Who runs the asylum?

Beneath my post about the Smothers Brothers the first comment to arrive came from S. Volpetti, and in it he linked us to this site.  It is a set of books that traces the descendants of the original settlers dispatched by the Crowns of various European states, primarily Great Britain. These were not prisoners, and while Britain may have wanted to dispatch its religious nuts to a faraway post, it by no means did so with the idea that such filberts would be put in charge. (We are told that Australia was a prison colony, but the inmates did not run that asylum.)

Here is a clip from the description if these books:

“These 970 immigrants and their millions of descendants share royal ancestry because of a pattern of social evolution common to most Western European nations. Younger sons or daughters of kings become or marry nobles. Younger sons or daughter of the nobility become or marry “gentry”—knights, manorial lords, gentlemen with coats-of-arms, baronets, lairds, and seigneurs. Younger sons or daughters of the gentry become or marry merchants, clergymen, Puritan or Huguenot leaders, university fellows, bureaucrats, or professional soldiers. Members of these last groups or their younger sons and daughters immigrate to the American colonies, Quebec, and later the United States.”

There was a post below questioning the current odd injection of Phoenicians into the mix along with Jews and Illuminati, more misdirection. Who is running the show behind the scenes? They are yet to reveal themselves. We see only their agents.

But in the end, I doubt it would be that exciting. In the board game Monopoly, the key to winning is to get control of properties early on, even going into debt if necessary. When other players are in distress, you can buy up strategic assets. In the end, when you control the entire board, you merely watch the others go broke. Those who control at the beginning do so at the end. It is not mysterious.

An interesting facet of distant control of colonies is the fake revolution. American colonists imagined themselves free of the Crown, so why not run with that sentiment? The Crown allowed them their revolution, only making sure that their own agents were in charge, aka our Founding Fathers. I’ve seen the same model used in Cuba with Fidel Castro as controlled opposition; in Argentina with Hugo Chavez, and South America with Nelson Mandela. Who knows but that Simon Bolivar was an agent of the Spanish Crown.

In real life, with ordinary people as ourselves, we are allowed a modicum of  comfort, even some prosperity. The owners need engineers, bureaucrats, police and military to keep the rabble in line. It is not so stark and harsh as the end of a Monopoly game. But the idea is the same … they who own the board control the game, in real life unseen. It does not matter to me a whit if they are Jewish, Bohemian, Jesuit or Lithuanian.

I am sorely tempted to spend the $150 to purchase the books, as even if I find no real use, I have relatives who would perhaps find their own lineage in them. Having said that, I realize now I am going to buy the books. They will make a nice gift. That is how I justify it.


12 thoughts on “Who runs the asylum?

  1. This is all speculation, it can be neither proved nor disproved. But it’s still fun to chat up on blogs with others like this because something is indeed going on behind the scenes.


  2. Good point about early control, very persuasive. And yet… Things could be a little more complicated. As when MM suggests a battle between the nobility and the merchant class. With the merchants infiltrating and displacing the nobility. In that case, it matters who the victor is, because the ethos of the winner is disseminated through society. Hence MM complains about the destruction of art, literature, culture and religion for the sake of business interests, and other schemes. There could be other wrinkles in the story, that make me curious to know the specifics, beyond just “somebody won.” Even now, there may be ongoing factional struggles that are not yet fully certain in their outcome, factions that have different implications for how the world will look in the future.


    1. Good point, and maybe this is too fine a distinction, as it could well be internecine warfare, but is the business class not merely a lower rung of the peerage? Are we describing a false dichotomy?


      1. Um, I wish I knew..
        On the MM model, at this point they are intermarried and the same. Remember he talked about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a fake by the aristocracy, meant to IIRC just publicize their accusations about the merchant Jewish elites. So at that point, 19th C, they were less united. But how does that square with the idea of centuries old control by one elite cabal… It’s impossible to untangle :/


  3. Perhaps, in order of operation, a better question might be: What is the asylum? Who comes after that is sorted out, IMO. Plymouth, Provincetown, Jamestown and the other affiliated plantation corporations worshiped mammon first, god second, perhaps.


  4. You do not really want to know (or admit) the middle management of PTB, so why keep asking who? It really stops at the entertainment level here, but even then the obvious is ignored. Fear. They let out enough info, then condemn that information if it is repeated by non club members. And that other thread? Transparency.


  5. Comments are now closed on BZZ’s post after my recent comment. So this is what I meant to say there:

    “I am currently reading “200 Years Together, Russo-Jewish History” by Sozhenitsyn. An English translation is available on the net as a pdf.

    Years ago I read his most famous works, that were all heavily promoted in the West by the bad guys media, Day in the Life.., Gulag Archipelago etc. They clearly fitted well into the mainstream Cold War propaganda in the West at that time. Hence the heavy promotion I guess.

    But something happened and he became far less useful in the West and returned to his motherland. What was it that happened? I don’t know but maybe this book is a clue?

    It is written in his usual relentlessly detailed style and it offers a possible explanation as to why the Russians have an attitude to the self appointed “chosen ones”. Certainly knee jerk calls of “anti-semitism!” insult the blog readers intelligence. It is far, far, more complicated than that. For starters what is semitism?

    Btw, I am an English goy but I have been married to a jewess for over 40 years. So all my 3 children are technically jewish. Hence I feel immunised against such crass accusations


    1. Wow Mark. I touched a nerve. Censored in an instant on BZZ post. Tells me all that I need to know. Thanks and goodbye


      1. Mark, I understand your reason for a cooling off period. A 30-day bar from your site is a reasonable time to let things simmer…But,am I allowed back on your site ?


    2. You may remember this (1978) thought from Solzhenitsyn: “Yet there is a disaster which is already very much with us. I am referring to the calamity of an autonomous, irreligious humanistic consciousness.

      It has made man the measure of all things on earth — imperfect man, who is never free of pride, self-interest, envy, vanity, and dozens of other defects. We are now paying for the mistakes which were not properly appraised at the beginning of the journey. On the way from the Renaissance to our days we have enriched our experience, but we have lost the concept of a Supreme Complete Entity which used to restrain our passions and our irresponsibility.” http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles/SolzhenitsynHarvard.php

      Surely, that would have pissed off every zionist, neoliberal and neocon within earshot. Considering the timing, it may have marked a turning point — cold war to full spectrum dominance.


      1. Excellent response Steve. Your final comment “…pissed off every zionist, neoliberal and neocon within earshot” really made me laugh out loud. It certainly would have pissed them all off! So thanks for that but I’m still puzzled by events this morning. I was censored in an instant for a respectful, but critical, comment on the BZZ post. The comment was deleted within minutes and comments were immediately closed. Blog owners privilege of course, but I expected better than that


  6. January 2021. I have a copy of a letter written several years ago by a Zionist who claims they own the world. They do! I have been beaten up, hacked, etc for the year 2020 that I could not do politicing on my computer and too old to go door to door. They hate me because I pushed for large families and NO DEBTS. Two years ago I realized we must stop complaining and challenging the anti-life evils and start building. THE INCARNATION/ANNUNCIATION need to be our HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. I hope this message gets thru to you. I get hacked all the time. js


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