AllendeIn years past on this blog on the anniversary of the 9/11 event I would put up a memorial post, a trick. I would talk all sad and disturbed about the events of 9/11, but only reveal a the end that I was actually talking about 9/11/1973 and the removal of Salvador Allende from office as President of Chile.

Little did I realize as I wrote those posts that use of the date 9/11 was a signal to the world that we were dealing with a fake event. For those not up to speed on numerical markers, the numbers 8, 11 and 33 seem important to the spooks who stage public hoaxes, almost like a signature. The number 9 is a way of saying 33, that is, it is 3*3, so that 9/11 is really 33 and 11 side by side. But it gets better – in a non-leap year, September 11 is the 254th day of the year, and 2+5+4 = 11. It’s a double whammy.

On our recent trip to Patagonia I used some down time to read the Wikipedia entry on Salvador Allende, the president of Chile who supposedly committed suicide on 9/11/73. That was the day that the Chilean military, with U.S. backing, overthrew that country’s government. I had long believed that his suicide on that day was a lie, and that Salvador Allende had actually been murdered in cold blood. There were even rumors about that the murder was carried out by U.S. Green Berets.

The Green Beret tale is standard misdirection. Far more likely is that Allende had exited the scene before that day, and lived out his life in peace to a ripe old age. The stage had been set for an attack not on the government of Chile, but on the people of Chile. They were being conditioned not to expect anything even remotely resembling self-government. They were having their expectations placed in line with the real world.

We are told that Allende was a Marxist, but that is misdirection too. In the real world of 1973 there were only two allowed choices for countries in selecting a form of government, capitalism (freedom) and communism (oppression). Neither existed in real life then or now. Furthermore, even if those two systems were real, capitalism would present by far the most oppressive form.

My reasoning for saying that is as follows: Using our current-day United States as an example, we have nothing even remotely resembling self-government, and yet the American people are deeply indoctrinated to imagine that they do. We are up to our eyebrows in censorship, hidden from view and highly effective. Our elections are either fake or meaningless, our president, congress and Supreme Court mere actors reading scripts. All information we see is controlled except far-removed outposts like this blog and a few others, several hundred readers at best. It is the most oppressive system I can imagine, and yet only a few are aware of it.

The alternative, “communism,” was supposedly the most oppressive one – but openly so. Therefore we imagined that citizens of Russia in the old Soviet Union were no more than slaves, and even as they knew they had no freedom, Russian citizens had to look at their shoes and pretend that they loved their government to stay alive and out of jail. That too was an illusion.

Communism was never the enemy of capitalism, and visa versa, but there were pockets of self-government in 1973. It has always been self-government, self-determination, responsive and accountable governance that has been the enemy of our elite rulers. It is always demonized, suppressed, attacked and overthrown.  In those days it was labeled communist, these days “terrorist,” merely a new version of the old demon.

Thus was Salvador Allende said to be a “Marxist.” This made him a suitable target for removal and assassination.

Augusto Pinochet

In 1973 Chile must have had flourishing movements to hold its government accountable. I can think of no other reason why it was targeted. It was for this reason that Salvador Allende, controlled opposition, was put in the office of president – to address the dreams and raise the hopes of the Chilean people. His removal from office and replacement by scarecrow General Augusto Pinochet was merely a staged public passion play. It was a means of taking those hopes and aspirations and crushing them.

To this day, any movement that works toward self-governance, accountability and responsiveness is labeled “the left.” We are conditioned to think in diametric opposites even as self-governance can flourish in any place with free flow of information and rise of natural leaders. “Left” is an illusion, a replacement word for “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” These days anyone who rises up in such movements – that is, anyone whose name we know, is controlled opposition. Bernie Sanders in this country is only the latest. The real “left” is rudderless, leaderless, motionless.

I think this is a widely-used model, not only in remote places like Chile, but in the United States as well. We saw John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon all idealized, lionized, and then, like Allende, assassinated.  All of these assassinations were fake, we now know. That is not the point – each man was but a scoundrel used to raise up our hopes for meaningful change and then to crush that hope.

That, to me, is the meaning of 9/11/73 – crushing hope. It is a common treatment used everywhere to control us, keep us in chains.

PS: There was another staged (and fake) assassination in the wake of the rise of Pinochet, that of Ambassador Orlando Letelier, whose car was blown up in Washington, DC in 1976. There were two other people supposedly in that car – Michael and Ronni Moffitt. I do not know what becomes of these people after their deaths are faked. I do know that once the public thinks they are dead, they can appear in public and not be believed to be real, the Elvis sighting phenomenon.

24 thoughts on “9/11/73

  1. I see that they started to play a similar script on US. Now the US president has ties to Russia or Putin. Some news articles even call Trump a “Putin puppet”. This is probably a sign of the controlled demolition of US. The demolition doesn’t have to be something too extreme. USD loosing the dominant role as a reserve currency and the end of the petrodollar would be enough . The USD will probably still be one of the major currencies . They also don’t need to create a total USD collapse as promoted by the fear porn on Youtube or various blogs/websites.
    If we have a controlled demolition of US, it will probably be connected to Trump and the conservative movement. Trump tariffs and other booshit will probably play a great role in the narratives they prepared for us. I would not be surprised if they will escalate the narrative to a “US Salvator Allende” scenario, that ends with a Trump assassination or suicide. If that happens we must be prepared for the 8,11 and 33 markers (and maybe a 9/11).


    1. I do not know how these people do surnames, but Allende is Salvador Allende Gossens, his mother’s maiden name, and his father was Salvador Allende Castro, also a Freemason. Ramon Allende Padin married Eugenia Castro del Fierro, hence the name of his son. Salvador Allende Gossens father, was Salvador Allende Castro. I would be very surprised to learn that Salvador Allende Gossens was NOT a Freemason.

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  2. “Currently in Spain, people bear a single or composite given name (nombre in Spanish) and two surnames (apellidos in Spanish). … Traditionally, a person’s first surname is the father’s first surname (apellido paterno), and the second one is the mother’s first surname (apellido materno).” (Google search)

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    1. Recently I ran through the Baltimore Orioles 40 man roster (first on the list) to see how many ballplayers had names that also are in the peerage- did not try to connect any directly- and 75% of the white guys were in there. The mother’s names of the Latin ballplayers were impossible to track down, though I was at work and distracted. I did this because of claims that most if not all famous people are “family” and that’s certainly true of show biz proper, literature, likely, and politics, ‘nuf sed. Sports could use some confirmation but I suspect ALL the stars are juiced in some way. Masons on the sly for starters, peerage directly for some, vetted associates, all of them.
      Makes me wonder if the Jose Fernandezes and Oscar Taverases some how balked and were pink slipped. (Yordano Ventura paid tribute to Taveras at the ’15 World series and he was “accidented” soon after…though Carlos Martinez of the Cards now gives tribute to both so maybe he thinks, like Teddy Kennedy, they can’t “kill” him, too?- Overthinking it, methinks…)

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      1. I wish to hell the Cincinnati Reds would line up some peerage … after a massive rebuild, they are well on their way to mediocre.

        [I should add that this franchise is the United Fruit branch of MLB. The Williams family plays big. I would bet that Castellini is peerage somehow, as he is a banana salesman.]


  3. “To this day, any movement that works toward self-governance, accountability and responsiveness is labeled “the left.””

    You can’t be serious. And what is that (not so well) hidden praise for “communism” with you, Mark? Do you really believe you would have just the nice retirement allowing you to visit Patagonia if you’d live under communism?

    Maybe best to skip the nice and easy destinations, like Switzerland and Argentina and throw yourself in the deep with Cuba and Venezuela.

    You talk so much sense in your blog post and then this absolute nonsense with it, is it deliberate or do you really don’t know how brutal communism (and all other forms of leftism) was and is for mankind? Talking about the current US as “the most oppressive system”, clearly not. Everybody’s free not to choose Pepsi or Coca Cola but just grow your own fruits and make juice. Try that under communism, I have seen people being arrested for “illegal” fishing…


    1. You’ve misread me in total.

      I will expand. I meant that there are varying degrees of oppression, but that there is no meaningful underlying philosophy for any of it. It is all a matter of how effective the system of oppresssion is, the US highly effective, the Soviet Union much less so. This can be seen by the absence of violence in the overthrow of the various governments of the a Eastern Bloc.

      We must all engage in commerce to survive. Naming that commerce “capitalist”or “socialist” or even “communist” is an illusion. Western Europe has a much more effective and efficient health care system than the US. This is because there, for the time being at least, public opinion has far more impact on public policy than here, where we desire the same kind of system and are not allowed to have it.

      Regarding my own good fortune, my ability to travel, I know very few people who are able to do so as we do. In our travels we meet people from all over, and by definition they too are able to travel. I remember in Nepal meeting a couple from Siberia who had moved to Australia. I imagined they had escaped rather than just moved, and asked them how they managed to get out of Siberia. She laughed and said “We got on a plane.” The American’s view of “Siberia” was jaded by a lifetime of American propaganda.


    2. In many communist countries there were people that had their own garden and animals (including half of my grandparents and many of my great-grandparents). Of course , they stole most of the land from at least one branch of my great grandparents (the garden attached to the home was still relatively big). I believe that in Albania they didn’t allow people to have certain animals (maybe pigs, Albania is supposed to be Muslim but I don’t know if the communist regime cared about that).
      In the comment above I mentioned a possible big move against US conservatism (most likely against conservatism in general). I believe it is more correct to say that they will pull a big move against white people (especially in the Western Europe, US and other colonies). There are a few right wing movements targeted by SPLC and ADL. Many of these movements are about self-government, limited government, 2nd amendment , eliminating the Fed etc. Most of these movements (maybe all) are already controlled, but the ideas defended by these movements are probably more dangerous to the system than the ideas defended by the counterpart left movements. Not to mention that many of these ideas align more to the ideals of white Europeans.

      I want to talk about a harsh reality regarding race. Comparing Switzerland and Argentina to Venezuela and Cuba is not too fair. Even Argentina is much whiter than both Venezuela and Cuba (these are mestizo countries). Among the mestizo countries, Chile seems to be the best. Chile has relatively high GDP per capita, high HDI and relatively low murder rate. According to wiki “As of November 2012, about 11.1 million people (64% of the population) benefit from government welfare programs,[153][clarification needed] via the “Social Protection Card”, which includes the population living in poverty and those at a risk of falling into poverty.”. It seems that Chile has a lot of social welfare, despite the overthrow of the socialist government. Chile probably affords this system due to their copper exports. I also find it very funny when people compare the murder rate of Switzerland and Honduras, and they attribute the difference to the gun laws. They don’t want to mention that one country is a prosperous white country while the second one is a poor mestizo country. These are things to consider when you look at this world. I will end by saying that i actually believe that all the countries have the potential to be much better. Many regions of the world were kept very poor due to the orchestrated conflicts and the fake geopolitics.


      1. Good points – I should clarify further … when I examine my beliefs without regard to any “philosophy” (liberal or conservative) or position on a spectrum, I find I am simply libertarian in most aspects but think that government should be used where it is most efficient, as in running health care systems, but not growing food or building cars. I believe in maximum personal liberty, understanding that living in society requires many concessions – taxes, restrictions on use of property, etc. I think it unwise to make rash changes without slow experimental modeling. I don’t care if people own guns, as our constitution says that we can.

        I think all of that makes me more like a true conservative rather than a lefty. I used the word “left” above because what people think of as “left” is demonized and thrown in with Marxism, socialism, and communism. It is all very muddled. Salvador Allende was no more a “Marxist” than Marx, but that was used as justification for the coup.


  4. from the time perspective and as outsiders we can easily accept that this events has been scripted. But I’m afraid, the people from Chile will have difficulties to recognize the hoax especially if they had to swallow all this propaganda during the “show” when it happened. The power of suggestion has a very strong influence (on weaker minds). In my experience the ability to question his own thinking is quite rare and the majority of people prefers to believe in something instead of questioning it. That’s why it is easier to fool somebody than to convince him he has been fooled. That’s why religions still work in the first place. I recently read an older dispute between Hans Albert and Jürgen Habermas, both German thinkers. Albert is a critical rationalist in the way Carl Popper was, Habermas is from the Frankfurt School. Even though I reject Habermas’ arguments as untenable, I’m convinced he is honest. He is not able to live without what philosophers call “last justification” in the same way some people cannot grasp the concept of infinity. It is an ability like the ability to have rhythm (music). If you don’t have it, nobody can teach you that. The majority of people simply needs to believe in something and some others deliver what to believe in. That’s how our world is running. Or being run.

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    1. Just as Chinese mostly think Tienanmen was real, so too do Chileans think of 9/11/73 as real as well as the 6,000 ‘disappearances’ under Pinochet. Most Americans think JfK, RFK, MLK, Lennon to be real assassinations, 9/11 to be a real mass murder. I imagine most Swedes think Olaf Palme’s assassination real, and most Scots the same about Lockerbie. Most French and Belgians think mass killings in their countries real.

      These events, all fake, are our system of governance, the strategy of tension. The institutions, the elections, the politicians, are window dressing. We are governed by fear.


  5. Very interesting post. I will just say that in Latin America, there are different dynamics in place. In the end, the local elites on those countries report to the super-duper elites over here, but the game played is a lil’ bit different than here… Here it is a prison with open doors, over there there has been a struggle between old and new money, either of both oppressing (with real violence) hoi polloi. There have been psyops, but mass killers (military mass murderes did -do- exist). Propaganda is resorted heavily as well, twisting facts but real blood spilled nonetheless, by the people of course.

    This goes to the faithfully departed on those far away lands:

    “Manuel Santillán, el león”

    Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
    El león esta escondido en el callejón
    Y sabe bien lo que le va a pasar
    Entonces saca su revolver
    Y va a disparar
    La policía lo rodea sin tregua
    Lo buscan por ajuste de cuentas
    Y es el sargento que sin vacilar
    Abre fuego y le da
    Lo curioso es que antes de morir
    El león Santillán pronuncio palabras
    Ante los oficiales
    Que desconcertados miraban
    Y dijo:
    Queridos enemigos de siempre
    Hoy dejo este mundo de dolor
    Nunca se olviden
    Que el llanto de la gente
    Va hacia el mar
    Van al mar van al mar
    Llanto dolor
    Sufrimiento de un pueblo
    Se ahogan en el mar
    Lo dijo el león
    Los oficiales que vieron
    Morir a Santillán
    Abandonaron la institución
    Nunca más se supo de ellos
    Del caso no se hablo más
    Sin embargo
    Por el viejo San Telmo
    En un sucio bodegón
    Dicen que un borracho
    Murmuró llorando las palabras
    Que eran del león
    Van al mar van al mar
    Llanto dolor
    Sufrimiento de un pueblo
    Se ahogan en el mar
    Lo dijo el león


    1. I don’t know what is the structure of the families. I would also not necessarily assume that their primary base or bases are in US. I would rather bet that their most important base of operation is somewhere in Europe (including Russia). In Europe they also probably have the most important council meetings. But in the end I don’t know their booshit. I would not be surprised if they have something very big in Argentina or other South American Country. The same goes for Asia. Actually, I would not be surprised if Asia is the most important.

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  6. “To this day, any movement that works toward self-governance, accountability and responsiveness is labeled “the left.””

    What about the “alt-right”?


  7. Just some anecdotal stuff: A close relative then in the US military dated a Chilean woman in the late seventies- she could be described as an Aryan goddess: Blonde, very German name, though thoroughly Latinized and with surprisingly poor English for one brought up in privilege. I asked her about Allende and she waived her hand, communicating in her own way the whole story from the US propaganda side was “booshit”. She did say her father was a target of the Allende regime and may have been on a hit list. He was in import/exports, whatever that meant. At this late date she may have been implying there was a turf war between elites and her capo father was in the line of fire. He survived and thrived after Pinochet was installed. Bottom line: White people run the Americas. They fight amongst themselves sometimes- Regime change tranquilizes things for the most part, thanks to the attendant hoaxes and media spin.
    Also, I know a woman connected to the family who is from Siberia. Her English is fluent and I once told her that the US image of Siberia is a vast, open air gulag to which she replied in so many words: Which Siberia are you talking about?


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