The psychology behind thought stopping

CTI have long been intrigued by the power of the term “conspiracy theory,” but not because it contains any useful information. It does not. It is a blunt weapon used to beat people into quiet submission even as they hold views of the world around them at variance with their peers and colleagues. It is a powerful thought control device. Its true content is this:


I think most who come to this website know or are vaguely remember that the origin of the term is in a 1967 CIA memo circulated to all of its bureaus called “Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report.” That’s rich, as in that document we will find unspoken knowledge within the Deep State that the JFK assassination was a public hoax, making the memo itself a “ riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

In the wake of the memo, newspaper outlets began using the term, and its use has spread. I find it ghastly, as those who mimic the words imagine themselves smarter than those they hurl them at. They do not know how to think. I once devised a response for use against people hurling the epithet, roughly as follows:

“These attitudes you have adopted – I know they comfort you. You are indifferent and incurious about the important events of our times. You are smug about it, thinking yourself wise to be so. But I must advise you that from a distance your attitude is indistinguishable from stupidity.”

That never sets well. No one likes to be called stupid, and those on the receiving end of that paragraph usually retreat deeper into their jail cells.

So what is a conspiracy? It is two or more people acting in concert to the disadvantage of others. After all, if they were working for the good of others, they would have no reason to do so in secret.

If your spouse is cheating on you behind your back, he/she is acting in a conspiracy. That’s easy enough to see. But we have seen here over the years very large conspiracies, public hoaxes on the scale of JFK asnd 911 and the fake moon landings, and there it is difficult to grasp the ability of certain groups to keep secrets.

“Someone would have talked,” goes the common response. That is true. Someone would have talked. People do talk! Someone always talks. But who repeats their words?

Astronaut Neil Armstrong literally laid it on the line with his words “truth’s protective layers.” He was military, and men and women there are subject to forces that keep them quiet. They stand to lose pension and benefits, and perhaps even face brig time if they speak up. They have signed confidentiality agreements, and never having seen one, I can only suggest they are bulletproof. I suspect that this is the reason why so many of our public hoaxes, most recently the Highlands Ranch STEM shooting, happen in or near swamps of military bases … Denver is spook central. All participants are oath-bound to secrecy and subject to censure and punishment if they break ranks.

I once, back in the day, read a book by two brothers, James and Kenneth Collier called “Votescam.” It was about early election fraud in Dade County, Florida. The boys came face to face with real power in the form of Janet Reno, and were brick-walled out of finding out what lay beneath rigged elections long before Bush v Gore. They brought their story to the Washington Post, thinking the newspaper outlet that uncovered the Watergate scandal would be happy to uncover another. Silence.

They did not know how to interpret the silence. Perhaps the two were controlled opposition, as both supposedly died young and neither are listed at But here is the point: They uncovered a conspiracy of vast proportions, and they talked. Someone always talks. And they were stonewalled. Their message to this day has not penetrated the veil of deceit and corruption that surrounds all of our public activities and institutions, most notably, our elections.

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see …” wrote someone, some group behind John Lennon.

Here’s another. This is Michael Mann, of Hockey Stick infamy, in an October 3, 2003 email leaked as part of the Climategate package:

“Let our supporters in higher places use our scientific response to push the broader case against [Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick]. So I look forward to people’s attempts to revise the first [paragraph in] particular. I took the liberty of forwarding the previous draft to a handful of our closet colleagues, just so they would have a sense of approximately what we’ll be releasing later today – i.e., a heads up as to how [M and M] achieved their result.”

Who are the supporters in higher places? What about the use of the word “closet”? It is easy enough to say that he meant “closest,” but in a paragraph that also contains “supporters in higher places,” I would be hesitant to make that assumption.

The Climategate emails were leaked. Someone talked! Someone always talks. In this case the damage was real, as scientists who theretofore had been reticent and silent in the face of obvious pseudoscience and corruption were empowered to speak up. Now there is a healthy community of skeptics. A conspiracy was exposed. For once someone talking had some effect. I do not know to what end, as I do not think bad science is the essence of Climategate, but rather bad public policy that goes forward despite the widespread knowledge that Michael Mann is a pseudo-scientist and Al Gore is a whore. Another day.

So what is “conspiracy theory” in the larger landscape? It is propaganda. It is thought control. I think if we delve deeper into Wordspeak and behavioral psychology, we will find that it is a real, manufactured and useful tool for the Deep State and the behavioral psychologists who work there. It is a thought-stopper.

Me: “I think that Columbine was a hoax. I’ve done hours upon hours of research and writing. I think no one died, and that there never existed an “Eric Harris” or a “Dylan Klebold.”

JQ Citizen: “Man, that’s some conspiracy theory you got there.”

Truth be told, I never encounter a social situation where the above words would be uttered aloud. The subject never arises, and were I to broach it, my words would settle like soft snow in winter, making no sound, having no impact. But let me rephrase that conversation as it plays out in real-think, as opposed to Wordspeak:

Me: “I think that Columbine was a hoax. It was television drama. It took years to plan. No one died. It was just a TV show, but if something is on TV, people reflexively think it is real.”

JQ Citizen: “Stop thinking!”

That’s all the conspiracy theory meme is, a thought-stopper. That it works so well is testimony to the power and intelligence of the hidden forces who own our minds.As Edward Bernays said (someone always talks) in his 1928 book Propaganda,

“No serious sociologist any longer believes that the voice of the people expresses any divine or specially wise and lofty idea. The voice of the people expresses the mind of the people, and that mind is made up for it by group leaders in who it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion. It is composed of inherited prejudices and symbols and clichés and verbal formulas supplied to them by the leaders.”

That’s all that “conspirator theory”, is – a cliché, a verbal formula, supplied by leaders.

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  1. “It (“…the manipulation of public opinion…”) is composed of inherited prejudices and symbols and clichés and verbal formulas supplied to them by the leaders.”

    Analytical psychology was immediately (early 20th Century) employed as a weapon against the natural evolution of conscious elements of our psyche. That “evolution” has been arrested by all the programming methods developed by the same science and scientists that understand the fragility and complexity of the human psyche. Once adaptation is stopped, we can slowly be “de-evolved” into a regression more suitable to the power elite’s liking.

    Great subject, Mark. As an artist, I would never underestimate the power of symbols used as weapons against our evolution to a higher understanding and realization of ourselves without all the planned conspiratorial interference.

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  2. The video where the first image is taken from:

    Notice how they group all “conspiracy theories” together, based on their own pushed-and-controlled ones (FE, Reptilians, etc.), mixing it with obvious ones, that even NASA admits (Moon landing hoax).

    That is why I like to dive into new terrain, so you’re not hampered by “some dude” in “some video” talking about the same subject and you have to start “debunking” their claims first to get somewhere.

    The falsifiability route is a good one to boomerang back to people embracing the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory, like 9/11, that they didn’t even name in the whole video, probably because they know that many people have their doubts about that one). Falsifiability, basic science and logic are the right weapons of choice against official stories that don’t make sense, even though people will use corrupted versions of these weapons as an argument for the stories.

    I’ve had people online saying “they don’t believe in conspiracies”. Just throw back at them that organizing a surprise party (a secret action you don’t involve the ‘victim’ in) is already a conspiracy. And they would not believe in wars either; wars are essentially a sequence of conspiracies. Even just the official version of them.

    I wouldn’t start with claims you cannot prove (“nobody died at event X”), but start with questions about the obvious flaws in the story. If people do not see those in for instance The Great “IKEA” Escape or similarly peculiar plots, they are lost anyway.

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  3. I have promoted Ty’s “JFKTV” to many people and have left the link in comments at various podcast sites….crickets, no one seems to read it even with his caveat that it can be read as fiction if preferred. I have read it 3 or 4 times and always come up with new info….it is a true work of art IMHO. Thanks, Ty!!

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    1. I am aware of “Mrs. Klebold.” I regard her as just another lifetime actor, paid monthly no doubt, and having signed a confidentiality agreement. Her words are devoid of real emotion. She is not a good actor. But then, none of the people around Columbine shed any real tears.

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  4. There is above all a religious aspect as centuries before. That is “the truth revealed”.

    Today we cannot discuss the Holocaust because of the memory laws (especially in Europe).

    But even for hoaxes involving alleged victims, the same thing happens.

    I am French and in any forum if I write: “the Bataclan attack is a simulation”, I would be banned immediately without even explaining my thoughts and arguments.

    Worse still, I would be considered a defender of terrorism.

    I did several tests where I hid the purpose of my attentions. Some examples:

    -I posted the photo of Kouachi’s body (Charlie Hebdo’s attack) with a poll indicating whether it was a montage or not. But I didn’t specify where the picture came from. Well, I had 70% of yes after 30/40 votes. But when I revealed that it was the so-called terrorist Kouachi, the results were reversed with more than 60% for the “no” vote. Great!

    -I posted the phoney pictures of Hitler when he is in prison (via the work of the MMG). The answers were quite positive if I didn’t specify anything more. But if I added “see the evidence that there’s a problem here, was Hitler really in prison?” And although it may be negative in response or mockery.

    -I posted many excerpts from people close to victims, laughing the very day of an alleged mass murder. Well, the same result as in the case with Hitler.

    Conclusion of my message: the relationship between the elites and the mass in terms of propaganda has not really evolved on a large scale. We are still in a religious system where proof does not need to be demonstrated. The head stuffing goes so far that just yesterday I saw a person writing on twitter “it is better to have 1000 Muslims in France than an old Nazi”. And it was in response to a guy who said “yet Islamists represent a real danger every day, unlike Nazi ghosts”.

    We come to deny reality by ideology programmed since childhood. Nothing here is worse than the crime of crime, the Holocaust. Being complacent on certain points with the ideas of National Socialism makes you, even if you do not hurt anyone, someone worse than someone who can kill because of his religion.

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    1. An interesting and funny link between “conspiracies” and Dolfy is that the Bilderberg meeting of this year is taking place in Sierra City, CA close to the alleged burial ground of the/a/one of the/no Adolphus Hitler…

      The main actor of the bunch probably went to Argentina, via Brazil, but it cannot be excluded that of the many “sightings” of Dolfy in South and North America, some were his -admitted- body doubles.

      We know about Gustav Weler, one of his many (people say 2, others say 6, probably many more) doubles, who was presented as “proof” “Hitler” “died” in the bunker, but got an alleged gunshot wound in his forehead, not his temple, as the official story goes…

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  5. The discussion on thought control relates back to the previous post. Could the story be a deliberate counterweight to the college admissions scandal? To wit, noble African American philanthropist “emancipates” other children, albeit of his own race, while the evil whitey witches promte their own kids at the expense of everybody else. Our masters keep us divided by race, economics, gender, etc.

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    1. Wish I were that clever. No, each post stands alone, the emancipation one done while traveling seeing not much activity on the blog and the one above just a ruminator’s piece written after getting up early, having coffee and reading, and then sitting down and hoping to say something interesting. My reading, by the way, has nothing to do with this piece … that is all going to cascade later.

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  6. I’ll see what I can do. Snow in the mountains, rain in the valley, cold nights are putting the squeeze on the already short growing season for my favorite vegetables (corn, tomatoes, cucumbers). Dahlias need to go in too. No blooms on the fruit trees yet, a bit weird. All grafting delayed. Can I blame Canadians, or the Inuit? Since “god is dead” I must find the man-god responsible.

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    1. Patrick is having a hell of a time with his garden this year….worse than last if I’m not mistaken and he lives in Illinois…the weather is up and down like a yo-yo

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      1. We’ve had unusual moisture, 18 inches of snow last week, late May. But if you look at temperature and precipitation records, you’ll see tremendous variability, but a rolling average forward that is essentially a flat line. Nothing unusual going on. This is what I found in my recent foray into climate science, that there is a political agenda, but no threat from climate, and certainly not CO2. The oceans are not rising, we are not experiencing more and more violent storms, droughts are at record lows, forest fires are diminishing in number and acreage. But if you get your information from TV, we are going to hell and soon.

        I have a friend in Montana who told me it doesn’t matter to him, he’ll be dead when climate Armageddon happens. What a way to live! We’re fine.

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        1. as usual, we could use more rain in CA…did get a few nice days of showers week before last and supposed to get a bit more this week…unless that has changed, haven’t been keeping up with local news…even the weather report is a crap-shoot…at least the temps have remained mild and I am growing some gardenias on my patio that are really beautiful….of course, nice flowers won’t feed a farmer in areas of extreme weather…yep, just checked the weather and it is supposed to rain tomorrow and we are having a high in the low 70’s on Memorial Day…really mild temp for this time of year in Sacramento

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          1. You live in a Mediterranean climate, and it is not unusual to have long periods of drought and fires. People flock to live in such places, and consequently when the inevitable fires happen, there is physical property damage. So the California fires appear to be worse than in the past because they affect more people and property.

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            1. Sorry Mark, I will never be convinced that the fires were started by natural cigarette butt thrown out a car window, no arson. I fully believe it is the proverbial “they” that are purposely causing this crap….smart meters, 5G etc.

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            2. What can also be factored into your observations of drought/fire cycles is that due to ‘colonization’ of such volatile areas that those cycles are artificially interrupted so that when a fire (by any means) is started that it will be epic. I found some square mile figures for dry land ran it through the fictitious 7 billion number to see that everyone could have 2 acres of land across the planet so that if there was not population concentration you would at least have the advantage of beating your neighbor senseless for starting his brush on fire before it crept into your two acres. It’s a little harder to get the permafrost ignited but with people independently growing their own food in decentralized systems then Central Control would have less purchase on wholesale destruction.

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  7. Speaking of growing season, another topic/page devoted to the threat (real) of a very short crop yield this year? IL, IA.NE,MO,IN are only at 11 percent corn planting. Last year they averaged 70 percent. NE was wiped out w/early historic flooding & livestock loses in the millions. And it keeps raining. See the twisters in OK, KS?

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    1. I was sent some youtubes that warned of an already predicted deluge by NOAA, then I heard some talking heads on NPR that said they are talking about changing the language on 100 year and 500 year floods because they are happening more often. That’s ’cause the kid running the joystick on the HAARP and GWENS and DOPPLERS has his switch stuck on FLOOD. It has rained so much out here that the only thing the Pharmwhores have done out by me in ILL Annoyed is sprayed three fields with Roundup and burnt some of my plants with overspray. Expect food prices to rise even though NO ONE eats the crap that comes out of these fields. Did I mention that NO ONE within 30 miles of me has planted a single seed? I did plant a sparse garden but the mold count in the air is like living in Loosiana.

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      1. I seriously doubt such a thing as HAARP exists, but Judy Wood might disagree. This is bizarre. We have a natural world and natural and variable climate going on around us, and propaganda injected into the flow to make it appear that things are going haywire. Calm down! The agenda is political, the usual suspects are involved.

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  8. Thanks for the personal plugs here including the Italian expose of mass murder by vaccination. For the sake of breviety one might consider restructuring this blog to print stories are are not related to fraud or conspiracy… wait, that might be a story per year…

    Any whey…

    The wordsmith Clint Richardson revealed that Conspiracy Theory is actually a foundation of CRIMINAL LAW. In order to have an adjudicatable case you must prove conspiracy theory or the complaint will not be heard. Witches to say they might still do a show trial, take your money, and find against you, but the requirements in a broken system is that you must give evidence that it was done with malice aforethought.

    Sew, just like with the nuttery of Herd Immunity that was a concept orginated by a doctor who observed NATURAL immune responses in a closed community that was then co-opted and used by superstitious idiots with sharp needles full of bioweapons, the honorable phrase and conditions of Conspiracy Theory had been co-opted and used just like we have been discovering what viruses do to the immune system.

    When a virus gets into a cell (yes, I know there are nutters who think viruses don’t exist – but it is the viruses that TOLD the nutter not to make eye contact) the nanomachines will actually use cell process and shockingly cell-defense responses TO THEIR OWN ADVANTAGE. The reason why I only spend my time in biology is that it is the scalable fractal for everything including the use of ‘conspiracy theory’ as a weapon against us when it was there to ‘supposedly’ protect us.

    I think I heard Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report say that he did not have Conspiracy Theories but Fact-Based Suspicions.

    Patrick Jordan often quotes Patrick Jordan by saying:
    A pig of any other shade of lipstick – is still a pig.


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  9. Conspiracy theories exist because of three factors, political ideology, anti-americanism, and disruption or chaos.

    JFK was killed by a commie. When confronted by that fact theories were invented to push the blame to others, notably right wing CIA operatives.

    The moon landing is a prime example of anti-americanism. We are the greatest nation on earth and the fact that we walked on the moon’s surface (50+ years ago) is proof of our superiority.

    9-11 is similar to JFK because conspiracy theorists want to be able to pin the blame on Bush or the military industrial complex.

    Finally, Trump/Russian collusion. This one has all three, political motive, anti-americanism, and disruption.

    So my question is, just who is being manipulated?

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    1. Conspiracy theories exist because it is the foundation of Criminal Law. Hegelian Dialectics exist to get people divided on two sides of an issue to keep them fighting themselves so they don’t pay attention to the parasite that started the dispute.

      Whether JFK was killed or enjoying pina colladas on a beach somewhere today is of no consequence to anyone because he was Family so if he wasn’t killed it was a Family joke. If he was killed he was Family so you only trade one Family member for the replacement. Still a dialectic. Still meaningless.

      From what I’ve seen no living creature ever went to the moon. If I was able to go there I would do a scientific experiment by leaving a really big turd on the surface to see what happens in the vacuum of space. The use of the word “WE” is always a dead giveaway that the user identifies with their captors. WE didn’t do anything except have trillions of tribute money to military occupiers raped from us to be used for some impressive sitcom material. If there was a WE to any of this, then show me YOUR footprints from a ground based telescope. America is the greatest. The greatest terrorist nation this planet has ever seen. It wasn’t called the Second Jerusalem for nothing. Even though Nukes are another hoax, if they weren’t then the nation that labels everyone else terrorists were the onnly ones to use ‘weapons of mass destruction’ on civilians twice. See, when you call it like it is – then there is no debate. OUR superiority is another identification (Stockholm Syndrome) with the captors claiming equivalence with power that can only be accomplished by theft that then funds the most technologically advanced war machine in history. New City of Peace, indeed.

      9-11. Building 7. Enough said.

      Trump (Drumpf) is FAMILY. Putin is a spitting image cousin of Bush when seen side-by-side on stage. FAMILY. Trump can’t ‘collude’ with Family since it was a Family business for the past 4010 years. No anti-americanism there, just pro-Szionism. No disruption it has always been Business as Usual. Their plan is millennial that is why Adolph called it the Third Reich = the 3rd 1,000 year reign of the Roman Empire.

      Your question answered: You.

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        1. I ahve been to astronomical observatories, and have looked at moon’s surface. Nothing to see … that is, even if they had landed on moon, we don’t have a telescope on this planet that can pick up such small images. What you probably saw was, like Apollo itself, fakery.

          Here is strong evidence that the Saturn rocket that supposedly took men to the moon did not have the power to do so, and was probably just ditched in the ocean, the whole of the “landings” and recovery at sea having already been filmed. Phil Pollacia filmed the liftoff of Apollo 11 with a Super 8, and others viewing it found that the rocket, said to be at over 60,000 feet by NASA, was only at 26,000 at that point, in other words, could not escape Lower Earth Orbit. I regard this as the strongest evidence yet that the whole program was faked.

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        2. I had the pleasure of seeing the Moon from one of Earth’s observatories and that again proved the Apollo missions a staged event.

          The Moon is harsh, rigid, black and white. Solid rock, sharp shadows and crisp terrain. Not the ridiculous un-selenologic (lunar geologic) sand pit those Apollo clowns were bunnyhopping in. There is no process on the Moon that can create sediment because it has no atmosphere (according to the mainstream model, the model “they” use, so I use that against them).

          The temperature difference between day and night (14+ days each) is extreme; going from about +270 deg Celsius to -270 deg. The rocks are all volcanic in origin, according to the model hundreds of millions years old. Even with the naked eye we can see the effect a large impact has on the surface; a shattered crisp crater and blast structure, not a soft cuddly hill one like was shown on TV:

          Number 1 is Tycho crater; showing the blast structure.

          But that sandpit was easier to fake than solid hard rock, even though that crisp, hard, rigid surface is exactly how the Moon was (correctly) portrayed before Apollo:

          Tintin – Explorers on the Moon (1952+)

          Voyage dans la lune (1902)

          The First Men In The Moon (1901)

          Destination Moon (1950)

          The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1966)

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            1. Too much effort involved, I am afraid. I have to upload each image into WP and then capture the code to reinsert it into the comment. If you were a writer here, this would not be necessary. but you opted to leave. My natural inclination is to help you, but in this case, sorry.

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        1. Check out who owned the twin towers when they were demo’d. And see how the owner’s lawyer’s convinced the jury to award DOUBLE the original insurance coverage. See the video of the Pentagon-Pentagram immediately after impact? CNN had a 1:22 clip that showed no plane wreckage. A real deal 747 or larger would have had debris by the ton & would have been sifted through for weeks (crime scene) before hauling semi tractor loads of wreckage. PA farm field? Just a blacken crater. No engines, landing gear, 200+ seats, aluminum chunks from the size of your hand to yards across. Uncle Scam strikes again.

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          1. yes, the field in Shanksville is very suspect and if “the powers that be” want to convince us that the Pentagon was hit…..release the freaking tapes that were confiscated – never to be seen….lies, lies, damned lies!!

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    2. What do JFK, 911 and the moon landings have in common? They were TV shows. People assume that when something is on TV and called “news” that it is real. That is the power if TV to control thoughts and perceptions.

      The Russians don’t care about American presidential elections as they know that like their own, they don’t count votes. [I’ve seen enough corruption in getting Tester reelected twice to think that votes are counted at that level. But not the presidential level. I mean, have you been to Walmart? Do you really think those with real power are going to let the rabble elect its own leaders?]

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      1. Swede, I find you now exactly as I found you in 2006, impermeable, non-thinking, completely susceptible to cliché and verbal formula, supplied by leaders, whom you easily quote . You repeat, but an original thought is a rarity.

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  10. Thanks Charlie Townsend….with CA naturally having a dry climate it makes it easy to say the fires are from a dry climate….and it can happen….but homes from a real forest fire don’t explode from the inside and leave all the trees still standing and that happens all too often with these “disasters”. Houses and cars destroyed and trees barely touched…just doesn’t add up

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  11. Direct Energy Weapons were used in CA & Greece last year. Many, many pix show the impossibility of damage by burning wood & brush alone. Engine blocks becoming molten? Hop scotching of houses. Pure lines cut (think flying plasma cutter) dried. And the cell phone pix of the fixed beams of energy in broad daylight.

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      1. I must say that the live trees are a puzzlement, but most of what I see there appears to be the result of intense heat. It does take me back to Judy Wood … but now I know her photos were all fake, as the entire WTC complex was in heavy smoke that day.

        So I don’t have an answer other than intense heat destroyed those vehicles, caused the paint to peel, tires to melt and the windows to implode. These fires put out intense heat – I wonder if the gasoline was ignited.

        Here is what I know … the fake events I have seen produced no casualties. That is one of the reasons people are willing to go along with them – no one is hurt. Deliberately setting fires is both illegal and endangers human lives. I am not buying it, especially since this is all coupled with a severe drought. I saw the Yellowstone conflagration in 1988, a tinderbox that was only finally put out by winter storms. When it gets that dry, things burn. Humans cannot stop it. No one needs to deliberately start them. That happens by itself.

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        1. take a look at Diane Feinstein’s husband’s involvement in the highspeed rail…houses/and land is being destroyed in this area

          the path of the fires mimic the path of the rail line….it is a land grab and the money is being mismanaged and the fed is about to pull funding if not accounted for soon…roads built that go nowhere….greedy government workers involved

          I”m done, no more justification should be needed

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        2. Here is what I know … the fake events I have seen produced no casualties. That is one of the reasons people are willing to go along with them – no one is hurt.

          That is not what you know, it is what you assume

          Look at the Great H Mystery. Real people died and real people got hurt.

          This attic autistic claiming that nobody dies or gets hurt ever is a psychological operation in itself. And the facts speak against it, knowing there are people out there who have no problem whatsoever hurting and killing other people to promote a narrative.

          It is projecting staged events in controlled environments to E-VE-RY-THING else which is BS.

          The California fires look unnatural, from a physical point of view. Some of the images and footage may be staged/faked, some of it is real, and some of it is a mix of both.

          The one claiming “nobody died, nobody got hurt” (a phrase coined by a known BSer, Dave “JonBenét Ramsey = Katie Perry” Johnson) needs to substantiate that claim.

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          1. I sense your leaving earth orbit at this time. In conversation and blog exchanges, it is common to generalize, otherwise we are constantly making tedious qualifications to our words. Of course there is no “all” or “never.” Of course no human system is free of the worst aspects of human nature. I have seen it most horridly in the PSA regime, where doctors are performing invasive surgery without scientific justification, just a generalized notion that ‘we’re saving lives” when lives are not threatened.

            But in a fire-prone environment during a drought, to suggest that people are going around deliberately setting fires requires some extraordinary evidence. Fires cannot be prevented. The California fires look unnatural, from a physical point of view. Some of the images and footage may be staged/faked, some of it is real, and some of it is a mix of both, is a statement that needs something behind it. I watched the video, and I don’t think that people understand how intense the heat is in these fires. I am only flummoxed by the few healthy trees … only some of them, most are burned and dead. I have no answer, but directed energy is far-fetched. Think something more plausible … but I got nothing.

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  12. As a resident of both Montana and Colorado all my life, I’ve been witness to hundreds of forest fires. The day my wife and I married was like a miracle, the skies around Bozeman actually free of smoke. Before and after was an LA smog scene. When the forests are dry, they burn. No human agent can prevent forest fires. California is drought-prone, always has been. It is called the Golden State because it turns brown every year. Any little thing can spark an inferno. Why bother to set them when they are going to happen anyway?

    Two stories: First, we were in Phoenix in March of 2012 when we learned that our home was in “pre-evac” … and drove 13 hours to get home to be able to gather up papers and photos and stuff if we had to leave the house behind. What happened was that it was very dry, but nonetheless the local water authority had decided to do a controlled burn. It sparked after they thought it was out, and we had a fire. An older couple called to complain that the damned fire “authorities” had made a fire and they were pissed and under threat. They did not know it then, but they were doomed. The fire encircled their home and formed a vortex, heat winds swirling up to 90 miles per hour. They were incinerated even as they were behind the brick walls of their home. That phone call was their goodbye message. It was a horrid death.

    The other, I think called the Hayman Fire, a woman had been dumped by her boyfriend and was distraught, and decided (drinking?) to take all the letters her boyfriend had written her and burn them in a grand gesture. It was dry, sparks flew, and a massive fire resulted. I think she either did or is doing prison time.

    The point is that as I see you implying malevolent human intent to forest fires in a dry climate, that when there are so many people and structures in the nature/human interface, fires are unavoidable and behave erratically, forming heat vortexes, and things explode in that situation. It is a miracle more do not die. There are nasty people out there, trust me I know, but with forest fires all they need do is sit back and watch. Shit happens.

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  13. There is no way wood/brush fire can melt an auto engine block & its alloy wheels sitting on pavement while the trees near by are still fine. That takes a tremendous amount of intense concentrated heat. I have cast both brass & aluminum & poured them into molds. Its like the building 7 dropping in its foot print because of ‘office furniture’ melting the steel beams.

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  14. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. First give evidence such a thing really happened, and then provide your evidence of the extraordinary. I fell for Judy Wood once, but not twice.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Posting pix here is not possible. Really, the melting point of forged billet & steel far exceeds the heat generated by standing (fresh/green) timber & dead sage-grass & such.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I am not immune to such an idea, just that you cannot demonstrate it, which makes it far-fetched. It is not just inability to put up a graph or photo, but also a concept you cannot demonstrate due to lack of basic understanding.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Basic physical concepts and natural laws beat stories and “witness accounts”. That is true for 9/11, the California fires and the Holocaust Story.

        Or the Red Sea splitting, for that matter.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Ever fire up a small foundry & melt aluminum ingots, then pour the molten metal? I have done so many times. There are instances where the vehicle damage is not consistent at all w/natural burning brush & the green standing timber. No matter how strong the wind blow’s. And prior to this post, never researched JW nor draw information from.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JW was hired to offer up a concept of why there were no computers or toilets or file cabinets in the WTC debris. Since it is apparent that they merely stripped the buildings, as is done in controlled demolition, she gave us the concept of space weaponry, a nice trick, misdirection at its best. Stupid me fell for it. Your ideas here have a similar ring. That you cannot reproduced photos here is a nice touch, as if you cannot produce links. Go fish.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Just a link will override my assumptions. I know it is hard to bring photos here. When I do it I run it through the WordPress editor, uploading the photo and then grabbing the HTML code. You pretty much have to have a blog to be able to do that.

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  17. Why do you keep mentioning Judy Wood? Nobody else here is bringing her and the DEW idea into the discussion. Is it either that controlled promoted idea OR the “shit happens” natural, nothing to see here mainstream explanation? No other possibilities?

    Motive – the incentive (mild pun unintended) is the construction of the train lines as shown by Ann, eerily lining up well with the worst fire locations.
    Means – arson using any fire enhancing fluid is not hard to do, and explains why houses and cars are incinerated. Also, with so many fires, the analysis part will be sloppy and quick, so any trace of a fire inhibitor goes unnoticed.
    Opportunity – it is well known that the police and “justice” system keeps crime rates high to “justify” their own existence and (increased) funding. The same can be said about the fire department. That of course does not make every fireman/firewoman an arsonist. But the opportunity is there, even for another yet to be exposed organization.

    Forest fires do happen in the California climate. Greece has yearly fires too and a very similar climate to California. Yet not thousands of houses got destroyed to ashes at the locations where developers want to build trainlines or highways.

    Problem-reaction-solution and Phoenix-type rebuilding from the ashes (cough Marshall plan) are ancient methods “successfully” applied all over.

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    1. Forest fires happen in dry climates. I have seen them in the Pacific Northwest and Alberta, Canada. California, a Mediterranean climate, is prone to droughts such as the one just ended. When that happens, the place burns, unassisted.

      I did not bring up DEW’s. Motorhead did. I think the proposition is absurd since we don’t know that they even exist, and if they did, starting fires during a large fire season is like pissing in the ocean.

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      1. Exactly, forest fires happen in dry climates. So the perfect cover to “help” nature and investment-hungry developers without much notice.

        What makes you think these isolated destroyed houses and cars with thin trees unburned near to them are “completely natural, nothing to see here”?

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  18. Starting fire’s durning fire season is a perfect cover to use advanced technology as a means to an end. Like throwing a call durning a nationally televised ‘big game’ changer. Without anyone accountable.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. I am 300 percent convinced the CA fires were deliberate. Thanks to Ann I have the final piece of the puzzle. The hoops that people are still jumping thru to get into their house have been insane. The new zoning laws and permits needed to rebuild coupled with the environment concerns that still need to be dealt with in order for anyone to rebuild just shows that this a land grab.
    I am wondering why HAARP is such a huge hurdle for people to get over. I always get push back when it is brought up. I do not know a ton about it. I have not heard more than one or two positive things about it. And one was about employment increases in Alaska. It seems that powers and abilities of HAARP are to scary for people to focus on and it gets dismissed. I don’t even know for sure all of its capabilities but the few things I know have freaked the fuck out of me. Excuse my language but I am curious why HAARP isn’t taken that serious in a crowd who has plenty of energy for so much less reasonable topics.
    Rant finished. Sorry but I am really confused and surprised by the Haha HAARP attitude.

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    1. Gee whiz, I look at the history of California and find it littered with droughts and wildfires. I look at HAARP and find it to be way too small to operate beyond a pure research level. The joining of natural events with a small facility in Alaska to produce an theory of everything bad caused by something not well understood … and bring in DEW’s to boot, and I find it all untenable.

      And, again, the State of California is heavily populated and developed. Just the small regions I have traveled in, Yosemite and Sacramento out to the Monterey Coast, are a nightmare for the tourist from a rural area. (I live the mountains near, but not in Denver, and am originally from Montana.) A wildfire in Montana will leave scorched acreage behind, and firefighters will struggle to save structures when they are threatened. Place the same fire in California, and it is a nightmare inferno. But 100 years ago, that same fire in California was just a spectacle to watch from a distance, resulting in little damage.

      Just in recent history, California has endured droughts in 1928–1935, 1947–1950, 1959–1960, 1976–1977, 2006–2010, and 2011–2017. This is all within the range of natural variability. More people = more damage. Stand down please.

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    2. supposedly, it is no longer working, but I have my doubts….here is an old YT with a bit of explanation and there is also the GWEN towers that may have taken HAARP’s place

      and Barrie Trower is an expert in microwave technology

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    3. I’ve linked this before, but for complete understanding, this almost 4 hr documentary (take it in small chunks since it is so long) by TruthStream Media should to be watched…Aaron and Melissa Dykes did an outstanding job of the horrors that happened to unwitting citizens after WWII…”our govt” Allen Dulles, Dr Ewen Cameron, Jolly West and many others…answers a lot of questions

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    4. That local geoengineering exists (Olympics China et al.) seems a no brainer, but this HAARP idea I have only seen presented by some shady conjecturing conspie channels.

      As a research facility Alaska may make sense, but if you want to influence the weather in other parts of the world (e.g. California), the location seems somewhat poorly chosen.

      Charlie, do you have some good, well-researched material on this HAARP “weather modification” thesis?

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        1. They moved things around. AU has several HARRP installations. Smart meters,GWEN & 5G will be doing serious damage as time rolls on. Those bug spraying from above play a roll in the nano-tech area.

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    5. I suspect that if the Hu-Man race was capable of surviving another 50 years then there would be a revelation of Operation DE, for: Disbelieve Everything.
      It is based on the concept of Paradox.
      Paradox sets up the dialectic because humans are intrisically herd animals that respond primarily to binary choices . It is the rare cow that tries to jump the fence of the corral rather than go to the left or right around in a circle where the exit is always to the slaughterhouse. So, I suppose that this current Disbelieve Everything Meme that is rampant was designed for the sole purpose of getting people on two sides of every issue so that they can argue about it all day long on the way to the knackers.
      HAARP started out as the Woodpecker Array in Russia. I suspect, having lived through it, that the famous blizzards that literally buried Chicago in snow were proof of concept of weather warfare starting in 1967. You will find material that says that the DUGA array was operational in 1976 (interesting reversal of numbers – don’t you think?) but having worked in high tech, it is common knowledge that the US military declassifies technology for release to the civilian sector in 5, 10, or more year increments and that each Next Gen is more powerful than what the public is aware of. Total Spectrum Dominance. I also suspect that Doppler Radar was never about PREDICTING the weather but MAKING it. Sure weathermen had about the same accuracy as a three-year-old hitting the toilet with a stream, but that is the learning curve to actually get to the point of weather manipulation. Weather warfare was banned by the UN in the 1970s (back to Woodpecker) and the only way something that like would occur is not from the suspicion that it could happen but from the proof that it DID happen. Chemical and biological warfare is banned too, but vaccines exist.
      One of the subtle coverups is that there is only focus on ONE HAARP array in Alaska. Annette will provide links to the WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION OF MULTIPLE ARRAYS.
      If we are to accept what the patent developer said about his invention then a SINGLE array can pulse a gigawatt of energy. That is enough to ruin someone’s Sunday. However, Remote Sensing by radio waves by ‘satellite’ use only a FEW WATTS and can image most of what is under the ground: oil, water, precious metals, the cash you have in your safe, and without infrared can find all of the ancient ruins of past civilizations. That’s just what a few watts can do. Multiply that by Back To The Future Jiggawatts and you could probably see what is all the way down there: whether there is the fake molten iron core or something that suggests a Hindu flat earth platter. Either way, that would give the knower quite a bit of power. Knowledge is power. But that’s just one array. Because there are multiple installations all over the world they can be multiplexed together for unimaginable capability. Legend has it that Fukashima’s earthquake/tidal wave was caused by a HAARP installation on a US military ship.
      So, to your point of: “I am curious why HAARP isn’t taken that serious in a crowd who has plenty of energy for so much less reasonable topics.”
      It is quite clear in terms of clandestine operations: plausible deniability and hiding in plain sight. If you have ONE installation that is forced into public focus that looks like your grandpa’s TV antennas it is easy to discount. When you are literally surrounded by them and they can be mobile on ground or sea then the entire dialectic falls apart and must be re-thought. They want people arguing how many pinheads can dance on angels rather than focusing their attention that the legend of Zeus was that he was a no-account Olympian until the Kyklops and Hundred-Handers from Tartarus (Hell) gave him the power of electricity in the sky.

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  20. Most cannot fathom a world outside the ‘box’. That televison ”box’ and it’s p r o g r a m i n g. Heavy typset bold print on that word programing. It takes year’s for erase that programing AND research where the norm is anything but.

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  21. According to the National Weather Service, there were more than 50 tornadoes over Memorial Day weekend alone, and at this point there have been at least 8 tornadoes in the U.S. for 12 consecutive days…500 for the month of May.

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    1. If your point is that this somehow as an effect of climate change, then I put it on you to put these numbers in historical concept. That is your duty as an informed citizen – to stop rattling off a litany of data and to stick your head in the data, not bringing it out again until you grasp the concept ” natural variability.”

      The climate change nutballs changed the name of the “crisis” from global warming to climate change to allow themselves to blame every event on climate change, since warming had ceased.

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  22. Thanks for all the links shared. I have some work ahead of me. The Gwen towers arde now on my list of things to investigate. The non working HAARP seems like misdirection to me. I get overwhelmed by all of this due to my not having a good understanding of the technology at play. It seems like there are a number of things that seem to me to be intentional in the confusion of abilities, controls, and intentions.

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    1. It is possible to do meta-analysis and synthesis based on simple questions and general answers that get to the only rational answer: We need steel underwear. When you factor in other details then we move from inquiring what they have done to us in the past, what they are doing now, to what the future might hold. If you remember CB radios in cars and trucks, the antennae used to be whips that people would bend over the tops of their cars. Some college geek got the notion that you could put a coil at the base of the wire to effectively increase its apparent size yet shorten its actual size.
      The legend that I heard was that the Navy sold HAARP to a private corporation. That would make sense because the weather appears to be as erratic as a kid hopped up on Mt. Dew running the joystick that has only HOT, COLD, WET, DRY. I’ve seen a lot of weather since the 1960s but I’ve never seen this kind of BINARY weather. So, did the Navy dump Gakona simply because it was obsolete? Reference my reponse to one of your earlier comments that Next Gen is always spacemen compared to cavemen babies in diapers in terms of complexity and power. So, perhaps like the CB radio trick – or even worse – the cellphone trick with FRACTAL ANTENNAE that make those scrying mirrors work like Magicks, then perhaps the 5G is the replacement for not only person/person MK but if they can be multiplexed as independent arrays that sum to higher capacity then that jiggawatt pulse is possible through the cellphone to your ear. Take a serious look at antenna design and how the micro-fractal antenna changed all that we know about communication/distance/power. Of course the smaller things are the easier it is to burn them out but then tell that to a hill of fireants as they are crawling up your leg. Finally: As Above – So Below. HAARP is basically an array that is directed Domeward. It can supposedly be bounced off of the ionosphere and directed at any angle to any target within its range. It bridges the gap between the outward application of power (ABOVE) that can be used to affect its target (BELOW). Gwen directs its power into the Ea-rth (BELOW) but since there is a capacitive circuit between the ground and air then you cannot have a monopolar action. There will always be a reaction with the sky (ABOVE) These are simple binary principles that were often used by Dr. Who when he needed to save the world:
      Doctor! What did you do?
      I reversed the polarity.
      Don’t limit yourself to HAARP, GWEN, Doppler, AM, FM or even the frequencies reserved for the military. It is all one big soup and by rights we should have been dead a long time ago, but even cockroaches can stand radiation 1 million times more powerful than would cook a human.
      Body as a mass, vibration = 5 – 10 Hz
      DNA vibrations in the infrared, reduced to musical tones
      Ah… music… it ‘moves’ me…
      Many women say: I cry EVERY TIME that scene in the movie comes up… or, That song makes me cry everytime.
      Sorry, Ladies. That’s audio-visual entrainment those are not your own feelings they were PUT there by infrasound and/or pulsing light. The Old Magicks. If we now know this, then what do the Controllers know and why have they been manipulating people with media as ubiquitous as TV, Radio and Film?

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      1. Mass media was devised to hypnotize & traumatize the view. To further empower the few over the many. When we are forced to go cashless-game over. They will turn up the dial on all these demonic toy’s laid in place.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. I am in love with your writing. I feel smarter after reading. However, I feel real slow as I make my way thru your paragraphs. Your writing is always sending me off in New Directions and opening my eyes to new ways of looking at things. Thank you for that. I hope you know your writings are appreciated and shared with other like minded souls and resistant souls too.
        Thank you

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  23. Wouldn’t buying up a corn field in Kansas and installing a HAARP installation there make much more sense, if you intend to “EMind Control” or “affect the weather” for the US? Why build it in remote Alaska and not in the most central place in the US? Whatever HAARP is (supposed to be), it works radially, so a central location is key for it to be effective.

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  24. Research how the HARRP system works. GWENS & cell tower locations are localized to saturate the populations. Smart meters & the modern amenities inside the home finish the trifecta.

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  25. Goodness gracious, the blog is infected with paranoid moles. Each of you need to go stand on a mountain top and peer as far into the heavens and landscape as possible, and try to imagine the array of forces of human intervention it would take to exert all of the control you imagine exists. Life is not a movie. An asteroid cannot be diverted by a nuke. Humans cannot control the weather, much less the climate. And they don’t need scary devices to affect our minds. That’s what TV is for. That was a fait accompli in the 1950s.

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    1. I beg your pardon – ” paranoid moles”? The title of this article is certainly on point “psychology of thought stopping” – there are many thoughts and you seem to want to stop them. This really surprises me Mark!

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  26. Moles? How long have you been researching? Outside the MMG world of celebrities that faked & juiced their way on the airwaves. Who controls these fake folk? Who owns the apparatus to project the projects?

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  27. I have my limits, folks. None other than J Wood was pushing HAARP, and she also suggested that a hurricane was steered up the east coast and planted outside NT on 9/11. So I do not truck with HAARP or weather control. Maybe some cloud seeding to knock down po0llution, as they did in Beijing, but that’s about the size of it.

    Here is a graph of hurricane intensity in the northern hemisphere, circa 2014. If you can make anything other than a straight line out of that moving average, I’ll put you up for a Nobel. If indeed they could control weather as you suspect, it appears they have not done a good job.


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  28. another link with an excerpt added

    This essay is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who, from the very outset revealed the diabolical nature of the HAARP project, as part of an integrated non-conventional weapons program:

    “It is related to fifty years of intensive and increasingly destructive programs to understand and control the upper atmosphere. … HAARP is an integral part of a long history of space research and development of a deliberate military nature. The military implications of combining these projects is alarming. … The ability of the HAARP / Spacelab/ rocket combination to deliver very large amounts of energy, comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on earth via laser and particle beams, are frightening. The project is likely to be “sold” to the public as a space shield against incoming weapons, or, for the more gullible, a device for repairing the ozone layer.“

    It is my sincere hope that this article will renew the debate on the dangers of weather warfare and will contribute to the broader objective of World peace which requires the relentless “disarming” of the US- NATO military apparatus.

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      1. there is a disclaimer in the video notes that says:
        Path of hurricane Erin from the 4th-15th September 2001
        Strange how Erin changes direction rapidly on 9/11,
        – but I do NOT subscribe/believe/agree with any views of the so-called “Judy Woods” and her merry band of useless-eaters

        did not realize it was her video

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        1. He is wheelbarrowing in the next of kin in his Jew World Order in Montreux as we speak.

          I am not a violent person but übercriminal psycho Henry Kissinger deserves a slow and painful death.

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  29. I had a real link to the 5G being weaponized by the military-industrial complex. Towers & cable lines have been going up all over here. Even deep into the country side you will find one (gravel roads far from State & Interstate highways. And it seems overkill in & near any town of size to see them clustered. I see you comment on WalMart ‘customers’ frequently. Look up at the ceilings and see the steel bars covering the skylights. Yet there are no side. or front windows. Just that main entrance opening. Their cameras are so overlapped that it said to be 50 per square foot. They resemble the new schools & police stations presently built. Right off the main highway/street/blvd. Tiny, if any windows. B i g parking lots.

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    1. Whatever. You are not blocked. There are outside limits imposed by WordPress on the number of links you can place in a comment. No matter where I try to place them, comments with links are always blocked at more than two. I have no control. The only thing I ask of you and all commenters is that if your comment does not appear, be patient. I will get to it. I do not look at the moderation bin more often than twice a week. Do not automatically assume you are up against Stalin. I don’t care if you and I disagree. I am but human and occasionally get jacked by some obnoxious deviation. But other than that, the human factor, I just let it flow.

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    1. WOW, great resource Ty..seems like Mr K “borrowed” his quote from many before him. NIce to know how well thought of we are as a “useless” population….guess there is only room for the 1%.

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