Nazionism Part 2 – Meet the Boss

One of the most iconic, to the present day, participant in the Nazionism Plot was of course the fashion designer for the Nazi uniforms, Hugo Boss.

Born in Metzingen, close to Stuttgart, back then a town of about 5000 people, but already a center of the textile industry. Those of us who have read Miles Mathis’ articles know how wealthy jews dominated that industry for long. And Hugo Boss, not included in his overview of jewish Nazis, was no exception. I looked into Boss just a few weeks before MM released his jewish Nazi paper, now a bit more on him.

First, Wikipedia, that has an amazingly short article for someone this influential in today’s “fashion” industry:

Boss joined the Nazi Party in 1931, two years before Adolf Hitler came to power. By the third quarter of 1932, the all-black SS uniform (to replace the SA brown shirts) was designed by SS-Oberführer Prof. Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck (graphic designer), who had no affiliation with the company. The Hugo Boss company produced these black uniforms along with the brown SA shirts and the black-and-brown uniforms of the Hitler Youth.

In both the mainstream and the con-trolled “Dolfy hero” story presented to us, it would make sense for “Aryan” Germans to pick the most “Aryan” of people to design their uniforms. After all, that was the message so carefully crafted by Jewseph Goebbels, an excellent student of Eddy Bernays.

But of course, as happens all the time in this Nazionism plot, they selected a jewish designer to fabricate the uniforms for their “antisemitic army”. Hmm…

Honestly, he doesn’t look German at all, more like mixed-race Chinese…

Hugo was the son of Heinrich Boss (no genealogical information, but see below) and Luise Münzenmayer. Münzenmayer/maier/meyer is a jewish surname, see these examples:

1 – Otto Münzenmayer

Germany, Index of Jews Whose German Nationality was Annulled by Nazi Regime, 1935-1944 (in German)
NAME: Otto Münzenmayer
BIRTH: 26 Apr 1916 – Gerliswil

2 – Arthur Münzenmaier Wahl

Surname meaning for Wahl

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German Walhe, Walch ‘foreigner from a Romance country’, hence a nickname for someone from Italy or France, etc. This surname is also established in Sweden. North German: from the personal name Wole, a short form of Wol(d)er (see Wahler). Norwegian: habitational name from any of several farmsteads named Val, from Old Norse vaðill ‘ford’, ‘shallows’.

3 – Doris Münzenmaier

Jewish Family Service of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren counties meeting highlights

Special recognition was given to “Unsung Heroes” of JFS including […] and past and present front office staff; Doris Munzenmaier…

4 – Cecilia Münzenmaier

Roles: Author, Editor

Voices of the Holocaust( Book )

What about his father, Heinrich Boss?

Not to be found, even Hugo doesn’t appear in Geni, which is strange for such a famous man, but another Heinrich Boss (who might be a cousin of Hugo, contemporaneous with him) does:

Immediate Family:
Son of Johannes (((Oppermann))) and Anna Gela Boss
Husband of (((Selma Sidonia Koch)))
Father of Bruno Boss
Managed by: (((Rachel Barnum)))

Opperman(n), or Opferman(n) (=victim man) is a jewish surname, the Koch family is a famous jewish business family, jewish first names and jewish manager (related to magician PT?)…

But this is all conjecture, we are not responsible for our ancestors and coming from a jewish family in and by itself is of course irrelevant. True. But let’s look at Hugo’s choice for his wife, from the German wiki, equally short article:

Im Jahr 1908… heiratete er Anna Katharina Freysinger.
In Switzerland, there is a politician of the Zionist Geert Wilders type, Oskar Freysinger:

Freysinger was questioned about this he denied that he was the “source of the remarks” and said that he was in fact an ardent supporter of Israel. Indeed, he has in the past expressed his support for Israel in much the same way Geert Wilders does,

“Our party has always defended Israel because we know that if Israel disappears, we would lose our front-line of defense. . . . As long as the Muslims are focused on Israel, our struggle will not be difficult. But the minute Israel goes, they will come after the West.”

What about the past? Readers interested in the subject of jewish power across the world know there have been early and ongoing efforts in the rich markets of China (silk, opium, spices, etc.). Especially Shanghai, the biggest port in the world, was a hotspot for jewish merchants:

While a Jewish community has existed in Shanghai since the late 19th century, the first large wave of immigrants came in the 1920s and 30s, as thousands of Russian Jews fled the Bolshevik Revolution for the more business-friendly foreign concessions in Shanghai. A decade later, the mainly Russian and Sephardic Jewish community was supplemented by tens of thousands of Ashkenazi Jews from Europe, who fled during the early stages of Nazi rule in Germany.

Another desti-nation for the ones who luckily didn’t perish in the impossible chambers of Reinhard…

And onwards, via the Shanghai Ghetto:

Many in the Polish-Lithuanian Jewish community were saved by Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul in KaunasLithuania. They managed to flee across the vast territory of Russia by train to Vladivostok and then by boat to Kobe in Japan. The refugees in number of 2,185 arrived in Japan from August 1940 to June 1941. Tadeusz Romer, the Polish ambassador in Tokyo, had managed to get transit visas in Japan, asylum visas to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, immigration certificates to Palestine, and immigrant visas to the United States and some Latin American countries. Finally, Tadeusz Romer arrived in Shanghaion November 1, 1941, to continue the action for Jewish refugees. Among those saved in the Shanghai Ghetto were leaders and students of Mir yeshiva, the only yeshiva in occupied Europe to survive the Holocaust.

Similarly, thousands of Austrian Jews were saved by the Chinese consul-general in Vienna Ho Feng Shan, who issued visas during 1938-1940 against the orders of his superior the Chinese ambassador in Berlin, Chen Jie.

Little Vienna, in Hongkou/Hongkew, Shanghai:

Visitors, including Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Gerhard Shröder [sic] and all Israeli leaders, are shown a video inside the offices of what was once the headquarters of the Zionist Youth League.

What has this to do with Hugo and his wife?

To provide education for Jewish refugee children in Shanghai, Sir Horace Kadoorie established the Shanghai Jewish Youth Association (SJYA) School in Hongkou. Meanwhile, Ismar Freysinger, a German Jewish educator, set up Freysinger’s Jewish Elementary and Middle School to offer access to education to more Jewish children.

With a picture linked at the US H Memorial Museum.

Surely we would expect, in the mainstream view of “the Good Allies” versus “the Bad Nazis” that the one who supplied the uniforms for the Nazis would be punished for it, right? Well, as we will see further down the road with so many of the Nazi big shots, Hugo Boss didn’t have to fear, he was “denazified”, wiki:

After World War II, the Denazification process saw Boss initially labeled as an “activist, supporter and beneficiary” of National Socialism, which resulted in a heavy fine, also stripping him of his voting rights and of his capacity to run a business. However, this initial ruling was appealed, and Boss was re-labeled as a “follower”, a category with a less severe punishment.

Namely; none. Only that his son-in-law was denied ownership of the company.

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  1. Very intriguing. I’m reminded of a scene from the 2006 romantic comedy film “The Holiday” in which Jewish actor Eli Herschel Wallach, who plays Arthur Abbott, a famous Golden Age Hollywood screenwriter, says to Kate Winslet’s character, Iris Simpkins, “I like this Hugo Boss, he cuts a nice suit.”

    How much more ridiculous will the history surrounding the Nazi party get?


  2. Speaking of ‘nazi’, is it a fact or fiction that G.HW poppy Bush is dead? Or was it a faked deal to scurry him away from warrants due he & H. Kissinger? Was he really dead sometime before the official time & date stated? Was he ever swapped for a double long ago. Was he really C eye aye since the ’50’s? That NWO is likely a red herring, even though what 80% of the masses have now idea what N W O means other than those wrasslers back in the ’90’s?


  3. Signing up to follow comments here. I was just reading the conclusion of a long book regarding Velikovsky and a conversation he had with Albert Einstein regarding Howard Shapley, a vicious critic. Einstein first advised Velikovsky to extract humor from the whole affair that was bordering on hysteria over his work. He then advised him to “spread the mantle of Jewish neighborly love over him, however difficult that might be.”

    I see this, I sense this about the Jewish people, a cut above ordinary people in their depth, scholarship, humor. I don’t get upset at the shenanigans, do not understand their involvement in Nazism, do not imagine they were massacred as history says they were … it all seems like an elaborate joke they share among themselves. I have no problem with the Jewish race, even admire them.


  4. Jewish race, like all race = fake. Only one race, sorry. All else is nations and man-made (fictional) laws to divide and control — enslave.


  5. Races of course exist; they are defined by biology. This policor “there is just one race” bullshit is just like the “you can choose your gender, because it is just a social construct” BS. No, we cannot choose our biology and genes and physiology show there are races (and many blends of them) on Earth.

    Thing is that “jews” is not one of them. There is no “jewish gene”, it is an invention. We also have far too much time in history missing (which indeed may be invented; the 1000 year cut in history some people theorize) where there is no information on genealogy, there is the Khazar theory, etc.

    Mark, I don’t know what is so admirable about the foundations of judaism. The Talmud is a book full of hate against non-jews, the attitude of “a master race” (no surprise the Nazis copied that idea from the Zionists) and their ongoing scheming, usury and intrigues infiltraiting other countries to make them do the task of “Zion” I don’t find admirable at all.

    The thing is that it of course is not all jews who do this and that many common people who appeared to be jewish were victim of these tricks. But that the oligarchic psychos of this world are heavily disproportionally dominated by jews is no coincidence.

    I think circumcision is one of the triggers for psychopathy, the most horrible act to a young baby boy to perform. Then the Talmud, the indoctrination by jewish “leaders” and the fact they lacked a homeland for so long, doesn’t make jews as a whole a favorable group of people. Again; the bad deeds of quite many among them do not affect the good deeds of the minority, but to look away from the facts out of policor fears, is not truth seeking.


    1. Would anyone like to open a can of worms?

      Who is a Jew?

      Public Opinion

      “The 2013 Pew Research study of American Jews found that 62% thought that being Jewish was mainly a matter of ancestry and culture, while 15% thought that it was mainly a matter of religion. Of those who stated themselves to be Jews by religion, 55% thought that being Jewish was mainly a matter of ancestry and culture, while two-thirds thought that it was not necessary to believe in God to be Jewish.[70]”

      Historical European definitions

      “The traditional European definition of Jewishness (although it was not uniform across Europe) defined a Jew as one belonging to the “Mosaic faith”. That is, a Jew was someone who practiced Judaism.[71] The definition gradually changed in the beginning of the 20th century due to the emergence of racial ideology.

      The European definition is traditional in many respects, and reflects not only how the Europeans saw Jews, but also how Jews saw themselves.

      In the former Soviet Union, “Jewish” was a nationality by law, as with other nationalities such as Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians and others. There were certain restrictions on their civil liberties in the early years of the Soviet Union.[72]”


      “The modern genealogical DNA test of ethnicity is certainly a non-religious definition of ‘who is a Jew?’ as increasing numbers of persons discover their biological and cultural origins outside the traditional religious setting.[73] The top two Jewish haplogroups for the priestly families, Haplogroup J-M267 and Haplogroup E-M215 (Y-DNA) have genetic origins in the vast Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, the Horn of Africa, and the Levant, which indicates a more complex cultural genesis and potential identity.”


      1. I have shared him before here, but this professor has a very good talk about this exact subject, titled “Why I stopped being a jew”, I think his arguments are strong and solid, more than the very much politicized flip-flop “definitions” Wikipedia (heavily skewed in pro-jewish editing) provides:


    2. Gaia, I have known and admired so many Jewish people, professors, doctors, one in particular that changed my life for the better. If you drive up North 27th Stret in Billings, MT, you will pass by the Alterowotz Gym, part of a college campus. Shorty Alterowitz was a PE and health teacher, but influenced so many lives they memorialized him by renaming the building. My overall experience with Jewish people has been that they are wise, well educated, full of humor. Ever been to a Jewish wedding?


        1. This blog has lost me on the Jew issue.

          Weren’t the Bolsheviks and Communists who destroyed Germany and Russia mostly Jewish?

          Surely not all Jews are malevolent, but I see a trend in their history and teachings. Ever read the Talmud?


          1. You make a good point, and maybe a larger one than we are talking about here, one that others have brought up. The idea that “Jews” are present in every war, psyop, peerage family could be just misdirection. They carry a heavy burden, but if misdirection, then the question is who are these families and where did they originate? Leave the Jews alone.


          2. If the Jewish misdirection issue could be elaborated, that would be helpful.

            I do have an issue with Miles Mathis with his fixation on Jews: Just because someone has a big nose does not mean that they are Jewish. I know plenty of people that have big noses who are not Jews. His analyses in his various papers border on the comical regarding this issue IMHO.

            Also, the inheritance of similar facial aesthetics within families can be a crapshoot and random. Even in my own extended family, there are two female cousins, one is quite attractive, even at an older age, and the other one not so much, but they have the same biological parents. Their faces appear very dissimilar. Looking at them side by side one would never think that they are biological siblings – just something to think about and keep in mind regarding facial analysis.

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          3. Why is that “misdirection”? What is the alternative explanation then and what is your back-up evidence for that?

            Doesn’t it make much more sense that The Hidden Hand (a great book about jewish power by the way) puts their own families and “chosenites” in place, rather than some non-jewish entity nobody knows suddenly placing jews in key positions?

            You state “leave the jews alone”. Why “the”? As far as I can see here nobody is claiming it is “the” jews. Your doctor, friends and family are not the subject here, are they? Why do jews deserve some special treatment, be safeguarded against criticism?

            I understand you went through 30 more years of programming than me, but I have had this programming big time back in Holland. Isn’t the purpose of truth seeking to de-program ourselves from these silly ideas?

            Mark, I am not going to post them here, but you can find a plethora of comments by jews about us, the goyim sheeple, that would make your blood boil. And not Joe Jew on the corner, but influential rabbis and other powerful people. Barbara Spectre is merely one of those freaks.

            If someone would say about jews what they say about non-jews, they would be immediately silenced and prosecuted for “anti-semitism” (a nonsensical term anyway; semitic refers to a language group), but why in the world do we need to safeguard and swallow founded criticism against those who display “anti-nonsemitism”??

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      1. I haven’t been to a jewish wedding, but I have been to a muslim wedding, no alcohol as it was sharia. I was the only white guy among 800 blacks.

        Good you have positive experiences with jewish people, but is that relevant to what we talk about here?

        Does the fact I had a good time at a wedding in a sharia country mean anything for the hundreds of years of Mohammedan conquest with the seif, submitting the peoples from Marrakech to Makassar to the quran and its strict rules and severe punishments?

        I know many good catholic people. Is that relevant when we talk about the Inquisition, the crusades, the papal influence in Europe; scheming, stealing and submitting?

        It is undeniably true that jews dominate the areas of power; banking, govern-mind, social engineering (Frankfurt school, cultural marxism, Hollywood, mainstream media, etc.), and many more. That fact asks for explanations, don’t you agree?


  6. Please, let me clarify. Race

    RACE, noun [Latin radix and radius having the same original. This word coincides in origin with rod, ray, radiate, etc.]

    1. The lineage of a family, or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock. A race is the series of descendants indefinitely. Thus all mankind are called the race of Adam; the Israelites are of the race of Abraham and Jacob. Thus we speak of a race of kings, the race of Clovis or Charlemagne; a race of nobles, etc.

    “Thus, all mankind are called the race of Adam;…” So, consider the source. Creation, man’s origin, is not overcome by man-made, artificial, scientific subdivisions — not in Nature, at least.


  7. Now these recent comments? Clarity. You have a admiration for a group of folk that claim to be ‘gods chosen people’ (the rest are goy) and the catholic church (your brother a priest) that claim they are ‘gods church’ here on earth.


  8. No, not confused at all. The jew claim to be chosen (supreme) same as the catholic, ‘chosen’. That is a lie told by both. To hold sway over the gullible. And it is working for them both. Their numbers do not lie, the only truth from either.


    1. Exactly, it is this idea of “the chosenites”, that binds Nazism and Zionism into Nazionism. And the false idea that “jews are a race”. The Nuremberg Laws, defining according to racial theories who was and who wasn’t jewish in the Third Reich, were copied from Zionist “laws”. It is make-belief, scientism.

      So anyone jumping on that bandwagon and claiming “jews are a race”, is playing in the field of just those we must criticize (here).

      In that sense steve kelly is right; race is used to divide and conquer, and it is that part of the equation that is wrong. But acknowledging there are races, based on biological characteristics an sich is not “divide and conquer”. An East Asian, with the typical mongoloid features as eye shape, lack of body and facial hair and generally small hips is clearly different from a black Nilote or a Swedish blonde. There is nothing wrong with pointing out those differences. Once you start using those differences to deny certain people certain rights, then you cross a boundary.

      The same with women and men. It is clearly true that men and women are biologically different, with different features. Does that mean you have to treat them differently in a legal sense? Does it mean one is “better” and the other is “inferior”? No, of course not.

      But it is just that, what makes Zionism and Nazism so eerily similar; they both boasted a superiority complex, and as a result deemed others inferior. In order to do that, they had to invent races that don’t exist; Jews and Aryans. Most jews belong to the Caucasian race, as the typical blonde-blue eyed Aryans do too.

      For those interested in these concepts of race (or more specifically haplogroups; genetic biology), I can recommend following the YT channel of Masaman, he makes very interesting videos about all kinds of peoples, cultures, genetic differences and their mixtures, his latest:


      1. Caucasian is no less “made-up” a category as any other. It is a title. Is there anything good about a title? Does a title not imply superiority over the other? It is man-made law, in opposition to the Law of Nature, that directs our focus, and permits the use of such differences to create hierarchy and division. It is said that no two are identical. The possible divisions based on biological difference is infinite. Why favor skin color? Why not sort by height, or by nose length? There are no “right” categories, IMO.
        Nations and religions do this to control their (debt slaves) property and for money. There is no other upside. This road does not lead to liberty or freedom.


          1. Guard my ranch from what, or whom? What if I want to leave my kids with a her, in stead of a him? Infinite choices confront us. We must choose, and choose wisely based on (hopefully) wisdom, passed from one generation to the next without corruption by words USED (weaponized) to distract, deceive us — keeping us from life’s simple pleasures.


          1. Stereotyping is one of their best tactics. Pointing one of then out (when guilty as sin) and what is the 1st thing they say? “you are an ANTI-SEMITE” and that labels you unfairly.

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  9. You are new to this area of research. I felt that. They say that the spoils go to the victor’s. Who came out on top from the WWII theater? Ever look into WHY the Pope had so much contact before the WWII w/Dofy? And that nothing happened to them but the German civilians died by the millions AFTER the war at the hands of Russia & USA/GB?


    1. dear Motorhead, you’re very mainstream even though you mostly prefer the controlled opposition side. All those stories about millions of deaths in both wars are just this: stories. I stopped believing in all this long time ago although my own family was affected. One of my grandfathers had to work in a Russian Gulag and was released 1946 and came home walking from Russia which took him two years. As for the Nazi uniforms, every show needs costumes. The today’s nazis or neo-nazis in Germany prefer Thor Steinar designs. It is a well known “secret” where this ideas come from. All extreme right neo-nazi leaders are well known spooks working for “der Verfassungsschutz”, which is the German equivalent of the CIA. Some of them has been extreme left anti-fashists previously, some of the extreme left leaders has been extreme right previously. It’s a small family there.


  10. “Hitler was a Hero then? ”

    Yes. Hitler was a hero.

    (Hitler did not have a big nose, so he could not have been a Jew or a Jewish agent (or a gay Jewish actor for that matter).)


    1. “Yes. Hitler was a hero.”

      You’re joking, right?

      The “Aryan defender” Dolfy didn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor German people bombed to ashes in 61 cities, he even didn’t bother to visit them. He was busy carrying out the Zionist plan to establish Israel and function as the strawman puppet for centuries to come for everyone who questions jewish power in the world, or mass immigration according to the plans of Coudenhove-Kalergi, a buddy of Karl Haushofer, the Nazi jew who coined “Lebensraum” and “Geopolitik”…

      His brother, Max Haushofer (author of the controlled opposition pamphlet “Der Ewige Jude”) wrote for Maier-Rothschild:,204,203,200.jpg


        1. Yes, Carolyn Yeager is parroting the Hitler Hero Story.

          The words (that is all they were) of Dolfy were that he was “against Bolshevism”. And that may indeed be true, but he (was) set up to create another collectivist and dicktatorial regime.

          The opposition between Fascism/National Socialism and Marxism/Bolshevism is nothing else than the staged feud between “Democrats” and “Republicans”.

          Donnie Trump, a good friend of the Clintons, who allegedly had “Hitlers” (and Hess’s) book on his bed table, is the perfect example of such ongoing controlled opposition clowns. Or take Tim Osman (“Osama bin Laden”) and his family with the Bushes. Talking about them, we have the Prescott Bush link with Hitler of course.

          Undeniably, the Nazi Propaganda Machine, led by Bernays’ student Jewseph Goebbels and (((Abraham Goldberg))), known under his fake name Julius “Der Stürmer” Streicher (Thibault Erikson has just published a good piece about him), was very well scripted. So much that (((Hollywood))) actively participated in the scam that (((Dolfywood))) was:

          The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler

          To continue doing business in Germany after Hitler’s ascent to power, Hollywood studios agreed not to make films that attacked the Nazis or condemned Germany’s persecution of Jews. Ben Urwand reveals this bargain for the first time–a “collaboration” “(Zusammenarbeit)” that drew in a cast of characters ranging from notorious German political leaders such as (((Goebbels))) to Hollywood icons such as (((Louis B. Mayer))).

          At the center of Urwand’s story is Hitler himself, who was obsessed with movies and recognized their power to shape public opinion. In December 1930, his Party rioted against the Berlin screening of “All Quiet on the Western Front,” which led to a chain of unfortunate events and decisions. Fearful of losing access to the German market, all of the Hollywood studios started making concessions to the German government, and when Hitler came to power in January 1933, the studios–many of which were headed by Jews–began dealing with his representatives directly.

          Urwand shows that the arrangement remained in place through the 1930s, as Hollywood studios met regularly with the German consul in Los Angeles and changed or canceled movies according to his wishes. Paramount and Fox invested profits made from the German market in German newsreels, while MGM financed the production of German armaments. Painstakingly marshaling previously unexamined archival evidence, “The Collaboration” raises the curtain on a hidden episode in Hollywood–and American–history.


          1. “Yes, Carolyn Yeager is parroting the Hitler Hero Story.”

            Do you think that Carolyn Yeager is controlled opposition or just a naive dupe?


          2. I don’t know and I don’t really care. She as a person is irrelevant. It is about the content.

            It was this Hitler Hero Story, portrayed in the 6 hour long video “The Greatest Story Never Told” that made me open my eyes on Nazionism; the movie was good in showing the atrocities committed by the Allies (of course silenced in our “education”), but bad in proving why supposedly “Hitler was the good guy”. Actually, the exact opposite; it showed to me how much he was con-trolled by the same forces.

            Then I went to research this topic further for years and I have seen all the “excuses” the Nazi lovers come up with to free the Nazis from their “mistakes”.

            On Fascism/National Socialism “vs” Marxism/Bolshevism, by the way: both Hitler and Mussolini started off as communists.

            One could say they were “young and naive”. Or, rather, they were rescripted into playing a different role in Europe, the other of the two baddies, from which as a Phoenix, the Western Allied “freedumb and democrazy” would rise as the victor.

            Everything points to the latter. Especially when you put the words (propaganda) of the Third Reich against their actions (speaking louder…). They didn’t care for the German people at all. They didn’t “free” Germany and the occupied countries of jewish usury (see Anthony Migchels), they failed on every front in the war (see the links in Part 1), while (techno)logically they should have slamdunked everyone (admitted by all parties) and they were more busy caring for hundreds of thousands of normal, working class jews (the Hitler fans can only come up with 1 (!!) Rothschild who was allegedly imprisoned, but conditions improved, the poor ultrarich fella, on instigation of Himmler himself!) while their “Aryan” brethern were sent to die on the fronts and the people who stayed home, their cities were bombed to smithereens, again unguarded by the Nazis who were playing sandbox in fecking Tunisia.


          3. Excellent piece, steve, thanks!

            The headline in The Daily Express of March 24, 1933 indeed is what Nazi lovers tout as to why Hitler was so anti-jewish and why he was “right” to be that. They, just like the tabloid itself, make it sound as if Jews Hate Germany, so Germany should hate jews.

            But the Jewish Congress, where this boycott and “declaration of war”, was made, consisted of just 1500 members. Obviously 1500 people can never speak on behalf of 15 million. Just like the United Nations Congresses do not represent “the whole world view”, no matter how much as they claim to do so.

            Then the answer of Nazi Germany; a one day boycott back to “the jews” on April 1st! Only a fool would take that seriously…

            The view of the article you linked is right and important to quote here:

            To the Zionist leaders, Hitler’s assumption of power held out the possibility of a flow of immigrants to Palestine. Previously, the majority of German Jews, who identified themselves as Germans, had little sympathy with the Zionist cause of promoting the ingathering of world Jewry to Palestine. But the Zionists saw that only the anti-Semitic Hitler was likely to push the anti-Zionist German Jews into the arms of Zionism.

            “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

            …although the majority of German Jews refused to consider the Zionists as their political leaders, it is clear that Hitler protected and cooperated with the Zionists for the purposes of implementing the final solution: the mass transfer of Jews to the Middle East.

            Clever use of the term, and indeed, that was the plan all along.

            Thus one sees a radical fissure in world Jewry around 1933 and beyond. There were, first, the non-Zionist Jews (specifically the World Jewish Congress founded in 1933), who, on the one hand, demanded the boycott and eventual destruction of Germany. Black notes that many of these people were not just in New York and Amsterdam, but a major source for this also came from Palestine proper.

            On the other hand, one can see the judicious use of such feelings by the Zionists for the sake of eventual resettlement in Palestine. In other words, it can be said (and Black does hint at this) that Zionism believed that, since Jews would be moving to the Levant, capital flight would be necessary for any new economy to function.

            The result was the understanding that Zionism would have to ally itself with National Socialism, so that the German government would not impede the flow of Jewish capital out of the country.

            It served the Zionist interests at the time that Jews be loud in their denunciations of German practices against the Jews to scare them into the Levant, but, on the other hand, Laqueur states that “The Zionists became motivated not to jeopardize the German economy or currency.” In other words, the Zionist leadership of the Jewish Diaspora was one of subterfuge and underhandedness, with only the advent of German hostility towards Jewry convincing the world’s Jews that immigration was the only escape.

            The fact is that the ultimate establishment of the state of Israel was based on fraud. The Zionists did not represent anything more than a small minority of German Jews in 1933.

            On the one hand, the Zionist fathers of Israel wanted loud denunciations of Germany’s “cruelties” to the world’s Jews while at the same time demanding moderation so that the National Socialist government would remain stable, financially and politically. Thus Zionism boycotted the boycott.

            For all intents and purposes, the National Socialist government was the best thing to happen to Zionism in its history, for it “proved” to many Jews that Europeans were irredeemably anti-Jewish and that Palestine was the only answer: Zionism came to represent the overwhelming majority of Jews solely by trickery and cooperation with Adolf Hitler.

            For the Zionists, both the denunciations of German policies towards Jews (to keep Jews frightened), plus the reinvigoration of the German economy (for the sake of final resettlement) was imperative for the Zionist movement. Ironically, today the Zionist leaders of Israel complain bitterly about the horrific and inhuman regime of the National Socialists. So the fraud continues.

            So, playing both sides: using the (planted) antisemitism of the Third Reich as a tool, but reverting it partly so that the German economy would not suffer, providing capital for the German jews to move to Palestine.

            That is also why the antisemitism was directed at the normal, working class jews, the ones posing no threat to Germany or the occupied countries; they were “Mark Tokarski’s doctors”, the working community, well-integrated in their respective countries. They didn’t even speak Hebrew, as that language was almost dead in those days.

            While the real criticism should have been focused on the Jewish Elites of the day; the banksters, the fraudsters, the industrialists, etc. It was those indeed that stabbed Germany in the back with Versailles.

            But it was them, and Hugo Boss was just one of them, who were embraced by the leadership of the Third Reich.

            Hjalmar Schacht was made Minister of Economy in the Third Reich. This Freemason banker spoke Hebrew. And as that was a near-dead language, he was not the average jew, but akin to rabbis and other experts of Judaism. No human being not related to judaism would speak Hebrew, not even most common jews knew that language.

            The war was against the normal jews, both real (they were kidnapped from their homes, put on trains, put in camps, and transported out) and staged (Kristallnacht and other antisemitic events), while the Elitist Jews (who indeed were largely responsible for the destruction of the German economy and societal breakdown) were taken in as collaborators.

            His-story cannot really repeat itself, as that would require history to be something that has free will, but we see the same thing happening in the post-9/11 world; while the people are being set up against common muslims, the Elites keep doing business with each other (Bushes and Bin Ladens as just an example).

            It was and always is the Elites from both sides against the common people (us) from both sides.


      1. My reckoning has K. Haushofer as the lead author of the Mein Kampf committee. His pet student was R. Hess. Haushofer’s geopolitics are a lift from Halford Mackinder’s empire of the sea rationale for the Commonwealth. Haushofer simply reimagined a land based empire to put Germany in charge.
        Hitlergruber was nothing more than a sock puppet.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow indeed! Ka-bam indeed!

      The above ^^^ all passes the sense test. Everything clicks into place when you understand this.

      Great work Giasphere and Steve. Can’t wait for the rest of this series
      Best wishes

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  11. Hitler was an actor, not different to Donald Trump or Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. All we are being told about Hitler is a scripted story. Nothing of it is for real. I’m not even allowed to say this aloud. Is this not proof enough?


  12. Lots of great Nazionism connections made in passing about “Pearl Harbor” (the Lusitania of World War II) by Tim Kelly and Joe Atwill:

    The New Deal = “The Jew Deal”, starting with (((Bernard Baruch))). Masons, jews, psychos, one big bunch of conspirators lusting for money, power and perverse profitability.

    As steve kelly pointed to, The Marshall Plan should be covered next. The “Wise Man” instigating that deserves his own post.


    1. “It rhymes, so it is true” is a Dutch saying, and funnily enough the car reference is apt here. The Volkswagen (the “people’s car”) is one of the two (the Autobahn = highways the other one) things pro-Nazis like to tout as “good things the Nazis accomplished”. And yes, as an effect they were. But the purpose was not “being good”, the purpose, as always, was military (the Autobahn was built to have great highways for the military equipment, indeed revolutionary in their time, but with a dark purpose) or business (the Volkswagen, still around today, of course was good in creating an affordable car for the people, just like that of the other -staged- “antisemite” Henry Ford was).

      It is Eddy Bernays in its core. As linked in the OP, Jewseph Goebbels (his second marriage was to the woman from the BMW company, see Vexman’s -deleted from the Blogroll I see now?? Even if you don’t agree with him as a person, as I do too on MM and his “science”, his research deserves linking- research about BMW, Baruch, Renault and -Dutch jewish- Citroën) admired Bernays. And yes, he was his “best” student…


      1. Hitler had a Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche designed the Tiger II.
        Wiki – ”After the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I, he (Porsche) chose Czechoslovakian citizenship.[8] In 1934, either Adolf Hitler or Joseph Goebbels made Porsche a naturalized German citizen.”


  13. Highways built to land planes, need not explain—-Your’e right on course—-The wall on which the prophets wrote ,is cracking at the seams. Upon the instruments of death,the sunlight brightly gleams. when every man is torn apart with nightmares and with dreams–“Who” will lay the laurel wreath–when “silence” drowns their screams ? confusion will be our epitaph, as we crawl a cracked and broken path–knowledge is a deadly friend , if no one sets the rules–and the fate of all mankind I see, is in the hands of “FOOLS”.


  14. If Dolfy Hitler was NO agent…

    …why did he FAIL to protect the “Aryan” people being bombed to ashes in 61 cities, up to phosphor in Hamburg and horrible deaths in Dresden while he had all the equipment and manpower available, rerouted to provide swimming pools and orchestras for normal jews?

    And more relevant questions, which can be found here.

    The mainstream narrative died with H Mystery Revisionism, the Nazi narrative died with Revisionism 2.0; Nazionism.


    1. I went to see a footy match in Liverpool, a friendly, may be a decade or more ago. And there was a person there who put forth the notion that Adolf used to support Everton. He, Adolf, watched Liverpool while he was there in 1911, stood with the rest of them, and then this person’s old pa or someone taled him round to being a ‘Blue’. May be it was an analogy, from red to blue, who knows, I didn’t have my BS-detector with me at the time, but after the game a bloke passed me with his bald head painted jet black — from a-far he looked like he had a full head of hair. People are strange.


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