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I have instituted a number of bans on commenters. Please take time to read this, especially if you are one of the ones affected.

In the commenting policy you will note that bans are not permanent. I will lift all bans on January 1, 2019, with the following caveat: There are no longer “comment threads.” Instead, we will have “discussion threads.” The rules are simple: Be firm, fervent, thoughtful and polite.

I am the primary writer here, and this only applies to my posts: If you want to change the subject, go right ahead.

I have routinely in the past lifted all bans at certain points, and only one is permanent. A man came in here one time and insulted the memory of my late brother Steve, a Catholic priest, claiming he must have been pedophile. That was as low as a person can go, as never a hint of scandal ever got within a mile of my brother during his distinguished career. In fact, his PhD was written on the subject of screening candidates for the priesthood to filter out the bad apples. Yes, his name was Dr. Fr. Steve.

So yes, there are unpardonable offenses in the discussion section, so far, only that one. Even Gaia will be set free on January 1st, this even as he now claims that I am “batshit crazy.”

I object to the use of that term, “batshit”.

17 thoughts on “Discussion threads

  1. Hi Mark…thanks for the update!! I for one can attest to the fact that you are not “batshit crazy”. You are an honest man with human faults like everyone else!! Much respect, Annette


  2. I’ve noticed Gaia has commented on topics that are no-go here at Truth-Zone, may be that’s the real reason he left…?

    I go to Roma for holidays so — Buon Natale!


  3. Mark bitchslap Gaia WWE style up and down Batshit Street before he starts your 5150 crazy train campaign. I’m totally serious. To place taking pity on Gaia’s of the world ahead of one’s own self-preservation is a sucker’s bet. Abuse rewarded or excused is abuse reinforced. Society’s Gaia’s are best helped with a series of backhand boogies. Abusers require a permanent reminder of why it’s not okay to abuse before they’ll even consider stopping. Think scars. I guarantee you Gaia already has an appointment scheduled for you to get yours red circled on his calendar. Beat him to the punch.


    1. This would be the purpose of flat earth … a ludicrous proposition by itself, but when placed aside real scientifically based skepticism about fake events, it discredits both. It’s a deliberate strategy.


      1. Tell you what, Mark. To set the record straight. I’m no spook, or anything else and I’m not trying to disrupt your blog. I’m just a musician whose been around since the 60’s who happened to stumble across your site and liked it. I have played in bands you have heard of, songs you have heard of, with credits to my name you have heard of. I never penned a hit song on my own,But I played on hit songs with credits to my name for collaboration. I have done extensive studio work as a session musician with the late Great Duane Allman in the Muscle Shoals studio along with many others. I have toured extensively all over the united states and around the world and I’m still touring to this day. and I would like to meet with you, if you agree. I will be in the Colorado area in the early spring. We can meet in a very public or private place on your time… if you agree to this, just say… “The Twain Shall Meet”


        1. They say “The pen-is mightier than the s’word” though some could argue that “the eraser” is an oft-used weapon and in some instances just as mighty! Seems to me that the official story of The Allman Brothers has a few holes in it.


          1. WDA,
            Yes! Like erasing everyone’s immune system. The Allman Bros. is, of course, much more fun, most speculators would agree. “But, is it popular?” The great self-censor of our time.


          2. Right, They started as the “HOUR GLASS”…and I was there to help sift through those “holes”. though they did it all on their own.


        2. Trigger Man,

          We shall assume then that you were at the Funeral for Duane Allman?

          Now, being a guitar player and songwriter I know that it seems there is no end to the learning of the instrument and the craft of writing and my opinion is that it takes about 20 years to master a single instrument, though certainly great works can be written by dedicated individuals and each of us has a different capacity for learning and inspiration. I began playing the instrument about 33 years ago mostly as a hobby, though I have probably played about 100 live shows over those years. According to the Official story, Duane Allman picked up the guitar at age 14 and died at age 24, so maybe 10 or 11 years of playing and at one time Rolling Stone had him ranked as the 2nd greatest guitar player of all time, behind only Jimi Hendrix, who is ranked #1 by many, yet is not even in the top 10 IMO. Rolling Stone now has Duane Allman ranked 9th greatest of all time.

          “I’m the famous guitar player,” the late Duane Allman said, “but Dickey is the good one.” (Dickie Betts ranked #61 by Rolling Stone)

          The only Allman Brothers song I ever played was Ramblin Man which came out in 73, though I have heard many of their other songs. I am now inspired to learn Layla because that is one of the best riffs ever and it seems to me that the contribution of Duane Allman on that song is underpromoted. IMO he transformed that song into the hit that it became. Every time Clapton plays that song he should preface the tune with a mention of Duane Allman’s contribution.


          1. WDA, Back in the 60’s while still in school. playing in bands and trying to figure out what to do with my life, like everyone else. I met a good friend, Danny Klein in Worcester,Mass. He was going to college there. He was the Bass player with a new band he had joined called J.Geils. He introduced me to a friend of his named Jimmy Hall who would latter go on to form a band called,”WET WILLIE” that had some success with a song called “keep on smiling”. in 1968 jimmy introduced me to Ricky Hall, owner of “FAME” Studio. it was there I was hired as a session Musician. and it was there where I met Duane Allman. in 1968 Wilson pickett came into “Muscle Shoals” lookin’ for some pickers to play on his album. Duane suggested doing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. They thought he was crazy because it was a big hit for the Beatles,But Duane proved them wrong. it was a hit for Wilson ,also. That’s when Wilson pickett gave Duane the name “SKY MAN”. because Duane shot for the sky. His nickname was Duane”The Dog “Allman…and that’s when he became known as “Sky Dog”. Duane’s improvisational skills were beyond belief. we pushed each other and that’s why I like to believe I helped him push toward his dreams. unfortunately he never got to reap the fame and fortune of it all. The last time I seen him was in Buffalo NY, in 1970 after he formed the Allman Bros. They ended up getting screwed out of some money when a club owner from Aliotta’s lounge only wanted to pay them $500 out of a $1ooo for two sets. Twiggs Lyndon their road manager flipped out and stabbed Aliotta to death and went to jail for 18 months. Duane died in 1971. The album they recorded live at the Fillmore east exploded and the rest was history…and yes, Eric Clapton along with everyone else should pay tribute to Duane and give credit where credit is due. “My last memory of DUANE”…Muscle Shoals studio was an old building “a show room for coffins”where they sold caskets when Rick Hall bought it and converted it into a studio. By the time Duane left he brought it to life…The last thing we did together at Muscle Shoals… look up, “Duane Allman & Boz Scaggs, Loan me a dime 1969”


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