Yellowstone Buffalo Under Government Attack. Annual Hazing Begins Today.

Each Spring the Montana Department of Livestock patrols saddle up horses and ride the boundary outside Yellowstone National Park looking for wild buffalo. When buffalo are located, the hazing (back into the Park) begins. It’s a cruel, ugly sight to see.
After years of witnessing industrial strength hazing operations with yipping cowboys, helicopters, cracker rounds, paint balls, and police sirens that created a veritable war zone in the Hebgen Basin, this particular incident seemed mellow. But that’s the danger of a so-called gentle haze: there is no nice way to haze.

Each year government agents are met in the field by volunteers from the Buffalo Field Campaign. Volunteers witness and document the madness, and send first-hand accounts of the live action on Yellowstone National Park’s boundary to friends and members via email and on social media.

This is an effective organization, with little money, taking on one of the most difficult jobs in the world of wildlife conservation. Check out their website. Support them if you can. Thanks.

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