Newton’s Third Law and aircraft

Note (4/16/2019): A reader linked me to this article, which might explain the reason behind this particular hoax, pushing Boeing aside in favor of the Chinese.


The above image is supposedly the crash site of the 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia. I am slowly getting a sense of what we are being told here.


5F5A7726-3A5C-4E65-95FD-0B3A316468F0This image is, I suppose, meant to invoke memories of 911 and the passport photo discovered in the mass of debris of that day. Even at that time, when I believed the things I saw on TV, I knew that to be a hoax. I wondered if people had any sense of the enormity of the disaster site, or if TV had so dimmed their senses that just showing this image was enough.

But imagine if you will, as you board an airplane, the technological marvel that a jet aircraft is, miles and miles of wiring, titanium and aluminum, jet engines, and more mundane things like luggage, food service, seats and toilets. Then imagine what it would take to find three passports. Of course, the assumption is that they were taken from dead bodies, but I doubt that is allowed. Identification of corpses at a crash site is a long laborious process, and removal of elements of identification would not be allowed. This photo is staged, but credit where due – they did wrinkle the passports to make them look like they’d been through a crash. Airline crashes really wrinkle up passports.


It is getting more curious, however. A mangled jet engine, completely  detached and thrown far away from the crash site, is a standard image. The logistics of such a thing, the engine being the most serious concentration of metal on an aircraft, are difficult to  comprehend. It would not be detached during descent unless by explosive force, which did not happen with this crash. If it hit the ground in a steep descent, its momentum would be downward, and resistance offered by the ground would crush it on impact, and not eject it to a distant location, bouncing it like a rubber ball. This photo too is staged.

But something more is going on … a backhoe is digging in the background. What we are told is that this was part of the search for bodies … a giant hole was dug at the crash site, which is what produced this fake photo.


Those in the background, this whole photo a product of Photoshop, are supposedly looking down in the hole as the backhoe sifts soil in the search for bodies. What are we being told? In essence, we are seeing 911 Newtonian physics at work again.  By that body of science,if something is traveling really fast, then Newton’s Third Law is suspended. This law says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. An aluminum plane hitting a building at high speed produces the same reaction as a building hitting an aluminum plane at high speed. The object of lesser mass is crushed. The plane would be annihilated and would fall to the streets below in a million pieces. But that day the aircraft penetrated the building, even the wings managing to overcome steel and concrete, leaving a perfect jet aircraft outline behind.

Here too, even in Ethiopia of darkest Africa, Newton’s Third Law is still in effect. An aircraft on a downward trajectory when hitting the ground would encounter massive resistance, and would shatter into a million pieces. It would not go into the ground. 


This is the crash site from September 11, 2001 at Shanksville, PA. There we were told that the plane hit an abandoned underground mine and was disappeared. The disrespect for native intelligence in the American population is only exceeded by the stunning absence of native intelligence in the American television-viewing population, but I have more ground to cover here, so let’s roll.

I went looking for photos of real crash scenes. Most are of smaller aircraft.


That is more like reality. Most crashes are of angular impact, so that the body of the plane is mangled by repeated skipping actions, resulting in twisting and separation. The botton of the craft, where it meets the earth, is left gaping open. No one survives,  but no one is driven into the earth.


This is Lockerbie. Vexman and I discussed this long ago … I do not think that an aircraft imparts the necessary force to leave an impact crater. More likely, this is early Photoshopping or darkroom work, or the whole scene was put together in advance. Lockerbie too appears to have been fake.


This appears real. You can see where the plane impacted the ground, encountered resistance, spun around and broke apart. There could well have been survivors on this plane, as I am guessing a skilled pilot maneuvered to minimize blunt force impact, possibly saving lives. Of course, we are only seeing part of the crash scene.


Imagine the photo being snapped at the exact moment of impact, and a body being ejected from the aircraft before it was torn apart by impact. I don’t know … going out on a limb here. I think this is fake.

Plane Crash - Mexico
© Vance Jacobs 2012

Here I am guessing that the aircraft either landed hard or failed to take off properly. Aircraft are fragile, that is, they are designed to move through air resistance at high speed, but cannot withstand any other kind of impact without coming part.

I hereby command that Newton’s Third Law be restored to its proper place in our lives. It is not suspended just because TV cameras are there to film an event.

I am flying today from San Jose, California to Denver. My original flight was canceled and Southwest offered no reason for it. I was rerouted at a later time through Orange County, adding three hours to the flight time.  I suspect it was due to the grounding of 35 of their 737 Max 8’s. I would fly on one in a heartbeat. No way do defective passenger airliners make their way into general use. Some other game is afoot here.

20 thoughts on “Newton’s Third Law and aircraft

  1. here is a real one too…I lived by DFW in 1985 and my husband was due in from a business trip and his flight was delayed several hours



      Commentators on this anti-free speech, ‘flat-Earth’ site, MUST agree with the self-important contributors’ routinely laughable assertions.

      Or, be STALINIST BLOCKED for daring to DISSENT from the dim, anti free speech flat-Earth freaks’ fake narrative.

      Flat-Earth freaks, so dim they think they’re BRIGHT.

      Bwah! Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha. LMFAO.

      Lurve, X


      1. The reason why you are blocked at this “stalinist” site is contained in your name and the content of your remarks, boss and bitch, and a general derisive tone that is abusive to others. I also note that you want to show me to be wrong by running a bunch of authority figures by me, showing an inability to think your own thoughts.


        1. Our “old friend” (two shots and a beer) Larry, rising from the ashes? Timestamp and salutation has a familiar ring.


  2. By the way, if the story that Boeing was negligent holds, each departd passenger’s family will be entitled to damages that would include negligence, a massive liability that ought to affect its stock price. Keep your eye on it.


    1. Yes, stock manipulation. Even as we seek the truth, this aspect of the hoaxes gets overlooked.
      Recently, in California, we had a Romaine lettuce recall. There was one in, possibly, AZ before that. I ate right through it. I can only think that lettuce people were trying to market a surplus of other species of lettuce while also messing with some portfolios. For a week plus, we rabbits were desperate for our Romaine stalks.
      They play these games. Recall the Tylenol hoax of decades past. One pharmaceutical company went to war with another. Stock shares plummeted/ skyrocketed. The paranoia and repackaging safety standards were collateral concerns, but psychologically effective in triggering a low frequency fear that remains to this day whenever we open a bottle and the silver peel off tab seems off.


        1. I am told that this blog is backed up automatically by … WordPress. Otherwise people do mirror sites, but that is beyond me. It does not matter. Once easy access is gone, the blog is gone. I’ve long suspected WordPress to be an Intel front, like Snopes, but have no power. Sucks, but that is what it is. We exist at their leisure … they know who we are, what we do. I don’t think they care beyond just keeping tabs. The revolution is not forthcoming.


  3. “The GPS Internal Navigation Time Scale “GPS Time” is based on the weighted average of GPS satellites and ground station clocks. GPS Time is used for user navigation solutions. A nanosecond error in GPS Time can equate to one foot of position (ranging) error. The WN parameter is provided via a ten (10) bit parameter – or “counter.” The valid range of values for the WN parameter is 0 to 1023 (or 1024 total values). The WN parameter is incremented by one each week. At the end of the 1024th week, the counter experiences a rollover (resets) to 0. Each WN rollover event defines a new GPS Time Epoch. The WN value is referenced to the start of the current GPS Time Epoch. The last WN rollover was August 21, 1999. GPS Time is currently in the second Epoch. The next WN rollover is April 6, 2019.


  4. Ralph Nader’s Niece was said by Ralph , “On that Plane ” ! This proves that Ralph Nader is a shill also .Nader’s Crusade against the Auto Industry was staged too !


    1. That is a whole ‘nuther can o worms, but well worth some research. A project! I devoted many, many hours to getting Nader on the ballot in Montana in 2000, also in 2004 but with less enthusiasm. His arrest at the debates in 2000 now looks to be a staged event. Fun ensues! Thank you.


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