Is climate alarmism racist?

My recent foray into the matter of climate change had many surprising features, one of which was how easy it was to grasp the underlying science behind the matter. Climate study is, for the most part, mere collection of data in search of trends.  Below the fold, for example, is a graph showing precipitation trends in California over the last 100 years.

CA Precip

It is compiled by Bob Tisdale. Do you see what I see? On the high side, measuring the highest precipitation monthly trends, there is an uptick. But the rolling average of precipitation per decade is almost a flat line. Nothing much unusual going on there.

It is only a little different with temperatures, a slight warming trend, nothing to worry about. High temperatures are basically flat, low temperatures increasing.

CA Temp

What does this tell us? When compared to other data from other states, we learn that the planet is gradually getting wetter. This is a good thing. We are suffering fewer and less severe droughts and forest fires, more food production advanced by wetter soils. Coupled with increased CO2 in the atmosphere, a good thing, our planet is greening, as seen below.


Here is the accompanying text, courtesy of NASA:

An international team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries led the effort, which involved using satellite data from NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer instruments to help determine the leaf area index, or amount of leaf cover, over the planet’s vegetated regions. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.

This is NASA with its Jekyll and Hyde, at once giving us straight and optimistic truth while at the same time will offering up scurrilous lies to advance the climate change agenda. The whole of the “global warming” movement began in 1988 with staged hearings wherein James Hansen, then head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, warned Congress that the planet was warming, and that Armageddon was around the corner.

The planet is warming, slightly, but that’s not a problem. Hansen surely knows this, as does Michael Mann and Al Gore. Yet we are continually confronted with a scare-a-thon, warned that we only got a few years before the coasts are inundated by rising oceans, forests are turning to deserts, species are going extinct. In the year 2000, climate “scientist” David Viner said snowfall would soon be a thing of the past. He still employed at East Anglia, no shame attached to his stupid remark regarding snow. In July, 2009, my favorite Royal Clown, Prince Charles, said we had but 96 months to stave off “irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse, and all that goes with it.” I can do math. 96 months from 7/09 was July of 2017. We’re still here. More importantly, that jackass is still in line to be king, not that we need kings.

But the larger point is that every prediction that climate alarmists have made has been shown by scientific evidence to be not just wrong, but wildly off the mark, and it does not matter. They merely go on to new predictions of doom. Being a climate scientist means never having to say “Oops! Got that one wrong.”

Jacques Ellul

I did not mean to write all of that, as I sat down with a different person in mind, a man who wrote a little red book that had a profound impact on me. It was not Chairman Mao, but rather Jacques Ellul, and the book was not one of sayings, but a discussion of “Propaganda.”

I read the book, I think, in or around the year 2000. I remember picking it up in the Tattered Cover book store on a trip to Denver around that time. I immediately dove into it, absorbing as much as I could, and wondering why the man was allowed to divulge so many trade secrets. He spoke openly about methods and means of indoctrination and brainwashing.

It’s not hard to understand how the naked unvarnished truth can stand right out in the open in a culture like ours, one in which reading is reserved to a few, and most of that being a process of self-indoctrination, or advancement of more propaganda. So Ellul’s book does no harm to the state of the state. It’s inside knowledge that no one fears divulging, as so few are capable of reading and ingesting it.

But to finally get to my point, I was wondering why the climate alarmists are so shameless in promotion of lies that are easily seen to be lies. They have no fear of being shown to be wrong. It does not matter. They can make any outrageous statement they feel like making, as David Viner and Prince Charles did, as Al Gore and Michael Mann routinely do, without any blowback. They live in a no-fear all-lies-all-the-time environment. What’s up with that?

Ellul was forthright in his exposition of the nature of propaganda, elucidating the various types and purposes. I won’t go into it other than page 70 … “The … great distinction within the general phenomenon of propaganda is the distinction between propaganda of agitation and propaganda of integration.” Agitation propaganda (agitprop) is led by parties seeking to destroy the established order. All revolutionary movements have been nourished by agitptop.

The climate change agenda is extremely effective on governments, but hardly felt by the bulk of humankind, as we can all look out our window and see little or no change. Yet the topic is pursued with relentless zeal, one lie after another masquerading as science in banner headlines. This is a matter of great concern. The climatic change agenda is serious business meant to do great harm, and its promoters, while not zealots in private, are in public lying and meaning for the lies to have a large and immediate impact. It is a large and well-coordinated agitprop campaign. As such it must have an underlying agenda that seeks real change.

“We do not talk to say something, but to obtain a certain effect,” said Goebbels. All of the lies about climate are hitting home with an agenda taking shape, cap and trade, reduction of the use of fossil fuels, boondoggle technologies like solar panels and windmills, the latter a real thing and not just something to tilt at.

But it is interesting in this regard in that it is a massive failure. There is no reduction in the amount of CO2 we are putting in the atmosphere. That is not a danger, and the alarmists must know this. The U.S., because we are switching from coal to natural gas, actually leads the way in reduction of CO2 emissions, but we could reduce those emissions to zero and it would not counter what China and India are doing. So reduction of emissions of CO2 is not on the agenda, and no one cares about that anyway, at least no one in the climate alarmist movement.

So what are they up to, these revolutionary zealots? We can only guess.

I’ve been researching their various hoaxes for years now, and they all seem, in various ways, to have a common objective. Erlich’s Population Bomb proved to be wrong, as did Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Both sought fundamental changes in public policy regarding humans and our tendency to reproduce when food is abundant. Other hoaxes, such as AIDS, are more matter of fact – wanting us to stop having so much sex, or at least limit it to recreation and away from reproduction. The movement to get women out of their nurturing role and into the rat race with the rest of us can be seen as anti-reproduction. The ridiculous cost of higher education has the same effect as well – it is frightfully expensive to have kids!

Is that what climate change is about? Too many people? Too much food? If so, then it can only be aimed in a couple of places, the ones still largely undeveloped, Africa and large parts of South America. (India and China will go their own way, no matter any treaties or “accords” they sign onto.) They want our black and brown friends to be tripping over solar panels and building big ugly unreliable windmills. That way  they, unlike us, will not enjoy the prosperity that fossil fuels bring to our lives.

The essence of climate change alarmism is, then, if I am anywhere close to being right, a movement to limit the development of our darker-skinned neighbors to the south. Maybe it is just coincidence that it affects people of color the most, but it is also not hard to impugn racism on the movement as a whole.

35 thoughts on “Is climate alarmism racist?

  1. Well, the UN has been raising its African population prediction every time it looks; the latest has Africa hitting four billion people by year 2100, up from a little over a billion today. I doubt there will be a shortage anytime soon, climate change delirium or not; tripping over windmills and solar panels will have no effect.


    1. Do you believe the population figures we are given by our authorities? I’m talking past, current, and future population figures.

      I am sitting here in a cafe in Saigon, the most populous city in the world’s 15th most populous country (according to official figures). Take a half hour cab ride from the centre of the city and you will see empty fields everywhere. That is the edge of the city.

      New developments are going up on the fringes, slowly but surely, just like in many cities around the world. But the biggest cities in the world are not really that big, and outside of the major cities, most of the earth is sparsely populated. Any man can see this with his own eyes.

      And yet we are supposed to believe the earth is over populated, and that there are billions of people alive right now as we speak. Where are they all? Am I supposed to trust the figures given to me by the Chinese or Indian governments? Please.

      I’d be pleasantly surprised if there were more than 500 million people alive on earth today. Some people think the Guidestones are a ‘plan’. What if they are more of an explanation?


      1. Hard to research this. One would have to penetrate the inner sanctuary of knowledge or do a survey beyond the reach and ability of all of us. But the Georgia stones do pique curiosity. My own personal experience from travel and life in the west is that no matter where I go there are vast expanses of undeveloped land, usually used for grazing, often just left alone. Travel some time if you get a chance from Fort Collins in Colorado to the Yaak region of Montana. Or don’t. It used to be absence of radio station signals that made the journey incredibly tedious. Now it is absence of cellular.


      2. I wonder if traffic engineers are in on the con… Somehow they manage to design lights and roads that jam up at the drop of a hat. Anybody stuck in rush hour traffic will swear the earth is overpopulated.

        Aided and abetted by work shifts that unleash every car at the same instant.


        1. Mark, I used a new email bc wordpress is wanting me to fully log in thru Google bc I did it once… Unfortunately.


        2. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who suspect that traffic jams are a HOAX. If you don’t believe me, you can google it, see for yourself.

          Of course, the obvious retort will be, ‘traffic jams are not a hoax, I’ve been in them’. Yes, most of us have been in one (or more) traffic jams. But ‘hoax’ does not mean ‘never happens’; ‘hoax’ (in this context) means something more akin to ‘deception’ or ‘ruse’.

          Are we being deceived about traffic jams? Is there some kind of ruse at play? These are the questions I am angling towards…


          1. Great insight, JLB. I never would have thought of this.

            From the link below:

            “The traffic is being engineered,” a former top NYPD official told The Post, explaining a long-term plan that began under Mayor Mike Bloomberg and hasn’t slowed with Mayor de Blasio.

            “The city streets are being engineered to create traffic congestion, to slow traffic down, to favor bikers and pedestrians,” the former official said.

            “There’s a reduction in capacity through the introduction of bike lanes and streets and lanes being closed down.”

            Not a great source, but still seems to be a valid report:


          2. Traffic jams are way up in the hoax pyramid. Certainly our police forces and emergency services, in cahoots with whomsoever else is needed, run freeway blocking drills to cause maximum disruption. Bridge collapses, truck crashes, bus crashes, landslips, sink holes, they do it all. Especially near airports and at busy times, so that people miss their flights. These are evil bastards.


    2. One climate related observation. I’m almost 60 and I distinctly remember through my childhood that at midday the sun was very much solid yellow in color a school bus yellow. Now and for the past many years that same midday sun has indeed turned into a very much platinum white color.
      In the 60’s and 70’s you would close your eyes, look up and feel that warm happy feeling of basking in the sunlight, it was joyous but now that enjoyment is gone

      So why is the media along with science publications and for that matter the internet (except for a handful of people I’ve found who have the exact same observations) why are they all silent about what should be the biggest news story and concern of all time.
      I have watched this changing of the suns color the whole way and I have no explanation of how anyone could have missed this blatantly obvious change, I mean it is literally right in your face nearly everyday. Anyway this mystery gave me confirmation that something much bigger than I can perceive is going on right now in a very tangible way on more levels than I’m aware of. By studying very hard on this one undeniable fact of the change in the color of our sun and watching it happen in total silence has given me insight and an understanding of many many things that were once hidden from me. It is an odd life.


  2. Well as I live and breathe … Fred! I have not been called full of it with character and class in ages. It’s about time you stopped by! [I have a hard time with graphs like that that presume uninterrupted growth … something always slows it down. Generally with human population, it is food supply and climate working hand-in-hand. The alarmists must know that Africa is going to thrive in the coming high CO2 decades.]


  3. I wish it would be the case and trend that Dark Dumb (-15 IQ points on average) Africa wouldn’t explode in population for the next decades, but unfortunately there will be rather more than less Nigerians and Angolans invading the West in the coming years.


    1. That’s hateful, but I’ll leave it alone. Living in the US, I have a hard time criticizing intelligence of people in other lands. This place is really, really dumbed down.


      1. “Hateful”, WTF? Are you also infected with that ridiculous PC virus?

        I and millions of people with me, do not desire to live among blacks. Or jews. Or muslims. Which is our Gaia given right to desire that. What the heck, are we still “allowed” to protest this “diversity (=non) agenda, or living in some panopticon where every non-compliance with these psychopathic freaky ideas is “hate”???

        Hell, even muslims and blacks don’t like to live among them; they all are coming to the West!

        And the average white meth head in the US is a professor compared to some of the genetic garbage you find south of the Sahara. I worked with those people and don’t wish you the same.


        1. With IQ data, one wields a double-edged sword:

          “Dumb Dark” may be 15 points lower than the Western White average. But “Dumb Goy” is on average 12 points lower than Ashkenazi Jew, so it seems.

          Which entails … If mean intelligence quotient is one’s rationale for control of the life and movements of one group of people by a higher-scoring group, then one also justifies the control of any alleged “Jewish Hidden Hand” over the rest of society.


          1. Indeed, that is one of the points I mentioned about the dangers of jews. Their overall average higher intelligence. Luckily not all jews are psychopaths, but the relative overabundance of psychos among jews who are already overall tending to be more intelligent, is a major risk.

            The “alt right” tries to wash this off and claim these results are bogus. And of course Nobel Prizes are no measure of intelligence but of connections, but also there you cannot be stupid to win them.

            This intellectual “push” of many jewish families is showing off, in quite some cases good (literature, music, chess), but in many cases very dark (using intelligence for dirty tricks).


          2. Maarten, is it possible that the so-called ‘Ashkenazi Jews’ are indeed more intelligent (on average) than the gentiles? Seems more than plausible to me. The gentiles can produce thoughtful and creative people, but is the average gentile truly that intelligent? I say, certainly not.

            The so-called ‘Ashkenazi Jews’, just like their Oriental equivalent the Chinese, seem to possess (whether by nature or nurture) a certain mindset and way of thinking which translates well to business, wealth accumulation, and possibly even IQ tests.

            As a non-Jew, non-Chinese man, it doesn’t bother me that some IQ tests suggest so-called ‘Ashkenazi Jews’ and east Asians are more intelligent, on average, than my gentile brethren. I myself am SIGNIFICANTLY more intelligent than my gentile brethren.

            I suspect many of the regulars on this site, if they are not plagued by the curse of false modesty, will admit to themselves the same about their own intelligence. Many regulars here are well above average intelligence, which is why they can see that the TV is lying to them.


      2. Being dumbed down with propaganda or being inherently of low intelligence are two different things. The IQ levels by percentage in the third world when compared to the Western nations on average is not comparable. So unless we’re all willing to stand here and put forward some hypothesis that the people testing the intelligence gradients and levels are inherently racist and it’s a big racist conspiracy, people just might have to look at the data and the testing and make up their own minds for themselves.

        Unfortunately in this day and age when the subject comes up people usually start screaming racist or alt right, so it’s clearly one of those topics I guess we can’t talk about. I’ll tell you what, I work with and know some people that are not that intelligent and people with low IQs are dangerous because they don’t understand what’s going on and you cannot explain what’s going on to them because they just do not understand it. I’m not making jokes here.


        1. It is hard to distinguish between dumbed down and dumb. Arrogant and aggressive stupidity, as I have seen in the politics of the reactionary right wing, is dangerous. But I prefer to stay away from branding of entire races as beneath others, as that too leads to dangerous activities. Judge each individual on his own worth.

          It is true that stupid people are inherently unqualified to assess their own state of mind.


        2. We know The USA is a melting pot, it’s no longer a shocker. I’ve never been a bigot and never will be, and work with and know fantastic wonderful intelligent people of all races. When I look at the changing demographics of my community I’m seeing a huge push for blackness and it seems whites are in someways being pushed aside in a persuasive ways. I suppose thru popular culture, media, school peer pressure, and diversity agendas. There are an increasing number of people from Nigeria and Ghana moving to the area, why not just give the locals an incentive to reproduce with each other instead of moving people in? Most young white girls have mixed kids yet rely on their grandparents and older white men to pay the bills which gets odd to talk about. Why can’t they just date, marry and reproduce with the still abundant white males? In a town 40 mins away, which was predominantly white 20 years ago is now it’s mostly all Latino, and you can see it, the politicians, people, restaurants local flair etc. The factories and subsidiaries closed, people moved away and new people of another race slowly moved in. And of course it does seem employers and school admissions rubber stamp approve anyone that is non white. There has to be an monetary incentive for all this. I’ve never been a bigot and never will be, but everyone can see white Europeans on American soil are on the way out, and looking at history we can make pinpoints for that. But Whites don’t do much to stick up for themselves yet how can they with such manipulative agendas in place. Keep in mind many employers, school admins, teachers, law enforcement, judges, politicians etc that are abiding by and enforcing any diversity and replacement agendas are themselves white Caucasions.


          1. I see a lot of young white women choosing black males too, here in allegedly racist Birmingham Alabama. It does seem like more than happenstance… Like fine, all things being equal, choose the better candidate. But it seems weighted in favor of black males, for some women. Kind of a fashionable accessory, showing your progressive minded credentials. Plus all the blackwashing of white males, as the originators of all things bad.

            I actually.. This is weird but I actually overheard some early college age black guys giggling about this phenomenon to each other. Like they had the sense that some of the young white girls were kind of easy picking due to this programming, not that they used that word. They just knew that they had the road pre paved for them.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. Race, ethnicity, religion, gender and all the weaponized divisions (of the single species of man) may tend to distract from the bloodlines’ global control of it all. Without the imposed illusion of nationality most of this artificially designed button-pushing would find a lot less traction, IMO. The “masters” skate again.


        3. Do you do factor analysis? If so, do you think its legit. Have you ever heard of spearman’s g? My dumb little dutch buddy that lives in s.a. hadn’t till i told him about it. It all goes back to Darwin’s cousin galton of course. My iq test is one question: “do you believe in isotopes?”


  4. To judge is to seek and have power. Power corrupts. This power is, of course, only imagined, which makes all judges corrupt. Much has been said about judging others, so I will not repeat the obvious.


  5. A few thoughts on two of the themes in this post and the comments:

    1) I love Mark’s take on Climate Change as agitprop with some AGENDA. Absolutely right. Some useful idiots strongly “believe” in it, but at the top there are clearly some propagandists and they are clearly pushing something. And I agree that reducing population growth seems to be the point. Of both Climate Change AND the other things Mark mentions like AIDS and expensive college, etc.

    And I also agree that slowing the rate of growth in the third world seems to be part of the agenda. (See some of the disturbing stuff about vaccines from billionaire charities causing sterility in Africans, Indians.)

    But I wanted to mention one thing, which is that the Climate Change propaganda does not seem directed towards Africans. It is relentlessly marketed to the upper middle classes of America and Europe. Maybe the propagandists see this as a necessary first step toward population control in Africa–start by propagandizing people from the old colonial powers who now exert influence in the third world via NGOs and (slightly) softer military power than in the bad old days.

    But it seems to me that the upper middle classes of America and Western Europe are THEMSELVES one of the “end targets” for this propaganda. And indeed it is this group on whom the propaganda has worked–population growth has plummeted, not in the third world, but in the first world.

    The propaganda is directed at the richer, more educated people in the richer, more educated countries, perhaps because control over THESE groups is more lucrative (they are productive tax donkeys, gullible green consumers, etc.), and/or perhaps because they are the most likely rivals/resistors of centralized power.

    Anyway, it reminds me of this great quote that I think you’ll like/find interesting: “Self-destructive propaganda is a weapon made precisely for use against the moderately intelligent. High IQs either create it or dismiss it, while dullards haven’t the imagination to be moved by it. But find an eager bloat of semi-bright suburbanites….and they are doomed.”

    2) Mean (avg) IQ differences by racial group are real, and are one of the most statistically robust results in all of the social sciences. Mark is right that this stuff may be dangerous (used as a justification for discrimination). Indeed every person is an individual, and should be treated as such, and avg IQ differences do not dictate what the IQ of any individual will be. But the research findings are robust, even though discussing them is a taboo.

    (Ignorance of or denial of these findings has led to some suboptimal societal decisions. For example, one of THE most important goals of the American educational system for many decades has been “shrinking the racial achievement gap.” Vast resources have been squandered on this goal, with no effect (the gap is as wide as ever) and huge opportunity costs have been incurred because other educational goals (like improving overall student achievement) have been crowded out.)

    Steve’s point is interesting, that the masters like to foment racial divisions to distract us all from the exploiters/controllers at the top. That’s true. At the same time, the masters also do some gaslighting with some of the “We’re All The Same” stuff. As an example, the US Government has spent several decades simultaneously marketing Muslims as deadly terrorists to be feared and beloved neighbors who Americans should embrace, marry, etc. Some of this may be “organic”/believed by the government–“we really DO need to fight them over there and love them over here,” but some of it seems like deliberate gaslighting to confuse and demoralize Americans. “Be afraid! Be ashamed of your fear! Be afraid! Be ashamed of your fear!”

    Also, while Nationalism may be a problematic, division-causing illusion, it’s worth noting that the visible elites (the Davos set, the biggest political donors, etc.) profess to hate Nationalism. So by opposing it ourselves we are agreeing with the controllers (at least the visible ones). This may just be more gaslighting, with nationalistic patriotism simultaneously pushed AND demonized. Or maybe there already IS de facto world government via the bloodlines, etc., and the promotion of it is just priming the population so if/when world government becomes more obvious the people have already been propagandized to be “for it.”

    There you have it. Sorry for the long comment!

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    1. Thank you. Very well thought-out comment. Would you be so kind as to attribute the quote in paragraph seven?

      I’ve been working on a long post on higher education that is descending into unintelligible nonsense, but do note that attempting to lift up African Americans in an environment that offers nothing more than a lunch buffet of various non-challenging dead-end electives is not lifting up whites either.


    2. Reggie, you are someone who appreciates the overlapping complexities and deceptions of our situation. Keep on commenting, please.

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  6. Is the situation in OREGON & it’s female governor (K. Brown) ordering the arrest of the opponents of the HN-2020 bill & senators who refuse to vote on their ‘global warming’ law’s that are nearly on the book’s?


  7. www. Seems hockey stick fella is in a ‘jam’.


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