ahead. After taxes, you’ll spend most everything. With 10% taxes, you’d save and invest $25 K a year, which is INFINITELY more than zero. The system is robbing you of essentially ALL of your surplus productivity.

    Yes, yes, we’re all lucky, creature comforts are pretty much taken care of in the first world, etc. But increases in productivity over the past few centuries should have turned the middle class into aristocrats. But we remain wage slaves by design. If we really understood this, we would fight it. That’s one reason for the distraction. We’re all still in the shadow of the twin towers. Being frisked at the airport, paying for wars, etc. Sure, we woken don’t have nightmares about Osama Bin Laden the actor, but we do spend time thinking about his producers! They mind that a lot less than the torches and pitchforks they deserve…not for lying to us but for ENSLAVING US.

    That’s just one example. But there’s lots to distract FROM, and analyzing how real or not the dated fake murders involving OJ Simpson or Sharon Tate is clearly in the distraction category, not the main event category. Maybe it’s just the money, or maybe it’s something else. Maybe they want to distract us from the truth of who we really are, the real history of the species. Maybe they want to distract us from our own creative power. Maybe they want to distract us from God. Maybe they want to distract us from fakery we haven’t detected yet, that’s far more Truman Show-esque than the fake school shootings we’ve already uncovered.

    2) I also think some of these controllers are truly motivated by power. For them it is the ultimate high, the ultimate aphrodisiac. Power is an end in itself. And screwing with people, farming them, telling them what to think and succeeding, seems to be a powerful motivator.

    3) There is also all the organic interplay of incentives. A lot of the perpetrator fakers don’t have any power or control. They are just low level operatives working FOR the controllers. They go to work everyday just like we do. But their job is putting on the show.

    4) A lot of our truth research reminds me of the allegory of Plato’s Cave. Where what we think is real life is just shadows on a wall. But we have not evolved to be as “free” or powerful as the controllers. We’re just like clever movie critics who understand how the shadows are made. But we’re still watching the shadow play. The real secret is to break free. To leave the cave for good.

    It is possible. I don’t think we have to be disheartened. We just have to exit. It may not be possible to break or beat or even to truly understand the system. But it is possible to free ourselves from it in many ways. As Gaia says, at some point we have to unplug from the news…permanently. Maybe discovering all the lies is a phase we have to go through. But at some point we either have to fight the lies with truth and build alternative communication mechanisms, or we have to walk away, turn the tv off forever, abandon our fellow viewers, and create new lives away from the TVs and the screens and the news. And the looting. We can exit the system.

    Maybe the sensation Mark describes of floating above events is a good one. Maybe this is the progression. Curiosity, discovery, outrage, amusement, then mastery, distancing, freedom, escape. First we realize the wall is covered in shadows, we try to warn our fellow viewers/slaves, then we stop believing in or caring about the shadows, then we get up and walk out of the cave.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Nice comment below this -meanstream- (no typo) pushing video:

    AsapNicky Bars – 1 hour ago (edited)
    Wow, I have been meeting SO many people in comment sections whose immediate family can corroborate the gov. approved version of major events in history! Just yesterday I met over a dozen people whose Fathers served on the USS Forrestal. They were able to clear up that nasty rumor that john wetstart songbird mccain had started the fire that killed 134 men. I even met 7 people who were actually on the boat when it happened! Not only were they able to escape, they were able to become proficient enough with computers to start yt accounts and tell their stories almost 60 years later. The internet is such a magical place! I mean what are the chances of you already being subbed to a channel that would cover an event your Father was a part of?! It is truly incredible!

    Hmm, never heard of that, but:

    1967 USS Forrestal fire
    On 29 July 1967, a fire broke out on board the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. An electrical anomaly caused a Zuni rocket on a McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom to fire, striking an external fuel tank of a A-4 Skyhawk. The flammable jet fuel spilled across the flight deck, ignited, and triggered a chain-reaction of explosions that killed 134 [8] sailors and injured 161 [8]. At the time, Forrestal was engaged in combat operations in the Gulf of Tonkin, during the Vietnam War. The ship survived, but with damage exceeding US$72 million, not including the damage to aircraft. Future United States Senator John McCain and future four-star admiral and U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Ronald J. Zlatoper were among the survivors.

    A small world indeed…

    These rockets were in wide use although they had a reputation for electrical difficulties and accidental firing.

    Seems like a good idea to have rockets “in wide use” that are known for “accidental firing”…

    Unlike the thick-cased Mark 83 bombs filled with Composition H6, the AN/M65A1 bombs were thin-skinned and filled with Composition B, an older explosive with greater shock and heat sensitivity.

    Composition B also had the dangerous tendency to become more powerful (up to 50% by weight) and more sensitive if it was old or improperly stored.

    And again…

    Forrestal’s ordnance handlers had never even seen an AN/M65A1 before, and to their shock, the bombs delivered from Diamond Head were in terrible condition; coated with “decades of accumulated rust and grime” and still in their original packing crates (now moldy and rotten); some were stamped with production dates as early as 1953. Most dangerous of all, several bombs were seen to be leaking liquid paraffin phlegmatizing agent from their seams, an unmistakable sign that the bomb’s explosive filler had degenerated with excessive age, and exposure to heat and moisture.

    Are we still talking about that “advanced US military”…??

    When notified that the bombs were actually destined for active service in the carrier fleet, the commanding officer of the naval ordnance detachment at Subic Bay was so shocked that he initially refused the transfer, believing a paperwork mistake had been made. At the risk of delaying Diamond Head’s departure, he refused to sign the transfer forms until receiving written orders from CINCPAC on the teleprinter, explicitly absolving his detachment of responsibility for the bombs’ terrible condition.

    At least someone appears to have been awake…

    The rocket was later determined to be missing the rocket safety pin, allowing the rocket to launch.[10] The rocket flew about 100 feet (30 m) across the flight deck, likely severing the arm of a crewman, and ruptured a 400-US-gallon (1,500 l; 330 imp gal) wing-mounted external fuel tank on a Skyhawk from Attack Squadron 46 (VA-46) awaiting launch.

    “Likely”? As in “I almost lost my arm, but I have no idea how that happened…”?

    But luckily we had a World Press Photo candidate on board who just snapped at the right moment, so it must be true:

    It was the worst loss of a life on a U.S. Navy ship since World War II. Of the 73 aircraft aboard the carrier, 21 were destroyed and 40 were damaged.


    A 1995 report, NASA Reference Publication 1374, “””incorrectly””” described the Forrestal fire as a result of electromagnetic interference. It states, “a Navy jet landing on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal experienced the uncommanded release of munitions that struck a fully armed and fueled fighter on deck… This accident was caused by the landing aircraft being illuminated by carrier based radar, and the resulting EMI sent an unwanted signal to the weapons system.”

    This incorrect description has been cited as a cautionary tale on the importance of avoiding electromagnetic interference…

    Whut? NASA actually answering a question? This must be a breakthrough…

    The disaster was a major news story and was featured under the headline “Inferno at Sea” on the cover of the 11 August [11*8=88] 1967, issue of Life magazine.

    Well, then it must be true. Life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it appears there’s a lot of occultic ceremony surrounding it. 19 April – 1 May are especially important dates. The American “war of independence” commenced on April 19th at Lexington & Concord, in what was then the “Thirteen (13) Colonies”, in 1775. A year later, the Bavarian Illuminati was established on May 1st. Of course, what ties those two events together is Freemasonry, also not coincidental. No chance any of it happened without pre-planning.


      1. I’ve long thought that April 20 (Hitler’s and my birthday) has freemasonry significance in that it is the 110th day of the year. For instance, in 1884 on that day, Pope Leo XIII released the encyclical “On Freemasonry,” no joke, in 1914 33 miners “killed” in the Ludlow Massacre, and the 1999 Columbine “massacre.” A bunch of other stuff – maybe four baseball stadiums open on that day, a fake moon landing (72), massacres and Balfour Proclamation.


        1. Thanks for your usual insight, Mark. The 33 especially is very telling in the Ludlow story. Interestingly, shortly after it happened, WWI broke out in the summer of that year. Perhaps this was manufactured to distract people’s attention from that upcoming massive project?

          Also, Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21. Prince “died” on that same date five years ago. I heard somewhere that it is the day of the serpent. If correct, that adds more significance to that day, too.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. The month of April also has a very interesting backstory. It ties back to ancient Roman paganism, referring to the Etruscan deity Apru, which is said to be Aphrodite, an androgynous goddess. It’s meaning refers to an opening or a beginning of something in Latin, according to old folk etymology.

          Aphrodite could be a variant of the Phoenician Ashtaroth, which is Ishtar in Assyrian/Babylonian mythology. That explains why they hold a special place for April as one of their favorite months to stage their mock ritual events.

          Of course purple is a combination of blue and red, colors representing male and female. The signature color of the ancient Phoenicians was the Tyrian purple. Prince is famous for his promotion of the color purple. You see how all these things intertwine with each other.


  14. “Unfortunately, the people who need this information will never read this article or anything similar.”

    Nor do they want to. They do not want their illusions destroyed, even if those illusions are macabre ones, because shattering them proves they were wrong, and they don’t like that. When your entire viewpoint of reality is based on lies, and more importantly, you have invested so much time in the lies, it becomes incredibly hard for one to simply give it all up, admit defeat, and restart everything.


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