Big Wilderness in the NYT

This op ed is something I’ve been working on with Mike and Carole for several months. Say what you will about the New York Times, but the editors have been more than up to the task, and the map/graphics people are top drawer. Enjoy this rare chance to read about “fly-over” country in the Big Apple’s pride and joy.

9 thoughts on “Big Wilderness in the NYT

  1. King of the King family eh? Just kidding, I’ll refrain from any genealogical cynicism since I know so little about this topic. Sounds worthwhile to protect those areas, so far as I can tell at a glance.

    Hope you don’t mind if I go off topic – wondering if anyone can comment on this college admissions scandal? With 33 parents charged of course… Lol…
    I’m wondering what the motive is for this particular pseudo-event.


    1. came here to see if anyone touched on that same thing lol. what a joke. Lori Laughlin caught buying her kid into a mediocre school. what a joke.


      1. One possible motive — this seems like it will fuel supporters of AOC, et al, and push more towards “socialist” ideas and politicians. It fuels resentment of the rich, that maybe could be channeled towards some policies of that sort. At least superficially. Or perhaps in a war of the .1% vs the 10% or some other configuration.


  2. I’m sure future oil pipeline highway projects are in play. Carole King’ presence seems odd.
    One way to prevent going off topic would be to create a forum type of blog so people can just click on the topic link and post.


  3. Steve, congrats on getting this piece published. Just a personal opinion that few might share, but I think you have friends in high places, not that you would know about it as you are always fighting in the trenches. I look at Tester’s inability to pass FJRA, and the fact that two wilderness bills even passed (grassroots sounds nice but I don’t think it really works) tells me that within power circles there are supporters of conservation and that they quietly make their presence felt.

    Anyway, there would be no way this piece would be published in any Montana newspaper, as we know where power lis within the state.


    1. Off topic is fine with me, “free speech” and all. Why talk about what’s left of nature when there’s bread and circuses to analyze?

      I’ve worked with Carole King for decades. She’s the real deal when it comes to protecting wilderness and wildlife. We don’t talk music business, Hollywood or Broadway.

      The NYT piece has actually gotten us several (personal, phone only) favorable responses from news editors and writers here in Montana who work for those censored publications that prohibit any mention of this congressional legislation. Conservation is way more popular than one may think, even here in Montana. You never see any polling anymore on wilderness, simply because it out-polls our politicians by a wide margin.


    2. That ‘good ol’ boy network’ in Montana reeks masonic. Same goes in Wyoming. Mark, check out Brotherhood of the Bell starring Glen Ford. It may enlighten you further in understanding these secret societies are much deeper the higher up you go. Up I say? Yes, to the top of that all seeing eye/pyramid w/a cap stone still to be put in place when that One World Leader is ushered in.


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