The Challenger disaster was broadcast in all our schools?

Out of the blue today I got an email from Crrow777 pushing a new episode of his podcast, 171- 24/7 Hits 88 MPH in the mid 80’s – Convert 3,14,14. Since Crrow initially pushed flat earth, I pushed him out the window, and have not thought of him in years.

The first hour this podcast contains hints of really good stuff held back for the second (paywalled) hour. The January 28, 1986 launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which had on board school teacher Christa McAuliffe, and which blew up before our eyes and killing everyone, was broadcast in every school in the country. I did not know that. Every school kid in the country went home crying that day.

We know, due to excellent work at Clues Forum, that the Challenger had no astronauts aboard, and that it was deliberately blown up by NASA. It was done to traumatize us, of course, but man, think of the kids. Since NASA knew in advance what would happen, so too would CNN be clued in and advised to cover the disaster. Killing a school teacher as school kids everywhere watched … I gotta say … nice touch.

I have done the legwork on Columbine, which was also a fake event, also done for the benefit of kids. It appears as though they want to corrupt minds with fear and foreboding at as young an age as possible, obviously for sake of mind control. As the old priest was known to say, give me a kid when he is young, I will have him for life.

I hope others take time to listen to the podcast. Crrow777 mentions how CNN had lost $77 million in its first five years of existence, implying or saying that the “77” is a numerical clue (one that I am not familiar with). What then is “777”? Or the “rr” in Crrow?

PS: Here are Christa McAuliffe’s parents, a grab from the Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes film given to us by Jon LeBon in the comments below.

CM Parents

Contrast it with this the people below in photographs taken at, before, during or after the filming of the Columbine event:


The man on the left is the father of Daniel Mauser, said to be one of the Columbine victims, viciously murdered after he had the audacity to push a chair at either Harris or Klebold (I forget which) in the library massacre portion of the movie (the only resistance offered by anyone that day). Mauser has, routinely in the ensuing years, given anguished performances on stage.

These photos all of one thing in common: No tears. With the Challenger hoax especially, in the video from JLB, throughout , none of the spectators are shedding tears. They are all actors. This puzzles me … the Space Shuttle program cost billions to produce. Can they not spring for one bottle of Visine?

23 thoughts on “The Challenger disaster was broadcast in all our schools?

  1. Broadcasting the Challenger disaster gave CNN its big break:

    “CNN was the only network to broadcast live coverage of the 1986 tragedy.”

    “It wasn’t common for CNN to turn the cameras on itself, but the network’s promotions department just happened to be shooting in the newsroom that day, recalled former CNN staffer Robin Murphy.”

    What an amazing coincidence, eh?! CNN promotions department just happened to be filming in the newsroom on the day of the tragedy.

    “‘It was hard holding it together while all of that was going on,’ she said. ‘It was chaos … sad, tragic and monumental because of the obvious historic implications … but, as usual, everyone pulled together. Proud to be a part of CNN that day, as sad as it was.'”

    “That moment represented CNN’s ‘coming of age,’ recalled former CNN operations director Steve Stahl. ‘After this coverage, I rarely had to explain to people what CNN was, to people who hadn’t seen the network…'”

    If you’d like to relive the excitement you can indulge in CNN’s recreation of the “energy and chaos of its 1986 newsroom as the Challenger disaster unfolded, in a 360° virtual reality experience” at the link above.

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    1. Thanks for the post. It took me years to solve the Christa McAuliffe mystery. I just couldn’t find her anywhere. Where did she end up going?? It’s very obvious where the other people went as people have shown in various videos and articles. But again. Christa. Where did she go?? Then I stumbled upon this a couple of years ago. She just had to show herself eventually and she did. Here is the link where Christa is holding a photo of herself from before the Challenger “disaster”. It’s undeniably her, 30 years later. I checked earlier photos of Christa and it is definitely her profile. It’s totally her, “still teaching”!!!! But of course!!! Here’s the link:




  2. Crrow never pushed “flat” earth, still doesn’t. He was careful with that from the beginning and was very clear on his position.


  3. I haven’t listened to Crrow in years but on your recommendation I will check out the episode in question.

    Regarding the ‘Challenger Disaster’, something I recall from looking at this a long time ago is the reaction of the supposed parents in the crowd.

    About 4m50s in this clip:

    The guy with the scarf and his companion. If that is indeed supposed to be the parents of one of the victims of the disaster, then all I can say is trololol.

    Their reactions of mild bemusement seem more appropriate for a bus running 10 minutes late on a rainy day. Instead we are supposed to believe they have just watched their kid explode miles in the air above them.

    Anyhow it is always nice to see space skepticism on this blog. My own views would be considered extreme even among those who are aware of NASA fakery, and I don’t mean to derail the conversation here by going into any great detail.

    What I will say is that the NASA fakery is, for me, the tip of the iceberg. ‘Outer space’ itself is a hoax as far as I am concerned. A magical wonderland with unique laws of physics where none of us ever can go but we all have faith exists. Sounds like some kind of absurd religious story, because that is exactly what it is. The heaven of Scientism.

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      1. At 5:50 in this famous conspiracy video (I, Pet Goat II) it looks eerily similar to the “real” events. Just like 9/11 was post-programmed and the Notre Dame pre-programmed in this video.


      2. You are correct, I should have made that clear in my original comment.

        The purpose is for the viewer to identify the parents and then watch what happens from there.


  4. I’ve done a lot of reading, watching and listening to stuff about electric universe, and especially a guy named Wal Thornhill, easily the driest and most uninspiring speaker alive. At first I was a kid in a candy store, but as I plowed through it realized that while conventional astrophysics is largely a product of math and invention of new phenomena to fill in where the math fails (dark matter), EU too left me unsatisfied. They are too glib, explaining everything too easily, rarely speaking the magic three words “I don’t know.” I think when I leave this planet it will be with more questions than answers.


  5. In football lingo it’s called “flooding the zone.”

    If your brain is flooded with irrelevant information, the important stuff is shuffled off to the next “memory level (down)” where it can be retrieved, but less likely to be in the present data bank for instantaneous retrieval and processing. Add emotion and associated hormones, it’s a wonder anyone can have a rational thought. Just sayin’.


    1. That’s a perfect example of why TV works so well – next time you are watching (do you guys own one?), do the 1001-1002 count as you watch for scene changes. In commercials they happen every 1-3 seconds, in programming a little longer, but not much. Before your brain has time to process one scene, it is offered another. That is how TV attains its mildly hypnotic effect.


  6. I was 14 at the time of the Challenger Disaster. I happened to be home from school that day, sick with the flu. Like every kid at that time who stayed home sick from school, I lied on the couch watching TV all day (maybe that’s what sick kids still do, I dunno). That morning, I was watching morning re-runs of either Three’s Company or Love-American Style (and probably switching between those and the Price is Right). Anyway, I will never forget that day and certainly had no reason to believe it was all theater.

    When the official post-mortem determined that a rubber o-ring was at fault because of exceptionally cold weather at the time of the launch, my take away then (and still now!) is how many things have to work properly in order for a disaster NOT to occur on a machine as complex as a space shuttle. This is Reason #1 why I’m a Moon Landing Denier.

    While we have lots of incredibly complicated machines that seemingly work as intended (computers, modern aircraft, etc.), I just cannot accept that we had the engineering know-how to do everything that was done 50 years ago with the only hitch in the Apollo missions being the Apollo 13 explosion which still supposedly resulted in no loss of life.

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    1. I’m just posting this cause luis feckin alvarez is my favorite hustler ever…

      “Richard Feynman, considering whether or not to do the O-ring-in-ice-water demonstration in the Challenger disaster hearings:
      “I think, ‘I could do this tomorrow while we’re all sitting around, listening to this [Richard] Cook crap we heard today. We always get ice water in those meetings; that’s something I could do to save time.’
      “Then I think, ‘No, that would be gauche.’
      “But then I think of Luis Alvarez, the physicist. He’s a guy I admire for his gutsiness and sense of humor, and I think, ‘If Alvarez was on this commission, he would do it, and that’s good enough for me.’”

      Click to access 105f06-wohl-alvarez.pdf

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  7. The first time I ever heard the term “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)” was in relation to those who witnessed the CHallenger DISASTER in 1986.

    The other side of the fake Cold War had the CHernobyl DISASTER in 1986.

    This year, the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl “event” saw the release of as much-heralded, high-profile dramatization of that event.


  8. I sat thru it in 4th grade… They wheeled a TV set into the classroom. I guess it was “traumatic” because I do remember it. Moreso, though… It was one of the first times I became involved in “news” or “the national conversation”.

    I mean, misfortunes do happen apart from simulated media events… In real life, among family and friends. Many children experience death and divorce and more. Are we saying the only healthy person is someone who comes to maturity with no bumps in the road whatsoever?

    Maybe it’s not about trauma, or not JUST about trauma… Maybe it’s trauma combined with elements of cultic initiation and ritual. Michael Hoffman (probably asset but anyway) discusses this in his books. He takes JFK etc as real events, but his discussion of their psychological effect as occult ritual seems useful.

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  9. I consider this video proof that no manned rockets were ever launched – the decibels would have killed fact it says that the onlookers have to be 3 miles from the launch site and even with that Walter Cronkite was hit with concrete during the Saturn V launch

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    1. I am not a big fan of Flat Earther and fantast about the Moon Crrow777, but he makes some great points I haven’t seen anyone else make. Apparently I started this video some time before, now watched it all. Good stuff, thanks.


    2. NASA answers that objection, saying that they used a cascade of water around the engines as they launched to get the decebels down to 140 from 220, and that the astronauts had ear protection and the capsule was insulated. Just so their side is included.


  10. They also apparently Mandela-effected Christina McAuliffe’s name to Christa. I swear it was Christina. Oh well.


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