The Bill Cosby Accusations


Rape is a serious crime. Drugging someone without their knowledge is considered assault. Drugging someone to have sex is considered both aggravated assault and rape, and should result in a serious prison sentence, as much as thirty years plus ten, or forty per offense.

At the end of this post is a list of women who were assaulted, drugged, and of whom 26** were raped by Bill Cosby. Only three of sixty cases were reported to police, none involving rape, including that of Andrea Costand, which recently resulted in Cosby’s conviction. That case could result in three ten-year sentences for Cosby. He is currently age 80.

I looked over the list wanting to know what fire lays behind the smoke. If Bill Cosby is a serial rapist, no one has ever filed charges against him for rape. It is unfathomable to think that of 26 women, not one would have stepped forward – take, for instance, the case of Cindra Ladd, #36, who is said to be a powerful business executive. This would be no shrinking violet. The assumption behind the reticence of women in reporting rape is that men are more powerful and can intimidate them into silence. A wealthy man like Cosby can throw legal obstacles in the path that extend the proceedings for months. But Ladd should have fewer problems.

There is, however, another problem associated with absence of police reports. Since the 1970s we have had a forensic tool known as a “rape kit,” by which medical personnel collect evidence and preserve it for the legal system. Consider that we have 26 incidents where Cosby is accused of rape, and yet we have no police reports, and no physical evidence.

I am not insensitive to rape, and the power that men can exert over women, and the shaming that can take place when a woman claims rape. Often enough rape is a matter of a man and woman getting carried away, the woman calling a halt, and the man going forward anyway. I do not take this lightly, as it is still rape, but in these cases the woman will be questioned severely by defense attorneys, and have to admit to at least some consensual activity. For that reason, the woman might just shelve the matter.

Then, of course, is the problem of making public accusations against a high-profile and wealthy man like Cosby. Generally it is understood that courts are not about law, but about lawyers, and Cosby can afford the best. The accuser might end up with a court-appointed public prosecutor. This too is a deterrent to reporting the crime.

Of the 60 cases listed at the end of this post, 26 are women who have publicly accused Cosby of sexual offenses, and of those 25 have these two things in common: They were drugged beyond their ability to resist, and they filed no report with police. Given the use of rape kits, all of the women should have been able report the crime, give up fluid and blood and hair and dust samples, and have the entire matter preserved for the record. None did.

With a rape kit in hand, a woman can make an accusation and back it up with hard evidence. She can offer powerful evidence of both intercourse and drugs.

Instead, with Cosby, what we have are 26 cases of rape for which we have no physical evidence.

I repeatedly hear the defense that all of these women would not independently come together and lie. That seems logical, but there might be other factors. What if the women are not real? What if they are literary inventions? What if they are being paid? Could be some of each, too.

I suspect that with Bill Cosby, a much bigger game is afoot, that of a large project that has been going on for years now, an attack on men in general. Here’s what we see and hear about ourselves:

  • We only think about sex. We are sluts.
  • We have consensual sex with a perfect strangers, quickly forgetting about them.
  • In the workplace, we harass women. They have to be constantly on guard.
  • On the college campuses, women are being raped in large numbers.
  • Women who are raped usually do not report it.
  • If a woman does report rape, she will be publicly shamed.

The larger project is called (I do not know who originated the term) “Men are Pigs.” Couple this with the usual portrayal of men in TV sitcoms as borderline morons, or manic sexual freaks like Charlie Harper, and a man who is nice, respectful, smart and capable of emotional depth (most of us) has to overcome a whole lot of presumption.

The Cosby case falls in this line. I think perhaps his role as Cliff Huxtable, the kindly pediatrician on the wildly popular TV show of the 1980s, was part of the reason he was chosen for the part of serial rapist. All men, you see, ALL men are not to be trusted. All men are pigs.

Is Cosby cooperating in this psyop? I suspect so. His wife, Camille, is juiced, a member of the Hanks family, part of the peerage. His son, Ennis, suffered what appeared to be a fake death (see below), as happens so often in the peerage. Why would he cooperate? Some oath he took? Knowledge that he will just disappear from view (fake jail sentence as OJ was given, of fake death). I cannot know, of course. I only know there is no real threat to anything but Cosby’s reputation, and his wife and children know this.

The Andrea Costand case

ConstadCosby’s conviction in the case of Andrea Costand (#49 below) is a physical molestation case, and carries a lighter penalty. Since no traceable bodily fluids are present (there was no rape) the trial and conviction were built on other evidence. This included sworn testimony by Cosby that had been sealed in 2006 by the court as part of his settlement with Costand. In that testimony, which was released to the public by the New York Times after a court reporting service gave it to that newspaper, he admitted using drugs to induce women to have sex (to lessen resistance), but did not confess to rape.He claimed that the resulting sex was consensual, and only made easier by the use of drugs.

Even so, this admission is astounding, and the fact that it was presented to the public via newspaper articles even more so. Set aside the nature of the behavior for just one moment, and understand that the breach by the court reporting service should have been heavily penalized, and that further, the publication by the Times so prejudiced the entire American public that Cosby could not possibly have gotten a fair trial. As far as anyone knew, he had confessed to rape. This makes me wonder if we are witness to a real legal proceeding, or just another show trial.

I am aware of the irony of the Costand proceeding, the first to obtain a conviction against Cosby, was as a result of accusations made by a lesbian who had no interest in men, much less one old enough to be her father. Cosby was surely a man out of control, even delusional, if the accusations are true.

The mysterious death of Ennis Cosby

EnnisBill Cosby has five children with his wife Camille, four girls and one boy. Ennis Cosby died in 1997 at age 27 on Interstate 405 in Sepulveda Pass in Los Angeles, a very busy highway. It makes very little sense, that is, Cosby was driving a Mercedes-Benz and had a flat tire. Instead of calling AAA, which even people of regular income would do, he called a friend, Stephanie Crane, to come and park behind him with her lights on while he changed the tire. Along came Mikhail “Michael” Markhasev, who threatened to kill Crane, who took off and who then returned very quickly to find Cosby shot in the head and dead. He was still wearing his Rolex and had $60 in his pocket.

Back when Straight was still with us he and I were working with the Social Security Death Index, he asked me to check there for Ennis Cosby. Apparently the age, 27, a common year of death for spooks, caught his eye. Sure enough, there was no Ennis Cosby listed at SSDI. This looked like another fake death.

The alleged murderer, Markhasev, has asked all his attorneys to cease appeals to gain his release, confessing to the crime. This means no more court appearances. Perhaps the gig was over, and he returned to his regular life. I wish there were some surreptitious way to ascertain whether or not famous perps like Markhasev, Sirhan Sirhan, the late Charles Manson and so many others are really in a jail cell at any given time. Merely reporting that they are in jail removes them from the public mind. They can walk freely among us.

Of course, I cannot say with certainty that Cosby’s death was fake, only that it is surrounded by red flags. Neither can I suggest why high-profile people (and their children) fake their deaths. That is above my pay grade. It seems common, however, in people of the peerage, and we know that Camille Cosby, his wife, is of the Hanks line. That line is connected not to just the actor, but also to Abraham Lincoln. It seems that connections like that never fail to turn up in these highly publicized scandals.

The list of women accusing Cosby of sexual crimes (those in bold are legally called “rape” cases):

  1. Barbara Bowman: 1986/2005, drugged, raped, slandered. No charges filed.
  2. Beverly Johnson: 1980s/2013, drugged, resisted, reported in Vanity Fair article, for which Cosby sued.
  3. Louisa Moritz: 1971/2014, forced to have oral sex. No charges filed.
  4. Kristina Ruehli: 2014, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  5. Theresa Serignese: 1976/2005, Drugged, raped, paid off. No charges filed.
  6. Tamara Green: 1970s/2005, drugged, attempted rape. No charges filed.
  7. Beth Ferrier: 1980s/2005, Drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  8. Joan Tarshis: 1969/1980s, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  9. Victoria Valentino: 1970/1996, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  10. Janice Dickenson: 1982/2002, stalked, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  11. Carla Ferrigno: 1967/2014, molested. No charges filed.
  12. Linda Joy Traitz: 1969/2014, molested. No charges filed.
  13. Renita Chaney Hill: 1982/2014, drugged as a minor, no memory. No charges filed.
  14. Angela Leslie: 1992/2014, molested. No charges filed.
  15. Lachele Covington: 2000/2000, molested, reported to police. No charges filed.
  16. Patricia Leary Steuer: 1978, 1980/2015, drugged, no memory, happened twice. No charges filed.
  17. Linda Kirkpatrick: 1981/2015, drugged, attempted rape (at least). No charges filed.
  18. Linda Brown: 1969/2015, drugged, assaulted. No charges filed.
  19. Kaya Thompson: 1980s/2015, molested, paid off. No charges filed.
  20. Sunni Welles: 1960s/2015, drugged, no memory, wakes up naked twice. No charges filed.
  21. “Kacey”: 1996/2015, drugged, no memory, woke up in bed with him. No charges filed.
  22. Chelan Lasha: 1986/2014, drugged, blacked out, woke up as he was molesting her. Paid off. No charges filed.
  23. Helen Hayes: 1973/2014, Stalked, molested. No charges filed.
  24. Heidi Thomas: 1984/2015, drugged, awoke to him performing oral sex. No charges filed.
  25. PJ Masten: 1979/2014, Drugged, woke up bruised and naked, allegedly raped. No charges filed.
  26. Sarita Butterfield: 1977/2014, stalked, molested. No charges filed.
  27. Janice Baker-Kinney: 1982/2015, drugged, awoke naked in bed with Cosby. No charges filed.
  28. Autumn Burns: 1970/2015, drugged, forcible oral sex. No charges filed.
  29. Lili Bernard: 1990s/2015, drugged, raped, intimidated. No charges filed.
  30. Sammie Mays: 1987/2015, drugged, molested. No charges filed.
  31. Margie Shapiro: drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  32. Joyce Emmoms: 1979-1980/2014, drugged, woke up with Cosby’s friend. No charges filed.
  33. Rebecca Lynn Neal: 1986/2015, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  34. Jewel Allison: 1990/2015, drugged, no memory, saw semen on floor. No charges filed.
  35. Lise-Lotte Lublin: 1989/2015, drugged, awoke to Cosby straddling her. No charges filed.
  36. Cindra Ladd: 1969/2015, drugged, possibly raped. No charges filed.
  37. Helen Gumpel: 1987/2015, refused drink, attempted sexual advances. No charges filed.
  38. Kathy McKee: 1973/2014, raped No charges filed.
  39. Charlotte Fox: 1970s/2015, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  40. Marcella Tate: Drugged, blacked out, probably raped. No charges filed.
  41. Shawn Brown: 1970s/1990s, even as consensual affair with Cosby was going on, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  42. Lisa Jones: 1986/2014, Attempted drugging, molestation. No charges filed.
  43. Judith Huth: 1974/2014, molested at age 15, LAPD filed no charges.
  44. Eden Tirl: 1990/2015, Sexually molested, reported to Cosby Show staff, no action.
  45. “Elizabeth”: 1976/2015, Drugged, assaulted. No charges filed.
  46. Jena T: 1988/2015, forced in to unspecified sexual activity, paid $700. No charges filed.
  47. “Lisa”: 1988/2015, drugged, molested. No charges filed.
  48. Michelle Hurd: 1995/2014, attempted assault. No charges filed.
  49. *Andrea Costand: 2004/2005, drugged, molested, charges filed, settled out of court. Ultimately led to 4/2018 conviction.
  50. Chloe Goins: 2008/2014, drugged, assaulted. Charges filed in 2015, no charges filed, inadequate evidence.
  51. Lisa Christie: 1989/2015, came on to her, threatened her career if she did not have sex with him. No charges filed.
  52. Pamela Abeyta: 1979/2015, drugged, awoke with three naked men, including Cosby. No charges filed.
  53. Sharon Van Ert: 1976/2015, Drugged, woke up without panties. No charges filed.
  54. Jane Doe: Numerous witnesses who agreed to testify in Constand trial did not show.
  55. “Sandy”: 1980/2014, second hand information, had a consensual relationship with Cosby but was drugged and raped anyway. No charges filed.
  56. Cynthia Myers (deceased): 1997/2011 claimed to have witnessed Cosby using drugs to have sex with women at Playboy Mansion. Did not report incidents.
  57. Charlotte Kemp: 1980s/2014: Drugged. Was witness to the rape of Victoria Valentino. Did not report incident.
  58. Dottye: 1984/2015, drugged, raped. No charges filed.
  59. Donna Barlett: 2004/2015, Molested. No charges filed.
  60. Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer: 1970s/2015, sexual assault. No charges filed.

*49, Andrea Costand, is the one for which Cosby was convicted.

** Just to add a spook marker note, in addition to 26 rapes (=8), there are 8 civil law suits against Cosby, and Gloria Allred is representing 33 of the women on the list above.

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