Greta Got Nuthin’

I thank commenter Big Swede for bringing this one-minute video to us under another post. I knew it existed, I had heard it discussed on a podcast or something, and then forgot about it. In it we see the real Greta Thunberg, clueless, uncomfortable, and having no script to read. She’s got nuthin’.

If YouTube is to be believed, this video has 939,666 views. Spook City, that is. But this I know about her, don’t ask me how: She’s a hired actress. She has taken acting lessons. She rehearsed her UN speech, many many times. She knows nothing about climate. She did not sail in a solar-powered boat from Sweden to New York last summer. She might have sailed from Santiago, Chile to Spain in November – that has a credible ring to it. She would have been with friends and it would be an adventure, a fun thing and done in comfort, no crapping in buckets.

Greta is merely a participant in a hoax, a hireling. Climate Change is being pushed hard now. They are doubling down, it appears. The science is all fake, all of it. The Climate models have yet to be right about anything as we soon enter our 22nd year without any warming. It is all lies and lying liars, so disgusting to watch. But man, the power they have to turn governments and the news media, to make them go along with the lies.

At one time I thought Climate Change was merely a new Cold War, a large hoax used to make us all afraid all the time. That could be the case, but it seems with the world filling up with windmills and solar panels that they truly want to bring down industrialized society, taking us back to primitive technologies that can’t begin to maintain our wealth-production systems.

Also, slapping solar panels on thatch-roofed huts is not going to advance the lot  of the two billion people on this planet, mostly dark-skinned, who do not have access to electricity or clean water. There’s an element of racism and neocolonialism behind it. That’s ugly. It’s all so ugly, watching so many people lying all day every day, never letting up. They are surely without conscience. This planet seems, at times, like a prison. What did I do in other lives to be sentenced to this loony bin?


17 thoughts on “Greta Got Nuthin’

  1. “the power they have to turn governments and the news media, to make them go along with the lies.”

    Yes and as we are seeing it with the smaller hoaxes. About being sentenced to this loony bin, i’m sure I read a book where the author wrote about our lives are actually a prison sentence, our spirits are from another place and we are born into this world into our ape like bodies to learn life lessons, that we took for granted while living as some other life form. Seeing musicians and actors I like and just regular local people promote and hype up Greta makes my stomach churn. My state is making it more expensive to drive a car, and there is a windmill farm near my town that was built recently. I can see it slowly in the works.


    1. I’ve read that too from the reincarnation crowd. I don’t make light of them. There has been scientific method applied to the matter, though I cannot remember the guy’s name. He said belief is much more common in Asia, therefore credible stories that are fact checked about children with memories of other lives. Usually the memories fade as they age.


      1. Ian Stevenson is the scientist you’re talking about. His work was funded by Chester Carlson, the wealthy inventor of the Xerox machine, to research reincarnation in a rigorously scientific way. I’ve read one of his books and many interviews with him. One of the reasons he seems convincing to me is that his books weren’t bestsellers and neither he nor his publishers tried to push any extravagant claims or conclusions regarded his research. Stevenson himself says it’s evidence of reincarnation, but not proof of it. He also says he’s not sure there’s any particular advantage to knowing the details of one’s past life and, in nearly every case he’s studied, the knowledge actual seems detrimental to the person’s current life, not to mention the lives of their current and past-life families. That kind of honesty and the lack of political or social agenda makes him believable to me…in stark contrast to the “science” of climate change.

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        1. TimR, yeah, it’s pretty funny. The Xerox inventor funding reincarnation research sounds like the premise of a joke or a hoax. I’d be quick to assume it was a hoax if our gatekeepers and cultural arbiters had made any kind of a fuss about him. But he worked in relative obscurity throughout his career. From what I gather, his fellow scientists couldn’t find anything in his methods to attack, so they just ignored him. I saw an interview where he talked about how his colleagues didn’t even want to look at or consider his research, and I imagine it may have been because they knew they had to keep their nose to the scientific materialism grindstone in order to maintain their own, non-Xerox-billionaire-funded careers. The media pretty much ignored him too, which makes his whole unlikely story seem credible to me.


      2. Also, this is the first video of Greta I’ve watched. I don’t watch TV news and the stories I’ve read about her are so nauseating, the prospect of watching her performances on video has been too depressing to contemplate. In the video link you’ve posted, the sight of an adult “journalist” asking a 12-year-old the questions he asks–as if she could possibly be a credible expert on anything other than her stuffed animals and favorite cartoons–feels like a setup in a Saturday Night Live skit. It’s so patently ridiculous. I share your despair.


        1. This is designed to be obviously staged. Yes, some infantile people believe in her “just starting demonstrating”, some think these means are necessary for the greater good, but in the end, it’s just for dividing the people, distraction, and it’s framing, letting us discuss about her, and not if 0.04% CO2 is causing climate change. This thing has jumped the shark long ago, the people behind are not stupid, it must be by intent to ruin the credibility of the current media.


          1. There does seem to be a side campaign of destroying mainstream media credibility.. Or perhaps, shifting the frame from left/right to believer/skeptic.. Trump with his fake news meme and deep state fears, Limbaugh moving in sync, more into the direction of Alex Jones.

            Still I don’t know… For many people especially liberals and younger generations, it would take quite a lot to jump the shark..


          2. This is designed to be obviously staged.

            I would say the same thing about reality shows. It’s interesting…I think reality shows (such as the one our current White House occupant starred in) were created for the purpose of making people willfully gullible. I know people whom I do not consider to be stupid who insist on believing what happens on their favorite reality shows even though, intellectually, they understand that reality shows are fake. It’s a really weird sort of willful cognitive dissonance. Once I was at a relative’s house and she was watching “Big Brother” or one of those shows and getting all worked up about something that I knew couldn’t possibly be real. I started explaining why, and she stopped me–actually got a little angry at me. She so enjoyed believing this nonsense that it was upsetting to her to have someone point out how fake it was.

            There are also a lot of supposedly popular YouTube channels that supposedly have millions of subscribers in which couples (married or boyfriend/girlfriend) “prank” each other on a weekly basis. These videos are basically amateur reality shows. The acting is terrible and the notion that these couples could fool each other with these lame pranks week after week, month after month, year after year is obviously nonsensical. Even severely mentally disabled people would stop being so gullible after being pranked a time or two. Of course, I don’t trust YouTube’s “views” numbers. I certainly hope millions of people aren’t watching these idiotic videos as frequently as YT would have me believe. And I’d like to think the credulous comments these videos get are fake. But my experience with reality show junkies, combined with the sheer volume of YouTube vloggers who are cranking out this moronic entertainment, suggests a lot of people enjoy it. They’ve been conditioned to be willfully naive and they enjoy it. When I think of how widespread this manufactured phenomenon is, the obviously staged nature of the Greta show (or, for that matter, the President Trump show) makes a scary kind of sense.


  2. Got NUTHIN. On-script BIG CARBON lil $hill$. Played like a cheap fiddle by ZioNazi Media & Bank$ter$. Bought their own BIG downfall – DOH!


  3. Got NUTHIN, on-script BIG CARBON lil $hill$.
    Played like a cheap fiddle by ZioNazi Media & Bank$ter$.
    Bought their own BIG downfall – DOH!


  4. The Father of All Lies is Satan, according to the bible. And he has a linage or tribe (Geni-thingy ol’ Taos boy uses) that has a lock on the elite rulers. They own the media of course and use it as a means to an end. Myth or not it fits like a glove.

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    1. The devil wins because there is always an abundant supply of people willing to shoot their neighbor for money…

      With or without a badge or flag.

      Think about it.


  5. Just one of the disinformation campaigns; too many to keep track of. Media exists because people watch, tune in. Stop watching, stop listening. We consent to the nonsense by buying into it and cheering it on, by remaining silent. There is life without fiction. It is not, however, “out there.” The war is essentially spiritual. We are at war with ourselves, and we are woefully unprepared (spiritually) to accept reality.

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