Agitprop 101: Make something of nothing


The above video, a little over two minutes, is making the rounds on Facebook, our major source of propaganda these days. Pay close attention, as it reveals far more than intended.

The two men are “Charlie Kirk,” from Turning Point USA, and “Art del Cueto”, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council. Both groups have very nice web pages that, Huffpost-style, are actively managed and are made to appear to be real and vibrant organizations. I doubt it. Most likely they are Intel fronts … of course you will find real dupes members, but they are largely just false fronts, actively managed web pages with little substance behind them.

What grabbed my attention was the inside-the-car footage. I seldom pay attention to these Facebook videos, but what I saw was two actors reciting their lines. Either that, or there were two cameras in the back seat. “del Cueto” recites his lines, and then the camera had to stop and move to the other side of the car so that “Kirk” could recite his, but it is made to seem spontaneous!

The content of the video is ugly agitprop, menstruating young girls running from predators, drug cartels doing their thing, people copulating through holes in wooden barriers. Someone got off writing that script, no doubt. It is insane and inflammatory, ideal for Facebook.

But what do we really see? Nothing. No illegal immigrants, no border patrol, no barriers, no drug cartels. That is what this video reveals. It is all about nothing.

PS: Look at the number of views, as I sit here, 4,441,119. Really? Hmmmm.

16 thoughts on “Agitprop 101: Make something of nothing

  1. “no drug cartels.”

    I’ve always wanted to vacation in Mexico. So, is Mexico really that dangerous as we are led to believe? I was always afraid of getting kidnapped, robbed or shot in a drive-by if I ever visited Mexico.


    1. Speaking only for myself, I would stick to the touristy areas of any country that has poverty belts. But I suspect the drug violence is overblown, as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested and escaped! That to me means he is an intelligence operative, and that the so-called cartels are really false fronts for Intel.


    2. Whoa!! Wally always wanted to vacation in Mexico but was afraid of getting kidnapped robbed or shot in a drive by if he ever visited Mexico. I’m sorry but I find your comment curious. As if you’re fishing for POM to expel something derogatory that you can take and run with or? Yes paranoia is part of my charm too. Mark answered your first day of school inquiry but if you don’t mind I’m wondering what Mexico rumors/stories in particular caused your target on back fear travel agency question?


      1. @Rico: Just Google it, or watch U.S. news media about violence in tourist areas in Mexico. I’m not trying to be racist or offensive. For some reason it is being projected that there is extreme danger going south of the U.S. for Americans. I hope I’m wrong. I’m not the only American that I know that thinks like this.


  2. a former German politician Ronald Schill, called “Judge Merciless” when he was a judge, got involved in some made up scandals, got fired as politician and finally moved where? To the Favela Pavão-Pavãozinho in Rio de Janeiro. He owns a house there and had later a short appearance in TV where he cooked chicken for his Brasilian “girlfriend”. Apparently this favelas are not as dangerous as it seems.


            1. This article was heavy on the math, but did not name names. There is a mention of “Medici” early on, as a reference to surnames and professions (medicine), but that was it. My eyes glazed.


          1. Interesting video of Hitler, Il Duce and Chamberlain in the same room, didn’t MM say the pictures of them together were all fake?


          2. First they blind us with science, now with maths. It’s still the same people are still ruling when it comes down to it. It’s that old Who song line again – meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


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