Circular travels

I was listening to a talk by Andrew Klavan, the crime and suspense writer, given at Hillsdale College. I liked the entire talk, as I think I have come half-circle. Twenty-nine years ago I dropped my then twenty-years-running subscription to National Review, the magazine founded by Bill Buckley. I just renewed it. I hope this time around I am a better thinker. There is much I like about conservatism, and much I find to be less well reasoned. (Their attitude about the supposed “free market” and health care along with opposition to “socialized” medicine has led us to a dystopia called Obamacare, making us prisoners of AHIP, though they are not aware of this.)

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Speaking truth to spoiled brats

This video is 12 minutes. I invite anyone interested in seeing overprivileged whelps get a whatfer to view it. In it, Benny Peiser (cv below) is in a debate sponsored by Cambridge, and only his side is presented here. I thought it exceptional because he openly accuses the Cambridge greens of smugness, mentions how they jet about while denying access to fossil fuels to Africans, who desperately want to develop. He blames millions of deaths on green policies.

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100-year climate trends … barely perceptible

Montana 100 Year PDSI with arrow

I did this exercise for Montana, which was my home state until 2009, but I have this data for all of the lower 48 states. It was assembled by Bob Tisdale from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. As Tisdale says on the cover of the book, Extremes and Averages in Contiguous U.S. Climate, this is a “Book that NOAA Should Have Published.” NOAA, however, is a participant in the climate scare scam so even as its scientists and bureacrats are doing real and valuable work, it is not being published. We have to go get it ourselves.

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A good ending to a sloppy book

I just finished with Michael Crichton’s 2004 State of Fear. It’s a page-turner, of course, but sloppy, in my opinion. It is a bit like Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, bad fiction used to espouse a point of view. His characters are paper-thin, one used to exaggerate climate change fanatics, and who is eaten by cannibals towards the end. No kidding. He has two women who are, almost as if required in our era, exceptionally strong, beautiful and intelligent, acting like men in combat and performing amazing feats of physical prowess. His major antagonist, a man named Drake, commits (using pawns) ghastly crimes, but is never apprehended, that whole matter left unresolved. Another major character, Morton, fakes his death early on, and this is painfully obvious throughout the book.

I was surprised to be done on page 715, as the book is 800 pages. Crichton added a section called “Author’s message” along with an two appendixes and a long bibliography. This makes the book a nice resource, even if dated. It is the Author’s message that I thought to be the best-written part of the book, and I am going to quote some passages, impressive in their clarity.

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A face palm moment or two

DfpThis little factoid hit me like a slap in the face, a face palm moment. Duh. It was that the Berlin Wall “fell” on November 9, 1989. 11/9, or 9/11 turned around. I don’t know why those numbers are important to our closeted leaders, but they, along with 33 and 8 turn up in almost every hoax.

By itself, that date was just another indication that the event was a façade, that other changes were in the works. The Soviet Union, the supposed Evil Empire, dissolved. There were no deaths or struggles. We are told that mere assembly of people in Prague, the so-called Velvet Revolution, for example, brought about regime change. This is utter nonsense. Large crowds have no direction, no arms, and cannot force change. They can put out a pretty good vibration during rock concerts if enough cocaine, pot and booze circulate, but are otherwise wasted energy.
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