Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up glue-sniffing

I just this morning recalled the intervening years after 911 and my magnetic attraction to solving it, still imagining that the day involved jet aircraft and deaths of thousands of innocents. One of the diversions tossed our way was the “Home Run” system, a possibly real rescue system built in to jet aircraft to pilot them home over the wishes of anyone attempting to hijack them. The macabre alternative use of the system would have been to steer them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and an abandoned coal mine in Pennsylvania.

Most readers here know that 911 was but a TV show, no planes, no deaths. If not, if this is news to you, then I welcome you to the real world. It’s a whackadoodle place, but not nearly as violent as TV news leads you to believe.

We flew home yesterday from Fort Myers, Florida to Denver. It was an unpleasant flight, turbulence throughout. Usually the pilot asks permission to change altitude when that happens, but that option was apparently not available. An hour before landing the pilot advised passengers to relieve themselves during a window of calm, and there were long lines in the aisles to the restrooms. The reason, he said, was that landing in Denver was going to be turbulent.

Indeed it was. I suffer PTSD from childhood trauma, and high stress brings it out. My hands were sweating, all my senses alert. In those situations the amygdala takes over, and I am prone to blurt out words that I instantly regret, and so know to keep quiet at all costs. Still my thought was “Make that fucking baby shut up!” No, such words did not pass my lips, but in such situations I feel I am but a spectator.

As we approached the runway in Denver, that point where window-seat passengers finally see tarmac underneath, the aircraft pulled up and the engines accelerated mightily, and we headed back into the turbulence above. There was silence, and once stabilized the pilot announced that he had encountered wind shear so that the landing had to be aborted. He would circle around for another try.

Needless to say, my nerves were at the edge of catatonia. My wife knows to leave me be, and I endured the trauma as we made another circle. Again as we neared landing and saw tarmac below, the landing was aborted. In a few minutes the pilot said “That’s two wind shears. We are going to Colorado Springs. We’ll be there in ten minutes.”

The flight attendants were handing out vomit bags, and indeed several young children threw up, including one right across from us whose unintended target was her dad’s Bose headphones. He is a patient man.

We flew over Chatfield Reservoir, and I recognized the landscape, all very near to our home. The landing in Springs was calm, and we taxied to a place on the runway where another United jet sat, the victim of the same circumstances. The people on the plane applauded once on the aground. This is a common response.

Our seatmate called her husband to say she’d be late, and he began an inquiry at Denver International  to find the problem. He quickly reported back to her that there was no mention of wind shear at the website, and that our flight to his knowledge was the only one so affected. We were, he told her, the victim of a rookie pilot. He lost his nerve at touchdown.

I kept quiet, but when she left for the loo I suggested to my wife that her husband was full of shit.  The pilot had not aborted the landing. The instrument system on the aircraft did. Wind shear is a well-known phenomenon, and sensors aboard these days detect it automatically. When the plane pulled up on both landings, the pilot, like us, was but a spectator.

I suspect that jet airliners these days could fly without pilots, only having them aboard because some human input is needed now and then in case of instrument or mechanical failure. The beasts fly themselves, and the airline pilot profession has suffered accordingly, their union collapsing into insignificance along with their salaries. There are pilot training centers in south Florida that turn out hundreds of Boeing pilots every year. But it is not like days of yore when ex-military pilots were the norm. They are surely welcome, but overtrained.

This brought to mind the recent 737 crash of an Ethiopian airliner, which looks fake anyway.  We are told that the crash was caused by an idiosyncrasy in the stabilizer trim controls, and that the pilots had turned it off and then on again. A 33-page report says that 3 minutes into the 6 minute flight the pilots engaged a manual hand crank between the seats to point the plane’s nose up, and when that failed turned on the automatic system again, resulting in the crash. The cause, we are told, is a “decades-old” design idiosyncrasy on the Boeing 737.


I don’t know why they pulled off that fake crash, whether to manipulate the stock market or to make people even more afraid to fly. But no way do pilots use hand cranks on takeoff to override the automatic control system. Modern jet aircraft, like all before, undergo hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing to hone out all “idiosyncrasies.” Were such a thing to exist for real, the fleet would have been grounded decades ago. Some other game is afoot.

Anyway, I am home safe, I kept my temper under control and did not yell at any babies to STFU. On the flight from Springs to DIA, I put on my Bose headphones and listened to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2, second movement. There is an eight-note sequence there that repeats throughout, and though there are no lyrics to the piece, I supply my own. I think of my wife and the words become a redundancy, “You are my everything to me.” We both thought at various times yesterday that we were going to crash.

We have a family chat site where all of our kids and grandkids can talk to everyone, and my wife used it while on the ground in Springs to apprise them of the situation. I generally don’t participate in the chatter, but did add one thought yesterday: “Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up glue sniffing.”

It never occurred to me that everyone has not seen the 1980 movie Airplane!

23 thoughts on “Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up glue-sniffing

  1. Mark have you given any thought to whether it your experience was carried out just for you? By no means am I suggesting it was and I’m glad you returned safely. I myself have encountered strange uncanny bizarre unfathomable coincidences and occurences during the past year in frequenting this site. Nothing to the extent you described but enough small things when added up has made me paranoid at times even though I’m nothing more than a rubbernecker trying to catch a glimpse of what at first seem like accidents off the side of the road. And most times my comments are my letting go of a subjective knucklecurve like it’s an objective fastball. Nowhere near the strikezone. I look back on most of my comments and cringe. I’m unqualified to comment on most topics and I realize this. Any way was just wondering if I’m alone in my occasional paranoid ideations in relation to your experience you just shared.


    1. No, I guess I don’t think like that. There were 130 of us on the plane, and United did a great job landing us safely. But it was odd … the entire plane flight and after, the Starbucks coffee maker breaking as I ordered, taking 45 minutes to get a shuttle to our car, and then a horrendous traffic jam (9:30 Saturday evening) heading west on 70 from the airport. It seemed like everything was set to go wrong that day. But we arrived home safely.



    I too am left to wonder at times if certain oddities are primarily because of me and my connections to other people who, like myself, question certain things and simply do not and will not accept the authoritarians as legitimate. I had the fortune to meet a man and his wife some years ago who quickly became both friends and employers. After we became connected, they suffered 2 severe events that totally destroyed 2 huge investments that they had. I will not go into any more detail on what happened to them though I am 100% convinced that their connection to me along with their life of “living as free” as is possible within this system were the reasons for the destruction. It is also worth noting that the man was made an offer by one of the “Illuminati families” back in the 1960’s and he turned them down. Now I do not know if the 13 families given that collective title are intimately connected and/or organised together in a conspiracy. I am just saying that it was one of the families well documented to be on that list.

    Now as for the “turbulence” we suffer during flights, it is worth noting that although Mother Nature certainly can create extreme conditions, those conditions are magnified these days with the advent of weather control systems. Now I am not saying that I am opposed to some form of weather control, if it is to the benefit of all living things on the ground, under the ground and in the air. The ongoing manipulation of the jetstream is a primary cause of “high wind events” and “drastic temperature swings” which has led to the deaths of millions of trees across North America as well as a great many animals. In addition, the massive rain and snow events kill off even more animals both above and below the ground.

    Just yesterday on a weather website I was reading and the wordage couldn’t have been more clear. In relation to the storm arriving this week, they stated “scheduled…” so a weather event, just like an airline flight, is scheduled for arrival. Prepare yourselves accordingly as the winds MT from MT suffered on the flight back from Ft. Myers to Denver, is just the beginning of the “planned” event and for those who somehow haven’t noticed, we have been having our asses handed to us on a regular basis with the weather in recent years, so buckle up for a bumpy ride cause there are no signs that THEY plan to give us a break any time soon. You may also notice, as I have, that each “planned weather event” is preceded by a nice “profitable” increase in the price of fuel, so it would seem at least that the same people attempting to control all of the weather, are also controlling fuel prices!

    BTW, THEY created FEMA to cover the LEGAL LIABILITIES due to the controlling of the weather, without actually admitting that the weather is being controlled!


      1. The Chinese used cloud-seeding to stop the rain falling down the Olympics in Beijing —

        ‘China is far from the only nation trying to bring (or stop) the rain. At least 52 countries — including the United States— have current weather modification programs, 10 more countries than five years ago, according to the World Meteorological Organization.’


  3. Am I being told here by commenters that our flight was bumpy due to some kind of weather control system? That is nonsense! Yes, cloud seeding can affect localities, as for the Olympics, as the Chinese wanted to eliminate the cloud of pollutants and rain is a nice cleanser. But large-scale control? All you need do is stand back, perhaps look at photos of the planet taken from satellite or balloons, to grasp the vastness of this place. That humans can control climate is nonsense. We affect it. Large cities are warmer places due to humans and structures, and deforestation works to produce warming on a local scale, as with Kilimanjaro no longer being snow-capped year round (no rain forest below). That is real. But a man behind a green curtain making weather systems? Can’t be done! Weather is fluid, dynamic, electrical in essence, and unpredictable in the medium and long run. Show me one source anywhere that predicted, even six months in advance, the polar vortex we experienced this year. Just one, and you’ll have my attention.


    1. Weather modifications sounds impossible to you Mark? Imagine what your Jimi is alive & another man sounds like to the general population. You are still in the on deck circle in this research thingy. Facts are not hate for the record.


        1. Just a bump every now & then will do. It is a science project. Manipulation & deception is a craft they perfected eons ago.


        2. What are you talking about? Storms? Turbulence? Weather tends to be unpredictable, and even affected by sunspot activity. We’re in a low-sunspot activity period, so that less heat is being delivered to the atmosphere, meaning more colder weather. We can expect this for the next few years as the sun cycles in a somewhat predictable cycle.

          There is no one behind the scenes manipulating our weather. That’s nonsense. Why do you advance such hokum?


          1. Calm before the storm. Your reactions lately are more akin to mainstream (not slip stream) folk. How on earth did man go from a weed hopper Wright Bros craft to jets in such a short period of time? Man suddley become far more intelligent ? No. Advanced knowledge. Far too much is spent on ‘it’s fake’ to the point a mind becomes closed (they win again) to greater feats.


          2. Unfortunately, your opinions sound like speculation. I don’t see any data or research. If we went from weed hoppers to jets in a hurry, why have we not advanced in passenger aviation technology since the 1960s?


  4. This map caught my eye. I am not a scientist. Nor can I predict the future. Nor can I completely dismiss the idea that “greenhouse gasses” have no effect on our warming climate. I do successfully grow heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn in SW Montana.

    The full report: https://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/attach/2014/09/Rocky-Mountain-Forests-at-Risk-Full-Report.pdf


    1. You are surely familiar with the “Ghost Forest” up around Missoula and towards the Idaho line? This happened in the early 20th century, during an extreme hot spell, that this area burned. Since it was mostly lodge pole, it reseeded, but burned again before the saplings had a chance to generate cones. Nothing has grown there since other than very tall weeds. I have walked through them.

      My point is that I notice that no matter what, be it record storms or heat waves, it is not new. It is sporadic, but there is a long-term trend towards warming as we emerge from the Little Ice Age, 1870 forward, and warming has the effects that are mentioned in your report regarding the northern forests. I choose to regard this trend as a natural occurrence, and not human-caused. I have seen the pine beetle damage, and note that it has happened before. It is ugly, and for us as homeowners in Bozeman, expensive, as we had to pay $100 or so for every tree removed and reduced to sawdust. (Yes, I think we got taken.)

      Your work, to preserve the last vestiges of untrammeled forests, is important from an aesthetic standpoint, that we as humans need natural forests, as do plants and animals, and that we have to cease destroying our habitat. I take that all apart from the warming “crisis” as a worthy legacy for a man. But I do not think that we are in charge of climate.


  5. Mark, how many hours have you spent (roughly) w/the MMG compared to something like HARRP? The media machine is deeply entrenched in most folks thinking process. That is their suce$$ & our failure to be wise as serpents.


    1. Makes no sense. You’re again offering speculation, this time of something I am not even sure exists. If it does we do not understand it. You’re either sitting in a garage of basement and working for beer money, or are completely stupid. Either way, buzz off.


      1. Emotions in motion here. I am fine. No alcohol nor drugs. Lot’s of free time w/the TV-movie-sports sham shut out my world for over 17 years. A book ‘Angels don’t play this HARRP’ would be a start for research.

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  6. People will never believe me, but I do know someone who died on 9/11. His name was Bob Ferris and he was a college friend of my father’s. They went to school together at Ohio State. TPTB are not afraid to kill innocent people. They do it all the time with wars. That said, 9/11 was an inside job and of course did not happen the way it is reported, but people did die. It would have been impossible to evacuate those buildings without thousands of people knowing–ask anyone who has spent time in that area. Explosives took down the towers and sadly people died.


    1. Your opening, “people will never believe me, but…” and the lack of a direct connection … know someone who knew someone … give the lie to this comment. Go your way.


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