Friday finishers

I’ve been afk this week, I realize, hoping for inspiration. What follows is just a rundown of the things going on with me, of no particular interest to anyone, of course. If you had a blog, you could do this too! I urge you to make a blog. I’ll be happy to link to you.

Microsoft Edge: Now and then as I am working here on the desktop, I find that the path is unfamiliar and that I am logged out, for instance, of this blog. Then I utter the words under my breath “Goddamned Microsoft!” It was more than ten years ago that I switched over to Firefox from whatever browser Microsoft was offering then. I did so because the company back doors its whole application, tracks your activity, and looks for advertising opportunities, mostly. I am not doing anything subversive – in fact, I am an open book. I go to well-known websites, never look at anything pornographic (OK, I did watch Game of Thrones), and quickly get out of any application that might force me to look at advertising.

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The other shoe

Climate change has always been a Trojan Horse. This is easily seen by mere review if its “science,” none of it valid, no prediction made ever coming to reality. Further, it has achieved “consensus” by brute force. There are thousands of real scientists who know better about its nonsensical ideas, but who also know that if they speak up they will be cancelled. Climate change is totalitarianism. It cannot survive in an open and free environment of exchange of ideas. These people, the Michael Mann’s (“MM” = 1313, or 1133, surely a fake name) and Al Gore’s are sock puppets, the people behind them closeted. They know as much about climate as they do about representative government, which they label “democracy”.

There is a reason for brute force. Lacking hard data, lacking public support, they have to force their nonsensical ideas into place with a sledge hammer. They intend to impose totalitarian rule, the real objective. Climate is merely the stalking horse. These are fascists, communists, socialists, whatever “ist” you want to use. They are the public face of psychopathy, Lobaczewski’s “Ponerology”, or rule by evil forces, Mann’s “closeted friends.”

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I’ve been waiting on this …

If anyone is curious, we are unaffected by the massive fire that destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses in Superior, Lafayette and other communities south of Boulder and north of Denver, Colorado. We are miles away. The fire was said to be started by high winds that downed a power pole, igniting the blaze. It spread at high speed, engulfing structures. Thousands of people had to be evacuated in short order. Amazingly, while three people are missing, there are no known deaths at this time. That speaks highly of professional responders.

Interestingly, news I read this morning indicates that there is no downed power pole at the sight of ignition as determined by investigators. That does not necessarily speak of foul play, but could be a chain of events beginning with our old friend, human stupidity. Stay tuned.

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Heliocentric denialism

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was famously the first victim of what we now call lockdown, forced to live out his days in his home for having dared crossed the Inquisition. He claimed, based on observation and evidence. that the earth was not the center of the solar system, but rather moved around the Sun. As one observer from our current era noted, he was actually an early victim of peer review.

Science has not changed much in the intervening centuries. Most of what we know is wrong, and powerful forces are still enforcing lies as reality. Two areas in which this is taking place are Climate Change and Covid, where anyone who flouts the “consensus” is battered, de-funded, fired, and publicly shamed. Roger Pielke Jr., over in Boulder at the University of Colorado, has bucked the Climate hoax, and as a tenured professor cannot be fired, but is otherwise shunned and humiliated. The university brass moved him to a very small office with no windows, just a way of saying “F*** you.”

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To Isolate a Virus, to Eliminate an Ice Age

This post is experimental. I am using Nuance Dragon software that allows me to speak and write at the same time. This is a newer version that I just purchased yesterday that coordinates very nicely with Firefox, allowing me to use the same software as always when writing a blog post, but while dictating rather than keyboarding. I am wearing what looks like an oven mitten on my right hand, so that the only digits available to me are the index and thumb of that hand. Apparently the hand is going to be out of commission for at least a couple of weeks, so this software is coming in incredibly handy.

I refer you to a paper entitled Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI) written by Sally Fallon Morell, Thomas Cowan, MD, and Andrew Kaufman, MD. The concepts in this paper should be familiar to everyone here, so this is an exercise in formatting and using various tools offered by WordPress. I will quote the opening section.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

One of the first things done for someone who wants to be a Climate Alarmist is to issue that person a Get Out of Jail Free card. Along with the card is issued a reminder, “Don’t worry. You can say anything you want. You can make up your facts. The scarier, the better. No one will call you on it.”

The photograph above is an example. It is said to be of a small part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Image credit is given to AFP – many groups go by that moniker, but my best guess is that it is either a French or German news service. Below is said to be a map of the GPGP, taken from our friend and favorite liar, Wikipedia:

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Blue Bayme and miscellany

The Sierra Club quit beating its wife. So they say. At this link we find that they took $25 million from various natural gas interests between the years 2005-2010. They allegedly stopped, in 2012 issuing the following press release:***

The Club continues to view natural gas as a flawed but necessary transition fuel to a clean energy future powered by wind, solar and other truly clean energy sources. That’s all the more reason that we must even more aggressively push for strong state and federal regulations. To succeed in those efforts, there can be no question of our independence. We can no longer accept donations from companies or individuals involved in the natural gas industry.

Sierra Club was not alone in taking money from fossil fuel companies. The Environmental Defense Fund is as guilty, if not more so, along with Natural Resource Defense Council and others, usually the big enviro groups.  This article is from 2012 and outlines much of the corruption. There’s a common and never debunked belief fostered on the public by Climate Alarmists that the fossil fuel industry is funding Climate Skeptic groups, kind of a David/Goliath situation. This, like everything else said by alarmists, is just another big lie.

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Global Banker Alliance Unveils “Green” Plan to Transform and Weaponize Global Finance

Meeting in the shadows of the COP26 gathering in Glasgow, Scotland, the captains of private finance laid out their plans to restructure the global financial system.  For months, I’ve been waiting for the banks and financial institutions to make their move.  The plan is to reconfigure the role and scope of global and regional financial institutions, including the World Bank and IMF.

 The officially cover story presents this massive transformation as a unified transition to a global (carbon) “net zero” economy. This new arrangement will totally change “global financial governance.” By further weakening national sovereignty by forcing nation states to follow new rules that favor wealthy of alliance members for their benefit under the guise of promoting fake United Nations “sustainability goals.”  We have already seen this power-grab progression expressed in the global lockdowns, surveillance systems development via the 5G/6G rollout in “Smart Cities” around the world.  That was the appetizer.  This is the entrée. 

Whitney Webb has written a very comprehensive analysis of the meeting, the plan, and its implications for all living things on this little planet of ours. 

“This alliance, called the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), was launched in April by John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change; Janet Yellen, US Secretary of the Treasury and former chair of the Federal Reserve; and Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and former chair of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada. Carney, who is also the UK prime minister’s Finance Advisor for the COP26 conference, currently cochairs the alliance with US billionaire and former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. 

“Though GFANZ has cloaked itself in lofty rhetoric of “saving the planet,” its plans ultimately amount to a corporate-led coup that will make the global financial system even more corrupt and predatory and further reduce the sovereignty of national governments in the developing world.”  Id.

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China Syndrome, Three Mile Island

One of the more puzzling aspects of Climate Alarmism/Fanaticism is this: While they are opposed to use of oil, gas and coal, claiming that the CO2 emitted (which they refer to as “carbon”) is harming our climate and will eventually end life as we know it on this planet. They instead favor “renewable” energy in the form of solar and wind power. What they do not explain is why they are opposed to nuclear energy, which is safe, and emits no CO2.  There is the problem of spent fuel rods, but I think we have that pretty well under control. (I am aware of a certain sentiment among some readers that nuclear power is not real, following as it did in the wake of nuclear bombs, which may well never have been built. I think that nuclear power is real, and one reason I think that is because Climate Alarmists are opposed to it.)

I suppose that is a little tongue-in-cheek, as I am fully aware of what they are up to, and it has nothing to do with our climate. There is no need to save the planet. We do need to control some of our destructive activities, like over-fishing, for instance. The purpose of Climate Alarmism is hidden from view, but easily discerned: To impoverish us, reduce our numbers, and prevent development on continents occupied by darker skinned people. Europe is now gearing up for a cold winter, and massive supplies of liquefied natural gas await on tankers for the inevitable emergency caused by failure of wind and solar to keep people warm and factories running. Businesses have shut down or moved elsewhere due to the high cost of energy. This is no surprise. You might even say that this is the objective.

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