RFK Jr.: Potential fake assassination?

I was not sure for myself that the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 was fake until I studied the autopsy photos that were released in 1981 by David Lifton in his book Best Evidence. The premise behind the book was that the powerful Kennedy family could not stop release of the photos, even as they were in extreme bad taste. If you follow my link to my post, and if you look at those photos long enough, you will see JFK’s face superimposed on another body. It sometimes takes a while, but give it the time needed. The photo darkroom work is extremely good, as it had to be, but it is not perfect.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would have been nine years old in November of 1963. Would he have been considered too young at that age to be let in on the secret? I do not know – but I would think they would want to spare him grief.

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Moondoggie reviewed

A while back, when we were engaged with Petra concerning the moon landings, I realized that I was going to have to bite the bullet and not only re-read Dave McGowan’s Wagging the Moondoggie series, but review it as well. I made it through Part I, and then set it all aside. Only later did I come to see that I had already done the sweat labor, and only a couple of years ago, in November of 2021. Comes with old age, I guess. I had no idea I had done that.

I reread my work, and have nothing to add to it as I hit all the bases, McGowan being a limited hangout who faked his death on 11/22/15 (date familiar?). He wrote about Apollo, Lincoln, Boston, and rock stars, missing the boat on all of it. But then, of course, that is the job of the LHO. He will take you this far … and no further.

Off we go.

PART I: The trigger for the series, he says, is the Dutch moon rock. If you are not familiar, NASA gave moon rocks to many countries and museums, and the Dutch proudly displayed theirs until it was pointed out to them that the rock was petrified wood of earthly origin. Anyway, McGowan says he was warned by a few people not to venture into Moondoggie territory, as he would be branded a kook. He has an advantage, he says. He doesn’t care. I am like that, and not a spook. Anyway, as I have noticed, even though it is a giant lie, Apollo was a benign lie. If anything, it lifted people up. McGowan mentions 911, of course buying the official story of 3,000 deaths used to launch illegal wars. People, he says, cling to the moon landings out of fear, knowing that if they could lie about that, they could lie about anything. That is true.

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Dave Foreman, RIP

I just learned yesterday that Dave Foreman had died last September at the age of 75. This got me to thinking and wondering about him, how genuine he was, and how real the group he helped found, Earth First!, was. I long suspected that EF! was an Intel front, used to demonize real environmental groups, a large blackwashing effort. The group was certainly divisive. I remember sitting at a restaurant up in northwest Montana, where a cooler sported a bumper sticker that said

Earth First!
We’ll mine the other planets later.

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The search for the living Diana continues

Tyrone McCloskey sent me a face split he had done of Ghislaine (pronounced ghee-layn) Maxwell, and of Princess Diana, who allegedly died on August 31, 1997. I found it intriguing, and since that time have been busy reading the Wikipedia pages on both. Ghislaine’s is 12 pages with 180 footnotes, Diana’s 21 pages with 510 footnotes.

I did my own face split, which pretty much confirmed Tyrone’s work, that these two women are pretty much bookends for one another. I will offer my own face split beneath the fold to let you judge.

It’s a daunting task to figure out this piece of evidence, and where it leads. Both are members of the British peerage, and both were born in 1961. In past efforts I have determined that a death can be a mere prelude to another life and identify, as in Eva Perón becoming Madonna Fortin. That is fairly cut and dried, as there is no overlap. With Ghislaine and Diana, there is plenty of overlap. In fact, both led public lives at the same time. Since they are both high profile celebrities, I wonder, is there a photo of them together?

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Tales from the crypt

My purpose here is to rewrite three posts from the spring of 2018, condensing them into one post, the upshot from which will be that Eva Perón (Evita) did not die in 1952 at age 33, but rather faked her death, moved to the United States and raised a family. Among her (alleged) six children, one was Madonna Louise Ciccone, known to us as the singer Madonna.

However, initially I am going to introduce the players. Eva Peron, said to have died in 1952, lived her life long before most readers here, and unless there is some vague familiarity due to the Andrew Lloyd Weber Broadway musical Evita, or the 1995 movie by that same name, people simply will not understand that Eva Perón was a worldwide sensation, much like a more modern Princess Diana (fake death 1997).

Said to be a rags-to riches tale, Marie Eva Duarte de Perón (aka Evita) made her way out of poverty, and was noticed by a powerful politician in Argentina who would take her on as his mistress, and eventually marry her, making her the First Lady of that country. In that position, much like Lady Di, she immersed herself in populist causes, and became a working class hero. Her death from cervical cancer at age 33 shocked the world, and essentially canonized her as the patron saint of Argentina.

President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955, and then again in 1973 until his probable real death in 1976 at age 80 Juan Perón had a habit of choosing mates who were destined to die young, his first two wives of cervical cancer. His third wife, Isabel Perón, became the first female head of state in the Western world after Juan’s death. Juan reminds me in a way of Prince Charless, now King Charles III, unable to produce offspring. Perhaps his wives were meant for that purpose, and then failing, had to be replaced, each failing, as far as we know, until his death.

María Estela Martínez Cartas, Isabel Peron, said to be a dance hall singer/grade school dropout, whom Juan met in Panama, became Juan’s third wife, and president of Argentina for two years after Juan’s death in 1976. She was ‘exiled’ to Spain (one never knows for real the actions of oligarchs) in 1981, and currently resides there, age 91.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, known to us as the Madonna, features heavily in this tale. For the time being, understand that posing nude sensationalizes the career of an otherwise lightly talented pop singer.

Richard Juckes: I had more fun with this particular blog post than any other in my sixteen years of doing this. I have never met Richard, we’ve never spoken. When he saw what I was doing, exposing the fake death of Evita in 1952, he decided to spice up the piece, as you will see.

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The Sacramento 6 (3+3)

I generally do not pay attention to mass shootings, knowing that every one I have looked at before turned out to be fake. I did extensive research on Columbine, Jonestown, the Pulse Nightclub, even Tienanmen Square, and found all to be hyped, and fake, fake, fake.  On March 22 of 2021 there was a supposed mass shooting at a King’s Sooper in Boulder, Colorado. At one time we lived a few blocks from there, and did our shopping there. I turned on the news to see if the event was spook-markered, and sure enough, the news reader told us that the perpetrator was frog-marched out of the store at 3:30 PM. That was all I needed to know, the appearance of the magical 33. (Columbine was declared officially over at 3:30 PM too.)

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Identity Fraud, Part 2

In April of 2017 I published a post I called “Identity Fraud.” In it I made the claim that Buddy Holly, whose 1959 death was faked, later re-emerged as “Gram Parsons”, who also faked his death. For reasons I do not remember, I was struck by the resemblance of two men, one a music mogul and the other movies, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. These two men are the “G” and the “K” in Dreamworks SKG, a former film distribution company. The “S” of course is Spielberg.

I have many, many hours of labor behind the Identity Fraud post. Unfortunately, at that time I was using GIFs rather than face splits, and the results were very hard to follow or agree with. I thought that rather than reinventing the wheel, I would merely convert the GIF’s to face splits. However, in so doing I decided that it would be better to start over. I still stand by the original work, regret the poor presentation, and hope to come out the other end here with a clarified and evidence-based piece. In the original I started with Geffen and Katzenberg and worked my way backward. I think it better now to better understand the Holly work we did.

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Conversation overheard …

(People don’t seem to realize that mobile phones are also tracking and recording devices. Norm and Bob certainly didn’t.)

[Sound of a ring tone, theme from Walking Dead]

NM: Yeah, Norm here.

BS: Hey Norm! Bob Saget here.

NM: What the f###-? You’re not supposed to be calling me! Goddammit Bob, I’m dead!

BS: It’s OK, Norm. Can I call you Norm? You know, when you died, I claimed I was your best friend. You know, like Tony Orlando and Freddie Prinze.

NM: What the f###?

BS: You know Normie, Freddie Prinze, Chico and the Man, committed suicide at age 22, 1976. Is he there by chance? He’d be 67 now, almost your age. And mine.

NM: “Normie”? I’m Norm! We’re not friends! We’ve never been friends. I saw you go on news and YouTube and all that claiming we were best buds. That really annoyed me!

BS: Well, Normie, that’s show business. We’re all best buds. Is Freddie there?

NM: Why am I talking to you? I gotta hang up here. We never had this conversation. This gets out, your career is over. Got that?

BS: I’m dead too, Normie.

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The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults

If you haven’t already, kindly remove your face diaper before proceeding.  

“Nearly one century ago, Lewis Mumford observed in his magnum opus, Technics in Civilization, that great advances in technology and society come from the intersection of complementary and mainly technological revolutions. Mumford assigned a label . . . to each of history’s modern eras. The first, with its ‘collection of inventions and ideas introduced from about AD 1000 into the eighteenth century,’  Mumford labeled the ‘ecotechnic phase’ . . . The second era, the Industrial Revolution, characterized by advances in ‘materials and power sources,’ he termed the ‘paleotechnic phase’ . . . His own time, the 1930s, which witnessed a flowering of innovation from ‘new alloys, electricity, and improved means of communication,’ he labeled the ‘neotechnic phase,’ (neo, of course for new).

To extend that taxonomy, we propose ‘neurotechnic phase,’ (the Greek root neuron meaning nerves) for the coming long era of growth. 

We now enter humanity’s first era of a networked, ubiquitous, and intelligent infrastructure. We do in fact live in time of a ‘new normal.’ But instead of our future being one of perennial slow growth and technological stagnation, it will be just the opposite. The reality is that we, and our children, and grandchildren, live at the beginning of the long neurotechnic phase of civilization, the most exciting and promising time in history.” (p. 327-328)

~ Mark P. Mills, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s  

Writer’s Note: As I wrote this essay, I felt the need to “borrow” language from other writers and thinkers who have come before me, with remarkably greater insights and poetic lingo. Thus, I have repeatedly incorporated their original thoughts, and to simply credit them, rather than clutter the piece with long quotes. I chose to place their initials in parentheses where appropriate. Further, in most instances, as I was jumping from quote to quote, page to page, chapter to chapter, and post to post, I had trouble retroactively identifying their origins. So many of their insights blended seamlessly and synchronously with my own, that at times I found it challenging to distinguish where their thoughts ended, and mine began. Therefore, in my best effort to acknowledge these critical voices, I make every attempt to delineate them. I apologize in advance if they (or the reader) encounter any questionable overlap that went unaccounted for. Accordingly, following is the legend I utilized to denote these individuals:

Alison McDowell (AM) of wrenchinthegears.com

Michael Hoffman (MH) of revisionisthistory.org and author of Twilight Language and Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare 

Goro (G) of supertorchritual.com (most of his work at STR is behind a paywall — see Endnote 1)

Herein, I go beneath the masonic symbolism most often apparent and mirroring the occult. We are going deep — equipped with a Cryptocracy lens — into an abyss replete with Twilight Language (MH) and public psychodrama . . . into a land of disenchantment (MH), where we may see some uncanny coincidences that possibly serve as a reflection of a larger, yet hidden, gestalt out in the open.

How is that for a paradoxical and cryptic lead-in? 

Readers may recognize this phenomenon as Revelation of the Method, a term ostensibly coined by symbolism science extraordinaire James Shelby Downard, to describe the subliminal alchemical processing of society by its self-selected Cryptocratic controllers, through orchestrated open-air rituals (MH). 

My aim is to break any trance state that has been imposed on us. But how does one become lucid and mentally agile amidst all the noise spewed out by the Machine? Perhaps some kung fu pattern detection is in order . . . 

What is that terrible smell in the air? Do you sense it? Perhaps not. So please allow me to point it out.

There is digital dung (MH) floating around in the ether these days, defined and applied (by me; see Final Writer’s Note) as: symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight by the sorcerous system through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitized infrastructure being built inside and around us — by humans, yet not for humans, as it ultimately serves the technological non-human master (the “AI beast”). Accordingly, we do not beneficially reap what we sow, as we increasingly become digitized, remotely-programmable serfs indentured to the Singularity.

Unless you have been living under a rock, undoubtedly, you have heard of one iteration of digital dung. It’s called Omicron. You may have thought it was only the name of a deviant (cough cough, I mean, variant), or an anagram of moronic or oncomir. Word play seems to have had a renaisssance since this mischievous deviant appeared on the scene. I suppose that’s a good sign. Some of us have been playing with words for many years, and it is kind of nice to see others joining in on the decoding amusement. Funny thing, though, there is one underhanded and unremitting thread that I have noticed, which seems to have been omitted from public awareness, and thus, deserves unraveling. Once you see it, I suspect you may not unsee it. Further, you may start to detect the curious pattern elsewhere. Let’s dip our toes into de-occulting this, shall we?

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