Jason Batchman

I cannot believe that I have watched this guy over the years and only now realized he is a Bokanovsky Brat – Jason Bateman. It is late and I don’t want to go through the whole process of making a Gif, so maybe just a face chop will do it. It is not precise, as the others have been, but the thing that grabs me, as always, is the hairline.


Damon Bateman

Bateman has thinner lips, a more squared jaw, and a slightly more bulbous nose, but the eyes and eyebrows line up, the ears and chin … almost but not quite and yet so close. Where others line up precisely, this one is skewed a bit. The hairline is precise.

I have been watching the series Ozark, which he is said to have produced, and I am thinking yeah, just like Damon and Affleck “wrote” Goodwill Hunting. The brats have their projects handed to them on  a platter, as I see it, chosen for fame. Ozark, as I read it, is designed to influence us in the belief in Mexican drug cartels, as opposed to well-known international corporations, controlling the world trade in opium and its derivatives – street heroin and pharmaceuticals.

I first became aware of Bateman on a series called Arrested Development, a very funny series that was batted around until it landed on Netflix. My daughter recommended it. It serves to pass late evening hours.

34 thoughts on “Jason Batchman

  1. Alfredo Dudley Bateman Quijano was a famous Colombian engineer, obviously not a Colombian surname (father’s side). His second name is also a surname, from his great-grandmother, Louise Jane Dudley, from the peerage:

    Alfredo Bateman is Roger de Somery, Baron Dudley’s (1190-1273) fourth cousin 23 times removed.

    More Batemans:

    James Bateman, Lord Mayor of London and Governor of the Bank of England.

    John Bateman, who is also a Spencer.

    And of course Patrick Bateman, breakthrough of Christian Bale (and a good movie for sure).


  2. I was always wondering when I read that busy actors still have time and energy to produce and direct movies or even write books in the same time. They don’t make the impression of workaholics on me. Eli Roth is another example. Or Seth MacFarlane. Just check their IMDB entries. They produce, write, direct and play. Maybe they need the money. Seth MacFarlane looks similar to Leonardo Dicaprio, no?


    1. ‘English, Maltese, small amount of Scottish, 1/16 Swiss-German, 1/32 Swedish, 1/32 Danish’.
      The Swenson name is also in Michelle Williams’ line. Small world, Hollywood


    1. Yes! Just glance at his ‘wiki-bio’ and it screams spook city. We know Laurel Canyon was a breeding/meeting ground in So Cal. Where (besides say Bethesda MD) would the equivalent be on the East Coast?


  3. The Batemans read like a lower case Cassavettes clan. Jason’s father is a writer/producer/actor/director. His sister, Justine, has the same number of slash marks. Bateman’s: It sounds like a brand name label and anything done within that brand is assigned to one of the family members whether they actually earned those credits or not. IMHO, and such.
    The Douglasses (Michael/Kirk) and the Waynes (John) operated their family business in a similar fashion. No surprise. What whelp of an actor wants to sell shoes?
    Now that I read that question, I wonder if the kids that don’t want to be part of that hypocrisy really do descend into drugs and early death. They would not be allowed to sell shoes. Bad image to attach to the brand.


  4. Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear made a 2003 movie called “Stuck on You” in which they play conjoined twins from Martha’s Vineyard.


  5. Seth McFarlane is dead ringer for Peter Brady from Brady Bunch. Btw when did Seth’s spaceship land? All of sudden POOF there he was. Like the Wilson brothers Owen & Luke out of thin air onto bigscreen as if tele-transported from wherever. AND what of those Dopplegangers down the road ala Steven Hawking. I wonder sometimes if TPTB say hey it’s time to bring in another Mickey Rourke because he won’t come out of his room. Then either Mickey steps aside for Doppleganger or TPTB say okay you won’t step aside? Fine you SOB. After we drug you against your will you’re going to wake up with a face that looks like mashed potatoes then showcased for the world to see. Happy now? Name 3 actors whose plastic surgery worked on. I’m thinking it’s form of punishment. I’m also thinking obviously there’s more than just one type of batches not just Da Man’s. Has to be.


    1. FINALLY! Someone ‘gets’ the plastic surgery is PUNISHMENT for not following the script to the letter. Mick’s movie Angel Heart? What did his character do? He had plastic surgery to hide from the debt collector. What was due? His soul. Life posing as art. What do TV & the one dollar bill have in common? Everyone has both at all times & are loaded w/signals/symbols lost upon the masses,


  6. Henry Rollins. A stand alone thread for this juiced fake. That whole DC Hardcore ‘punk scene ‘of the ’80’s is teeming w/military parents just like LC of Dave McG found.


    1. It would be interesting to read about these connections. I enjoyed much of the music of the Laurel Canyon scene and so was interested in McGowan’s work, but punk and heavy metal and rap and all of that is beyind my pedestrian interests. And anyway, McGowan himself was a spook doing a gatekeeping tasks, letting out some knowledge, the spook connections, but protecting the essential insider knowledge, that the multiple deaths of these “musicians” were fake. Then, in a closing act worthy of Shakespeare, McGowan exits the scene with his own fake death on 11/22/15. Note the date.


  7. What was the motive for the spook’s to have Dave McG do his thing? I mean it’s clear we that do this hobby are quite few in number. How long has Miles Mathis (13-13) been around now? I went ot his link & the stoires are scrambled w/ numbers & letters. Is that on my unit?


    1. What is the reason for a limited hangout? It seals the door, letting out some information but holding other information tightly secret. McG let it be known that the Laurel Canyon musicians all had Intel connections, but stopped right there, not letting on that all of their deaths (and I mean all) were fake.


      1. I have never understood that idea. People who are investigating these things are generally curious, despite the ones who stay in a certain belief.

        Haven’t “proven” “limited hangouts” as Alex Jones, Judy Wood, David Icke, Velikovsky, and others not been part of the journeys of “us”? But many people look beyond those names and their points. So how effective is that strategy then?

        And like I said about McGowan; why does there need to be a bad intention behind not questioning if these people really died? When you write books you have A) a closed chapter, you can write sequels, but the work is done once it is published (other than websites) and B) you have built a clientele and made yourself dependent on that income. Going into speculations if these people of “the Canyon” really died will turn a lot of readers off.

        I am grateful (haha) he mapped out the Intelligence links, so others can focus on the question if those people are really dead (haha).


        1. One thing that argues against your points is McGowan’s own foreshadowed and spooky death (11/22/15). I say foreshadowed because he made it a point to chain smoke what were probably non-tobacco cigarettes in public appearances. Then, when he dies of lung cancer we think “Yep. Saw that coming.” [This is also why I suspect the rock stars who died of drug overdoses were probably not even users. It was just done for foreshadowing.]

          And he didn’t do even basic research, like consulting the Social Security Death Index or attempting to interview the people he wrote about. That sounds more like he was handed a script and was told to put his name on it.


  8. Coincidence is always possible. 11/22 is one if the spookiest days, as 11+22=33 and it is the 326th day of the year (=11). I don’t know why you want to believe in McGowan. His book on serial killers was also a limited hangout. His moondoggie work was derivative. [So as was Boston Marathon work.] His Lincoln work missed the big picture. Everything about him screams (present tense) spook.


  9. I am not a pro Dave McG. I ask WHY would they bother to produce him to do damage control this long after the fact. Nothing interfered w/their goals then, or presently. So what does the DMcG perspective really do? I see two subjects that are dismissed & waved off on all the threads here. That is obvious. Moonbeam Jerry Brown is STILL a player untouched. That is Daddy Bush juice right there.


    1. Being in the wrong side of the curtain, I cannot answer the “why?”. I can only suggest this is what happened. Looking at the body of work from the man, I see nothing new or original until Weird Scenes. The more basic question is what is the purpose of a limited hangout? It is to control information and opinions. But the American public is so well under control that it cannot be for general consumption. It has to be for a select minority, perhaps of people not so deeply brainwashed as the average American, like us? We might require some select techniques, and Weird Scenes might have been set up to misdirect maybe a few who were onto the game, just to make sure they did not get too deep into it. He even starts out the work by making note that the Intel connections of the rock stars had been spotted by others, and he was only following up.

      So McGowan, if he did any original work at all, was told he could release certain details that were going to be revealed anyway, but to stop inquiries at that point, as the knowledge that the deaths were fake (and that some of them took on new public identities) had to be contained. It was a gatekeeping effort, this far, no further, a limited hangout.


  10. ‘He even starts out the work by making note that the Intel connections of the rock stars had been spotted by others, and he was only following up.’ Good call.

    Tina Weymouth, of Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, ecc., is the daughter of ex-Vice Admiral Ralph Weymouth – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Weymouth

    Tina’s brother Yann, was previously was married to Lally Weymouth, a daughter of Katharine Graham, a former publisher of The Washington Post. They divorced in 1972, and had two children:
    Katharine Weymouth, former publisher for The Washington Post
    Pamela Alma Weymouth, writer for HuffPost


  11. I watched The Headless Ghost (1959) yetserday, an old British movie with two US actors, one of which looked remarkably like Kiefer Sutherland, same blond hairdo as well. His name was David Rose. Early brat?


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