Welcome Gaia!

Our friend Gaia as agreed to come on board as a writer, and will be posting articles soon, perhaps over the weekend. He just emailed me that a monster storm had taken out Internet for his town, but he is back online again. I look forward to his work. I have assured him that I am not looking over his or anyone’s shoulders. I have been so busy that it is a relief to have him and the others aboard.

Blog Appearance: Next week I am going to make sure that Gaia and Annette have their space over on the left side – it is a program called “CSS” that I must use to do that, and I have good instructions from WordPress on how to do it, so both of them will soon be there on the left-hand side. Problem is, every time I have tried it so far, I have made a mess.

In the meantime, a friend of the blog suggested I update the Paul McCartney/John Halliday post and bring it current with comments intact. It is generating a lot of current interest. I will do that. I also have plans to write a post that links every interesting story we have done here over these past few years, a way for new readers to get immersed and caught up. That too will happen soon, and that link will be at the top of the blog.

In the meantime, welcome Gaia!

6 thoughts on “Welcome Gaia!

  1. Thanks a lot Mark and Annette.

    Mark described it well, although it may seem like “bombastic” or “dramatic”, the thunderstorm of Thursday night really was big, which is unusual for this tropical paradise. It knocked out the internet in my whole neighborhood for almost a day and caused a fire in a house where a family of 5 burned to death. Sadly.

    I have three parallel and interesting story reconstructions in preparation and they are all related to the US, earlier story deconstructions here at POM and have a lot of similarities, so I will post them in an alternating series. First one will be up shortly, the other two later.

    Thanks again, now I will start writing the intro to get rid of that ugly empty space under my avatar. Cheers.

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    1. In my opinion, none of these types of disasters are entirely natural. TPTB are in the process of destroying California where I live. Call me crazy, but no one throwing a cigarette out a car window causes fires that cause houses to explode from the inside…and this horrific hurricane that has caused much damage on the big island of Hawaii??? Evil at work.


      1. I have wondered about that, how easy it would be when fires are raging naturally to hire someone to run around claiming he set them, more crazy people, more fear.

        When it is hot and dry, we have fires. Thus has it always been. California is called the “Golden State” because it turns brown by midsummer. But the climate is nice, even Mediterranean in places, so people have moved there in droves. So now we have fires that before the influx were of little consequence that now affect estates and towns and cities that chose to live in harm’s way. It is an insurance nightmare for sure.

        By the way, we live in the foothills above Denver. We have had out car packed all summer with out irreplaceable stuff, fearing an evac notice. Our insurance is ghastly expensive.


        1. Fortunately, for me and my neighbors, I live about 5 miles or less (as the crow flies) from downtown Sacramento. I doubt our area is targeted since Sacramento is the capital of California. Good luck Mark, very forward thinking to have your car packed with irreplaceable items. I hope you don’t experience any reason to flee due to fire or other causes.


          1. In 2012 we were in Phoenix when we got the “pre-evac” notice and had to drive 13 hours to get home. It was March, and a pre-set controlled burn had gotten out of hand. We came back and didn’t know what to take, what to leave. We have since learned that only irreplaceables are taken, photos, documents, computer backup drives, an antique or two. Everything else is an insurance claim. I have a small box by the back door. Everything else is just “stuff.”

            This idea that people are deliberately setting the fires … of course plausible, but highly unlikely. Just as mass shootings are fake, forest fires, a natural occurrence, are real, but the idea that people are running around setting them … bullocks. They happen naturally. Why bother? We had a fire here before we moved to the area, the Hayman Fire. A young woman was distraught because she and her boyfriend broke up, and she took all his letters and made a fire that got away from her. If I understand correctly, she is in prison, though she does not belong there. That’s as close to “arson” as we come … when they woods are dry, DO NOT BURN BOYFRIEND LETTERS! Garbage collection services are so much more efficient,

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