A new batch?

This latest batch came about because Stephers noticed a strong resemblance among three men, seen below.

They are, left to right, actor Scott Bakula, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and actor Ben Stiller. Most times mere resemblance does not pay off in face splitting, as our eyes are not terribly reliable. But Stephers saw something that turned out to be real. See below.

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Gaga for Winehouse

Ab and I had quite a discussion about my face splitting techniques. He wonders why they bother repurposing anyone, say, Janis Joplin becoming Amy Goodman. I would venture a guess that they have a talent inventory on everyone, and when they see that they do not have enough talent to sustain a career in one area, they are moved to another.

Amy Goodman, for instance, used to be Janis Joplin, who we found to be a set of twins seen to the right and below. “Amy” is the one on the right here. Far from being a manic on-stage rocker (seen below), she is laid back to the point of being what I call the “Queen of Dour.” She was obviously not going to be able to carry on her part of the Joplin act, and the “Janis” down below probably was not seen as sustainable either. Why not just retire them both, be done with it?

Dave McGowan listed 60-70 deaths of rockers and actors in his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, perhaps all fake, maybe Ricky Nelson’s and Phil Hartman’s real. They did indeed retire them before and after Operation Chaos culminated in in the Manson affair. Most have not been seen again, though I know they are/were still with us after.

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In defense of face splitting …

If you want to jump ahead, I have with the help of a blog commenter come upon an article  in which author Karen Leibowitcz that implies (actually, seems quite certain) that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the love child of the late Cuban premier Fidel Castro. I am going to take issue with that based on my own knowledge and experience in studying faces. But before doing that, I want to offer up a defense of the technology that I developed and use, and will use for Trudeau and Castro, called face splitting, or face chopping.

Quite some years ago I learned that in our late teens our skulls are fully formed, and will remain in that shape for the rest of our lives. The only exception that I have seen to this rule (there are probably others) is that ALS can cause skull deformities. Miles Mathis wrote a paper (dated 4/17/15 – it is a PDF and I am unable to link, so search for a paper titled Stephen Hawking Died and Has Been Replaced) claiming that Stephen Hawking died in 1985 based on the following language in Wikipedia:

During a visit to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening; he was so ill that Jane was asked if life support should be terminated. She refused but the consequence was a tracheotomy, which would require round-the-clock nursing care, and remove what remained of his speech. [ 55] [ 56] The National Health Service would pay for a nursing home, but Jane was determined that he would live at home. The cost of the care was funded by an American foundation. [ 57] [ 58] Nurses were hired for the three shifts required to provide the round-the-clock support he required. One of those employed was Elaine Mason, who was to become Hawking’s second wife.

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The Rock Hudson affair

One of my childhood memories is being taken to an outdoor movie theater, Motor View, by an aunt and uncle, to watch the movie “Giant,” starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. I was probably seven years old, and had no business watching that movie. It was incredibly boring, but I think aunt and uncle were charged with taking care of me for some reason, and they wanted to see the movie. I was just assigned back seat duties.

Yesterday I went to read the synopsis of the movie, and I couldn’t get through it. Bored again! The reason for my interest was having just read the last chapter of the book Virus Mania, titled Rock Hudson Gave “AIDS” A Face, and Virus Hunters Godlike Status. I’ve been reading this book off and on for a long time now, having to get away from it now and then because the crap that has gone down in the fields of epidemiology, medicine and virology is so ghastly dishonest and criminal. That they get away with their crimes with utter impunity makes reading about them tortuous. But I did it, got through it, knowing all along that the last chapter was about Rock Hudson.

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The Charlie Sheen Group

The path of discovery has been exciting these past years, from the day I stumbled on to the Miles Mathis site until today. There is always some strange phenomenon not before encountered and begging for explanation. I do not consider the fact that I do not have an explanation to be a problem. Maybe someday I will, or maybe someone will trip by here and drop a comment that clears things up. But for now, I am content to be in the dark, knowing what but not why.

The Charlie Sheen group is a name I gave to some movie stars whose faces are so like Charlie’s that were it not for other features like hair color and date of birth, I might think them the same people. First I am going to go through the list, and then at the end speculate about what is going on.

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Fun with faces – Dr. Andy Kaufman and Edward Snowden

The above images are of Dr. Andrew Kaufman, the man who has become a de facto leader in the anti-Corona movement, and Edward Snowden, the man said to have hacked the files of the National Security Agency as an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. This post will not go into details of that incident other than to refer the reader to this post by Jon Rappoport from 2013. JR will bring your level of incredulity up to appropriate levels.

In the podcast/interview I did with AB of Fakeologist, Markus Allen*, whose website is Escape the New Normal, mentioned that he thought that Snowden looked a lot like Dr. Kaufman. I had never seen such a resemblance, but promised that I would look into it. First, a little bit about my methodology.

*Markus denies offering this information, as does Ab. If that is the case, I do not know where I got it.

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How does he live with himself?

Regular readers here know that I maintain lists of what I call “Bokanovsky Brats,” movie stars and at least one athlete who bear remarkable resemblance to one another. One group is called the “Matt Damon batch,” after the lightly-talented actor who’s had far more success than his face, acting and “writing” skills warrant. (He and Ben Affleck were credited with writing the script for the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting. I do not believe it.)

One member of his Batch is quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.


I cannot speak to Brady’s skill as a quarterback other than noting that the Patriots, while sitting atop the league since 2001 and suffering low draft picks, still managed every year to assemble a Pro Bowl-caliber line to protect this slow-footed GOAT. Some sort of magic, fraud or fakery must be at work there.

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Perceptions gone awry

“I also noted that the painting of DiCaprio outside of his house made him look almost exactly like Jack Nicholson. Most of you probably missed that, but I didn’t since I have written about it previously. There is a theory online that Leo is Jack’s son, though I didn’t come up with it. In that paper I guessed that they were related, but probably not as father/son. However, I read this latest reveal as Tarantino telling me I was wrong. I think he is telling us that Leo is indeed Jack’s son. That’s just my gut reaction, but as you may know my gut has proven to have amazing powers of perception.” (Miles Mathis, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

I have not seen Once Upon a Time, and am not familiar with the scene he is talking about. I would have left this alone, as I have no personal beef with Miles and like much of his work. However, that last line about “amazing powers of perception” left me with jaw dropped perhaps two inches. It also sent me to my photo files, as Leo DiCaprio is, or was, listed here as a Matt Damon lookalike.

All of this work from the past few years is collected in various files, so I can very quickly run faces side-by-side. It has been a while, but I did some work, and the problem that I encountered was that DiCaprio was not lining up well with Damon or any of the other Damon match-ups. He is, however, in near perfect alignment with Jack Nicholson.

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Odds and ends

Just a few matters here, some loose ends to clear up.

A writer using the pseudonym Dagen D. Proveritas submitted an essay at the Miles Mathis site called I’ve Been Considering Matthew Shepard and I Believe His Murder Was Faked. It’s a good piece of work, a bit longish for my taste. Because it is Mathis, Mathew is linked to the actors Sam and Cybill Shepard. On what evidence? The last name. However, there is no mention of anyone being Jewish.

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Resolving the Tokarski Phenomenon


Preface: Before I begin, I would like to introduce myself to Piece of Mindful readers, since this is my first post. Mark personally asked me to give writing a chance, and I am more than happy to oblige him. A little about myself…I will be 30 years old in a matter of days, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (graduated summa cum laude), and I possess knowledge in a wide variety of areas due to a lifelong passion for interesting information. Those who know me often say that I should sign up to be on “Jeopardy!”. In terms of Myers-Briggs personality types, the best fit for me is INTP, “The Logician” or “The Thinker”. I have always had a great admiration for the Sherlock Holmes character, and I apologize in advance for the number of times I will likely reference Holmes in making a point. My mind works very much like Holmes’s does in the stories. I refrain from social life to a large extent (by choice), and I am almost completely unplugged from modern popular culture. Although I own a TV, I rarely watch it. The only radio I listen to is BBC World News, and I do not follow any modern pop music. The only form of media I am interested in is film, and I have always been a big fan of Stanley Kubrick. This is all I will bore you with about myself…

My purpose in this particular article is resolving what I will call the Tokarski Phenomenon, named after the owner of this blog Mark Tokarski and his extensive catalog of work surrounding facial alignment. Just so that it is clear what I mean when I say “the Tokarski Phenomenon”, I would like to define the term. The Tokarski Phenomenon is defined as the excessive preponderance of facial alignment doppelgängers amongst Western public figures. Whether we are talking about “batches” such as the Damon Batch and Katy Perry Batch or the “twins” that Mark has written about extensively, the underlying phenomenon is basically a prevalence of facial alignment doppelgängers amongst public figures far outside of that which statistical norms would forecast. In this article, I will not only show that existing explanations (both common and uncommon) for this phenomenon are wholly inadequate, but I will also provide a strong case for the true explanation for this curiosity termed “the Tokarski Phenomenon”.

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