POM Search Engine

When this blog was redesigned I had a search engine installed. It works very quickly and very well. You can search for a name or a post title, or even just a word, and it returns quick results. I use it quite often to find older posts.

If you are using a desktop, the search engine is to the right and near the top, highly visible. On other devices, it is not so easily located. On my iPad, I have to click on the “continue reading” button on the first page of a post, and then scroll down through the comments, through the writers to finally get to it. You’ll see if there. See below.

Search Engine

I have never used any other device while using this blog, so I can’t help you on Galaxy’s or Androids, but imagine it is similar. I know how to manipulate the appearance on the desktop, but not on devices.

Anyone able to help me out, it would be appreciated. I would like for the search engine to be easily accessible on all platforms.

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