Hicks/Jones: How can you not see it?

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I am about to enter into no-man’s land, an area I visited years ago. This post has to do with a comedian who faked his death, Bill Hicks, and a controlled opposition broadcaster, Alex Jones. I have maintained for years that the former became the latter, knowing full well that most people do not believe it. I am going to go through the matter in depth, and deal with all of the evidence that I have gathered along with a link to work by others.

Wet behind the ears, I had unknowingly walked into a trap. The evidence on Hicks/Jones was a “golden apple,” that is, something laid out by Intelligence and waiting to be found. This does not destroy it, as indeed Hicks and Jones are the same person. It has been used, however, to discredit anyone who delves into the phenomenon we see so often of people reappearing in life as new personalities after faking their deaths. Hicks/Jones is such a case.

More importantly, the deliberate exposure of Hicks/Jones is itself a psyop meant to discredit honest researchers who stumble upon real-life zombies. We are told by supposed experts that …”they aren’t the same person. Not even close.” But they are the same person, and it is very close indeed.  What is going on with these people who do the drive-by denouncements is simply power of suggestion, supplanting our eyes and brains with their authority.

Bill Hicks (12/16/61 –  2/26/94 present)

William Melvin  (Bill) Hicks was born to James Melvin (Jim) Hicks and Mary Reese Hicks in Georgia. If still alive (and if the information given is accurate), his current age is 57. I cannot find any genealogical information on any of them. Others, please try, as I am neither practiced or patient enough for that stuff.

His biographer, Cynthia True, wrote a short book about him in 2002 called American Scream: The Bill Hicks Story. I have it on order, but reviews I read say it is crap.

According to Amazon.com reviews of that book,

“Add Bill Hicks to that list of brilliant, fearless comics. Just emerging from underground cult status when he died at age thirty-two, Bill Hicks spent most of his life making audiences roar — and censors cringe — with biting social satire about everything from former president George Bush to rock stars who hawk diet Coke. His nervy talent redefined the boundaries of comedy in the ’80s and won him a list of admirers that includes John Cleese, George Carlin, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead.”

If he was “underground” and “cult”, I would not have known about him. But I did. He would not have been on the Letterman show, but he was. As to whether or not he was “brilliant” or “fearless”, that is a subjective judgment. He pranced up and down the stage pretending to blow his brains out in the manner of JFK … no one gets away with that. No one. Why did he do it, then? Most likely, he knew he could do that. It was a means of predictive programming.

This takes some explanation, and to understand it better, one has to be part of or a follower of the “JFK research” community. I was once a part of that genre, though never a “researcher,” just a curious reader/listener. I tuned in weekly to Black Op Radio, where the JFK discussion carries forth to this day. This show has been on the air every week since April 20, 2000. This coming August 8 will feature the 950th show in the series. It is yet to arrive at a conclusion, but that is the whole point of JFK “research” (much of it by sincere people) … to keep the juggler’s balls in the air. It’s a psyop.

As with any well-planned psyops, with JFK there are rabbit holes – LBJ, CIA, FBI, Fletcher Prouty, the mob … Len Osanic, the host of Black Op, is probably an operative. His job is tedious, unending, and boring. I hope if offers benefits. Time off does not seem to be one.

The particular rabbit hole I am mentioning here, however, is not one of the main themes in JFK research. It is a dark and hidden rabbit hole, one that even sincere researchers seldom give voice to. I will go into it just a little bit, and then bring it around again to Hicks.

Me and LeeJudyth Vary Baker wrote the book Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald. I doubt a word of it is true, not even her name. Baker claims to have been summoned to New Orleans as a young girl to advance her medical studies, and to have gotten involved in cancer research, working for Dr. Alton Ochsner. She claims to have participated with Oswald in experiments on mice in the home of David Ferrie, and to have witnessed prisoners injected with cancer. She had unwittingly stumbled into a cancer weaponization program, and Lee Harvey Oswald was part of it.

This is the crux of this issue: I doubt that cancer was ever weaponized. But the nature of the Me & Lee psyop is to make us think it was.

The Me & Lee scam is just a little more subtle than the whodunnits like FBI or CIA – anyone who thinks that JFK was murdered by those assorted diabolical characters is meant to carry a deep and foreboding primal fear: People who speak up about it are injected with cancer. Somehow.

That is why Bill Hicks first used the JFK assassination as such a large part of his act, and then subsequently faked his death by means of pancreatic cancer, as disease that rarely strikes anyone under age 65. It is meant to advance the JFK psyop, but in an insidious manner meant only to affect serious students and researchers. It is a more subtle version of supposed eyewitnesses who supposedly died premature deaths – it creates primal fear.

From this I conclude that Bill Hicks was a hired actor, that he was instructed to use part of his act to discuss JFK, that he was meant to appear on Letterman and have the appearance canceled, and then to “die” of cancer.

Hicks was not brilliant, nor was he very funny, in my opinion of course. This is why his humor has seen to be “dark.” He was said to be angry, and much of his act was merely loud and obnoxious. I don’t find obnoxious to be funny. But it did not matter. He was going to get glowing reviews no matter how big a turn-off his act was because he was juiced. He was himself a rabbit hole. His death is meant to complete a small circle … people who in public question the official story of the JFK assassination are quietly killed.

Here is an excerpt from the Cynthia True book, taken from Wikipedia. It has to do with Hicks’ Southern Baptist upbringing, and his relationship with his father:

The elder Hicks would say, “I believe that the Bible is the literal word of God.” And Bill would counter, “No it’s not, Dad.” “Well, I believe that it is.” “Well,” Bill replied, “you know, some people believe that they’re Napoleon. That’s fine. Beliefs are neat. Cherish them, but don’t share them like they’re the truth.”

Here we have Hicks, at a young age, so cocksure that he knows how to critique the Bible that he is telling his dad off. That is both obnoxious and annoying. I would call it stupid, but then, it is probably not even true. How can True know such a thing to be anything more than apocryphal, a planted story offered as wisdom after-the-fact but before-the-fact. Hicks never had such a conversation.  It is all part of his myth and the large psyop.

Bill Hicks, whatever his real name, was hired to be a comedian and to lambast the Warren Commission. He was then reassigned to another role, that of “Alex Jones.” At least Jones’ scrubbed genealogy turns up on Geni. Who knows – maybe that is his real name. More to follow on that.

Alex Jones (2/11/74 -)

Jones Geni

Alex Emric Jones (Emerick?) is labeled by Wikipedia as a “far-right conspiracy theorist.” I have not paid much attention to him over the years other than to have been very badly fooled by him at the time of the fake death of the fake terrorist Osama bin Laden. At that time I had never heard of Jones, but repeated a story from him to the effect that a whole bunch of Navy Seals were killed in that 2011 get-Osama operation. A supposed Pakistani news story interviewed an onlooker who suggested that a bomb was planted on their helicopter. Later we would learn that a plane crash in Afghanistan killed even more Navy Seals associated with the mission.

Talk about rabbit holes! Osama bin Laden supposedly died on 5/2/2011. If you’re not into numerology, and I am not as anything more than a signalling device, note that 5+2+2=9, so that 5/2/2011 is another way of expressing 9/11.

Jones was playing a pivotal role here, reinforcing the notions that 1) there was a man named Osama bin Laden, 2) he was guilty as charged, and 3) he met a just end in a real mission undertaken by Navy Seals. His job was to plant suspicion that people in the higher-ups of Intelligence undermined the mission and killed many of the participants. This reinforces the notion that the mission was real.

That is what controlled opposition-types do – the seed the landscape with rumors, muddy the waters, but always reinforce the official version of events.

Jones is a controlled opposition. He began his career in 1996, two years after the fake death of Bill Hicks. He hosted a radio show called The Final Edition of KJFK FM radio. In essence, Jones is picking up where Hicks left off, and like Hicks, even though dealing in highly inflammatory and frowned-upon issues, saw his career and prospects escalate.

It seems appropriate that if Hicks was involved in promoting a fake event as real (the JFK Assassination), so too would Jones pursue a similar career path. His choice on entering the limelight was the (fake) Waco Massacre. He led a successful effort to rebuild the Branch Davidian Church. He accused Attorney General Janet Reno and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of, basically, cold-blooded murder. That’s one way to advance a radio career, I suppose, but only if you are juiced. Otherwise such cranks are ignored out of existence, offering up cassette tapes of their work on street corners.

Controlled opposition agents usually need some springboard, some way of gain the public’s attention, meant to be covered by news. Jones used a George W. Bush presidential rally. He interrupted, demanding that the Federal Reserve and Council on Foreign Relations be abolished and blah blah blah. Ordinarily that sort of behavior will earn someone a soft police escort to the door, perhaps even a night in the hoosegow. In Jones’ case it “… launch[ed him] into public events as if flung from another universe,” quoting journalist David Weigel (who was most likely notified in advance of the planned disruption).

Think of this this way: If an ordinary crazy person wants to create a public spectacle at a presidential rally, he has to plan it in advance, but will have no way of knowing if it will have any impact. Most likely he will get nowhere near a microphone, and even if he does it will be quickly turned off. There’ll be no news reporting, as to do so would encourage crank behaviors. It is not the ideal way to launch a career.

In Jones’ case, he was able to seize the forum, and to see his career take off as a result. This was not an accident. It was planned. Jones was being introduced to us. It was a rollout.

Alex Jones’ Wikipedia page is a treat, a guidebook on how controlled opposition works. Here’s just one example, Jones’ role in exposing the Sandy Hook shootings as fake.

Jones has been criticized for propagating conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 and the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018 being false flag operations engineered by gun control advocates. In particular, he has stated that “no one died” in Sandy Hook and that Stoneman Douglas survivor David Hogg was a crisis actor.[115][116][117] Claims made in support of these theories have been proven false.[118][119]

In March 2018, six families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as well as an FBI agent who responded to the attack filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones for his role in spreading conspiracy theories that had caused survivors to be harassed, stalked and threatened.[120][121][122][123] By February 2019, ten families had joined in lawsuits that had won a series of court rulings that would require Jones to testify under oath and open his business records for examination.[124] Later that month Jones was ordered to undergo a sworn deposition as part of the case. The judge also ruled that three other defendants must face deposition, people who are “critical to Infowars business operations.” Previously Jones was ordered to turn over internal financial, business and marketing documents related to the operations of Infowars.[125]

In March 2019, Jones acknowledged that the deaths were real during a sworn deposition in the defamation suit stating: “And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’ve now learned a lot of times things aren’t staged”

That is what controlled opposition does – it takes genuine dissent and leads it …

… down blind alleys.

I cannot resist using that scene, as it is memorable, from the movie Animal House. Imagine that it is Alex Jones in the brown trench coat, as this is his job – to capture real opposition to both real and fake crimes, and lead it all into a brick wall. His public behaviors are outrageous and meant to garner media exposure. The supposed lawsuits against him are fake, as it is understood by all parties that Sandy Hook was a fake event. There would never be a real lawsuit against a genuine skeptic of these events, as it would require a real court case. How much easier if fakes sue fakes.

Jones, predictably, lends his name to other matters, notably gun control, Oklahoma City and 911, Pizzagate and vaccines. He claims that weather has been weaponized. In each of these matters his public interference serves to either advance something crazy (weather weaponization) or to discredit a genuine movement of honest skeptics (vaccines, OKC and 911). It’s his job. (Pizzagate I don’t know about, but his injection into the matter can serve to either legitimize genuine research, or advance a hoax.)

But Wikipedia must hope that few people actually read through the entire article. This is how the piece closes:

Jones has three children with ex-wife Kelly Jones. The couple divorced in March 2015.[180] In 2017, Kelly sought sole or joint custody of their children due to her ex-husband’s behavior. She claimed “he’s not a stable person” and “I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress” (Adam Schiff). His attorney responded by claiming that “he’s playing a character” and describing him as a “performance artist“.[181][182] On his show, Jones denied playing a character and he called his show “the most bona fide, hard-core, real McCoy thing there is, and everybody knows it”.[183][184] In court, Jones clarified that he generally agreed with his attorney’s statement, but that he disagreed with the media’s interpretation of the term “performance artist”.[185] Kelly was awarded the right to decide where their children live while he maintains visitation rights.[186]

Here we see that when faced with a real court case, as I assume his divorce settlement was, that he lays his real cards on the table … he is a performance artist. He does that in a real court, but not on his shows.

Did Bill Hicks fake his death and become Alex Jones?

In general, I agree with those who say that this does not matter. For me, it is a matter of curiosity, as it first introduced me to the concept of fake deaths and zombies. But both characters, whether played by one or two actors, are actors. I am going to bring in my own evidence and link the reader to some other work that appears sincere. In reality, the only original work that I have done that is a comparison of dental plates between Hicks and Jones, which are indeed identical. Everything else I have done is derivative. It was Hicks/Jones that first introduced me to the concept of the face split. To my knowledge, though I don’t do it much anymore, my method is somewhat reliable in that it operates on the assumption that the distance between eye pupils can be used as a constant as people age. It seems to work.

First, here is a clip from Bill Hicks’ act, not an unusual one. This was a large part of his shtick.  (Odd that it has not been taken down at YouTube, given how heavily censored that outlet is).

I do not find this amusing … that is, it is meant to be a comedic act that generates audience laughter, but is really a packaged presentation that takes some of the sincere (though misguided) research regarding JFK’s “death” and places it in the hands of controlled opposition. But as discussed above, those with oversight in these matters want there to be skepticism, research and an ongoing debate. Hicks was merely being used to advance yet another rabbit hole, cancer weaponization.

I first brought this video up at an early post (June 17, 2016) in which I also offered a face split (with pupils set as a constant), was my habit then, showing both Hicks and Jones at their angriest best.





Hicks Jones Angry Composite

To me, this was convincing, and I was taken aback when people began to back away from it. The objections voiced were based on mere glances, or in one case, a man whose ability to compare faces is unmatched (his words, not mine), Miles W. Mathis:

Hicks on Letterman

“That’s Bill Hicks on Letterman in 1993. If you watch that, not only will it help you see who Hicks really was—a pasty upper-class asshole with no timing—but also you will never think he is Alex Jones again. As I have said before, they may be related through the Jones-Hicks families of the peerage, but they aren’t the same person. Not even close. Oh, and of course Hicks faked his death. He had to because his project wasn’t going anywhere. He is actually more promotable now he is dead, since he is easier to edit. Alive, it was too obvious he wasn’t funny and wasn’t who he was sold as.”

That is as far as evidence offered from that source goes, however: “…they aren’t the same person. Not even close.” But as you can see from my face chop above, while indeed they may not be the same person, golly gee, it is close.

I came under attack on another website, I am not sure which one, by a commenter who offered the following photo-evidence that these are two different men:

Hicks Jones

This was considered a coup de grâce, as if any fool could easily see two different men. But I did not think that. I thought this photo comparison apropos, has it highlighted a unique characteristic shared by both men: the same teeth. At that time I was not able to do gifs and overlays in Photoshop, and so asked my then-colleague, Straight to do so. Here is the result – watch the teeth.


You might have to watch it several times to fully appreciate it, but do note that the teeth do not change from Hicks to Jones. Also note on the lower left, pronounced with Jones but also apparent with Hicks, a slightly protruding lateral incisor. See the arrows in the photo below.

Hicks Teeth with arrows

As I thought a the time (and now), goodness, what more proof do you need? But the result of all of this work was drive-by dismissals. Several problems were apparent: The noses are different; the lower lip is thinner with Jones;  Jones’ eyes are puffy, and the voices and ages are different – Jones stated age is 13 years younger than Hicks would be.

The objections due to nose shape and lip size are easily dealt with – plastic surgery, not even invasive. The nose is an outpatient procedure. Its shape can be altered, and a bridge implanted to make it less pointy, and left in place for a while until the nose conforms to its new shape. This was apparently done with Jones. But note from the gif above that the length and width and facial placement of the nose are identical.

Lip surgery is a little more complicated, requiring anesthesia and a longer recovery time. Here is a description of the procedure from Healthline.com:*

Lip reduction surgery involves removing skin tissues from the lower or upper lips, or sometimes both. This is done in an effort to reshape the entire lip area.

First, anesthesia — either local or general — is used so you won’t feel any pain.

During the procedure, a surgeon makes an incision in a horizontal line in the pink inner portion of your lip. This minimizes scarring.

The surgeon then removes excess fat and tissues from the lip to reduce its overall volume.

Once all the targeted tissues are removed, the surgeon will close up the incision with stitches. These usually fall off on their own within a few days or weeks.

Given that the eyes, length and width of nose, head shape, teeth and mouth size are almost identical in the photos and gifs above, the objections I received due to differences in nose and lips are easily set aside. Hicks, after faking his death, had plastic surgery. The recovery may have been weeks or months, but he emerged as Alex Jones.

What about the eyes? That too is easily explained. Alex Jones is said to be 45 years old, but he is not. He is 57, and over the years his eyes have gotten puffy. I’ve often seen this happen, and don’t know why other than the vagaries of aging. Maybe he drinks too much – that too causes eyes to become puffy.

Finally, the voice. Hicks and Jones do differ in this regard, but I don’t think it is accidental. If they went so far as to do plastic surgery, they can also have him practice a gravelly voice for his public appearances. If you have five minutes to spare, watch the following video. If not, skip to 1:00 where ProZD discusses voice acting, specifically taking on a gravelly effect.

That’s all that is going on with Jones’ voice versus that of Hicks – Jones is an actor. He lowers his voice, makes it gravelly when on air. I once thought it was more complicated, that perhaps the microphones he uses for public appearances offer distortion, but I don’t think it is necessary. Do remember, however, that there is in existence a software program used in show business called Autotune, and this miraculous program corrects Brittney Spears’ voice during live performances, making her sound like a real singer. Man, they can do anything with technology.

At this point I have offered everything I have in the Hicks/Jones matter, but more and more thorough work has been done by others. I refer you to this website, which offers 23 bullet points on the subject. There are others as well, some better and some worse. Some are meant to mislead. Further research is left to you, the curious reader. I am done with the affair. Bill Hicks faked his death and is now known as Alex Jones.

* By the way, I rarely use the word, but we can actually generate “proof” that Hicks became Jones by looking at the inner lower lip of Jones, which will, if I am correct, show a surgical scar. This can only be done, however, postmortem. Perhaps we can get Jones to fake his death.

PS: As long as the photos were available, and look so different, I thought it would be fun to compare the one of Hicks on the Letterman show provided by Mathis, bearded with dark hair, and Jones the fake bodybuilder as provided by Gaia, with his face obviously superimposed on someone else’s body, with blonder hair and a clean shave.

It’s very easy to say by mere surface analysis that these are different people. And, that is as far as most people go, a mere look-see, rough-take on the outer shell of the faces. My technique is more in-depth in that I want to see alignment of features, which is key. A lot can be done with beards and hair, but the basic position of the eyes, nose, mouth, the shape of the chin and the overall shape of the skull cannot be altered.

It is true that a straight-on facial analysis is not as telling as a fuller side view, and trust me, side views are complicated. I have spent many hours doing that, not on Hicks/Jones, but, say, with Freddie Mercury and Thom Hartmann and Jimi Hendrix, occasionally scoring two photos that are comparable. I look for people facing the same angle, away from the camera, and those shots are rare. Actors are always aware of where the camera is, always showing it their best face. But if we do get a good side view, and I have done this, we can take analysis one step further and do ear comparisons. They are like finger prints, but by what standard do we size them for comparison? Pupil distance is not available. I have used the distance from the tip of the tragus (the rounded part that just overlays the ear opening) to the tip of the nose. It seems to work.

Nonetheless, here is what the frontal facial comparison shows:

Hicks Jones LM BB

Hairline, cut off. Eyebrows, aligned. Eyes, aligned. Ears, aligned, though angular distortion might be apparent. Nose aligned. Shape of nose, slightly different. Upper lip aligned. Lower lip open on Hicks, closed on Jones, not aligned. Lower lip fatter on Hicks. Chin shape, aligned (Hicks is wearing beard, but the photo sleuths were kind enough to give us a dark line around Jones’ chin, superimposed as it was on someone else’s body). Head shape, symmetrical on each side and aligned.

I cannot say with absolute certainty these are the same man, but it is very close. You cannot say they are not the same man because it is very close. Everything about the photos that is different, hair color, style, nose and lower lip are things that can be changed on a person. Everything that aligns are things that cannot be changed.

59 thoughts on “Hicks/Jones: How can you not see it?

  1. For the 90’s Bill was a funny comic, although not really national act funny. But look at all the sorta funny people on television and youtube now that have “made it”, this goes with actors or musicians too. Your local comedians are just as funny, maybe that’s what inspires people to give comedy a try, just like music or movies. Heck if they can do it and get all that fame and money so can we?? I thought Mitch Hedberg(heroin overdose?) morphed into pornstar Evan Stone check out his chin. I think Sam Kinison is out there, who some had said is also now Alex Jones. John Pinette, Ralphie May, John Candy, Chris Farley were heavy set so maybe they had health problems but could still be out there. Just like the 60’s musicians, the comedians of the 90’s may have been a military project with an agenda.


    1. Someone on one of the other posts commented that plastic surgery would be disruptive of his family life, and maybe that is so. The assumption behind the comment was, however, that Hicks would be calling his own shots rather than being an employee of (both Time Warner) and Intelligence.


    2. That’s a great point abt the all the dreaming hopefuls these mediocre talents inspire. I’ve always been into art and cartooning, so I know tons of local guys in various stages of hope and disillusionment (and even some w a degree of success!) wanting to make it as writers, cartoonists, stand up comics, filmmakers, novelists, painters, you name it… So if you take MM’s thesis that the chosen ones are children of wealth or connected, it feeds this confused ambition in millions of people.. Who are missing a major part of the puzzle as to why THEIR mediocrities don’t catapult them to fame and fortune. On the plus side, it’s not a complete waste of time to develop a skill or craft… Maybe it is if you’re imitating modern art; that’s an especially delusional field.


  2. I wonder what people running such projects believe, why they do it. It’s wicked, and it’s mocking. So they even deceive about their own identity, additional, because it’s not enough, he sells snake oil during the break, making the buyers look even more stupid. And water filters, mocking the fluoride victims once more.


  3. Hicks ? Jones ? Whoever he really is ? Once played a Grand Wizard of the KKK Named, I believe Wilkerson (?) . Wilkerson (?) was Played by several actors over the years . Also Jimmy Door Spit on Jones once on Camera at a Convention . Door did this because He new Hicks from stand up Comedy clubs and new Jones/Hicks would not press charges because door would out Hicks / Jones .


  4. Fascinating post, thank you for taking the time to put all of this together.

    I was a big fan of Bill Hicks back in the day. So much so that, after watching ‘American: The Bill Hicks Story’ in 2013, I committed myself to giving stand-up comedy a try myself, and ended up doing five spots of open-mic over the next few months. I recorded a couple of the sets I did and if I listen back to them now, I can hear just how much my own style was influenced by Hicks.

    I’m open-minded to the ‘Hicks is Jones’ angle. Almost nothing would surprise me in this world any more. We live in some kind of bizarro world, one which seems to get more bizarre as the years pass.

    I’ll have to spend more time looking into this one myself before arriving at any solid conclusions. In the meantime, I recommend people check out — if they haven’t already — the clip of Alex Jones in Richard Linklater’s ‘Waking Life’ (2001). Clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5HLn3eYLSo

    One thing about Bill Hicks which strikes me as problematic is that he promoted the ‘Waco disaster’. Waco, as far as I am concerned, was a Hoax, in which nobody died or got hurt. If you go back and look at the footage of the shooting, it is comical. Truly comical. Why was Hicks of all people trying to convince the ‘underground’, the ‘alternatives’, the ‘cool people’, that this was a tragic event where innocents got killed?


    1. I think it was Henny Youngman who said on his death dead (probably apocryphal) “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” I suspect you found that out.

      Jones began where Hicks left off, using Waco as a spring board.


    1. These attitudes you have adopted – I know they comfort you. You are indifferent and incurious about the important events of our times. You are smug about it, thinking yourself wise to be so. But I must advise you that from a distance your attitude is indistinguishable from stupidity.


    2. My first reaction to this is that it is a conspiracy* hatched by anti-FBI factions within intelligence to show the FBI as a paranoid, overreaching group of, well, extremists. That’s my theory at any rate.

      *There is no actual report.


  5. It is an interesting idea, this Hicks-becomes-Jones thing.

    Some remarks:
    – it is important to separate those features that are unalterable; skull shape (in unaltered photos/videos) and body length (apart from heeled shoes, etc.) from all those that can be changed by plastic surgery
    – the face chopping method is limited, but it is ideal to prove a true negative; two photos of allegedly the same person can show they cannot be one person (because of the first point)
    – as a positive, it can be a true positive (confirming 2 photos of 2 allegedly different people are indeed the same person) or a false positive; the face chopping shows they have the same skull dimensions/ratios, but they still can be 2 different people

    With Hicks and Jones I think the teeth, body length and the Ken Booth connection are strong points for the thesis.

    It is important to establish first that Jones is not as young as he is presented.

    These photos allegedly are of Alex Jones in 1996 (source Reddit, see Infowars logo, I don’t vouch for the correctness of course; of either being Alex Jones or not, the year, or even if it is not faked; at first glance it doesn’t look like it):

    Do these body building photos look like someone who just 3 years later let his excellent physique and pride of that slip and suddenly looks like this??

    Not to me. Formerly trained guys get fatter and sloppier when they marry/reach mid 30s-early 40s or so, but from A to B in just 3 years (allegedly from age 22 to age 25) makes no sense. I don’t think that bodybuilder is Jones/Hicks at all. Just a random guy who vaguely looks like AJ.

    The conspiracy story made it to the mainstream (Vice) here, notice that the links to the original WordPress blog are dead (the blog is at least).

    The link to the many feature comparison doesn’t work Mark, but I think I know which site you refer to.

    What I find interesting is the names;
    – Alex Jones
    – Bill Hicks

    Alex Jones became big with Waco and Waco of course was the 15 year “anniversary” of Jonestown; same concept, same actor staging, etc. So the stage name Jones could refer to Jim Jones/Jonestown, as a tongue-in-cheek version of TRIOMF.

    Bill Hiks is also funny. When I heard of it, I thought his stage name was derived from Pirate Hicks:

    in essence Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are “pirates” (controlled by, but presented as opposing, the status quo/establishments)
    in Waking Life you see Alex Jones as a radio pirate
    William Johnson = Bill Johnson/Hicks
    death on Friday the 13th (!)
    funny PT Barnum (talking about magicians and showmen) story to it


  6. The teeth, to me, tell most of the story. There are 16 visible, and they all align right on top of one another. I don’t have any idea of the odds there, as we all have teeth, but shape, visibility (above or below gum line), spacing, length and alignment vary. To have them align like that … to have an incisor protrude in the same place for each … I suspect odds to be astronomical.

    I think tomorrow or soon I will take a look at random smiling people just to compare teeth, that is, if I can come up with a basis for comparison, since pupil distance is useless in a random setting. Actually, there is no basis I can think of. But I can do random comparisons anyway.


    1. Mark you have your reasons I’m sure dedicating time to rehashing this piece.
      As reader outside looking in repackaging this turd in new gift wrap with no bonus material borders on dare I say project. Project. And now you’re delving into teeth analysis. Great here’s a name for you I’m sure nobody has exposed you to in awhile. Cornell West. Or do you not have any reason to run a new piece under same header you did for Hicks/Jones. Why not rehash forever relevant Jimi Hendrix as Cornell West turning him over on his uncapped teeth versus rehashing somebody who is now basically an irrelevant nobody. Again I’m sure you have your reasons. Just as we all can have. That being said what now are your readers to make of you having The Fix Is In link on your blog roll. I’ve written more than once Brian Tuohy appears strongly to be controlled opposition. Brian Tuohy also regularly appears on Alex Jones. Based on your rehashing expose to remind us of something way past still being on most people’s minds I’m wondering how you feel now about your continuing to promote The Fix Is In as did Alex Jones and even much much moreso. Tuohy/Hicks: How can you not see it.


  7. Mark you have your reasons I’m sure dedicating time to rehashing this piece.
    As reader outside looking in repackaging this turd in new gift wrap with no bonus material borders on dare I say project. Yes I just dared to say it. Project. And now you’re delving into teeth analysis. Great here’s a name for you I’m sure nobody has exposed you to in awhile. Cornell West. Or do you not have any reason to run a new piece under same header you did for Hicks/Jones. Why not rehash forever relevant Jimi Hendrix as Cornell West turning him over on his uncapped teeth versus rehashing somebody who is now basically an irrelevant nobody. Again I’m sure you have your reasons. Just as we all can have. That being said what now are your readers to make of you having The Fix Is In link on your blog roll. I’ve written more than once Brian Tuohy appears strongly to be controlled opposition. Brian Tuohy also regularly appears on Alex Jones. Based on your rehashing expose to remind us of something way past still being on most people’s minds I’m wondering how you feel now about your continuing to promote The Fix Is In as did Alex Jones and even much much moreso. How can you not see it.Mark you have your reasons I’m sure dedicating time to rehashing this piece.
    As reader outside looking in repackaging this turd in new gift wrap with no bonus material borders on dare I say project. Yes I just dared to say it. Project. And now you’re delving into teeth analysis. Great here’s a name for you I’m you nobody has exposed you to in awhile. Cornell West. Or do you not have the guts to run a new piece under same header you did for Hicks/Jones which is a safe play. Why not rehash forever relevant Jimi Hendrix as Cornell West turning him over on his uncapped teeth versus rehashing somebody who is now basically an irrelevant nobody. Again I’m sure you have your calculating reasons. Just as we all can have. That being said what now are your readers to make of you having The Fix Is In link on your blog roll. I’ve written more than once Brian Tuohy appears strongly to be controlled opposition. Brian Tuohy also regularly has appeared on Alex Jones. Based on your rehashing expose to remind us of something way past still being on most people’s minds I’m wondering how you feel now about your continuing to promote The Fix Is In as did Alex Jones and even much much moreso. See the problem. How can you not see it.


  8. By the way, the underlying and overarching premise here is that young people rarely die. That’s something more likely to happen to old people. So if it is rare for one young person to die, imagine 50, 60, 70 of them, all entertainers! That was Operation Chaos, and I contend that none of them died for real with on exception, possibly: Ricky Nelson. So Jimi Hendrix didn’t die, nor did Janis Joplin or Karen Carpenter.

    My first assumption was that once they faked their deaths, they went into a more secluded life, like a desk jockey in Langley, but when Bobby Fuller turned up as Bill O’Reilly, all bets were off. We began a search. We came up with possibilities, some dead on, some less so. If you don’t like them, fuck you. Do your own legwork.

    Straight was the best at this stuff (my favorite, Bruce Lee used as “Judge Lance Ito”, although Pete Hamm becoming Bill Maher was a treat too.)

    The hardest part of this work is to overcome the presumption that the entertainment world (which includes “news”) is straightforward. It is bizarre and twisted. They are all, as Alex described himself, “public performers.” Their real identities are hidden.

    Part of my problem is age … I don’t keep up on current icons, don’t recognize anyone in People Magazine or US Weekly. Someone else needs to step up and do this stuff. I don’t give two shits for most currently fashionable performers. If they fake their death, I won’t recognize either the old or new identity, and didn’t see much talent anyway. When I wrote about the Red Rocks concert, I was careful not to divulge my real preference, classical music, or to point out that one concert pianist or violinist has wrapped up in his or her body more work and real talent than the sum total of 25 Deer Ticks. That would be considered snooty. Your suggestion, that I get drunk and high and relax and enjoy the music, requires that I give the music more than it is due. It is mostly mediocre crap. Altering my body chemistry to enjoy it is giving them far more than they are due.

    So music and news is fake, as are most events, but the basic premise of this blog still applies: It is easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled. You just can’t look at Dr. Phil and see Freddie. I can. My facial technology is not flawless, but it does a better job than the drive-by reviews it gets. Freddie Phil? Piece of cake. It is that bizarro.

    From you I ask neither smoke blown up my ass or in my face. You don’t like it here, try something else, or I will let you in on a little secret: To really enjoy this blog, you must first get high and get drunk. Then it opens up for you.


    1. And this is the exact problem. With Hicks-Jones there are just too many similarities and problems.

      But Freddie Mercury to Dr. Phil is beyond insane. The two have different body lengths, body shapes, skull shapes, one is Tanganyikan-British, the other American, they don’t even look alike, not even superficially.

      That one discovery leads to an imagined other one and getting cocky about something that clearly cannot be true, that is the real danger.


      1. You saw how poorly Alex has aged. Freddie hasn’t fared well either, hair loss, weight gain, but this British-speaking singer did indeed morph, bizarre as it may seem. You simply remember Freddie in his flower. This is what the easy facial overlay and, as I recall ear comparison said. My evidence cannot overcome your presumptions, Isn’t that what I just said? (BTW, Dr. Phil/Freddie, who is not gay, has a son who, last I checked, was in a rick band. He sings falsetto.)


        1. Like I said; a frontal facial overlay can never ever be enough evidence. You need a full body, voice, length, shape, teeth comparison.

          There are thousands of photos out there of both the talented clearly gay British singer and the plastic Oprah puppet. Where is the teeth comparison? Just the point where Hicks-Jones is very solid, is what you leave out on another “zombie”.

          So what that Dr. Phil has a son who sings falsetto in a band.
          Having a similar hobby does not make the same person. This one is so off the scale and you are the only one touting this, together with nutcase Ed Chiarini probably.

          Why do you turn a good method, if done correctly and throw all of your own windows in with stones with this insanity? I mean WHY?


          1. For the most part I keep an even temper and deal with criticism squarely, and give due to those who do not see what I see. I rarely get pissed off, fly into a rage, start calling names, or question the mental makeup of others, you know, storming out of venues after giving myself the last-word privilege. Who does that sort of stuff?


    2. What we are noticing is only a byproduct of the real issue. It’s dark down that rabbit hole and most if any don’t want to hear it. It goes to the fallen angels. They are now trapped here. Immortal souls. If their flesh suit dies they are recycled back. Ghost in a shell, matrix , tron etc. so they drink the blood and eat the flesh of children to restore their youth. If not they have to start the whole game over from scratch. This is why they obsess over money and power. It allows them to afford these blood transfusions and other vampiric procedures.


    3. Mark last I checked when I exclaim outloud to those hacking my phone and TV the fact there are other phones and houses available it never does any good does it. I’ve commented on POM about this before. They just can’t help themselves. Mark Twain would understand which means so should you. And in my world too I agree with you the only person Alex Jones is fooling is Bill Hicks. I thought your piece about this worked plenty the first time around. My guess is you really wanted to drive your point home for good measure like when we wring out a dirty rag for just one more drop. Believe me I live for that myself so I understand. You left an opening and I took it. Without your segue how else could I pose the fact you are still promoting Brian Tuohy and The Fix Is In in your blog roll. Brian appears on Alex’s show at least once a year playing back rubbing scripted game of controlled opposition pitch & catch. Straight did several mind-blowing pieces for you on scripted sports. In my opinion the best out there by a mile. But since Straight left you dance around the scripted sports campfire like you’re afraid of burning your marshmallows and never heard of Mark Twain listening to classical music on your iPod. I happen to like all three and your blog. Any day to call Alex Jones out again is a good day.


      1. These things we have covered here on this blog, well Straight, who was some kind of prodigy, came upon them seemingly easily and naturally. I never fail to give credit where due. But he tired of it, wanting to live with a more positive philosophical outlook and to stop focusing on the negative. My makeup is different. I love to uncover and solve mysteries. There is never a shortage, and even without his inspiration, I’ve done OK. I miss him, of course. But I get miffed by drive-by’s, people who make no effort but jump to large conclusions based on a glance, big egos. Quite some time ago Mathis did this with Hicks/Jones, and don’t kid yourself, that paragraph I cited above was directed at me. It was passive aggressive, which pisses me off. So I answered.


        1. Mark I’m curious if you have a theory on those who on occasion or in your case it seems quite often nowadays communicate in double entendre. What do you personally make of those folks who do that. In other words have you ever watched analyzed listened to Alex Jones speak at length whereby he uses double entendre to seemingly toy with the camera by way of scripted Freudian slips being facetious or simply saying he was only kidding while calling sheople gullible after flat out saying he’s Bill Hicks. Since I find you writing by all appearances in double entendre style for well over a year now compared to before when you truly would enter No Man’s Land I’m curious about your free of misspelled words and other double entendre speak and overly melodramatic stage sets. I’m sorry but this latest piece hardly qualifies as No Man’s Land. You yourself admit Intelligence planted this recipe for Hick/Jones everlasting gobstopper in plain sight so that hardly qualifies as entering No Man’s Land trying to convince others Intelligence is testing their intelligence when it’s obvious to most your readers Intelligence has an affinity for the great divide. By the way I used to drink like a fish until a few years ago and you strike me as the type to get secretly loaded which of course I approve.


          1. I don’t’ listen to Jones. I don’t get loaded, secretly or otherwise. I drink two beers daily, one at 4 PM with my wife on our deck, one at 8:30 PM, this time of year while watching baseball, which is a game I love. Abstinence is a pain in the ass, but overindulgence is weakness. Moderation in all things … When I overindulge, I suffer guilt. I don’t use street drugs. I don’t sleep very much, part of the aging process, up very early, laying in bed for long periods before just giving up and doing what I am doing now, sitting in a quiet room hoping for some sleep. I have compressed vertebrate, and chronic pajn, manageable. Worse comes to worse, I will take 15 mg of Temazepan, half the recommended dose. I play cat and mouse with my physician, stockpiling it, a security blanket. If I use DE’s it is only for humor’s sake and I am aware of it when I do it. I enjoy writing. I am getting tired of things around this blog but I still find it a nice outlet for psychic energy, of which I have a great deal, due in part to childhood abuse. That makes a person whole and compassionate, or angry. I don’t look for projects anymore, but stumble on them. When I put my hands on a keyboard, words flow naturally. I see how others struggle, and consider it a gift. I had three older brothers, all dead now, at ages 57, 68 and 69. I feel alone in that regard, no birth family. I am now 69. If I make it to 70, I will have outlived them all. I think the reason for my good health is not only tons of exercise, gym and work on our property, three acres of timber on a steep hillside, but also a happy wife, happy life. She is not someone I blow smoke at, but a truly beautiful woman. I see most marriages around me deteriorate, while ours has grown deep and rich. We are going the distance. She intrigues me … you should be so lucky. Don’t presume as you do, as you are projecting. We are different people. I am living the straight and narrow. It is a good life. During our courtship we had periods apart, I almost lost her, she had moved on. I count my lucky stars in that I went back to her, stated my case, she accepted and we got married. Best move ever.


  9. I certainly believe it….both from Texas and both having Ken Booth as their manager really seals the deal for me….and I think they look alike too!!


    1. Ken Booth is a kind of taunting in-your-face thing they are doing, as Hicks went seamlessly from dead comedian to living controlled opposition, and kept the same manager. How little respect they have for our intelligence!


      1. “How little respect they have for our intelligence!”

        Have you listened to the Apollo FRACs?

        Among many others you hear answers to “intelligence disrespecting” points and questions like “why does that LEM look so crappy in the photos?” and “when did they fake one of their later “missions”?”.

        Just have it on in the background, how I listen to podcasts too:
        1 – FRAC13 – Paper Rockets (Chapters 1-3)
        2 – FAC592 – Paper Rockets Part 2 (Chapters 4 & 5 and Bonus Material)


          1. You can download to them and listen to them in parts. There is no hurry.

            There are dozens of points you have never considered or heard of. Geris and me made a good show. Many hidden gems come across.

            You may spend your time wondering “how someone reacts” [which I find curious after more than 150% of my own life experience, in years that is] on a blog.

            I like listening to hours long podcasts where new, interesting, revealing, mind challenging points come across. Nobody has ever found when they faked Apollo 16, this is the first time you hear that.

            But you spend your time like you want to.

            Jedem das Seine


  10. I have learned to never believe anything 100%. That said, I suspect Bill Hicks became Alex Jones and Freddie Mercury became Dr. Phil. I think Mark has made a good case. Now I would love to know why these people do it. WTF??!! They must be sociopaths.


    1. They are projects. To project an illusion that what is on the video screen is reality. For the real powers that be use these people as a means to an end. That is where it stops as far as this blog goes. The majority of media machine owners/producers/writer/directors are related. And have set up a defense where revealing them you are labeled (conveniently) a ‘hater’ or ‘anti’. There kinfolk passed the laws to benefit them the few.


    2. military or CIA most likely…but they would also be sociopaths to have chosen that occupation….the Hicks is obvious, the Mercury/Dr Phil more subtle bit after watching the video of Queen’s performance at live aid, I’m convinced….there is a certain “something” that makes me believe…music starts just at the 2 minute mark

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The reason why is simple. The oldest game in town. It’s Biblical. I’m not here to argue the merits of the KJV or the intricacies of any said religion but this is spiritual. They are the children of the fallen. Piece that together how ever suits you best. The whole truth is probably not even available to mere mortals. That’s the whole hive mind mentality that you see all over the place. They have one agenda and they all work towards that one goal. Escaping this prison.


      2. That is a great left profile, ideal for an ear comparison. Thanks for the video. My energy level is near zero now … when I revive I want to take a look at that. This much I remember about Dr. Phil … there is but one photo of him as a young man that I could find, and it is not him. That tells me something … that no real photos were available, so they had to manufacture one. I am willing to let the chips fall where they fall on this one. I know it is out there.

        I’ve been cutting down trees on the property here, and it has left me just wiped out! When people ask us how much longer we intend to hold onto our mountain home, we usually say five more years. Right now I am thinking five more days.


        1. wow, that sounds like a lot of work…take it easy…as fir Freddy, he was supposed to be Pakistani..at least the movie mentions that…I think their coloring is spot on…and Freddy was born with 2 extra incisors…thus the range of his voice….those could easily be removed to make him into Dr Phil….and let’s not forget Tyrone’s mention that Freddy’s last name was Bulsara and the show about is days as a court witness expert, before he was Dr Phil is called “Bull”….too many things line up


          1. He does indeed have bad teeth, and Dr. Phil not. That is a legitimate objection I cannot easily overcome except that I came out of my childhood with bad teeth and now have good teeth.


  11. Alex Jones lived across the street from Jesse James on trautwien off of 290 before his infamous divorce. His ex wife owns the spread now. She has both sides of Barton creek. They gotta fireplace in the middle of their pool. Jame’s kids went to school at the polo club around the corner. Jones home schooled like most of his neighborhood. Don’t know if he is hicks andwhatnot; butwhateverthe fecker is paid.


    1. And your point is what exactly SMJ. Because if you’re trying to one up Motorhead we all know that’s near impossible at this stage in the comments anticlimactic sense. But now if you were to add you regularly stole Alex’s newspaper well then it’s game on with Motorhead for sure.


      1. My point was dude lived across the street from Jesse James. I have no idea what that would have to do with motorhead’s comment.


  12. I have to say the more I research the way the world works, and try fo make sense of what doesnt make any sense to me, I keep circling around the Nephilim idea and the more it makes sense to me. The Intelligent Design that created our world must have had a set of rules that were broken by someones. That someones may have been the Nephilim and the descendants of them have been playing havoc with the rest of us. If you assume that usually the opposite of what TPTB say is true, that their organizations and actions are not good things, and that all the occult activities, human sacrifice, organ harvesting can be traced back to Saturn worship-all of which I believe to true, then making the leap to Nephilims is not that hard for me. The key to many of these mysteries to me is understanding the power of vibrations & magnetics, uncovering the hidden history of the Moors, making sense of whatever TPTB are hiding with the Unesco World Heritage sites and ways to decalcifying the pineal gland so we can operate to the best of our abilities.
    With the whole zombie thing, I think that almost all of the ones Mark and Straight found are correct. I would say all but I don’t remember all of them. The facts that all the trolls were out in. force in the comment section when new Zombies were revealed, true photos are impossible to find on all the Zombies, but most tellingly Miles & Co came for this blog repeatedly means that Mark’s work is spot on. U should take a time out to think about that. Miles hasn’t tried to annihilate any other blog. He used his platform, Josh’s platform, and in more than 4 of his updates he talked trash and implied POM was not to be trusted. You wouldn’t do all that work against some false wild ideas on a small blog, if you weren’t told to do it. TPTB are really worried about part of their methods being shown to the public.
    Alex Jones is low fruit and the rehash reminded Us that if they did it with him than why wouldn’t they do it with others? Why can some believe Alex is a switch but not others? Is it because of the emotional investment in Freddy, Janis , or Cooper? Uncovering truths and discarding lies is never that easy or comfortable. In our discomfort in finding truth we get a better understanding of our ability to adapt to changes and ways to apply our newly found knowledge to our understanding of the world around us.


      1. I agree. I follow Dean’s blog. Big fan of his and I really like how he connects today’s mayhem with the past. The book on Oil was fantastic. My copy has been passed around to friends who keep it moving to others in an attempt to open more minds.
        I also have been trying to get to the bottom of the Antarctica mystery. I feel that somehow all the NWO visitors, the warm running water that is vjsible on Google Earth, the airlifted Scientists, and the media blackout on Russia’s frozen discovery all ties into Saturn worship. And the Nephilim. And Aliens. And who created Us. I get overwhelmed by the possibilities sometimes.


        1. Very interesting stuff…thanks Charlie…I’m intrigued by Antarctica too especially after watching this particular Byrd interview…so much coal available, minerals etc and then nothing happened….very strange IMO

          Liked by 1 person

    1. SATRUN is the big key. Rome was built upon the ruins of Saturn & she is at the top of the food chain w/it’s 1+Billion followers.


      1. I’m struggling to understand the continued relevance of Saturn worship. If David Talbott’s “Polar Configuration” theory is correct, and Saturn was the earth’s “sun” for a time, then contemporaneous Saturn worship makes sense. But today? What’s the point? Do they think that their god will one day return and recapture the earth and they can then reenact the Golden Age as described by Hesiod, Plato, Ovid and others? It appears to be a lost cause – Saturn is long gone.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, the descendants (elites) are expecting a messiah that will soon dominate the globe w/his leadership. See the large black cubes scattered across the world? Mecca?


        2. Charlie is all over it,no doubt about it. You’ll have to take my word for it.
          I believe Saturn is a prison for their god. He is in the cube. I believe that is why there are so many religions who worship a cube. Even the cross is a cube unfolded or exploded. This all leads back to Rome.


        3. “I arrived at this concept early in 1941 as a result of my research in the history of cosmic upheavals as they affected the earth and other members of the solar system. A number of facts proved to me that the sun, the Earth and other planets, the satellites, and the comets, are charged bodies, but the planets and their satellites have changed their orbits repeatedly and radically, and that gravitational attraction or the weight of objects has changed during human history. I thus recognize the fact that not gravitation, but electric attraction and repulsion and electromagnetic circumduction govern the solar system.” (Immanuel Velikovsky, Cosmos without Gravitation, 1946)


  13. Most things that people worship are long gone. That often makes the followers more obsessive about keeping the spirit or belief systems more alive than ever before. The Saturn worship seems ridiculous to me too. But that doesn’t make the belief in it and practice of it by TPTB any less real. The more knowledge of it we can gain may alkow us a way to take them all down.


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