The De-industrial Revolution

This is from AB at  Fakeologist, taken from Clues Forum, written by Simon:

…the demolition of two empty towers in Manhattan kicked off a glorious era of enlightenment for humanity at large. The sheer crassness of the 9/11 hoax has awakened millions of individuals all over the world to the pathetic machinations concocted by the sorry little clique of rogue, “supremacist” psychopaths that pretends to rule over the fine people of this otherwise magnificent planet. Mass deception is their chosen strategy to uphold their ill-gained privileges – and it has certainly worked quite nicely for them for many, many years. However, their antics have become painfully transparent in later times – and there can hardly be today any thoughtful person (worthy of this description) who hasn’t started seeing through their self-serving propaganda.

Let 2019 mark the beginning of a new – and genuine – “Age of Reason”.

I wish I could be so optimistic, but I am not seeing much “reason” around me. The latest mass hoax, climate change, is penetrating down into the deepest seams of consciousness.

We spent quite a bit of time with three German men in a Rifugio high up above us in the Dolomites. These were educated and smart men, one psychiatrist and two psychologists who have been friends of each other for decades.  When I urged that they cease worrying about the planet, they told me that it had long ago quit snowing in their home town, Hanford, Germany.

It has probably snowed now and then there, subject to natural variability having to do with sunspots and 22 year cycles and the like, but propaganda enters the front door and while we sleep alters the past. They really believe it has changed. In my home town of Billings, Montana, we had winters with little snow, where I played kickball in front of our house in shirtsleeves on Christmas Day. We had other winters where those of us lacking garages lacked transportation, as cars would not start in bitter cold.

I was reading about a small town we were staying in two nights ago, Riva del Garda, Italy, curious about a large factory there (the purpose of which I still have not discovered). Here is a brief entry from Wikipedia about a tiny town of no account in the big picture:

Winters are relatively cold and quite sunny; snow isn’t rare, although since the ’80s, Riva has seen a sharp decrease of yearly amounts (like the rest of northern Italy) due the warming trends of the winter in the past 30 years. Summers are warm but rarely hot and/or muggy, mainly thanks to the local lake breezes and some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.

None of  the first sentence is true; it is just a lie. It was recently inserted. Some poor schmuck has been assigned the task of altering posts on Wiki to make sure the hoax is thoroughly embedded in every crevice. The planet has not warmed in over twenty years, but nothing is left to idle speculation. We are meant to imagine warming all about, and nothing, not even a small town in a recreation area of northern Italy, escapes notice of this propaganda machine.

They tell us now we have eleven years to save the planet. That number, 11, is not significant, as it started out as 12 and we are merely one year in to the latest skyfall extravaganza. I wonder, however, what they will do at the end of the period when nothing has changed, the planet is fine, weather patterns beyond our control still ruling. I realized that this time period, 12 years, is what they felt necessary to implement their program, the new de-industrial revolution. They are very serious about scaling back our lives, reducing us to solar and wind, and putting a stop to human development, especially in places that are home to black and brown people.

What will they do? They will simply say they saved the planet. The Paris Accords, which openly attempted to achieve nothing at a cost of trillions, will be the reason.

So I welcome, along with Simon, our new age of reason. I hope he is right. I doubt it.

11 thoughts on “The De-industrial Revolution

  1. “Climate Change” is merely the Cover Story for “Weather Manipulation” like causing droughts in some areas while causing floods in other areas or causing excessive hot weather then excessive cold weather by manipulation of the Jet Stream. To one extent or another, they have been at least attempting Weather Control for more than 100 years. FEMA was “created” in large part to cover the LEGAL LIABILITY of Weather Manipulation.

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  2. I don’t go along with that … I don’t think they are omnipotent or have incredible technology unrevealed. They might be able to seed clouds and make it rain. Beyond that, nothing, no beam weapons in space, no radar array in Alaska, just the idea that they like for us to think they have some kind of control over us that they so not, you know, other than Facebook, movies, NFL, TV, news, the usual stuff.

    Climate change is something different … when I get back I am going to timeline that movement (1989 forward) with oil and gas fracking, which has given us unprecedented energy reserves, like a 300-year supply of oil alone. Suddenly oil and gas are not scarce, and everyone can partake in the wealth they produce, including Africans, Asians, and all of South America. So to demonize CO2, a fertilizer that is greening the planet and creating food abundance … food supply and population go hand-in-hand. That is what is behind climate alarmism, nothing freaky. The managers of the planet don’t want 15 billion people aboard. Who is to say they are wrong in objectives even as they go about it like sleazy liars. Useless eaters … that’s all climate scientists are.


  3. Cloud seeding was admitted by Uncle Scam 50+ years ago. Think that is all they had then & now? DEW is an easy weapon. Think flying plasma cutter w/a computer to pinpoint its energy to anything below it.

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  4. This is broader than we are seeing presently. It’s always multi-purpose deception when the curtain is raised for the new act in the perpetual school play (we’ve all seen many times without connecting the dots). You want these assholes sticking YOU with needles? It’s connected to climate change, baby.

    “May 8, 2017: “Pfizer Inc., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) today announced a multi-year extension of their collaboration to further broaden access to Pfizer’s all-in-one injectable contraceptive, Sayana® Press (medroxyprogesterone acetate), for women most in need in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

    Working with the Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and others, CIFF is focused on managing the reproductive rights of women and girls in the Global South using “Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives” (LARCs). This is not about women’s rights, rather it is about dominance, control and white supremacist values/ideologies. Of course, it is also about profits and new markets: “By the end of 2016, 6.4 million units of Sayana Press were shipped to 20 developing world countries, potentially reaching more than 1.5 million women – up from 350,000 women at the end of 2014. Pfizer is continuing to make investments in its manufacturing facilities to meet the expected increase in market demand.””

    Climate change is the latest cover story for the complete makeover of the global economy. Like fake deaths of celebs, companies, and nations, this is just the “snake shedding its skin,” like it has done so many times before. Another global magic trick (“profits and new markets…”) in the making. There is money to be made — BIG time.

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    1. Birth control and climate change are different verses of the same tune … population control. With climate, imagine that we now have centuries of affordable energy supplies, and with increased CO2 levels, the planet’s ability to produce food will boom, and population will take off like a rocket. That is the problem, from a planet management standpoint, population control.


    2. Right on the money!! Bill and Melinda Gates are truly vile creatures. India is holding them responsible for the atrocities that happened to the children that were forced to be part of the Gates Foundation vaccination process. Eugenics is Alive and Kicking in 2019. The Fake death of Eugenics was wildly exaggerated. The Clinton’s (always in the worst places where money can be made) are the feel good about it name used to get the unthinking to believe it’s a good thing. Thrown in Woman’s repriductive rights, poor countries, and most people stop reading and file the info under “positive change”. Conditioning really comes into effect when it comes to reading. If you are reading something that is obligatory or really holds 50 percent of your interest studies have shown that when skimming article we look for words, names, or phrases that we associate with our predetermined “right thinking” and if we see enough of them in an article we associate the new information with right thinking. Without ever really comprehending what we have just “read” or looked at how it firs into the bigger picture. Yikes.


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