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Some comments have been removed, and comments are turned off for that post and for another in which Mr. Mathis was the focal point. I think the subject is well-covered now, and have no plans to ever make him the subject of a POM post again. Ever.

12 thoughts on “Blog post restored

  1. Greetings: Welcome home, Mark. We all live and learn. Congratulations for not totally losing your mind over this and thank you for not shutting down POM.

    I’ve finally found a little time to start researching Richard Speck and hope to pull together some kind of “paper” soon. How do you want me to post the finished piece?


  2. Mark, I really don’t understand what was so upsetting about the Mathis blog post. It was pretty clean, the comments were a bit hotter than some but not even in the realm of Reddit or Facebook. Nobody was really freaking out or anything. I don’t know that anyone felt attacked or belabored, and I certainly didn’t.

    So why do you feel like closing off the topic and never bringing it up again is so necessary? He is the premier researcher in many topics we all study, so I’m curious what it was that upset you in that post?

    I’m asking genuinely. I don’t know you well enough to know your thoughts on the “why”, so I’m just asking you directly without inciting any additional controversy intentionally. I’m not afraid of controversy and I don’t believe you are, thus my curiosity.


  3. it is perfectly ok for me if you close a post just because the comment list gets too long.
    …and now to something completely different:
    I’m reading this weird Tycho topic on the cluesforum and it becomes more and more obvious to me, that this is flat earth in new clothes. Also simon, hoi, nonho, etc. are all the same person/team just talking to themselves. Simon repeats himself constantly stating his Tycho model is so simple and obvious at the same time posting complicated graphics and drawing weird conclusions. That suggests if you don’t get it you must be stupid. He admits, that he is using a flash-simulation software which he considers to be very accurate instead of making some observations in nature. Maybe one simple example can demonstrate how fake all this is: many astronomers use telescopes fixed properly on concrete foundations positioned to the celestial pole which on the north half is very near the polar star. They’ve adjusted their mountings (tripods) very accurate to the celestial pole to be able to rotate it with the stars (against the rotation of the earth) and make long time exposures. They don’t touch their mountings any more for many years. The polar star appears year for year, day for day always on the same position, only rotating slightly through the night because it is not exactly on the celestial pole but the pole itself stays constant. This alone definitely proves the huge distance between the Earth and the stars. I see the polar star always on the same position from my roof terrace. My mounting has fixed legs and elevation and I only have to adjust it to the left or right side to point it to the celestial pole.


    1. I think this forum a worthy site for discussion if Shack’s work, which I am not qualified to address but others are. With your permission I would like to use your words above to introduce the matter in a new blog post later today. I have long been suspicious of him for other reasons but will not introduce extraneous matters.

      Would you allow that?


    2. I agree that some people in these circles do play multiple characters, and even converse with ‘each other’ on the same podcast by just recording the first voice and then recording the responses in another voice, however I’m fairly certain Simon and Hoi are unique individuals. I won’t betray it here, but Hoi’s given name can be found in several places, and after doing a bit of research he does appear to be a real person.

      I do have a very strong suspicion though that Simon did the voice for ‘Jan Erik’, who was Chris Ken Doll’s original partner over at hoax bustrs; later being replaced by ‘Markus Allen’ and finally ‘John Adams’ who now seems to be operating it on his own.


  4. No wonder Mark closed the comments after your last attacks on me that were deliberately misrepresenting what I said.

    And now this:

    Also simon, hoi, nonho, etc. are all the same person/team just talking to themselves

    There are hundreds of audiochats available where you can clearly hear that Simon and Hoi Polloi are two different persons, one speaking English with an Italianish accent (and he also speaks Swedish in other podcasts) and the other clearly US American. The three have very different writing styles too.

    Calling TYCHOS (have you bought the book yet?) “FE in new clothes” does not acknowledge the 5 years of work Simon has put into this.


    1. Gaia, I received the following comment from “tsisigeya” in moderation:

      I don’t think I’ve misread you in total. The fact that you all try to diminish Cluesforum/September forum is enough for me. If you can’t see it, I’ve got nothing for you.

      I said to you yesterday that you had misread me in total. Why is tsisigeya responding to my remark to you? Are you tsisigeya?

      Another point: The FE crowd routinely insist that we address their long and tedious lists of “evidence” if we want to discuss the subject, which is on its face easily seen to be bogus, as you know. It is a way of controlling the dialogue and fencing out alternative evidence. It is a debate technique, nothing more. Insisting that we buy and absorb Shack’s foray into FE2 is the same technique. I’ll not be buying or reading his five-year work. I frankly doubt he has five years into it, or that he wrote it.


      1. No I am not, I didn’t respond to your post yesterday. And I wouldn’t claim that people here “diminish September forum” [sic], less “all of them”.

        Really? So much distrust about Simon’s work? You can see his thread (SSSS) at Cluesforum that goes back 3 years, and then he was already working on it.

        I object to his claim “this is the final model, there is nothing better” as far too optimistic and dangerous predicting a high free fall from a high horse. But I will buy his book this week, when I have time off for Easter.


      2. I read a book, author’s name forgotten (Horn, van Horn?) claiming that earth had been visited by aliens, that Soddam and Gomorrah were incinerated by nuclear bombs, that ancient Syrian writings are evidence of conflicts among warring aliens species. I read it and then threw it away.

        And I will bet this guy Horn had five years or more in the writing. The length of time people spend on a tangent is no guarantee of the quality of the work.

        MM warned us at his conference in 2016 that Shack was likely going to out himself as an anti, perhaps even going FE on us. In essence this prediction has come true. I see no reason to take Shack seriously, and feel my deep suspicions about Clues Forum, that it is a limited hangout designed to attract excellent minds for future blackwashing, has borne some evidence of being right. Good work has been done there, and when Shack is done with the venture, it will all be discredited. That is his job, why he was hired for it. It’s just another psyop.

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  5. At first I was an enthusiastic fan of CF and posted there for several years (under another pen name) but my suspicions about it and Simon grew to the point that I realized it was just another spook project.

    It’s true that some really good research was posted there during those early years but none of it, in my opinion, was from Simon. IMO “September Clues” is one of those half-truth conspiracy candies. Yes, there was photo and video fakery involved and the film does expose some of that but on the forum Simon strangely asserts that every foot of video of that event shown to the public was CGI and angrily argues with anyone who challenges that idea. Why would he do that?

    One by one I watched as Simon alienated the best contributors on the forum until I finally left as well. Now they mostly seem to discuss topics such as solar system cosmology and offbeat physics concepts. The media fakery topics are in the minority which is strange when that was supposedly the purpose of the forum. The endless parade of media psyops continue with only scant mention by CF members and minimal analysis. Instead they yap endlessly about planetary orbits and para-physics.

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