Jonestown: Not so remote after all

The complete five-part Jonestown series:
Jim Jones: The Fake early years
Jonestown: Introduction
Jonestown: More Questions than answers
Jonestown: Not so remote after all
Jonestown: The end

When I was researching the Waco “massacre,” a light went on – that the buildings were empty, and that the whole thing was just a TV show. I laughed out loud with that realization. With Columbine, the little light told me that the SWAT unit that was mobilized was there to keep people out of the school, and not to interfere with anything inside. It was a made-for-TV-news event.

A light has gone on about Jonestown, but it is faint. Please follow along.

“Fake?” Yes, fake. As with Waco, it is the “survivors” who make it come alive. There is Stephen Jones, Jim’s son. He just happened to be in Georgetown, part of a basketball team. There is Vernon Gosney, who left his son behind and left Jonestown. In fact, we are told, 909 died on the scene, and 33 survived. Those numbers do seem to pop up in fake events. In the documentary I watched this morning, Jonestown Cult Suicides: The true Story, Jones and Gosney played significant roles. They are acting. They are still on the payroll.


The logistics of Jonestown have troubled me … how to feed 1,000 people when the soil is judged inadequate for farming. There is a dirt airstrip at Kaituma, five miles away. Everything that comes into Jonestown must come from there. Transport planes cannot land there, but in films we see a large tractor that is used to pull a trailer. How did it get there? We see land that had to be cleared by … hand? We see all of the building materials that had to be hauled in, and roads. In the photo above, the place is surrounded by roads. There are 48 units for the residents, so that they lived in pods of 20 or so.

[The red arrow points at an area that, to me, look ideal for landing of helicopters. I cannot imagine any other use for bare ground except, perhaps, a parking lot for heavy equipment.]

One thousand people have to be housed, fed, clothed. How many cooks were on duty for three meals daily? What about sewage? Did they build pit latrines as the military does? They had fresh water, we are told, from wells. Food had to be shipped in, of course.

Honestly, it looks to me like a mining operation. If that, then helicopters could be used to move people and material into the site. Large equipment in remote locations is what mining companies are good at doing.

Mineral Map

This is a map of that part of Guyana taken from the website of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. Check it out for yourself here. According to the legend, not seen here (the map is too big to reduce to this website), yellow is known gold deposits, and the gray is manganese. I added the green arrow to point at Jonestown. It is very near gold, and right in the middle of a manganese source. Both would require open-pit operations to extract the ore.

Active mineNotice the air strip at Port Kaituma. There’s another at Mathew’s Ridge. The red lines indicate four-wheel drive roads. The mining tool symbols, seen to the left here, indicate an active mining operation. There is one of those symbols right near Jonestown, obscured by the print on the map, under the word “Arakaka.”

This is a current map, and not one from 1978, but mines take years to put into operation, and run on for decades. These mines did not spring up yesterday. I would venture that in 1978 surveying and prospecting were going on, and crews were shipped in, housed, and rotated in and out for R&R, and that while they were working, they stayed in housing compounds.

So the notion that this area was jungle, uninhabited and unreachable is not true. It is primitive, but there are airstrips, mining operations, open pits, and heavy equipment that would have to be brought in on these roads.

And right in the middle of it all was Jonestown, a place that was used to house mining crews, and not cult members from San Francisco.

So that question is answered. Jim Jones and his followers did not build Jonestown. It was merely used to stage a photo-op.


I am done for today, leaving on another very short trip tomorrow, this time to Santa Cruz for a couple of days to visit a client. We will be staying in a cottage on the ocean. Life is good.

20 thoughts on “Jonestown: Not so remote after all

  1. You couldn’t be more wrong about Waco… it was a real massacre. Ten minutes into this video will reveal to anyone things weren’t right about the story and the media and lied all over the incident. A big difference there is Waco was the government murdering its citizenry… in these other psy-ops they paint leaders out to be cult icons and the populace as easily led and dangerous.


    1. Wow! You are caught up in the emotional rationing that the fake news industry is so good at pulling out of the smartest people! If just ONE news event has been proven fake, ie Sandy Hoax, Boston Smoke bombing, or the Atlanta Olympics bombing, THEN you would be naive and gullible to beleive everything you were told prior to that was a real event! If that was a real event, I assure you the news wouldn’t have been close enough to capture it all. Just like columbine, they intended for Americans to see the show!

      If you want to awake from the matrix, then you must throw you past knowledge and beliefs out the window, and dive into the facts we have to determine it’s a real event. It’s no different then examining all of the fake moon landing footage! If we had just saw the original black and white grainy original airing, then I would probably believe it was real and get upset if you questioned it. Now that we had NASA release stories about how they lost the telemetry, how they can’t figure out how to get them the Van Allen radiation belts, and that their rock samples have been outed as petrified wood, then I would be stupid to not question those beliefs I had that we really walked on the moon with technology as powerful as a Commodore 64.

      Everything must be questioned now, because if we busted them in faking multiple events, then we would be stupid to not question everything that THEY FED US on the Tell-Lie-Vision


    1. Thanks for the link… going through it now. I poked around on the Intellius site… seemed credible, found myself on there. Then i poked in my mother’s name… Gwendolyn R Mitchaner of Florida and her age is listed as 82, which would be correct… if she were still alive… she died around five years ago. Maybe i will have to purchase a full report to see if death statistics are included. Interesting that Koresh worked for the Treasury and used an alias. Also curious is the fact of the former Clinton body guards being victims.

      I really don’t have the time for deep research at the moment… but i am not really buying the idea the house was empty… i did at one time, just like most everyone else who awakens to the world. There are lies there and definitely cover-ups and our government routinely murders its populace. I look forward to more input on this story from others and i will study more into it as time allows.


      1. The SSI states “The absence of a particular person in the SSDI is not proof this person is alive. Additionally, there is a possibility that incorrect records of death have been entered on the DMF”

        An actual hard to get social security number would provide better results than just first and last names.

        I’ve been researching local people in my town, wealthy people whose close relatives, wives, girlfriends and employees, passed away months or a year or two after. I assumed some sort of insurance fraud but these people/families moved into town long ago, they started businesses that always do well, have not so normal success compared to the other locals and possibly connected to military intelligence.

        I believe fake deaths are happening locally as well, with the usual #’s (33, 47 etc..) showing up in the obituary or death notices. The more I look the more I’m find, to where i’m almost tempted to approach surviving members of these deceased and call them out. Probably not a good idea. Fantastic job on uncovering Waco, Columbine and Jonestown. Keep them coming!


        1. Faking a death is much easier if the persona of the dead person was fake as well. Dealing with a fake persona is easier if one knows body language and the tells that reveal a liar. Most of us know the basics- touching the face, eyes darting one way or another- and just listening to the person take control of a conversation and having it turn into a lecture ladened with logical fallacies and false equivalencies to sell a whopper are indicators of a spook at work.


      2. I have four members of my family who had died the last time I checked SSDI, and two of them were not present. I took that to mean that it is an imperfect source. Also, when looking for Laurel Canyon fake deaths, the ones that were in SSDI usually had hokey Social Security numbers, laden with 33’s and 47’s and the like.

        So SSDI must be used as evidence, but combined with other evidence to be of better use.


  2. I believe that North Korea is a complete fake: A fake enemy to create fear and justify large military budgets, which are skimmed by TPTB.


      1. as for USSR, the country really existed and still does in some changed form and people there had a very low standard of living until the end of the Eastern Block. The same probably applies for NK. I’ve seen an episode of a series called “Departures” where two young men travel around the world to unusual places. They also went to NK once and showed a quite regular life there. I think this entire project NK will be closed soon. The point is, their funny “Leader” has to play his role in the current NK for the people inside. So this is an ongoing play. “Leaders” of the Eastern Germany were also real persons back then. I’m not sure about the victims within the more or less fake opposition but no system can be 100% tide and people sometimes make mistakes. So I won’t claim, that nobody got killed in the Eastern Germany.


  3. Finally. And don’t bother survivors. I have a previously close friend who may have faked their death after an investigation but I am no more informed about the facts than you might be. I hope they are living happily somewhere but I can assure you they do not send postcards. If other survivors are as confused about the whole thing as I am then you would just be torturing them by asking.


  4. Miles Mathis by the way just published a paper on Stephen King written by one of his many alter egos calling himself Donny Joel Osmont. No kidding. The content is the usual, playing with names and relatives, deriving far fetched conclusions, consequently avoiding the important things. SK was always called Master of Horror which made me wonder because his books are more about mystery. I expected something different under the label “horror”. I’m convinced he really wrote the most of his books if not all of them himself. Somebody had to write them anyway. And many of them are really good stories with convincing plots and characters. He seems to be contracted to invent stories which stimulate the fear in our imagination. Many were filmed and usually not in the top blockbuster quality. It’s mostly B-movies, no? Some of his ideas were then used for fake events. For instance, his Mr.Mercedes is about a psycho who drives a car into a crowd of people waiting to apply for jobs killing many of them. Other mystery stories are just great stories. “Needful Things” for instance is a great read. What I’m trying to say is, there is this fear business around us which feeds us constantly with all kinds of fear and has to be supplied with news and stories. SK works for them as all the media people do. One way or another. As long as nobody gets hurt, it is fine with me. Sheep have to fear the shepherd and they depend on him at the same time. So do we.


    1. 100% correct … this paper has all the same verbal tics and favorite idioms of the person who writes/final-edits the papers published under the name “Miles Mathis.” But the pretense of DJO being a different person who merely copies the “Mathisian methodology” is pushed pretty hard.


      1. 100% correct, not even 99% or 95%? So is MM a committee or not then? Memories misused?
        I did find Osmonts in New England genealogies, but Donny Osmont must be a joke name.


          1. this “most dangerous book” is but another misdirection supporting the idea of an inside job. We know it was a hoax. We watched some sort of “Independence Day” all day long while the towers has been secretly demolished. It went fast, left lots of dirt but saved the owners lots of money and time. The same scheme happened recently in Genoa with the collapsing bridge. If such ruinous objects had to be regularly taken down, it would cost lots of money and time and paper work and protests from all sides. Now they can do it as they want not following any protocols and everybody will be happy because it is so dangerous if it stays and people “already died” and such.

            Liked by 1 person

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