Slow news day

I always chuckle when Rick Steves starts out his travel videos (on PBS) by walking up the final four steps if a large stairway, leaving us to imagine he had walked the whole thing and we just caught him as he made it to the top. He did not. Anyway, this is my Rick Steves impression, taken high above Lake Garda in Italy, where we really truly did walk up a bunch of stairs today.

PS: Here are some of the steps we really did climb today before the Rick Steves impression, and a little reminder that we are in the German part of Italy.

4 thoughts on “Slow news day

      1. A ten year old can get a drink in Dublin.
        Part of the Hitler as regular guy poop were his “walks” at Berchtesgaden. He’d walk down hill with the cameras rolling and then his chauffeur would be waiting for him at the bottom to drive him back up the hill for supper and his table talk bloviations.


        1. When I was a sophomore in high school we got hold of a movie camera and did some bits using Sgt.Pepper … at one point one of us got on a box car and we simply walked backwards with the camera to make it look like movement (She’s Leaving Home). Kids’s stuff, but I recall students in class thinking the train was really moving. I was surprised, did not understand that people suspend reality when looking at film, even very bad film.


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