A theory of everything plus one more

It was Miles Mathis who, to my knowledge, first asserted that the Stephen Hawking we all know, the guy who speaks through a computer and writes books with eye movements, was just an actor. As Mathis points out, all it takes is some reading between the lines. From Wikipedia:

During a visit to CERN on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening; he was so ill that Jane was asked if life support should be terminated. She refused, but the consequence was a tracheotomy, which required round-the-clock nursing care and the removal of what remained of his speech.[270][271] The National Health Service was ready to pay for a nursing home, but Jane was determined that he would live at home. The cost of the care was funded by an American foundation.[272][273] Nurses were hired for the three shifts required to provide the round-the-clock support he required. One of those employed was Elaine Mason, who was to become Hawking’s second wife.[274]

According to ALS Worldwide,

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death among those with ALS because of decreased respiratory capacity, weakened diaphragm musculature, accumulation of phlegm and mucus in the throat and/or nasal passage, and/or contact with others who may cause or exacerbate infection.

So it makes sense that Hawking would have died that way, and further, that his wife, Jane Wilde, would eventually want out of the project, suing for “divorce” in 1995 so she could marry a living man she loved, Jonathon Jones.

It made no sense that Hawking remarried, that is, it could only have been to someone who would be happy being lifetime caretaker to an invalid. The idea that the marriage could be consummated in his advanced stages is left to the imagination, but is highly doubtful. Surely Elaine Mason, like replacement Hawking himself, was merely an actor.

in 1963 Hawking was given a life expectancy of two years. That makes me wonder if the Hawking project got its start perhaps as early as the mid-1960s, but no one has gone that route. I will stipulate that he lived 22 years with the disease even as that puts him in the upper 5% of sufferers of the disease. It is feasible, even if unlikely.

Driving down the highway yesterday I was bored and mulling this and that, and subtracted 1985 from 2018, and came up with 33, and slapped my forehead. In other words, the Hawking project ended 33 years after it began, and there’s that number again.

Brief HistoryOf course, it is not exactly 33 years – it is 32 years and 9 months (as Hawking was said to be in Switzerland in 1985 in July), but think about it. In the 1980s they must have known that Hawking was limited in years and must have planned ahead for his demise. Finding a suitable replacement would be a chore, and establishing in the public mind that the replacement was the original, as with Barbara Walters, an even bigger one. I suspect that the book A Brief History of Time, which came out in 1988, was written and published to cement in our minds that the replacement Stephen Hawking was and always was the real guy. The photo on the cover of the book became the real man … in the public mind.

It could be that having him in Switzerland in 1985 was a ruse, a way of deceiving British authorities, avoiding having to account for a death in the official records. Stephen Hawking left the country, and Stephen Hawking returned. (I do not rule out the possibility that replacement Stephen Hawking was merely replaced by replacement-replacement Stephen Hawking at that time, an ongoing project.)

So at the very least we cannot know how long in planning before his actual death his replacement was planned, but if I had to guess, I would say that something triggered the wheels to be put in motion in March of 1985, 33 years ago.Perhaps that is when he  really died. I do not  know how to check for public appearances during that time, or who to trust even if such a record is available.

But then, there is the selection of the date of death to consider. As others have noted, his date of death was an arbitrary thing, since he had already died, so selection of the date March 14th could have been anything. That it happened to be Albert Einstein’s birthday is very convenient.

35 thoughts on “A theory of everything plus one more

  1. I read most of Hawking’s “works” a few years back, before discovering the Thunderbolts “Electric Universe” stuff and well before Mathis. It was an essay about photons on a site called “NoBeliefs.com” (http://nobeliefs.com/) that re-sparked my interest in physics, dormant since high school. The paper was called “Does Light Exist Between Events?” (http://nobeliefs.com/light.htm)

    Turns out, that paper was completely wrong in every possible way, but it was still the spark for me. So I read Hawking’s crap, and reading it was brilliantly dull. It’s mind-numbingly bad stuff, full of every possible logical fallacy, assumptions piled on assumptions, and not a shred of real physics to be found. “Hawking Radiation” it turns out wasn’t even his own radiation, it was just x- and gamma rays being emitted from what “he” assumed was a black hole.

    That led me to Crothers, who dissected black holes completely, and THAT led me to question the EU guys about electricity. Turns out, not even the “top electrical engineers in the world” knew what it was. And still don’t. They’re a little better than Hawking, and I believe they’re being honest in their ignorance, but at least those guys are real people.


    1. So if I understand this correctly, science is corrupt, and the purpose of Hawking, along with Sagan and now DeGrasse Tyson, is to be the official voice of fake science.

      So what are they hiding with this charade?


      1. I think Mathis answered your question in one of his recent papers. The gist of it is that they are keeping advanced technology and perhaps “free energy” away from us by putting up a wall of B.S. science to keep us in a fog.

        There’s no shortage of actors (in the loose sense of that term) who would gladly take on any persona for the perks and privileges it brings.

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        1. I agree, Inside. At http://mileswmathis.com/NRO2.pdf Miles writes:

          “I should have said a pyramid acts like a volcano, since the volcano came first. A
          volcano is a volcano because it transmits energy from below the crust, in the form of heat, magma, fire, and eruptions. Volcanos generally inhabit seams in the crust, as is known. So they are positioned on a release point for the charge field. Heat is charge and charge is heat, so the volcano is also a major release point for focused charge. If you wished to tap the charge field, the space above a volcano would be a good place to do it. The pyramid, which is shaped roughly like a volcano, does the same thing on a smaller scale, especially if it is well placed. It focuses the upcoming charge field like a lens. The Great Pyramid is 30N for a reason. The charge field peaks at that latitude. Cairo may also be above a release point of some sort, although I haven’t studied that. Just a guess. You want to find a place the Earth is already focusing charge, then focus it more with the pyramid. In that case you will have created a little faux-volcano, from which you can draw energy quite easily. Once they have soaked us all they can with fossil fuels, they will have to tap the charge field for the rest of us. They are likely creating profit schemes for that as we speak. Although the energy should be free, I don’t expect it will be. This is why I am not too concerned about an energy crisis. All that is just fear mongering. There are so many untapped energy sources like this, we couldn’t run out of energy in a million years. And, as you see, they already know how to tap them. The tech is already in place. It has been in place for thousands of years. As for your question about the South Atlantic Anomaly, it ‘stands out’ for the same reason. It is a charge anomaly. It is pointing to another seam or charge high.”


          1. Taking a step backward from the above: http://milesmathis.com/engine.pdf

            “The galaxies have to be energized, in terms of charge, by something beyond them. As the Earth is energized by the Sun and the Sun is energized by the galactic core, the galactic core has to be energized by something even bigger, a universal or cosmic core, if you will. And the Big Bang cannot be this cosmic core. No initial explosion can provide the mechanism here, since explosions dissipate. We require a constant power source. We require a central engine.
            If some astrophysicists want to be pointing their telescopes to the farthest reaches, and want to be pushing the boundaries, they should be looking for evidence of this central engine, not looking for evidence of the Big Bang. All the evidence they have for the Big Bang has been misread, including Doppler shifts, radiation backgrounds, and so on. They need to reinterpret all this evidence in the light of the new unified field, and what we now know, or should know, about charge.
            I have no doubt that we do have some huge distant power source, but it cannot logically be the Big Bang. The Big Bang hasn’t even explained the gravity-only theory, and it cannot come near explaining the production of charge that we see.”

            To me, this is the really interesting stuff. We know we’ve got solar energy bombarding our planet all the time, and we’ve tried to harness it using photovoltaic cells, which all well and good. But if Mathis’ charge field theory is correct then perhaps there’s a way to harness that energy. Perhaps the pre-dynastic peoples of Egypt had figured this out and constructed the Great Pyramid for this purpose.
            Two things that could help in proving or disproving this notion:
            1. Excavation of the cave/tunnel system that lies beneath the Giza plateau (entry is officially forbidden to all, and has been since Herodotus’ visit to Egypt).
            2. Excavation of the recently discovered void in the Great Pyramid as well as the ceiling area where the Descending Passage and Ascending Passage meet. The so-called “Trial Passage” (thought to be a replica of the Great Pyramid’s internal passage structure) indicates that there is a vertical shaft rising from this juncture.


          2. On a misc. note, Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower was roughly deep as it was tall so a pyramid would be a double tetrahedron to gather energy from below. (A sort of Van der Graaf generator inverted tree over a subterranean river.) For fun see Joseph P. Farrell’s site Gizadeathstar.


      2. I agree that there’s something fishy going on with energy production, especially with the nuclear reactor uranium/caesium silliness for electron production. But I think a better answer regarding Hawking, Tyson (the worst of the worst), Nye, and the rest is simply – money.

        Fake science rakes in more money than almost any other scam except the militaries. Even moreso because it’s almost entirely profit, since almost no real tech, research, or work needs to be done. Look at LIe-GO and BICEP2, or the James Webb telescope that was recently in the news. (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/nasas-james-webb-space-telescope-slips-to-2020-and-astronomy-suffers/) In 2010 it was $1.5B over its $5B budget. Now in 2018 it’s at $8.8 billion? Seriously, this is a telescope. Sure it’s a fancy one, and sure it’s cool and all, but almost nine billion dollars cool? And taking how long to complete? It defies belief that this thing would cost MORE than the Large Hadron Collider – itself another black-budget money-pit for science funding.

        Hawking and Tyson are among the prophets of that pathetic religion, along with Harris and Nye and a few other lesser idiots. Musk is among them now as well. I constantly see him used as a source of scientific or technological credibility, when the guy has done absolutely nothing himself in either direction. Hawking and Tyson and “those types” . They make the need for Musk and his cohorts. It’s a contrived need, a fiction, but “the People” tend to believe in Big Science because it gave them iPhones and shoddily made Tesla cars and Alexa speakers for their homes. It didn’t, but that’s what most people believe.

        Follow the money.

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      3. “So what are they hiding with this charade?”

        A lot more than just free energy I imagine. I suspect other things, such as an Earth-Centric universe, perhaps a single universe, which would be jarring, disturbing and quite revolutionary, to the human psyche that would threaten the TPTB’s power and control (although free energy, if true, would be jarring enough).


        1. Most of this science (all?) is above my pay grade, but I have thought that if free energy did indeed become reality, our species might quickly destroy the planet in total, as there would be no bounds on our activities.


          1. “… our species might quickly destroy the planet in total, … ”

            Perhaps TPTB are keeping secrets from us for our own good to protect us and keep us normies safe since they are so benevolent and kind./sarcasm off. LOL.

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          2. What would humanity do with unlimited energy? What if the technology was so simple anyone could establish a power source in their own backyard or neighborhood? How could you organize such a society? Would there be a hierarchy, like we have now? At present, most people think money sets our limits (i.e. “If only I had more money I could live the life I want, bet the person I want to be, etc.), but money is just a proxy for energy. Our access to energy sets our limits. TPTB control our access to energy AND the money supply. In a world with unlimited, free, easy-to-generate energy could there even be a ruling class? Who could aspire to be king?


          3. I agree that our culture does more harm than good, and would probably do even moreso with more available energy. But that’s a cultural thing, not a species-based thing. We did just fine for roughly a million years.

            Free energy doesn’t equal free food. It doesn’t mean progress in any direction, either – it won’t take us to the stars. Only solid physics, real mechanics, and proper engineering can do that, if it can be done at all. Energy isn’t equivalent to acceleration or survival. Energy is matter in motion, yes, but having free energy isn’t the same as having unlimited energy.

            There will always be limits on energy. Nothing real is infinite – not a thing.

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  2. Money is certainly made with fake science but I think there is more to it than that. I doubt that those at the top of the food chain care about money for themselves. Money no longer has any intrinsic value and they can create or un-create it at will. For them, money is an instrument of control. It is used to create debt which is then used to control the debtor.

    Those at the top pull the strings in all the key areas of control and science is one of them along with medicine, food, fuel, drugs, religion, military, and others.

    I believe fake science is another part of the constant social engineering activities that we are subjected to. It is a form of propaganda. The public believes that our scientists are heroes who solve life’s problems. They think that soon we will all be free from our burdens because scientists are hard at work on the solutions.

    There was a guy named H. L. Mencken who was a satirist (among other things) and I don’t really know whose side he was really on (haven’t researched him at all) but he does have some great quotes attributed to him. One of them is:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    That’s a pretty shrewd observation , I think, and I also think that our fake scientist heroes are the ones that the public believes will “lead them to safety.”

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  3. I think ALS may be a fake/hoax sickness. I have never known anyone in my life to have ALS, has anyone here known anyone in their lifetime to have ALS.
    Posters that have a friend of their cousin don’t count as real validation on the existance of ALS.
    I browsed over Miles Mathis paper on Stephen Hawking at the beginning he talks about ALS as if it is a real ailment. I don’t trust Miles Mathis.


    1. Stevie,ALS is real. I use to work in home care and a girl in her 20s has it. She has going the clock care. I couldn’t take care of her on a regular basis because she was anal about her care. They get that way because they have no control over their own bodies so they like to control their care workers. Not saying that Hawkins isvreal though.

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    2. I echo that. ALS is very real. It’s not only that I know people of have died of it, but more importantly, I emphasize, not everything is fake! I regard it as a horrible way to die, possessed of a functioning mind but losing control of basic body functions like arm movement and ability to hold the head up. Slow suffocation is part of it, and there is no cure. At least with Alzheimers, which took my mother, she was not compos mentis. People who have ALS welcome death.

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      1. They have to constanty be suctioned or they can’t breath. It must be very painful. Its also hard to take care of patients like that on a regular basis.its very depressing to watch.


    3. Are you saying that you mistrust him because he treats ALS as real? This is a ridiculous approach even if ALS is a fake disease. Every person that doesn’t have insider information will most likely rely on a lot of fake information.I believe that most elements of civilization are corrupted. But sometimes is hard to see the corruption if you don’t study that field. Sometimes the study is not enough, you may need real life experience (after all most books are written by the system). So you cannot expect a single person to be an expert in all the booshit.

      I also get the impression that people become fundamentalists in fakeology/hoaxology. In my opinion it is not ridiculous to consider the possibility that many things are fake/hoax/fraud. To consider the possibility is ok, but to become fundamentalist is not a good result. Actually, this is possibly the main objective of the “Opertion Fantasy Land” (to borrow the phrase from Josh). You can read the article from this link for more interesting ideas https://calcifiedlies.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/the-skeleton-key-911-the-millenium-monolith/

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      1. Thank you everyone for your replies. I trust you people and I especially trust Mark. So I have changed my belief, I now believe ALS is real.


        1. Stevie, thank you for trusting me, but always remember Reagan’s speech writers’ line, “Trust, but verify.” In the end it is your own brain, your own perceptions, that count most.


        2. I do believe that ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is very real, unfortunately. When I was a kid my mother’s good friend had it – we would visit her and her family often. She was paralyzed completely, eventually lost her ability to speak and eventually died from it. She was able to live at home since her husband was devoted to her and took care of her constantly. It was a very sad situation.

          What is also bad is I think that the life science and biomedical research fields may be more corrupt than what one would think – hurting efforts to do real research to find treatments and cures for afflictions like this.


      2. Stevie, I only want to mention that my comment above was not about criticizing you. Your comment triggered some thoughts in my mind regarding my approach towards external information. This is a very broad topic and very hard to master (or at least reach a high level of mastery) .


  4. I wrote this post in 2013, two years ahead of Mathis’ post. I’m pretty sure he read my post and went from there although I was never cited for it. Meh.


      1. The key to the Hawking Hoax are the SpeechPlus (Intel) patents for his voice software covering sending of data from a teletype/computer to a remote location. They wheel him out, and type out what they want him to say.

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      2. Sterling work Pete, and very prescient. I enjoy Miles’ papers but he doesn’t seem the type to share credit. It blew my mind they could be so audacious with this Hawking business. At least it answers a question I’d had since childhood, namely how someone could live so long with ALS. Answer? He didn’t.


  5. I tend to agree with Steve concerning ALS. Such sicknesses can only be the consequence of medical poisoning during “treatments” of the school medicine. Muscles atrophy maybe the most visible symptom of this poisoning. We rarely know the medical history of this supposed ALS victims Mark and other may have known, don’t we? All people I know who became very sick ending in wheelchairs or in full care before they died before their time did spend their entire life visiting doctors. I still know such people being driven around between homes and hospitals by their family members who everybody sees as kind of heroes. You can only see this sick people being heavily sedated so they cannot complain or offer resistance. This may be a convenient way of life for people who prefer to “care” for a sick family member instead of going to work every day. Our health care makes it possible. And they still will have a clean conscience because they only do what the good doctor says. This is my view on it and I know how cynical that sounds.

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  6. I read “A brief history of time” in the early 90-s when it was heavily promoted and bookstores were full of it. Back then I tried to take it for real and tried to understand it and even discussed it with some friends of mine who still worked scientifically on their universities. I was already working for Siemens doing practical engineering stuff (electronic designs and such) and thought of myself as not passionate enough (or to stupid) to really grasp the concept. It was much later when I realized that it made no sense at all and started to question Einstein, quantum physics and all that theoretical stuff. And it took many years before I found out there are others thinking the same.

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  7. Perhaps I missed it, but no one mentioned the fact that Hawking died on Pi day: 3.14. Funny that is also allegedly Albert Einstein’s birthday. What are the chances that the 2 most famous scientists have a connection to Pi ??!! My husband is an engineer and works for a huge company and they celebrate Pi day every year with baked pies. “By definition, pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In other words, pi equals the circumference divided by the diameter (π = c/d) It is approximately equal to 3.14”


  8. “Stephen Hawking dies at 3:14 AM (Pi-time) on 3/14 (Pi-day) in the United Kingdom, after having survived 55 years with ALS. He was born on Galileo Galilei’s 300th death day and died on Albert Einstein’s 139th birthday.”

    Synchronicities like this seem to be a hallmark of hoaxes. They add an air of kismet to the event and a sort of godliness to the persons involved which the rubes seem to find irresistible.

    They really went overboard with this in regards to the JFK “assassination” with all their comparisons to Abe Lincoln.

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