Is Libra the U.S. dollar’s executioner?

Founding members of Geneva-based Libra Association.

Tony Cartalucci has just published a gem worth a look. Social media giant, Facebook, is the visible leader (face) in a crypto-currency revolution that has the capability to combine information control and financial control in one neat little package.

“Imagine Facebook carrying out a similar campaign to their current one of political censorship, but with an added monetary component – not only removing the West’s political opponents from their social media network and effectively silencing them, but crippling them financially by freezing their accounts and denying them access to the massive digital global economy they hope to create and control through Libra.”

Already, major credit card companies, obviously nervous about Congressional criticism and negative comments by Pres. Trump, have backed out of the Swiss-based corporate group managing the development of the global, unregulated crypto-currency. It’s not easy to create a totally new global currency without a little controversy.

“The Fed could easily tip the US into crisis. The debt levels of the US economy are at record high levels for private households, Federal government, and US corporate debt. Most US corporations have used growing debt, well over $9 trillion, to make stock buybacks rather than invest in new plant and equipment, fueling an unprecedented bubble in the S&P stocks. The rising stocks are not a sign of economic health but of a dangerous speculative bubble vulnerable to collapse.” Is the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar? – F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook

The key to Libra’s success will be the actions of the U.S. Fed. A little cooperation from the Fed — like raising interest rates at a time when private, corporate and government debt is riding high. That has the potential to break the back of the dollar, and provide the final nail in the coffin of the ailing Empire. Next stop: global currency, global information censorship and control, global government.

Interesting times, indeed.

6 thoughts on “Is Libra the U.S. dollar’s executioner?

  1. Well there we go, the IMF is going to support global blockchain digital currencies. Validation of Bitcoin after all. Suck it Miles you were wrong! lol… Somehow they will seize people’s bank accounts and convert the fiat dollars to a percentage of digital currency. This will create a cashless society and give governments control of Bitcoin and dispose of private digital coins like Monero, so every transaction will be recorded and taxed accordingly.


  2. Who says we can’t have both at the same time? Non-digital currency and digital currency may co-exist. It does not have to be “quid pro quo”. Similar to what we have with messaging exchange systems. We have USPS but we do also have Email…


  3. The ultimate goal is control. Using a electronic debit system? Eliminate the plastic card & insert a electronic barcode under the skin. Step out of line, they shut down the $ flow to a trickle or off completely. This is part of the End Game. With CHINA being groomed or posed to become thee $uper Power, and holding a lot of USA debt & land (farm land being the prize) and it’s foreclosure from hell.


  4. Hive mind — information control via Faceb00k, etc. — plus hive monetary system, is checkmate, IMO.

    Anybody remember this little ditty from Henry Kissinger? “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”


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