This story does not fly


This is a photo from the scene of the 737 Max crash in Ethiopia. I am traveling and have no time to analyze the numbers, but did see a whole lot of eights and nine in various forms, including 35 nationalities, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians, 8 Italians, 8 Chinese, 8 Americans …

This photo struck me as odd because the soldier standing in the foreground of the upper left portion appears miniature compared to people in front of him and farther away. The pile of wreckage is remarkably small, and piled in such a manner that it appears to have been dumped off a truck. The people are mostly just standing around and looking away. No one appears to have any official function other than to just stand there with face hidden.


I am going to assume in this photo that the yellow tape has cordoned off the wreckage over the rise, unseen. Here we find a shoe front and center, obviously meant to invoke pathos. It appears to have been ripped in the process of being forcibly removed from the foot, a bloodless process, of course,

I sometimes take off my hiking boots if I am wearing them rather than packing them when flying. But otherwise I leave my shoes on. I wonder, however, if I were involved in an automobile crash, say a high-speed head-on collision, if either of my shoes would survive and be blown free of the wreckage. Imagine the amount of debris in such an event. I would guess that my shoes would be on my feet after, even as my legs would be bloody stumps.

Of course, anything is possible. I once saw an event, I forget the location, where a massive building collapsed, yet the rescuers afterward found a driver’s license belonging to an unauthorized pilot. So I suppose this shoe transported to an empty field far away from an unseen wreckage is equally as possible.

Also,  look in the distant sky in this photo, you will see pigs flying.

I am just staring at the first photo as I fall asleep here … it is so easy to see at least four blends of different photos … the men in the distance viewing something else, the soldiers in the foreground (little people), the wreckage itself, which is a sore thumb standout, and the people on the right, maybe part of the people Photoshopped in with the men in the distance, but in focus as the others are blurry. Sloppy work. They are not even trying. Back in the day, JFK, man, they had darkroom magic! This is crap.

The woman in the right in the burka … for authenticity? The only woman present.

13 thoughts on “This story does not fly

    1. yes, that happens a lot with the hoax psyops….don’t know what it means either, but possibly a signal to TPTB that it is a hoax


    2. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop” is an old saying or cliche’ or whatever, signaling that there is another phase of this hoax yet to come so we could reasonably assume that the “single shoe” on the ground could just be an inside joke left by the planners of yet another airline crash hoax.


        1. Thanks for the link…I have heard Ole mention the shoe in podcasts but didn’t think about the fact that it could mean waiting for the other shoe to drop…do believe it is a calling card as well.


    1. I haven’t visited over there in quite some time. I just glance now and then. Nothing personal, I just don’t take the trouble to make the trip.

      (I left CO the morning of the great storm, just got out ahead of it.)


  1. The violence of the crash not only ripped the shoe from the foot,but removed the shoelaces as well.With the shoe finally coming to rest in a nice upright position.Of course.

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  2. I don’t think it was nice of you to mock Private Pygmy’s small physique. The more-enlightened African armed forces are typically more opened minded about enlisting the little people.

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    1. Native Americans (at least the Crow) have a lovely tradition concerning little people … I will mangle it, but the idea is that if you suspect one is with you, as in the passenger seat while you are driving, you cannot look at it. You have to resolutely avoid eye contact. No disrespect for their beliefs and culture, but I find this humorous in a most reverent sense. It is amusing, almost as if they are chuckling.

      So if you are looking at that photo, do not look at the little person! (In fact, all of the soldiers in the photo are little people.)


  3. This is the price a “five eyes” country must pay for any reluctance joining the next, big neocon regime-change project. All aboard!


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