Did Everett Ruess fake his death?

Note to readers – I received this very interesting submission by frequent commenter Kerry, and am happy to publish it for him.

Did Everett Ruess fake his death?

By: Kerry Anderson

RuessFor readers unfamiliar with the story, Everett Ruess was a 20 year old artist who vanished near the Grand Canyon in November of 1934. At least 2 search parties covered many square miles of rugged terrain. These were experienced locals and Navajo trackers. All that was found was an old campfire, the word “NEMO” (one of his monikers) carved into the sandstone, and his 2 burros, Cockleburrs and Clocolatero, along with their halters. None of his camp equipment, art supplies, or other possessions were ever located.

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The good they die young

The above video is offered just for enjoyment. It is blurry but the sound quality is good. It is Michael Landon’s final appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on 5-9-1991. Prior to this appearance he had announced to the public that he had inoperable cancer of the pancreas and liver, and was a short-timer. He died on July 1, 1991. I cannot make anything of those numbers. It is a delightful interview.*

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Mackinac Machinations?

Mark’s recent post, Fake events of my lifetime, got me thinking: what news stories of the past left me feeling … unconvinced? A certain incident immediately popped into mind. Either I am an insensitive lout who is pitilessly digging up a family’s grief, or I have put my finger on an old school hoax—one from the days before cellphone videos and crisis actors. You help decide …

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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected too much.

So far I have examined four sets of twins, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Aniston. They’re all in the reccycle bin. While Straight still thinks that Beyoncé is a twin, I told him that if I cannot defend it, I cannot assert it. I don’t think she is a twin – it was just a publicity stunt involving alter ego Sasha Fierce that promoted the aberrant photos that led me off track. It was confirmation bias, writ large.

Beyond that, I am finding myself echoing the sentiments of a few commenters as I sweat out these matters … so what? So what about twins? They don’t matter. They are not interesting. They are just show business people.

I am going to get out of the twin-spotting business, to de-link the entire list with cautionary notes on each, and get on with my life with a hard lesson learned. There might indeed be a set or two of twins in there – some nuggets among the fool’s gold. Jared Leto comes to mind, having, like Elvis, both a music and acting career at once. If so, more power to him/them. The ones I left on the list – Rihanna, Drake, Joplin etc., I regard as defensible.

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Fun with photo analysis

I have planned for some time now to do an exposé about Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors who faked his death in 1971. We have already found his girlfriend, Pamela Courson here. It turns out she became a late-inning replacement for Barbara Walters.

Jim we have not located. I do know that before his fake death, he was body-doubled. So he was somewhere else when he died. I don’t think he has reappeared. I could be easily surprised. However, I think we can have more fun with this matter if we take another angle.

While at the Miles Mathis conference last summer. I brought up the matter of the photo below:


Those are the three children of Clara and Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison. They are, left to right, Anne, Jim and Andrew. And Jim is indeed the “Jim Morrison” we knew. Make no mistake about that.

Miles looked at this photo on my IPad and I instantly saw a light go on behind his eyes. It is fake. He took it and passed it around the room for everyone to view, and then after our input, gave his own view of what is wrong with the photo.

I could pass all that along to you, but am not going to. We do a lot of work here with photos, but speaking for myself, my naked-eye work is not anywhere near the caliber of Mathis’s. So I thought this might be fun – just to lay out some photos, and let readers judge whether they are real, of if fake, what is wrong with them.

The photo above is #1. Following below the fold are seven more. All of them exhibit signs of photo monkey business, in my humble opinion. But I am no expert, just a student, so please chime in. And above all, have fun!

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Anorexia nervosa not

Just stumbling around the other day I came across the following photos:

They are of Karen Carpenter, and are, in my humble opinion, fake. They are selling the idea that she was emaciated prior to her death.

On the left the caption says she is at 83 pounds. The problem is that her head does not show signs of anorexia, as supposedly seen on the right. She looks like a bobblehead.  It is a good photo, but I suspect fake, as her skin tone and color is different between head and body. She is posing for an award of some kind, probably having to do with athletics, as her attire looks oddly like a sports jersey. That would explain the cardboard “1,” as the owner of that body obviously placed first in a  sporting event. It sure looks like track and field, where women are often thinned down by grueling training. Notice also that the woman presenting the trophy is looking past her, as if Karen is not there, which may be the case.

Carpenter Carpenter Composite 2The second photo has been stretched out and compressed, the object to give her a gaunt and wasted look about the mouth. The eyes are sunken like a corpse. That is easily shown to be fake by putting it next to the real living Karen Carpenter to the left here. Pupil distance is the same on both sides of that photo. They obviously monkeyed with her image, stretching it out like a plastic sheet.

There are a few other photos like that on the Internet, but on the whole, of the hundreds available, they show a healthy young woman. Karen’s death was probably fake, like so many others. However, she has not, to my knowledge, reappeared in any form. She might have been told to go off and live on royalties from her body of work. She had a beautiful voice, and she and her brother  were a throwback to older, more melodic and harmonic tunes.

Karen Carpenter is not terribly important in the big picture. This blog has been devoted these past weeks to exposure of “Zombies,” or walking dead. These are prominent people who fake their death and reappear as another person. There is purpose to such reassignment, most often having to do with placement of talent to manage opinion and culture. For instance, Bobby Fuller became Bill O’Reilly, Brandon DeWilde Thom Hartmann. Each has a vital, even if small, role to play.

The music business is too influential to be left to chance talent taking it places where our leaders do not want us to go.  Music is a gateway to the brain and soul. Churches use it to keep the congregations in line, and nation-states have songs that bring people instantly to their feet, hats off. A subversive song might incite people to doubt the necessity of a war or reality of a fake event. So music is under control of Intelligence. This explains in part the Laurel Canyon scene of the 60s and 70s, where so many mediocre musicians, children of military and intelligence families, invaded, formed groups that achieved instant unearned fame. They then died off, many reappearing in news and opinion culture.

Karen Carpenter never threatened any state or religion. She merely sang, beautifully, about love and loss of love mostly. But she was moved out of the business, and I can only speculate that it was done because our cultural commissars had other ideas for the direction music was to take. We saw it with heavy metal, rap and hip-hop. Girl singers these days all sound alike to me, and sing about nothing. One song I heard that became a big hit was merely about the bass line. Adele had a huge hit with Hello. Hello? Music is devoid of substance now. Rappers, who can indeed speak to their followers in an incendiary manner, routinely die off. That might be real, but who can tell?

This has been the direction that Intelligence obviously wants to take us with music. In the 1960s they invaded the art world and gutted it, replacing real talent with people like Andy Warhol (Stu Stucliffe) and Jackson Pollack. Art is no longer a vehicle for expression of true beauty or ideas. Like our music, it is shallow and pointless.

The revolution, if it ever goes forward, will have to do so without anthems*.

Anyway, if Karen Carpenter is still alive, she is 66. I wish her well, and still enjoy her music. She was removed from the scene at age 33, that number often an indicator of monkey business, as are her fake photos above.


*The only supposed anti-war anthem to come out of the 60s, For What It’s Worth, written by Stephen Stills and performed by (the Wrecking Crew and) Buffalo Springfield, was about closure of a popular nightclub, and not about the Vietnam war or protests of the day. Stills claimed to be an ex-Green Beret. His cohorts claimed that was a drug-induced fantasy. I tend to think not.