“We’ll know our disinformation program complete when everything the American public believes is false.”(William Casey, Director of CIA for eight years under President Reagan)*

The above quote came to mind as I looked about me seeing the stampede that Coronavirus has become. It reminded me of another quote:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” (HL Mencken)

That in mind, the virus should be renamed “hobgoblinvirus.”

I am writing this post to link to AB over at Fakeologist, who has been doing really good work on this hoax. I am not going to reinvent the wheel, just comment briefly on what he has brought us so far.

First, an amazing video, 11:45, in which participants are writing the script for what is going on now regarding Coronavirus. Credit is given by AB to Clues Forum for finding this. As I watched it I slowly came to realize that what we are seeing now is probably a drill that was flipped live. Do watch and draw your own conclusions.

Also, a 19-page paper by David Crowe called “COVID-19 –SARS-CoV-2 –The 2019 Coronavirus Scare.” I read it and put many 3M flags in it to revisit. Much of it helps me recall pearlier work done on AIDS concerning retroviruses, and the work that goes into isolating a virus. It was never done with HIV, and has not been done with Conronavirus. What work has been done is incredibly sloppy. His conclusion:

“The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus.”

This reminds me of reading I’ve done in the past, which I will cite from memory as best I am able, with possible memory mistakes. The field of virology exploded during the 1960s as the Nixon Administration funded research aimed at finding a viral cause of cancer. Thousands of people entered the field. Left without a cancer cure and needing continued funding, the detectives were inspired to go virus hunting. That’s been going on for decades now, and with any pursuit of that kind, if they don’t find something, they don’t have a job. Ergo the long list of harmless viruses around which public scares have been built.

But this hoax is bigger than any before, a massive display of power. The people behind this cattle drive are not virologists, but rather people in industry, Intelligence and government who have the power to crash markets, shut down travel, and force sports teams to play to empty stadiums. I am in awe – the same kind of power is behind the Climatete Change hoax, but not on display like this.

Anyway, if you don’t already, please add Fakeologist to your daily travels. Well worth your trouble. I’ve been sending AB $1.19 per month now for a few years … I’ve sent him enough to buy a grande latte.

*The quote at the opening is, of course, denied to be real. It originated with Barbara Honneger, a journalist who served for a brief time  in the Reagan Administration, and sat in on a meeting with Casey in 1981. She in turn reported it to Journalist Sarah McClendon, who went public with it. Honneger stands behind the quote – scroll down a little bit at this site.

Of course, that is not proof, as people lie, even “journalists.” Honneger, for instance, published a book about a thing in our history called the “October Surprise,” surely a hoax, and has supported all facets of the 9/11 hoax. But I take the quote at face, meaning that even if fake, it is real enough in practice.

38 thoughts on “Hobgoblinvirus

  1. This whole situation shows how much power they have. At least over the vast majority of people. I was at Kroger Sunday and there was plenty of toilet paper. A friend told me today it was all gone. All it takes is a few articles about toilet paper with some pictures of empty shelves and the cattle go marching.


  2. Has the flow of products used by Americans made in China stopped or the very least slowed to a trickle? That is one of the power plays being down presently. The truth of whether or not there is a bio-weapon waiting in the wings to step up the chaos & culling remains to be seen.


    1. Hi Kyle, my answer is a square NO. And so far and to my knowledge, nobody I know has anyone in the family or acquaintances circle who’s actually resulted positive to the virus. But nonetheless, and I forgot to mention this before, all schools, universities, theatres, museums, cinemas around the country are closes until April 3rd. Also, we have a curfew: All bars and pubs have to close at 6 pm.
      After 6 pm no standing on the street or walking in the park with other people.
      What do they want to hide during the night? Supermarkets and shopping centres, I heard that today, as the government (Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, or Giuseppi as Trump calls him) comes up with new bullshit rules every day, are to be closed over the weekend.

      Listen, I think that the PTB as you call them are treating us as guinea pigs in a lab: They’re testing us for something I’ve yet to understand, and these extreme measures to “contain the virus” are just bullshit. They’re destroying our economy and we’ll end up like Greece very soon I’m afraid. If you follow any european channel you’ll hear a whole bunch of news saying that Italy is always the cause of every possible evil in Europe, possibly on the planet. And now, a chinese virus has become the plague from Italy.
      In the meantime, the new fascism has begun.
      And this is only the beginning I believe…I’ll keep you updated.

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      1. “Destroying our economy..”

        Maybe that’s one of the prime agenda items here? A bit of economic warfare to knock everyone back a few notches? Especially those in marginal positions to begin with.
        All the small businesses who operate on slim margins or scrape along (as well as their low income employees) could be seriously harmed. We’ve already got tent cities and people living in cars in many places… Is that one major ulterior motive to staging this absurd piece of theater?


        1. My investment manager has been warning me for over a year that the market is due for a correction. It seems that they jumped on the opportunity. Stocks were overvalued, we now have oil coming out our ears. Of course, with oil, there is always a chance that the big ones are squeezing out the little guys. That’s been going on since Titusville.

          People prosper in good times, suffer in bad times, and insiders prosper in both.Just is that way.


      2. Of course it’s easy for the corporations to absorb the damage, since they seem not to operate as part of the “free market”.. Or to have easy access to some hidden money spigot. Maybe Mark as an accountant can explain it… Why do small independent restaurants that do booming business never serm to have the fancy digs of even a shite fast food chain.. I mean yes, economies of scale, but still.. Sometimes they seem to be mere shanties, or never updated since the 70s, while pathetic chains can have digital menu boards and ugly (but pricey) revamps every 10 years.. Not saying I like the big chain decor, just saying they always have cash to throw around (except at their employees.)


        1. No problem Mark.
          Some updates: From today until April 3rd (hopefully, this agony could go on much longer) ALL shops in Italy are closed EXCEPT supermarkets and pharmacies. Wedding and funeral ceremonies, as well as Mass had already been suspended all over the country, churches are closed to the public. Not that I care about churches and Mass to be honest, but this is beyond hell at this point.
          BUT…Milan stock exchange is open, of course.
          Speculation must go on as usual. My country has to be sold off once and for all. Expect to see Trump buying the Colosseum and Gates putting us in queues for a lethal shot.
          If anyone is caught going around with flu symptoms they can risk up to 21 years imprisonment for putting public health at risk.
          What next? Maybe martial law and we’re done.

          But the worst thing of all for me is seeing people around happy to have their fundamental rights suspended and the police at checkpoints ready to shoot whoever wants to go out for a breath of fresh air.

          I’m not even sure we’ll have Internet for much longer you know (maybe I’m being a tad too tragic here, but you never know…)


  3. In “irregular warfare” as it exists today, a “bio-weapon” does not have to be real to be effective.

    1828 Webster’s on WEAPON, noun [G., Latin ]
    1. Any instrument of offense; any thing used or designed to be used in destroying or annoying an enemy. The weapons of rude nations are clubs, stones and bows and arrows. Modern weapons of war are swords, muskets, pistols, cannon and the like.
    2. An instrument for contest, or for combating enemies. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. 2 Corinthians 10:4.
    3. An instrument of defense.
    4. Weapons, in botany, arms; thorns, prickles, and stings, with which plants are furnished for defense; enumerated among the fulcres by Linne.

    Non-conventional weapons of today extend into every aspect of life, therefore, all life is at risk. You and me included.

    “The acquisition and use of modern military technology is often seen as a solution to the problems of warfare in the late 20th century, with information warfare the latest example. Irregular warfare, however, remains confoundingly unaffected by changes in technology. In an irregular conflict, sociology, psychology, and history will have more to say about the nature of the conflict, including its persistence and intensity.” https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/96unclass/iregular.htm


  4. Interesting that all the comments aren’t showing here. As I post this the counter says 28 yet I only count 19. I don’t see the main comment from Anna which is mentioned in a couple of other comments…


    1. I deleted a bunch of Motorhead comments, as guy was all over the map and I was tired of it. I didn’t ban him. Just suggested he scale back. Anna’s comments inadvertently went with them, and are restored down below inside a comment by me. Nothing evil going on. Just management. The guy annoys me.


      1. I just wish Motorhead would learn how to reply in-line. Every comment is a brand new comment. Every reply is a new comment. Sheesh. It is not difficult to learn to comment on others chains.


  5. Here’s Anna’s first comment. It was deleted because it was in response to a Motorhead comment:

    “Italy has way over 16+ million locked down actually. The whole country is locked down. How do I know? I’m italian and I live in Italy, on a italian island more precisely, and in a very small village at the centre of it. They let you go to work and to shop for food ONLY if you carry a permit given to you by your local authorities which you have to sign at your own risk. That meaning that if you say you’re going to work or to the supermarket/chemist’s and it ends up not being true, you can get up to a 200 Euro fine and up to three months in jail for putting public health at risk. This madness will last (hopefully only) until April 3d. What’s going to happen after that, nobody knows.
    What does this all hoax mean, same. Nobody knows. But believe me guys, people are assaulting supermarkets, wearing stupid masks and plastic gloves and if they hear you coughing or catching a sneeze while in a queue they call the police and want you out of the shop/public office, otherwise you can get beaten up and called a plague spreader. We won’t die by Covid-19 but by starvation and craziness.

    For the record, I’ve been reading Mark’s blog for over three years and I’ve been doing my own research for many a year now, and I came up to your same conclusion: it’s all a hoax, all shit, all a freaking Matrix. I never commented as I’m not an English native speaker obviously, just made and exception this time round as I wanted to reply to Motorhead’s doubts.

    Keep up the good work guys, ciao!”

    This comment by her was also deleted, same reason:

    “Hi Mark, thanks! Well I have a degree in modern languages, I studied English, Spanish and german in high school and at university. I lived in London and Dublin for many years and if you hear me speaking English, I have a funny Dublin accent that will give you a good laugh 🙂 To be honest I have some difficulties with the american expressions I often read here, that’s why I feel insecure commenting, but again, I thought this time would be the right time to make an exception as I wanted you to know what’s going in Italy.”


    1. Anna, I have traveled in much of Europe and am impressed with the multiple languages most of you speak, making it easier for a one-language foreigner like me to move about. The best English I have heard was spoken by Germans. We met a Norwegian man and his son. The father spoke the King’s English, while Norway had begun teaching American English after he left school. The son sounded just like an American.


  6. Thanks Mark for all your support.
    I’m just posting the good works of some of the best I find around the internet.
    This psyOp is growing daily and spreading great fear and panic – that’s real.

    Can someone find a doctor who can actually verify a test for this phony virus exists?


  7. There is a great article on a WordPress blog called Nuclear-News by Christine Henderson. The article is on Feb 2. It deals with Mercenary Science. I think readers of POM will get a lot out of it.


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