Blowing (debt) bubbles for oligarch carpetbaggers: Bigger and better than ever.

Where do you fit in?

Mark and others have demonstrated how the climate change narrative has been doctored and promoted by a multi-disciplinary team of liars that serve the collection of oligarchs presently anxious to begin their turn partying in the driver’s seat. But will the new, green economy do the trick? Will climate change create the hysteria needed to inflate the next global economic bubble and transition us into a new world order – much like the old-world order — that is less dependent on perpetual war and violence against the non-compliant? Can the ruling class reach consensus?

Privatization, deregulation and austerity (neoliberal principles) have served the uber-rich since the 1970s at the expense of everyone else. Countries rich in oil and other natural treasures have suffered most.  Wealth has accumulated at the top, stolen in the usual manner, at gunpoint, by the proxy armies of NATO and private mercenaries and international NGOs, funded by the U.S. defense budget and laundered money from gun-running, drugs, trafficking and gambling, all channeled through global banks like the BIS, IMF and World Bank.

Commoners have been getting neoliberal economics shafted since WWII.  America’s perpetual-war economy has fueled the global prominence of the present oligarchy. These ancient bloodline-family parasites are firmly in control of our post-WWII world.  Benefits have disproportionally made the rich richer and the poor poorer.  The middle class and lesser wealthy players are feeling the pinch too as the end of the imperial, unipolar era gazes back at its own death-rattle.  Everyone is sensing the change in the air.  In France, Iraq, Lebanon, Ecuador, Chile, and Hong Kong the streets are full of dissatisfied youth.  Their future is being stolen too. But this fight isn’t about transgender bathrooms or any number of fake food fights engineered to divide us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Oligarchs have always found safe havens where they can count their money a safe distance from the fray they created and paid for.  This round of the age-old, global economic class wars is just getting revved up. Using new technology that exposes more than ever who the real bad guys are and where they can be found, the odds are still heavily in favor of the current dominant formation of the global oligarchy.   

Each country is fighting a difficult, uphill battle that somehow must reach the next level.  The entire planet is experiencing a similar situation.  Is a global strike or a global boycott possible?  It’s already starting to happen, which has not gone unnoticed by some minority fraction of the present oligarchy.

Economist Michael Hudson’s article, A Total-Returns of Economic Polarization in America, describes how rent seekers have dominated economies and suppressed working families worldwide.   The 2007-2008 crash enabled the oligarchy to take ever greater financial risks which has created a gigantic financial bubble explained by Hudson’s graph.    It was Pres. Obama who bailed out the main players and kept them from lengthy prison terms by presiding over the fake “recovery” to quell the angry masses. Nice delaying tactic, but the masses just aren’t feeling it right now.    

Pres. Trump talks a good line, but it comes out of his ass not his mouth.  Trump’s recurring theme is ripped right out of the pages of Henry Luce’s 1941 vision of an American Century

Click to access luce.pdf

Trump retro bs has exposed, however, divisions within the ruling elite which I can trace back to the Vietnam War (1960s).  The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave Pres. L. B. Johnson expanded, unchecked powers to expand the war in Indochina.  Over a year later Sen. William Fulbright (D-AR), who had helped LBJ pass the Tonkin Resolution, realized he’d been sucker punched.  The attack on U.S. destroyers was faked to move the votes needed for a wider war and more troops.   “I felt I had been taken,” said Fulbright.  Thanks to Fulbright’s public Senate hearings in1966 the public was finally exposed to what was really happening in Vietnam.  By 1967 public opinion had shifted, Americans were demanding that Congress and Pres. Johnson find a way to end the war.

In 1975, Sen. Frank Church (D-ID) opened multiple congressional investigations into intelligence abuses by the CIA, FBI, NSA and IRS.  The cycle repeats.

The Bush-Bush-Cheney (Iraq) wars began with the same type of deception and media frenzy. Lybia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen are all being fought under false pretenses, and the stress cracks are showing again as the oligarchs continue to bicker among themselves as to the best way forward.  Obama and Trump are different only in that they are backed by a different sub-set of oligarchs.

We are here, at the crossroads, where the great repositioning by the global elite has taken center stage.  Regardless of which faction preserves their institutions and control, here in American Zombieland, we are at the end of the “pump,” waiting for the “dump.”  Savings, public benefits, retirement plans, all of it is at risk. Americans will now get to experience what happens when the global oligarchs who prevail in these times of media-driven division and hate swoop in after the dust settles to buy everything in sight at fire-sale prices.  Psychotic humans are the cause of most (90%) fires – forests, apartment buildings, whole towns, port cities — all resold for pennies on the dollar.  Vulture capitalism at work.  I guess the biggest unknown is how will we respond?  Will we continue to believe the myths that have led us into a state of seething hate for anyone and everyone who is not exactly like us in every way; intellectually, politically, ethnically, racially, religiously, etc.   Will we begin piling up skulls?   Or, will we find some modicum of brotherly (and yes, sisterly) love for each other so more of us can weather the next, big (bigger than ever before) oligarch-engineered storm brewing on the horizon?       

9 thoughts on “Blowing (debt) bubbles for oligarch carpetbaggers: Bigger and better than ever.

    1. Related.

      “It is no coincidence,” Dr. Paul said, “that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”

      He added:

      If every American taxpayer had to submit an extra five or ten thousand dollars to the IRS this April to pay for the war, I’m quite certain it would end very quickly. The problem is that government finances war by borrowing and printing money, rather than presenting a bill directly in the form of higher taxes. When the costs are obscured, the question of whether any war is worth it becomes distorted.

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  1. By the way I find rather curious that the “government” is missing in your triangle.

    For without their ability to reach into our pockets to finance wars the powerful would diminish.

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  2. Where do I fit in?

    Presumably, somewhere pretty close to the bottom of the pyramid.

    But where else would I rather be?

    In 1984, the proles are given relative freedom to say and do as they please.

    It is the Party Members who must conform, who must obey, who must go along with the groupthink, the hivemind, the orthodoxy of the time.

    In 2019 I am able to go on camera, streaming live to viewers and listeners around the world, and proclaim that dinosaurs are a hoax, nuclear bombs are a hoax, and heliocentrism is a hoax (among myriad other hoaxes about which I like to speak).

    If I were higher up on the pyramid, I would have too much to lose: a career, reputation, possibly even my family. I would have to hide my honest opinions, I would have to engage in the doublethink necessary to maintain ‘sanity’ in such an insane world, especially for those who work in offices (public or corporate).

    But as a lowly peasant of meagre means and assets, I can say and do whatever the hell I want without fear of losing my place on the monkey ladder. I can even throw peanuts at the monkeys higher on the ladder than myself if I so wish. They don’t care, they are too busy trying to climb higher themselves, to worry about what is happening below.

    I say so long as they keep the bananas coming my way, so long as I can livestream my honest opinions around the world, so long as I can make a sufficient amount of money speaking the truth to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly, then I shan’t worry about who is supposedly at the top of the monkey ladder.

    As they say in the classics, ‘no more monkey business’.


  3. Seems the U.N. has now laid claim to the Salt Palace this past week end. Quote from one of their own ‘its a UN compound now’. It’s here, now. Agenda 21. Soon the other venues both pro & college will announce the same.


  4. The carpet baggers are ramping up the removal of The Donald. Seems like another Bolshevik sponsored take down of another nation is happening. And the SA scene is growing ugly as well.


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