Bees die, we die

Honeybee populations have been dying off at an alarming rate for over a decade now. As researchers look for answers, it is becoming more likely that whatever “effective strategy” emerges to save bees, may in turn save man (man and woman) from extinction too. 

Over 30% of the national bee population has disappeared and nearly a third of all bee colonies in the U.S. have perished in less than a decade.  At the current annual rate of decline, the estimated financial loss is somewhere North of 30 billion dollars a year. I have seen no figures yet for the 2018 Farm Bill, but in 2014 the USDA responded with a paltry $3 million “investment” in farmer aid, which won’t scratch the surface of the breadth and seriousness of this largely man-caused pandemic.

Some 130 fruits and vegetables are cross pollinated by honeybees.  Wild bees, when combined with commercial bees trucked all around the country for pollination purposes adds up to an estimated 80% of all food crops in the United States – that’s close to $40 billion worth of agricultural produce annually, or put another way, 1/3 of food we eat.

A combination of factors account for the dramatic loss of honeybees, including increased use of pesticides especially in the US, shrinking habitats, multiple viruses, poor nutrition and genetics, and even cell phone towers, and the parasite called the “Varroa destructor,” a mite found to be highly resistant to the insecticides that US beekeepers have used in attempts to control the mites from inside the beehives.  

Adaptation, people!  Plus, there are new virus species being discovered. Research continues, but has not nailed down the cause(s) of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

The direct link to pesticides and government abdication is particularly disturbing.  Not long after the Varroa mite was first discovered in 1987, Monsanto, Bayer (new owner of Monsanto), Dow, and other chemical corporations aggressively pushed genetically modified (GMO) insecticides and herbicides onto the bee industry, claiming these new-breed chemical compounds would surely remedy the parasite invasion. GMOs weakened the bees’ natural defenses, giving the parasite ever more advantage as the “mystery” drags on, and on.  In the 1970s, Monsanto began mass-producing an insecticide called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) from genetically altered corn, which when ingested by bees, binds to receptors within the bee’s stomach lining.  Over time Bt’s effects keeps infected bees from eating.  Death by starvation. 

Of course, Monsanto categorically denies causing damage to the bee’s natural resistance to parasites, as regulatory agencies and Congress yawn, and the worldwide bee population continues to crash.  

Here – right here, right now – is where you and I need to think about what GMO corn and other chemical compounds are doing to the lining of OUR stomach and intestinal tract. What is preventing us all from being attacked with compounds that compromise our immune systems? This is not a drill. You are being systematically poisoned, killed slowly for maximum “treatment” and profit, bled like Maasai cattle to feed the shareholders of these criminal enterprises.

Flunkies (partners in crime) in government do nothing but study the problem, but take no action to stop over a decade of mass extermination. 

First exposed in 2007, CCD began affecting bee hives all over North America. Initially, (Bacillus Thuringiensis) Bt transgenic crops were suspected.  But ccording to the USDA, “Genetically modified (GM) crops, most commonly Bt corn, have been offered up as the cause of CCD.  But there is no correlation between where GM crops are planted and the pattern of CCD incidents.”   Each time Monsanto and agribusiness interests are implicated in yet another environmental or health scandal, did the USDA ever tell the truth? Was there ever immediate action to protect the victims of corporate crime?  Not on your life.

Another class of insecticide called neonicotinoids causes poisoning not just of one bee, but the entire colony.  Bees take contaminated nectar and pollen back to the hive, creating a highly toxic hive environment affecting all the bees. Toxic hives compromise the central nervous system, which caused disorientation and bees too sick to fly. Europe and Australia now have laws banning the sale and use of bee-killing insecticides, which probably saved the bee populations from total extinction from CCD.  In the U.S., to date, nada, zip, zilch.

“One U.S. study found 35 pesticides and fungicides, some at lethal doses, in the pollen collected from bees that were used to pollinate food crops in five states.”

“Another study found bees that contacted pollen contaminated with fungicides ended up three times more likely to get infected by a parasite closely associated with Colony Collapse Disorder.”

According to Science News, annual losses between 15% and 20% can be absorbed by most beekeepers. However, from April, 2016 through March, 2017, hive losses across the U.S. ran closer to 33%.

Feeding bee colonies with high fructose corn syrup (probably contaminated, weakening the immune system), instead of its natural self-made food is another contributing factor. Industrialized bee farms seek maximum honey yields and maximum profits, leaving no honey for the bees to consume during winter months. Corn syrup (ethanol) in your gasoline – a good way to kill a lawnmower or chain saw. Junk food (corn syrup) for bees. Junk food for humans.  Kill, kill, kill. 

Efforts are underway to ban neonicotinoids in Oregon, Vermont, New Jersey, Maine and California.  I’m rootin’ for you guys.  Montana, well, maybe when hell freezes over.  We’re too busy trying to ban yoga pants. Just in time to meet the new boss: the Bayer-Monsanto conglomerate.  Monsanto brought us death via Agent Orange, heroine and GMO fake-food.  Bayer, on the other hand, has the drugs we’ll need to counteract Monsanto’s toxic pollution, and are responsible for neonicotinoid insecticides that’s killing bees and threatening the global food system.  

“Somebody give me a cheeseburger.” (From Living in the U.S.A.) – Steve Miller

Another (yawn) USDA report on declining bee populations was just released. It recommends collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders. You can’t make this shit up.  When confronted with ultra-stupid stuff, I like to apply the duck test.  If it looks like a military operation, swims like a military operation, and quacks like a military operation, it probably is a military operation.  And guess who’s on their hit list?   You and me, and honey bees. 

28 thoughts on “Bees die, we die

  1. Here is a story that I am currently working on with a bunch of other stuff on corrupt science: In the 1990s Noam Chomsky wrote about micro-encephalitis among Brazilian newborns at alarming rates. These are children born with very small heads. The problem at that time had been traced to Monsanto chemicals, so nothing was said. However, a new virus, ZIKA, was later invented to take the blame and get Monsanto off the hook. The full power of the medical bureaucracy fell in line behind ZIKA, now claiming it even causes Epstein-Barr (mononucleosis). Anyone who steps out of line or does real research on the problem is automatically out of the mainstream and has no access to funding. That is how science is done in this incredibly corrupt country.

    So too with bees – they are going it have to invent a new virus before anything is done to fix the problem.


  2. Vaccine = virus. Get in line, Zika. “Doubts are growing about whether the world’s emergency stockpile of 300,000 Ebola vaccine doses is enough to control future epidemics as the deadly disease moves out of rural forest areas and into urban mega-cities.” 300,000!

    This is a bio-weapons war against life on Earth. The immune system can only take so much, and then, the host dies.


  3. And trusting a vaccine to be a cure? Who invented these diseases? Who makes these vaccines? Who is the crew that pushes the Fall season ‘flu’ shots? But they are not singled out much. Due to cunning ‘hate laws’ we self censor ourselves. Fear of the dreaded labeling of being a Phobia/Anti is a brilliant way to govern folks today. Facts be damned, you know the numbers do not lie. But they do lie, its in their bloodlines. Good old messenger boy of the elite Heinz Kissinger quoted in part something like ‘control the food & you control the people”. I noticed a shear drop of the grasshopper & frog populations the past 20 years as well.


      1. Yes, if only a small percentage of the population would realize that Trump is an ACTOR playing a part the outrage at his “stupidity” would cease and maybe some progress would be made at discovering the real culprits in this F’d up hellhole we live in.


      2. That reminds me, the proofreaders on the MM committee need to pay more attention before publishing. In “The War of the Worlds: a new view of an old con,” the first publication on the website on December 20, 2018 contained this final passage:

        [Miles: Turns out it is far more than even they ever imagined. Turns out we are like those large-mouth deepwater fish that gulp down thousands of gallons at a time, or like the goats who will eat anything, including tin cans and soda bottles. See the French term for this – gobemouche – which Miles has mentioned before…]

        The edited, final version on the website contains this final passage:

        [Miles: Turns out it is far more than even they ever imagined. Turns out we are like those large-mouth deepwater fish that gulp down thousands of gallons at a time, or like the goats who will eat anything, including tin cans and soda bottles. See the French term for this – gobemouche – which I have mentioned before…]

        Can you spot the committee’s slip up?


        1. Or MM could be one of those people with big egos that annoyingly refer to themselves in the third person when talking or writing. LOL.

          Why do some people refer to themselves in the third person?:

          “Trump talking about himself in the third person reflects his perception of himself as being a larger-than-life character in the world stage.”


  4. Steve, Fantastic article and so important!! You really hit this one out of the park. It would be nice to see the buildings of large pharmaceutical and agriculture conglomerates stripped of their research labs and turned into housing for the homeless and disenfranchised. These asshats need to be stopped and as you said, nothing but yawns from Congress and other aspects of government as the revolving door continues to turn as high-level government appointees work for “we the people” and then turn around and serve on the board of crapholes like Monsanto (I refuse to remove their name from my memory) Dow, DuPont etc….Donald Rumsfield and aspartame comes to mind.


  5. Steve-

    Assuming you’re correct that it’s an intentional “military operation”, how do they or their lackeys avoid it? Maybe a tiny elite have their own private farm food supplies, but many or most 1%ers would surely be exposed somewhat. Not to mention their poor relations in the 10%, whom they might feel some concern for. Or fear reprisal from if those immediate subordinates learned of such being done to them.

    Or is Whole Foods with its outlandish prices offered as a kind of sop to that class? “Avoid genocide… If you can afford it!” Assuming WF is genuinely safer and not just marketing…


    1. We are all “exposed.” Military personnel are the most vaccinated, and eat the most contaminated food, and probably the most overexposed to radiation of any subset on the planet. I do not know what the 1%ers eat, or if they avoid being poisoned by hospital staff. If you know any such animal(s), please ask a few questions — excellent questions, by the way — and report back. We love “crowd-sourced” wisdom. Never too many researchers.


      1. The closest thing we can get to an answer is a multiple choice:
        a) many presidents have organic gardens with personal chefs.
        Not to say that presidents are anything special. They are called Impersonal Puppets in the Protocols of Szion.
        b) the controllers look like human but are not, therefore plutonium is like peanut butter and agent orange is a breakfast drink.
        This is not biologically improbable. Streptomycin was discovered and released as an antibiotic after the failure of penicillin. It lasted about a year before bacteria started using streptomycin AS A FOOD SOURCE. It is established that GMO crops like Roundup Ready are incapable of growing in natural soil under natural conditions because they required the flooding of chemicals for them to complete their unholy maturity.
        c) there are simple fixes for what we are all subjected to but does not seem to harm them.
        This is not an endorsement! It could be inferred that getting things off the shelf like borax, baking soda, or turpentine could protect them from the things that is literally slaying millions of people either quickly or slowly through their war of attrition by CBR attacks.
        d) they really do get ill and die.
        Dick Cheney had a heart condition. Rumors are that the George Bush mouth droop is a sign of Lyme. Reagan, being an actor, probably faked being shot and faked the alzheimer’s since all that he needed was a doctor to say that he was ill when he may never have been, but giving the benefit of the doubt than even he got Mad Dad disease. Therefore, IF these are the rulers of the world and they DO fall to the same afflictions that harm and kill us, then…
        e) the human shells are just transport for the Archonet Virus that really runs the show, so the bodies are just expendable conveyance.
        The Nang Pa call human bodies: Empty Suitcases. I reject this totally, so that probably makes tibetan buddhism a szionist front. An Indigo girl told us that the Controllers feed their bone marrow to a chosen baby so that the race memory can be preserved and that is how they ‘reincarnate’.

        As to the answer: I personally, as always within Continuum think:
        f) ALL OF THE ABOVE.


      2. Yes on the military personnel, I know a younger pup that was up front in the Desert Storm theater & he today is a walking toxic dump. And to top that damage, today he has to take their med’s if he wants to receive his benefits.


      3. Thanks. Yeah, I can imagine several possible scenarios. Or mix of scenarios. All difficult to verify from my vantage point…

        I used to read social critic Morris Berman, and he always insisted that “in the US it’s HRIR all the way to the top”… (Heads rammed in rears…) Meaning I guess that elites were true believers, and the biggest victims of “civilization” in its toxic aspect… He didnt wanna talk “conspiracy”… He argued that intentionality was dwarfed by Belief and genuine delusion. Unintended consequences and such. And faith in techno fixes. Seems like it must be at least part of the answer. I’m not sure about the whole picture.


    2. TIMR,
      While this does not answer your question directly, it may be useful putting this in perspective. From our friend Clint: “What I write here is only the unadulterated Truth, and my only intent is to help us all come out of this commercialized Stockholm Syndrome we all suffer from at the hands of the few families that control the pirate cove of the United States, the holding company of that private People of each several (private) State (People). They are “We, the People,” not us, anymore than the indentured servants and slaves were part of “We, the People” at the founding of this company store styled as the federal United States. This information is intimately pertinent to the rest of this work.” Strawman, Clint R., p. 118


  6. Speaking of vaccines…Just a bit of info from Italy, courtesy of April Boden via Patrick Jordan

    “This one just came my way courtesy of Virstyne. The Italian
    government has found 65 unknown toxins approximately 40 unknown
    pathogens and bacteria in an independent evaluation of Glaxo Smith

    And get this… the weirdest part is what they didn’t find… any
    antigen… no antigen in the vaccine. Ain’t that special?”

    Here is the article Italian, but can be translated.


  7. bled like Maasai cattle
    Man, you are showing your intelligence and poetic leanings in a single phrase.

    From the title I thought you were going to quote the predictive program pronouncement from the idiot Albert Einstein who said that when the honeybee goes so goes the Hu-Man, but you were able to craft a tale without invoking the idiot. Good on yuh, mate.

    I talked with the goons at the University of ILL Annoyed on CCD and they denied any of the likely causes for it, citing: we need more $tudy. Their solution? They wanted to recruit me to count bees. Yeah, that would freaking help… Bees of ALL species have been so decimated that I have had to pollinate some garden plants by hand. Carrion flies like green bottle and blue bottle flies do the rest. The reason for my cold chill on that is because it is a sign that ONLY pathogenic or saprophytic organisms are surviving this hollow cost.

    You did, however, present one possible solution to this: if you package legislation to ban yoga pants WITH the bill to ban synthetic cigar flyswatters then it might just go through.


    1. Patrick, thanks for pointing out the “yoga pants” portion of the article…forgot to mention it in my comment…
      Steve…that was indeed very poetic! Hope spandex is included in the legislation…LOL


  8. An acquaintance of mine who is also a backyard farmer and beekeeper told that he lost 30% of his hives this year, but isn’t sure why they “just died”. Last year, I had the first honeybees I’d seen in years pollinating my cantaloupes. This year, none. Next Spring, I’m planting a “bee garden” to see if I can attract them again….if they haven’t all been killed off.

    As an aside, the hospital I worked at up North required that we get flu shots every year to “protect ourselves and our patients”. When I left there, I stopped getting flu shots. I’ve not had either flu or a cold in the past 4 years. (probably just jinxed myself). This makes me wonder how necessary flu shots really are.


    1. Would you please ask your friend if there were dead bees present. Depending on the cause of the kill, the bees may have the grace to go off and die so that they do not spread a contagion to the hive.

      All flowers will attract bees, however certain ones favor certain bees. I had a patch of hyssop that the bumblebees enjoyed. Although scary, their personalities are kindof grumpy because I had my hands and face in the overgrowth and the bees put off this attitude of “get out of the way, I’m working here.” I’m telling this story to emphasize the use of MEDICINAL plants so that the insects have a fighting chance, not just seeking nectar from tasty bits of decorative plants. I witnessed bees of all species just sit in squash blossoms doing absolutely nothing as if they were sick and couldn’t move. Busy as a bee may apply only to the Monsanto robo-replacements these days.

      Please look into the connection with Influenza A and Parkinsons. It is my considered opinion that the flu shots are one of the main causes of dementia and they were designed for that specific purpose. I would detox the vaccines at the earliest possible chance.


    2. This is a postscript to last year’s comment. Thus far, I’ve had several dozen honeybees pollinating my blueberries and citrus trees – way more than even two years ago. Encouraged by what appears to be a rallying, I’ve put out bee feeders and a bee house, not only to keep them coming back to pollinate my (and my neighbors’) plants, but to support local hives as well. It seems to be working as I frequently observe bees visiting the feeders for a snack before flying back to their hives. I’ve also found that Gaia has a way of controlling the harmful insect population if I don’t mess with Her.

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