The face of news

This video came to mind as I saw all the news readers out there pushing the Coronavirus hoax. They are not scholars. They are not “journalists,” if that word has meaning. They are hired because they are good looking and seem trustworthy and can be taught to read a teleprompter. Example follows, well known, but worth another look.

She is delightfully clueless, but notice the intonations of voice, the references to authority … totally believable! I did a screencap at the end:


I am not the smartest guy in the room, ever. But this is the face of stupid. Nothing personal, I do not know who she is, but she is the face of news.

4 thoughts on “The face of news

  1. On the bright side, this crash news had a photo of a reasonably believable crashed plane. Small potatoes compared to the 9/11, Shanksville, PA crash site news — the Flight 93 mystery plane that never was. Ten years after, the news making sure the biggest pile of 21st-Century bullshit just gets driven deeper into the collective consciousness.

    Sorry, NOT “forgotten.”


  2. Channel 2 out of Oakland is the main Fox affiliate here in the Bay Area. Prior to being absorbed by Fox, Channel 2 news was the channel of record for the Bay Area and this would have never run as the editorial staff all the way up to Dennis Richmond, the chief anchorman, kept a close eye on what they were reporting. Sure, it may have been fake, especially with the national news feed, but they could sell anything locally with their erudition. Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in SF, was the clown show and they might have run this back then.

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  3. I’m a little confused how they’re justifying the extreme freak out levels of cancelling events, and other economically damaging precautions, based on their own numbers? Even if we grant them their numbers, does it warrant all this? It’s annoying because personally I work in an event related field, so it could impact me a lot. If the public goes along with the hysteria… And of course, they surely will if they’re frightened and badgered enough by various authorities.


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