5G: Pushback Begins


We — head to toe — are electro-magnetic systems. The proliferation of cell towers, especially near preschools, and other schools, is causing controversy and economic loss when parents find out how close their kids are to radiation risk.

5G roll out will require a lot more cell towers, which will adversely impact more and more residential neighborhoods and businesses.

In California there are battles shaping up over 5G technology. Public health concerns were exempted in the 1996 Telecommunications (Consolidation) Act, but that’s not stopping businesses and parents from expressing concern, and in some cases moving kids out of existing schools to avoid what they perceive as unacceptable risk.

Firefighters don’t want towers on their fire stations. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/01/25/consumerwatch-5g-cellphone-towers-signal-renewed-concerns-over-impacts-on-health/

Government “standards” for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields have been developed in consultation with numerous other federal agencies. Does anyone believe the government to protect public health and safety? Lots more to come.

22 thoughts on “5G: Pushback Begins

  1. Tektites neutralize EMF’s. I’ve kept one in my front pocket for years. First day I began feeling flush. Junk was being pulled out of me I soon read. I won’t try to explain or justify tektites properties or powers. I’m not good at convincing anyone of anything ever. Even 20 years later when finally making realization I was right the thanks never come. I have to laugh. Back on point those at POM are light years of me in so many ways but that stop me from sharing tektites kicking the shit out of EMF’s. Not just any tektite though. Must be the right kind so I’ve read. I trust the ones I got via Quantum Research Labs since they’re sold specifically for EMF protection. I’m sure my neighbor is shocked I haven’t dropped dead by now. That loser invested in some sick toy you point at people emitting waves to make them sick. I wish I was kidding. He’s ex-military so I wouldn’t stand a chance calling him out on it. I’m POM & MMG truther so who would believe me.


  2. Thanks, Rico. For those not familiar with tektites, here’s more: http://spiritconnection.co.za/tektites-for-protection-and-grounding/

    Mind, body, soul/spirit. We need it all. Most in the West lost soul long ago, lost their minds more recently, and are trying to cope on 1/3 of what everyone has been given at birth. Disassociation can be caused by any number of trauma and/or stress. I try to keep an open mind, but it’s getting so crazy “out there;” keeping it together is not getting any easier. Help each other — “Golden Rule” is still the simplest, yet hardest, way to go in daily practice.


  3. Langley clearly knows something about tektites otherwise why publish that article. As with anything I use my body and my mind in my life’s work in progress laboratory making my own determination based on my own experiences with whatever physical or emotional stimuli encountered processed actual consumption mental physical spiritual. In other words in my opinion the article is misdirection. Tektites kick EMF ass in addition to everything that bot or bought tektite author noted before pulling the magic carpet rug out from under it. Tektites also are known to somehow produce more coincidences in one’s life. Synchronicity in Jungian terms. Try them for yourself and send me a bill if you feel Langley is right.


  4. I agree, what is the purpose of discounting all you have written unless the agenda is more important than the known properties of tektites. Seldom is there a source, however, that’s free of some hidden agenda.


  5. Mark (and other writers). I have a question for you.

    I know this site has moved on from extensive face analysis, but I still think you have a good sense for that kind of stuff and open minds about twins, Bokanovsky brats, etc.

    So the question is, do your spidey senses tingle at all about Elon Musk? Could he be twins? There are a number of red flags about him and Tesla. But the specifics that make me wonder about twins are:

    1) He’s supposedly the CEO of three companies simultaneously. Plus “Head Engineer” of all three. Plus a lot of other stuff including private jet commuter, celebrity, and Twitter enfant terible.

    2) He apparently got some plastic surgery, fake hair, etc. along the way.

    3) He looks different than his 1990s receding hairline persona. And not just because of the hair.

    4) He’s one of these guys who seems to go through pretty significant weight swings

    5) He’s a huge promoted celebrity, probably the most famous of the “disrupters,” is closely related to a number of futuristic propaganda-ish themes: self-driving cars, cars that can track their occupants every movement, climate change, space travel, colonies on Mars, etc.

    But really the most important thing was….wait a minute, what better way to get all this done than be multiple people.

    This also got me thinking about a similar guy, Jack Dorsey. Young, good looking, celebrity, also CEO of multiple big companies simultaneously, including Twitter which is one of the big tech engines that can easily play a role in surveilling the population, monitoring sentiment trends, influencing politics, etc. He’s got a few similarities to Musk. And is even younger, looking at least. Both seem slightly unlikely multi-billionaires.

    Anyway, does any of this resonate with you guys? Might either of these guys be possible twins?


    1. Jim,

      Are you familiar with the ‘coincidences’ surrounding Elon Musk’s name and job?

      The following is from Chapter 24 of ‘Project Mars: A Technical Tale’

      “The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by
      universal suffrage for five years and entitled “Elon.” Two houses of Parliament enacted
      the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet.”

      Click to access MarsProject.pdf

      This was written by Wernher von Braun in 1953.

      SpaceX is a HOAX and joke. The joke is on the lemming masses who never can and never will realise how far the deception goes. It is a very amusing joke, but only to those who get it. Most will never get it. They will continue to believe in ‘outer space’ and ‘Mars colonies’ and all other kinds of absurd nonsense, because they are stupid, stupid creatures, easily brainwashed into moronic belief systems.


      1. Ha, that’s pretty funny.. So Werner was writing some kind of admitted speculative fiction about what colonizing Mars would be like?

        Elon also linguistically related to HG Wells Eloi from novel The Time Machine. And many other El forms.


  6. Meteorites are psilly. The proof of which in the anglish speaking hustling wold starts with major eddie topham. Go ahead and wojiscki it, i dare ya. And for you parlez francais smart guys; i can link flying space rocks to Napoleon’s peeps that taught the Egyptians their own wold fashioned tongue.


      1. Derailing again? K. Limited shelf life for certain. The Donald singed off on this 5G & is only a powerless puppet, so bashing him is saying you are a lost gullible snowflake w/out a clue. And really, with all these ‘kids’ references, a creeper or worse sums you up.


        1. I was in no way bashing trump. I think he is a very talented puppet and spaceships are cool anyways. Both trump and spaceships are narrative devices of course but that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. I find you entertaining as well.


        2. happy to know that you know he is a powerless puppet….all presidents are, TPTB want it that way…we need someone to blame for his stupid remarks…I don’t know how any president can live with this knowledge


        1. ‘My bad’ so very inner urban. But the local kid’s always ask me ‘Have you seen Grand Torino?” And you? This 5G a lethal,weaponized military item or pixie dust in your eye’s?


          1. Well, I’d rather not be hit with millimeter waves all day if that’s what you’re asking. But what can i do? Actually, im more concerned that people believe in flying space rocks than i am about 5g. Just wait till the god of chaos gets here. Its gonna be epic (do the cool kids still say that?). Hopefully, trump’s space navy will have some proper battle spaceships andwhatnot by then.


  7. There is 20+ thousand invaders coming into TX daily now. Everyday. A 30+ thousand load of Congo folk are in Panama right now.


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