I get all the news I need from the weather report …

Above is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather forecast from September 19, forecasting our weather for October. It said that it was going to be warm, much warmer than normal out here in the western US.

In fact, as we all know, October has been cold, much colder than normal. I’ve spent much of my time plowing and slipping on that cold. I had to put a sign up in our driveway to be careful, as you might slip and fall if you listen to NOAA predictions. (We had an ice storm that preceded deep snowfall.) I don’t want to be sued by Amazon.com drivers.

The lesson: Weather forecasts are good for a few days. Beyond that, forget it. People who imagine they can forecast climate ten or even 100 years from now are clinically insane or politically corrupt. Or both.

Source: Wattsupwiththat


13 thoughts on “I get all the news I need from the weather report …

    1. Although now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps I recall reading that your snow is more related to being at high altitudes? Either way, agreed. It has been cold and snowy. In numerous far apart places.

      Global warming, climate change, etc. is one of the earliest bits of heavy propaganda that I started to see through. Your observations just show how pervasive the programming really is.


      1. We live at 7800 feet in the foothills above Denver. We’ve been here for ten years or so, and this is early for the piles of snow we have out there. Eldora ski area is open, very early for them.

        Generally, people who follow solar activity are better at long-term predictions than those who follow atmospheric conditions. We are in a solar minimum, hopefully not a Maunder Minimum. It’s going to be a long, cold winter. As I told my wife, when our firewood is gone, so are we, headed to warmer areas. Retired people can do that.


  1. Coal subsidies continue as the “market-based” EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) struggles to avoid its own price crash due to future surpluses. Can fake science and scientists save financial “geniuses” from the the inevitability of the global technocracy’s Peter Principle? Looks like a bumpy (risky) ride ahead.

    “The EU carbon market is currently unfit to accommodate national coal phase-outs scheduled in Europe.” https://carbonmarketwatch.org/2019/09/19/over-2-billion-surplus-pollution-permits-could-flood-europes-carbon-market-by-2030-analysis/

    “The analysis shows that German coal power plants have been running at a loss for nearly half of the time since the start of 2018. Without the lavish subsidies, they continue to benefit from, these plants would not be running.”

    And Europe represents the best case scenario for a successful transition from “the (perpetual) war on terror” economy to the peace and harmony promises of the Green New Deal and One-World (feudal) Government (“Strawberry Fields Forever”). Bloodline bankers in the City of London must be shitting little green apples.


    1. A talk I recently heard ranked energy subsidies by sources, and in this order, lowest to highest, as I recall: Coal, natural gas, oil, wind, solar. I don’t know where biofuel stands, but as we all know, it is purely unnecessary and subsidy. I may have the fossil fuels mixed in order, but they are all three much less subsidized than alternatives.


  2. If coal is “unprofitable” without subsidies then what is the point in pretending it needs to operate in the “private” sector at all? Same with Ag subsidies which turn corn into ethanol, mandated for use in autos — and it wrecks your lawn mower and chainsaw engine. Brilliant!

    What’s so “efficient” in operating at a loss, anyway?

    It’s like prescription drugs and health care, were costs to consumers can easily be lowered by eliminating the parasites/speculators. Rent seeking that needs subsidies will always inflate costs to consumers. The upside in an unregulated monopoly always migrates upward to the idle (rich) class, robbing those who need a break the most.


    1. I don’t know how much coal is subsidized, but the larger thing going on right now in the US is replacement of coal-fired plants with natural gas, which is cheap and abundant and burns cleaner than coal. The market for coal is shrinking.

      Britain, right now, amazingly, is building wood-fired electrical generating plants, and importing wood from California to do it. Makes no sense.


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