Bill Maher: Taking a little bit of talent a long, long way

Pete HamI spent part of this morning reading the Wikipedia page on Bill Maher. To the left is a photo of him in his early twenties. I look back on such hair styles with a sense of “presentism,” that we should not judge past styles, even things like mullets, as uncool. They made sense at the time. But I must say, the look does not become Maher, who seems just a tad dorky.

Where am I going with this, you wonder? The photo above is said to be not one of Bill Maher, but rather a British rock star who faked his death in 1975, Pete Ham. He was a lead singer and “songwriter” for the group Badfinger. But I look at that photo and think “I see you, you son of a bitch, Maher. I see you. You cannot hide from me.

Take a look at this little montage:

I won’t dwell too much on the photo analysis, as I’ve done it before. Maher is one of the more obvious zombies. The bulbous nose, the boat-shaped smile, scream “same man!” But I’ve discovered over time that people do not see with their own eyes, as I have learned to do. They see with eyes of authority figures, and no authority figure is going to confirm my analysis.

I will suggest something that, given Maher’s age (currently 64), resonates but is highly speculative. I don’t know his real name or where he was born, so it is hard to comprehend his whereabouts as a youth. I am going on the assumption that he was born Pete Ham in Wales. But that could be a made-up background. Maher’s official bio says he was born in New York. The latter may appear more practical, as it fills out his high school and college career. Also, in his 2008 movie Religulous, his mother and sister make appearances. They could be actors, of course, as it is a movie. It could be that Maher, like “John Denver,” is a fictional character, a mere literary device with an intelligence-written backstory. I do not know. So I am going with Pete Ham, with Maher a creation of Intelligence. But both could be.

Here is what I speculate: As a youth, he was heavily influenced by the Beatles, and like most boys of that era, wanted to be a Beatle. His birth family gave him encouragement, and he studied guitar, and became a McCartney-like chord-banging pianist of minor talent. He was placed in the group Badfinger (prior to that, known as the Iveys), and given a musical career.

But there was a problem – as hard as he worked, he was not very good. His singing was painful to watch and hear, as he had learned voice projection but could not stand alone as a singer. He needed backup voices, and probably in the recording studio, other voices overdubbing. His performances on video do not measure up to recorded versions of the group’s songs. (The same is true of the Beatles, who quit performing in public and then later emerged as highly skilled instrumentalists and song writers – I am not buying that either. The British must have had their own equivalent of the Wrecking Crew. See below*)

Let’s pause here and review a performance by Badfinger of the song, supposedly written by Ham, called “No Matter What”. (Don’t be frightened if there is an unexpected Bernie Sanders apparition at the beginning. I got that when I first clicked on the video, and it scared me. You can skip him after a few seconds.)

It’s a catchy melody. If you look at it and are not seeing Bill Maher as the lead singer, then we have to part company. This was a contrived group that could not last long without a fade-away into footnotes and obscurity. Maher could not have lasted long in the role of Pete Ham.

[On second and third viewing of this video, I think the voices are real, But the guitars deadened. The guitar picks in the instrumentals do not begin to match the sound we hear. Watch again, pay attention to that part. Fake, fake, fake.]


This is true of most rock stars of that era, of course. There would have been no music scene in the US without a group known as “The Wrecking Crew*,” assembled by Phil Spector. Above is the group, left to right: Don Randi, Al DeLory, Carole Kay (mostly shrouded ), Bill Pitman, Tommy Tedesco, Irving Rubins, Roy Caton, Jay Migliori, Hal Blaine, Steve Douglas and Ray Pohlman. (Not pictured, Glen Campbell, who actually had a successful on-stage career.) If you do not recognize the names, you know their music. They were the real musicians behind the groups of that era, the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Sonny and Cher, the Mams and Papas, America, Neil Diamond, Fran Sinatra, the Monkees, Simon and Garfunkel … on and on. Drummer Bruce Gary of The Knack said “ “One of my biggest disappointments was finding out my twelve favorite drummers were Hal Blaine.” Mr. Blaine was the drummer behind over 140 top-ten hits and forty Billboard number ones during that era.

[PS]: It should not pass without notice that the bass line in Good Vibrations was the work of Carole Kay, 1934-2006, incidentally shrouded in the photo too. She was a great talent.]

Welcome to the music business. I have long maintained that the qualities necessary to be a rock star – to be good looking, to play instruments with skill, to be able to sing AND to perform on stage, and to write songs –  are so diverse that the odds that one person (or ragtag group) could do all of that are infinitesimal. The most talented natural musician if this genre was, in my view, Glen Campbell, a good looking man who was a highly skilled guitarist and singer, and who never wrote one song.  (Listen here to the opening guitar riff for the Beach Boys’ Fun Fun Fun, about twenty seconds. That’s all Glen Campbell.

I am not saying that groups like CSN&Y or America or Mamas and Papas lacked talent – they obviously went through training, worked hard, and came across as musicians even as they were primarily actors. But the real music of that era emanated from a sound studio in Los Angeles, and the people who produced it were, by design, kept secret. The lesser talented on-stage performers ones were “killed,” and I think of lack of real talent to be the primary reason. Those with real ability, say John Denver, were allowed to live, Denver at least until his fake death at age 53.

David Crosby in 2019: Yikes!

(This is just a theory, of course, and one that does not for one second begin to explain David Crosby. Not only is he not a talented musician, he’s not even, from what I read,  a nice guy, and is certainly not good looking. He is an heir to the fortunes of the Van Renessleaer and Van Cortlandt families, and this might have something to do with why gay singer Melissa Etheridge chose him as her baby daddy back around 2000.)

Dave McGowan (fake death 11/22/2015) wrote about the musicians of that era and their Intelligence ties in his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, a limited hangout. The whole of the music scene was a contrived fantasy, a product of both Cointelpro and Operation Chaos. Musicians did not die (though McGowan wrote about the deaths as if real, only slightly questioning Jim Morrison’s). They were reassigned. (Concerning Jim Morrison, here’s a fun video with some facial work of the kind I once did using Photoshop overlays.)

I can only guess, but with some assurance, that in Great Britain there is another group that operated in secret and produced the hits credited to the British Invasion of the sixties, and groups like Badfinger and … the Beatles. We know about the Wrecking Crew, but whoever they were who gave us Sgt. Pepper and Revolver and Abbey Road and the White Album remain cloaked, as do those who wrote the songs. Think about it: The Beatles quit live performances in 1966, and then emerged as fabulous instrumentalists and song writers, all done behind closed doors.  Not very likely.

So Pete Ham was killed off (1975), and Bill Maher emerged (1979). Ham is given an earlier birth date, and as always with these people who fake their deaths, we have no idea which date, Ham (4/27/47) or Maher (1/20/56) is real. Probably neither. (Ham’s screams spook marker.)

I am not going through the zombie exercise here for fun. It’s all old news at this blog. I am far more curious about “Bill Maher” and his career. In terms of comedy, I regard him as a lesser talent with good writers, much like the musician, Ham, of low musical talent but credited with great achievements.  What troubles me is why Maher has had the career he has had. I’ll review it briefly.

Bill Maher’s Career

Ham died in April of 1975, and Maher appeared in 1979 at Catch a Rising Star in New York City. So he had four years of training. During this time he lost his British accent (if he was British), and probably studied comedy delivery. As with Badfinger, Maher is credited with original writing, though I doubt he does any of it.

By 1982 he was appearing on both Johnny Carson and Letterman. That is a meteoric rise, but when a man is juiced, as is Maher/Ham, the reviews are favorable, appearances high-profile, and a buzz is created.

Maher took on his real calling in a show called Politically Correct, which aired on Comedy Central  and then ABC, 1993-2002. Maher played the part of a liberal. The show featured a monologue and then four guests appearing simultaneously, and engaging in rapid-fire exchanges. He had access to high-profile guests throughout the show’s run. The show, naturally, won many awards. Juiced celebrities always line up for those things.

In the wake of 911, Maher either deliberately or accidentally created a storm by claiming that the alleged hijackers, no matter their evil intent, were not cowards, as claimed by President George W. Bush. His advertisers pulled out, and the show was cancelled.

But you can’t kill people in this this amazing mediocrity of juiced performers. Just one year later Maher was given a show on HBO called Real Time, which runs to this day. I quit watching years ago, when I discovered Maher’s real identity, but I imagine as always that the show draws A-list guests and has superb writing. Maher is in my mind still a mediocre talent.

Imagined Conversation with Pete Ham, circa January, 1975:

Ham: Hi boss. You wanted to see me?

Music executive (Seated aside unknown man in business suit): Hi Pete. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, we have a few things to discuss.

Ham: Is it about the group? Things seem to be going OK. We need some more songs, though. Haven’t had a hit in a while.

ME: Yeah, it’s about that, Pete. We’re shutting Badfinger down.

Ham: What? We’re a little down, I know. Like I said, we need some more songs.

ME: Pete, this isn’t my call. The gentlemen sitting next to me brought the news.

Ham: [Suspiciously] OK. No names, I suppose.

Anonymous gentlemen: Probably best Pete. Don’t mean to go all spook on you, but we have to discuss your future. You need to leave England.

Ham: Where am I going?

AG: To the US, Pete. Also, you are going to have a new name. And a new line of work. We’ve watched you, musically, and we know you’ve worked very hard to hone your skills. But we think you’ve reached a ceiling, and that even if we give you a bunch of new songs, your career is basically over and on the downside.

Ham: Well, I have to say, I always felt uncomfortable with the long hair and being on stage and all, so I guess I should look on the bright side.

AG: This may come as a shock to you, Pete, so prepare yourself. We need for you to fake your death.

Ham: What?

AG: You heard right. Don’t worry. We’ll see that you are stowed away and secure. In the meantime, we have our guys busy writing your suicide tract. Or maybe a small plane crash. Don’t know as of yet. Can’t tell you much more than we’ve scheduled it for April.

Ham: I’ve got a wife and daughter! Sort of. Well, you know what I mean. What about them?

AG: Don’t worry, Pete. We do this a lot. We’ll have new names and homes for them. We’ll probably hire someone to be your daughter for life. We’re seeing your new self as a confirmed bachelor.

Ham: [Looking down] So you know about me.

AG: Yeah, we know. Don’t worry, Pete. That’s really common in our line of work. We don’t judge you in that regard, but we think it better, considering what we have in mind for you, that you be seen with beautiful women on your arm, but in public just say that marriage isn’t your bag.

AG: Also, fake deaths are pretty common.

Ham: I’ve heard stories. Lennon in Toronto, Joplin a newscaster, Jim Morrison running a ranch in Oregon, Buddy Holly a record executive?

AG: Well, you have to keep quiet about this stuff, Pete, you know. We’re going to have you sign a contract called an “NDA,” or nondisclosure agreement, basically promising never to talk to anyone other than an authorized agent about your real identity. By the way, Elvis died, for real.

Ham: Really? I thought that one might be fake.

AG: Oh, it was. He just recently passed. Lived in Texas.

Ham: God rest his soul. So what will my future be?

AG: Well, Pete, there are a lot of openings in news. We could have you anchor at a local TV station for a few years, and then move you up to the big leagues. But we’ve talked about it, about your abilities, and we think you might make a good comedian.

Ham: What? I’m not funny. I don’t even tell jokes to friends.

AG: Pete, we make stars. Did you think Warhol could do art? Did you really think Joplin could sing? Power of suggestion. We run her out on stage and at the same time hire the audiences. Then we have the newspapers and magazines give her rave reviews, get her a record contract and a backup group, do some overdubbing, and presto! Superstar!

Ham: I never cared for her music. Or his art.

AG: No one did Pete. They just thought they should because everyone around them did.

Ham: Does that work in comedy?

AG: It’s a little harder, Pete. We’ll give you good writers. You do have to have some genuinely funny material. We’ll make it for you.

Ham: But what’s the point? Why comedy? Isn’t that kind of low down in entertainment? Does anyone really care about comedy?

AG: It’s like everything, Pete, under management. We can’t let comics out of control, otherwise they will start undermining our opinion management efforts. So we’ve been slowly moving comedy along a path towards controlled opposition politics along with some blue material. We’re working with some people up at Oxford and Cambridge, hoping to revolutionize the field. So yeah, we hire most comedians too, and the ones that don’t work for us don’t go far.

Ham: What does controlled opposition mean?

AG: We like to have the whole spectrum of opinion under control, so we hire the liberals, the conservatives, the protesters, the radio talk guys … constantly fighting among themselves. It’s how we want it.

Ham: Me – what am I going to be?

AG: Still under discussion, Pete, but the guys are seeing you as a liberal. Your routine will cover a lot of political ground. In the end, we want you prominently featured, either on a network or maybe a cable outlet.  This is a big deal, Pete. You’re going to be a big deal.

Ham: In the US? Do I learn to speak like them?

AG: You’ll be an American, Pete. We’ll train you. We’ll give you a mom and pop and maybe a sibling too, a high school and college degree, all of that. It’s what we do.

Ham: Unreal, man. Just unreal. When do I start?

AG: We have to give it a few years so memories of Pete Ham won’t confuse people. After all, you do sort of resemble him.

Ham: Do I have plastic surgery?

AG: No. Not necessary. We gave you big hair so that when you cut it people won’t recognize you. Anyway, once you’re dead, they don’t look for you anymore. Worked for Joplin. A few others. Maybe one guy in the whole of the country will spot you, but no one will pay him any mind. They’ll think he’s crazy.

Ham: It’s that simple?

AG: Yeah, that simple. Anyway, we’ll be training you in New York for a few years, and then get you into the comedy clubs to work off the jitters and generate some reviews and create a buzz, then we’ll get you on Carson. You’ll be set.

Ham: About my death?

AG: We’re working on it now. We’ve planted rumors that Badfinger finances are bust and that the group is falling apart. They’ll probably leverage that into a suicide or something, maybe small plane crash. We’ll see.

Ham: Well, I have to say I am excited about a new life. No more music lessons!

**Speaking of the Beatles, Listen to this, a piece called “The End,” off their Abbey Road Album.

It is meant to be a swan song, a farewell, and is very well done. The problem I have with it is that it is said to include guitar solos by George, “Paul,” and John. There are indeed solos going on in the piece, each highly skilled. I do not think these boys, who prior to retiring from public performing were not highly skilled on their guitars (well, maybe George), could pull that off. I suspect a single guitarist, someone of Glen Campbell-like ability (the guitarist for the Wrecking Crew prior to having a public career) doing that work. The object would be to seal the legacy that the Beatles were highly talented musicians who haphazardly got together and formed a group. In reality they were front for a larger group of musicians and songwriters. That is why they retired from public performing.

39 thoughts on “Bill Maher: Taking a little bit of talent a long, long way

  1. The leading suspects for the British version of the Wrecking Crew would be the members that came and went in the guise of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. The most famous members had direct relations with the Beatles-Viv Stanshall is in Magical Mystery Tour- and members later formed the Beatles parody band, The Rutles. Likely the Beatlemania years were buttressed by Eric Clapton who was close to George, and Jimmy Paige who was the Glen Campbell of the crowd, a sessions musician on Everything who then had his own group and career (though nowhere near as musically competent as Campbell)


  2. Ham [real age] only got into the 27 club by the skin of his teeth – 3 days. As if you’d commit suicide on that pretext. But perhaps escape impending father hood with a new life… not that there’s any evidence of a marriage. Interestingly, his mother died the following year aged just 64. Neither she, nor Pete’s dad, who died in 1985 had any probate i.e assets. Ho hum.
    And who’s this “Petera” [non-existent name] Catherine Ham [no such birth recorded] who pops up in 2013 as his daughter?


  3. I’ve never been a Beatles fan. The music is decent at times but I’ve never understood the love they get. Same with Elvis. But who really cares. Any music that’s played on the radio is obviously produced. Anybody with a brain knows the likes of Swift, Bieber, Grande, Cyrus,Beyoncé, Lizzo are all shit. They have catchy tunes that all the pre teens can’t resist. And then they win Grammys. But who cares. The bigger question is how does Jupiter appear as a big bright white light in the sky when it’s made of gas? How can we even discuss other matters.


      1. I love your quick responses Mark. Honestly, I don’t need to research it. I’m an ex science teacher and I can confidently say that gas does not reflect light. At least not enough to produce what we are told is Jupiter in the sky. I’m 99% sure that the universe is all a lie. Take a camera and zoom in on a star. You will be amazed!

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          1. Would love to. But seriously, zoom in on a star. I know you have a camera. I’ve done it. They’re obviously not planets or big balls of burning gas. And there’s one thing I know for sure. When gas ignites, it ignites! All of it. Almost instantly. How can a star just keep igniting gas for billions of years. It would run out. Elementary. So much mockery they do to us.


          2. You’ve forced me to think on this, and mine is not a good brain to delve into such matters. I’ve very little scientific background, so that if I offer profound opinions they have to be tempered by great humility, as I don’t have enough background to support them.

            That in mind, I think you oversimplify is saying that Jupiter is a great ball of gas. Other forces are at work there, as a mass of that size, as we head towards its core, is not gas but rather solid matter held in place by gravity, as is the earth as mass of molten matter with an atmosphere. Velikovsky opined, and I know he is not highly regarded by conventional cosmologists, that two bodies collided, and as a result a great deal of mass was ejected from Jupiter, which we now know as Venus. While we can never have proof of his conjecture, we can have it disproven, but evidence gathered to date tends to support his contentions.

            One other thing … people come here from time to time offering this or that theory, and suggest I look into it. My answer is always the same … you’ve got a brain too, so look into it yourself, draw your evidence and form conclusions and report back. Why on earth does anyone imagine they are not capable of insight, especially in matter which they, like you, pay great heed to? Your own head is your best tool. You’re a science teacher? Explore! Report back. If you’ve done good work, I will give you a platform.


          3. Reporting back Mark.
            In my science class I taught my kids that the vertical force of gravity is independent of an objects horizontal velocity. For example if you shoot a gun and drop a bullet from the same height the bullets will hit the ground at the same time. Basic law of science we OBSERVE on Earth.
            So. Why doesn’t Earths gravity suck in the Moon? Or the Suns gravity suck us in?
            “Official explanation”: Their speed.
            They have the “perfect speed” they say. But that breaks the law I just stated. Speed doesn’t affect the gravitational force. It’s completely contradictory!
            This is just one of many that I’ve noticed. They get us with two main things. SIZE and TIME. Something is so large or so much time has passed that miraculous things happen. Time-Evolution. Size-the universe as we’ve been told. But just because something is so large or so old doesn’t make the impossible possible. At least in accordance with the laws of science we’ve observed or been “taught”.
            Thanks, Mark.


          4. Kyle-
            Thanks for these clear, interesting points. What do your peers or friends interested in science say when you bring this up? Do they concede the problem; have good arguments against; or just ignore and accept the official line?


          5. TIMR, I rarely get anyone to engage in conversation with me. It’s just too far fetched I guess. I’ve posted some of these questions in science threads and I would usually get a whole range of different answers. I never asked other teachers mostly because my opinions on the matter were not quite formed yet.


          6. Also Mark to answer your two other statements. The core of Jupiter wouldn’t really matter when it comes to reflection. And the collision theory with Jupiter and Venus is like the one with the Moon and Earth. They don’t hold water. Both the moon and Venus would have to come out of that collision with the exact shape, mass, and speed to maintain an orbit around the sun or earth. Otherwise they would get sucked back in or ejected out to space. I can’t imagine that’s even remotely possible.


          7. Water vapor is a gas and forms clouds which does reflect sunlight. So I guess I should have said gas doesn’t reflect light well. But the reflection is minimal and pales in comparison to what would be needed to make Jupiter look the way it supposedly does.
            All the lights in the sky basically look the same. But we’re supposed to believe that some are big balls of fire, some are rocky planets reflecting light, and some are gaseous planets reflecting light. Not possible.
            They tell us that we’re seeing stars that are billions of years old and may not exist anymore. So basically they have us believing that we can look into the past. I just don’t think that’s possible. We see the source of the light. Like a flashlight, we see the actual bulb illuminating. We don’t see flashlights from years ago. Light dissipates.
            Why do we see the same stars every night? We spin, revolve around the sun, and revolve around the galaxy. We are facing different directions all through the year. But we see the same thing every night. Official explanation: the stars are so far away that it doesn’t matter. Really? Because something is so far away you can see it no matter which way your facing. Now I may not be a brain scientist but I know that’s bullshit.
            I got more.


          8. Why does the rotation of the Earth not affect air travel?
            Say it’s Jan. 1 and it’s nighttime and we’re facing away from the Sun. One rotation every day right? So six months later we would be on the other side of the sun directly facing it at the same time, nighttime.
            We supposedly travel 66,000 mph around the sun. When a space ship escapes Earths gravitational pull, like on the way to the moon, wouldn’t Earth just speed on past it.
            And this may sound stupid but how come when we jump real high the Earth doesn’t spin underneath just a little bit. They say the atmosphere holds us. But if we’re in the back of a speeding truck and jump real high the truck will move underneath you. The earth spins at about 800-1000mph they say. The earth doesn’t spin under skydivers.
            The list goes on and on.


          9. I remember as a kid riding the train that I went to a place where I was alone so I could jump. I thought the train would move out from under me, but it didn’t. I later learned that while on the train I am part of the train, traveling at the same speed. That answers your jumping question. Can’t help you much more.


          10. You’re traveling the same speed as the train as long as your attached. Once you jump you lose that. You still have the momentum for a period of time. You just didn’t jump high enough. Probably wouldn’t be possible inside the train. But outside the train or in the back of a truck you could probably get high enough. It would be a minimal distance.


          11. Don’t you think that there should some regard to rotation in air travel? You’re flying above a 1000mph spinning object. One direction you go with the spin and the other direction you go against the spin. Do you think air molecules are dense enough to hold it in check? Not to mention that the density of the atmosphere changes with altitude. So it would literally have to be an intelligent atmosphere to know how strong to be to hold the plane steady. It’s kinda ridiculous when you think about it.

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          12. Story goes the atmosphere is 99% hydrogen and helium with water being .25% of the molecules in the atmosphere, but unironically the Juno(smh)probe has produced pictures of a blue Jove.(i’ll leave aside the inverse square law and the puny wattage of space probe transmitters for now)It seems Jupiter has become the new blue marble allthesudden…

            “New data from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which launched in 2011 and is orbiting the planet right now, suggests that water makes up about 0.25% of the molecules in Jupiter’s atmosphere. That’s about three times more than thought to be at the Sun.”


            …by jove and juno, who knew that the sun had water in it? Butwhatever, the keepers of the official narrative say we don’t see the interior of Jupiter(note the famous red storm spot). We just see the gaseous atmosphere. the supposed metallic hydrogen core does make up most of the mass of Jove so I reckon that makes the term “gas giant” a misnomer. Not that it matters cause terms invented by psience fiction writers can mean anything of course…


            When children jump on moving trains they are moving with the train at the same velocity. They usually only jump a few inches in the air and land in about the same spot. Now imagine taking the roof off of the train that is moving with a constant velocity and jumping a few hundred feet in the air. What force is there that could counteract your lack of a motor and the frictional forces and give you the same constant velocity as the train for your entire ballistic flight? I cannot think of one. The last magician’s “vis inertia” only seems to really matter in the magical setting of space.


          13. Good stuff Kyle… It would be neat to look at the night sky with a telescope and disregard to the official story. Do you have any model you theorize to be correct, or you just know the official model is flawed?


          14. I don’t know for certain anything. I’m agnostic in all areas. But I will say that it’s pretty obvious the moon and sun are close to us. How close? Don’t know but as close as they look and feel. I mean they look like they’re close. Just the feel of it says they’re close. But we’re led to believe different. I believe the lights in the sky are just that. Lights. You can see them flicker and change color. You can see halos around them lighting up our atmosphere. I believe these lights rotate around us. Why? Because they rotate around us. But we’re told to believe otherwise. Again, to those interested, zoom in on a star. You will say “holy shit”. Theirs videos on YouTube and I can tell you they look just like that. They look like they’re in water. Changing colors and shape. I’m not religious but I believe we were created. Evolution is a joke. I don’t have a clue what those lights are. Angels? Gods? Lights?
            And yes the current theories are inherently flawed.


          15. Here’s one of my favorites.
            Why are there no cameras on the front of rockets or the space shuttle? wouldn’t that be so cool?
            And does anyone out there remember the construction of the ISS? I’ve been a space buff my whole life but I honestly can’t remember them reporting on this. It’s like just one day we had a space station. Are there any documentaries about it?


          16. I’ve long accepted that we have never left low earth orbit. Use our search engine and look for “Apollo 11”. It should lead to to an interesting post, I think called “Apollo 11: Something went somewhere.” NASA has never shown an unspliced version of 11 taking off. It is always different views spliced together. But a man (who believes the moon landings were real) happened to take a Super 8 that day and preserved it. Others were able by comparison to other films from that day to gauge the speed of the film to verify that it was a real account. What they found was that at a certain point, 105 seconds, A11 was at 26,000 feet (it penetrated certain clouds that exist at that level) where official NASA records put it three times higher. The conclusion, it went somewhere, but it did not leave earth orbit. It was underpowered. Ergo, no astronauts were aboard. Two Russian scientists concluded that “Something went somewhere,” but nothing more.


          17. It went into the ocean. If you watch any rocket launch they all level off. And then crash into the ocean. Wouldn’t it seem logical to just fly straight up. They say they level off to gain speed or oppose the force of gravity or something like that. There are no wings on a rocket so it can’t fly horizontal for very long. It’s my belief low earth orbit is impossible.


  4. Interesting how all these old musicians are connected regardless of what area they lived in at the time of their fame. Reading thru some of their Wikis the same names keep popping up, especially the behind the scenes people. A time consuming rabbit hole in itself if one were to venture deeper into. When I remind myself sadly that the Rock n Roll industry is a military project of sorts, all the issues and agendas within including the fake deaths make sense. I still listen to the Beatles, Badfinger, and all the other classic rock bands occasionally. Many of those tunes were real good earworms.


    1. Whose in charge of what information is allowed in your academia to be known? Your questions followed by ‘I am a science teacher’ means you have been indoctrinated, programed & approved by the powers that rule the planet. To repeat the narrative that they want repeated. Maher is another tool used in information flow (sewer) and distraction. Does he resemble Pete Ham to an astonishing degree?

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      1. I was a middle school science teacher in a low income school. They handed me a text book and said teach them this. I have a degree in management and had to take some tests to be a teacher. There was no indoctrination.
        Yes, Maher is an entertainer. Used to distract us from thinking of bigger things. Yes he looks exactly like Pete Ham. I’m totally on board with that theory.


  5. One of most interesting things I happened upon in researching the McCartney twins was the involvement of the Asher’s, Peter, Jane, and Margaret (nee Eliot). Peter would for a while be a performer, and then settle in as a producer. Jane’s role was continuity, as she was to be seen in public as the girlfriend of both Paul and Mike, thereby misdirecting us from their true nature. “Paul” is said to have moved in to the Asher residence in London due to his relationship with Jane, but we know that was a farce. Margaret was a professor of music at the Guildhall School, and her best known student was George Martin.

    So we have all the players in place. I regard the Asher household as a center of gravity, the source of much if not most of the music of the time, the ear worms. (There are other unnamed people as well.) The decision to give others like “Paul” and Lennon and even a little player like Pete Ham songwriting credit is a subject of great interest. Others of far greater talent have to recede into the background and allow lesser talents to publicly take credit for their work, McCartney in public removing Lennon’s name from work that neither of them accomplished. Macca did not write Yesterday, Michelle, Hey Jude … he might have done a thing or two given all his time to think about it, but he did not endure what George Harrison did, years of sweat and bad results before finally doing something good. That is how it works in music or anything … results come from sweat and frustration, not easy genius.

    I regard McCartney and a few others who front for real talent (John Denver) as some of the sleaziest hypocrites who ever walked the planet. How does he sleep at night? Does he believe the lies?


  6. “That is a meteoric rise, but when a man is juiced, as is Maher/Ham, the reviews are favorable, appearances high-profile, and a buzz is created.”

    When a Man is Juiced… Good title for a humorous song, novel or movie


    1. Who is behind Team Juice? The apparatus called media is theirs. That takes tremendous money supplies aka banking. Bill, Jerry Springer & Howard Stern share more than a huge annual salary to put the screws to Western civilization & cultures.


      1. Who is behind team juice? I take that to mean: Who dispenses the juice?
        Speaking of the Beatles, if there is a big time juicer behind the operation, I would bet a few pounds sterling it was the Duke of Devonshire, the man who inherited the title when his older brother, then married to the oldest Kennedy sister, “died” in battle in WWII (just like his erstwhile brother-in-law for five minutes, Joe Kennedy Jr.)
        Anyway, the Duke was one of the original investors in the Clermont Club in the early 60’s, a private gambling house run by one John Aspinall.
        Now, you Beatle brains will recognize that last name as it is shared by Beatle chief cook and money washer, Neil Stanley Aspinall.
        Yes, another Stanley, as in: Julia Stanley, Lennon’s purported mother.
        So, if Aspinall/Stanley connects, Neil is Lennon’s cousin. Wowzers, who saw that coming?
        John Aspinall’s step father was Lt.-Col. Sir George Francis Osborne, 16th Baronet, MC
        This was the likely route to the Duke and his high rolling buddies behind the club.
        Enter stage right, Brian Epstein, who, under an alias, Robert Fraser, would routinely lose large amounts of the Beatles money at the tables. Just speculating out my various ports of egress, but this may be how the Duke got the lion’s share of the Beatles operation.
        I think all roads eventually lead back to the topper most of the popper most peers, who, if seeing an opportunity, dispense a portion of the magick juice to those who can “earn” in the same fashion that any mafia operator would.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Kick would also die in a plane crash like a good kennedy narrative device should. The dukes of Devonshire are the cavendish clan of course. As in henry cavendish and the cavendish lab at cambridge. The cavendish lab gave us electrons, neutrons, dna andsoforth and ole henry set the stage for g with the right rev’d john michell’s(the narrative device that dreamed up black holes)kit. Oh and don’t forget to eat your cavendish modified bananas y’all.


  7. Good thought, new thought! Very welcome here.

    I have long concluded, via our imperfect and inconclusive photo analysis, that John Lennon’s mother, “Julia Stanley,” was a literary device, and that his purported Dad was a hired actor. So, of course, they had to “kill” her in a most unlikely manner before the group became famous, as questions about his real mother and father, who I believe I saw in the photos, would emerge. As with “Paul is Dead, classic and highly skilled misdirection.


  8. Back to Beatles, that project generated a lot of $ even back when. Who (Juice Machine) gets the lions share (Royal references there) of that $’s? Surely not Epstein (no relation to Jeffery?) for he was a low level handler. Seeing Bill Maher get owned on his contrived Real Time show is the only treat there.

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  9. Back to the space questions. I watched a video on YouTube recently where the moon was shown to be a reflection of the earth. The holes and craters were lining up perfectly with Volcanoes in Hawaii and such. It was extremely compelling and as much as I didn’t want to believe it the evidence was there.


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