Batter Up

The Montana Green Party is back in federal district court trying one more time to regain access to the November, 2018 general election ballot.  While it is often hard to see the sense of what one does, I remind myself that some 10,000 Montana voters signed the petition to grant us a chance to compete with the corporate-owned parties in this election cycle.

For me, this will be the third time challenging Montana’s election laws in federal court.  We’re batting 1000, so why stop now?  Both previous victories, however, did not result in placing the name(s) of candidates on the ballot.  This time is a little different.  Green candidates were certified for the election by the Sec. of State and county clerks before being removed in July by a state judge and Democratic Party — the complainant.

My question:  If elections mean nothing, why all the tight sphincters across state and federal agencies and the MSM when a no-name, third-party candidate gains ballot access in a tiny western state like Montana?

I hope to find out the answer in November.

2 thoughts on “Batter Up

  1. I try, though I am human, to keep my opinions fluid based on evidence. While I seriously doubt Donald Trump won any but a few states, maybe Utah for one, on lower levels I see evidence that votes are counted and that the people involved in elections resort to other forms of skullduggery to affect the outcome. The 2012 Tester/Rehberg match comes to mind, as boatloads of dark money came into play, the Tester backers eventually using a cpontrolled opposition environmental group, Montana Hunters and Anglers, to route maybe as much as $2 million to influence voters to switch from Rehberg to Dan Cox, the libertarian, giving Tester a slight edge. Of course, Tester publicly scorns dark money, but he is such a lying leach that I suppose he would say anything put on a Telepropmter to gin up his gullible constituents.

    So I suspect that the backrooms were filled with people who want to see six more years of the slug/fake farmer Tester, and this year, getting Greens off the ballot was part of the strategy. This tells me that in Montana votes are counted, and Tester is a useful servant of masked interests as he carries on with his fake public persona. I detest this disingenuous bastard, you no doubt suspect.


  2. 2012 was a strange election. Tea party insurgents were fighting Rehberg and his long-time political guru, Erik Iverson. My guess is that Rehberg wanted out, and did whatever he could — without being caught “throwing” the election — to return to Billings to sell flame-broiled burgers and never play politics again. Iverson had been state Republican chairman, but quit in 2008 when tea party began challenging from within the party. Whether intended or not, he came on too late in 2012 to save Rehberg from himself and what I believe was a plan to resign with no fingerprints.


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