Note from the Hinterland

We have been traveling and I make it a point not to use the blog as a travelogue. Sometimes in our trips I run across pertinent matters … in Paris a couple of years ago I realized that photos of American troops entering that city on Champs Elysees in 1944 were paste-ups, mere war propaganda. No such triumphic march took place. In Copenhagen I realized a shooting in the hippie district of that city was fake, and witnessed a giant and pointless show of police power. I suspected it was a real estate-minded affair, as that part of the city, Freetown Christiana, can probably support high rises and expensive restaurants.  And then there was our trip to Buenos Aires and stumbling on to the grave of Eva Peron, realizing her death was fake, and later learning that she went on to offer her birth canal to the mediocre talent Madonna.

This trip has not offered anything as dramatic. We hiked for a week or so in the Dolomites, a section of the Alps in northern Italy. We also were around World War I remnants and memorials, as fighting between Italy and Austria was said to be fierce. We indeed see tunnels and embankments, and they do dress up in period costumes on weekends and do some acting. What we could not help but notice was the as we traveled north in Italy before entering Germany and Austria was that the town names and signs all changed from Italian to German. One rider on the train told us that people have long memories. Even though in Italy, these are Germans.

The Treaty of Versailles gave that area over to Italy. To  what end? The resources of that area, the grazing and farmland are used primarily to support the people of that region. I suppose there might be mining operations that have more international importance that perhaps benefited Italian oligarchs over Germans, but we did not see any.

It made me wonder … what was the point of World War I? There were for sure deaths on the fronts in the Dolomites, though I was told that more men died of exposure than combat. We walked on well-engineered roads down steep mountains that were built during that time, and are still in service. One man I listen to on occasion, AA Morris of A Proper Gander at Propaganda, suggests that wars are engineering projects involving population shifts, destruction of old factories to make way for new ones, and movement of work forces to be where they are needed.

In other words, Japan, for example, would have been destroyed in large part in the early 1940s to make way for the Japan we know today, the industrial giant. This would have been done with full cooperation of the Japanese and American governments … and the real powers behind those poster boys.

And in World War I part of Austria was ceded to Italy. I do not know why. The  people living there seem unaffected.

15 thoughts on “Note from the Hinterland

  1. Additional info on causes of WWI and war in general: War Is a Racket by Gen. Smedley Butler and None Dare Call It Conspiracy (forgot the author’s name).


    1. Gary Webb wrote None Dare Call it Conspiracy…the truth he told, ruined his life….I will never believe he committed suicide


      1. Sorry, Gary Allen wrote “None Dare Call it Conspiracy,” Gary Webb wrote Dark Alliance that was made into the movie “Kill the Messenger”


  2. Josh pretty well disassembled Smedley … I think we ran that piece here. He was fake. None Dare … was used to advance the John Birch Society, a false front group used to reinforce the idea that communists were real. Gary Webb … remember the Zal rule. They made a major motion picture out of it … hoax.

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    1. Gary Webb’s work was so important. I hate believing that he was part of the “agenda”…shame on me for being taken in..I find it sad that there are few, if any, heroes out there. What am I thinking….I do know a few that I trust implicitly and count as friends.


      1. I got caught up in that web too, pun intended, when the original story ran in the San Jose Mercury News. That was the first time I was able to print a story from a far-away newspaper … I was amazed! Webb was thrown out there as a freedom fighter, and then fired, and then killed. It was as if SJMN operated independently, a major city newspaper. Sorry, but in real life, no major city (or minor) news outlet is independent. They were used for a psyop, part of which was to advance the idea of Bad-Bill Clinton and Mena. It was a rabbit hole. It could well be that crack cocaine made its way to the major markets via powerful engineers, but I seriously doubt that CIA needed money at that point. It would have been social engineering. But if they made such a big deal of it and Freeway Ricky, was it real? Was it maybe more like something blown out of proportion? I don’t know things, am just speculating. It looks contrived top to bottom.


  3. it was Woodrow Wilson who said, the WW1 was the war to end all wars and I think it really was. The wars after the WW1 were scripted at least in huge parts. The purpose was to replace the feudalism and aristocracy which was the status quo in Europe for many centuries with a new world order represented through the nation state. Just think of the time before the WW1. How was it in Europe? Industry was controlled by a couple families, huge masses of people had to work as semi slaves either in the industry or even worse for a few landowners in the country. This was the status quo for a long time. It took only a few decades to replace this with what we have today: Industry only seems to be privately owned but the “owners” are only a front and no longer control anything. Landowners lost their importance, everybody can be a landowner today. The life of the lowest class became bearable, no?


        1. I cannot speak to that, having only been around during the posrwar era. There is always the assumption that things were different and even better fifty years ago, but the primary education I got in the 1950s and 60s was deep indoctrination, just like now. I took one course in logic in 16 years of schooling. If they wanted us to have those tools they would have givne them to us.

          Spiritually, I suspect you are right. People tended to be more religious, not that the two are alike. The two-incime family now supports unneeded things like extra cars, daycare, bigger houses and more toys.

          And saving for the future was a virtue. It was expected of everyone. Who does that anymore?


  4. Americans can have a different perspective. USA was always an enclave and saved by definition from the European poverty. By definition because it was this poverty which made people moving to the new world. Hmm…new world vs. new world order? Does that perhaps mean, the order from the new world? From the USA? I remember poverty which we did not consider as poverty back then due lack of comparison. As kids we had to eat what was on the table. We were never asked what we want for lunch and we were happy if there was enough to feed us all which usually was. Also people had many ways to make food out of almost everything. Everything was used very carefully. Nothing was wasted. We had to wear clothes of our older siblings. This only as an example. It is now, when I compare it to the past which makes the past look like poverty. In every country the standard of living increased. And where it is not possible TPTB move people to other countries which they sell to us as moving of refugees. It takes 3 generations to assimilate foreigners. I’m sure in a few decades all this will be forgotten and today’s refugees won’t be recognizable anymore. That’s the new world. Never in the past, never in the history of humans there was such a good life. People only complain because they are overwhelmed with the opportunities and not willing to accept their own limits.

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