Perceptions gone awry

“I also noted that the painting of DiCaprio outside of his house made him look almost exactly like Jack Nicholson. Most of you probably missed that, but I didn’t since I have written about it previously. There is a theory online that Leo is Jack’s son, though I didn’t come up with it. In that paper I guessed that they were related, but probably not as father/son. However, I read this latest reveal as Tarantino telling me I was wrong. I think he is telling us that Leo is indeed Jack’s son. That’s just my gut reaction, but as you may know my gut has proven to have amazing powers of perception.” (Miles Mathis, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

I have not seen Once Upon a Time, and am not familiar with the scene he is talking about. I would have left this alone, as I have no personal beef with Miles and like much of his work. However, that last line about “amazing powers of perception” left me with jaw dropped perhaps two inches. It also sent me to my photo files, as Leo DiCaprio is, or was, listed here as a Matt Damon lookalike.

All of this work from the past few years is collected in various files, so I can very quickly run faces side-by-side. It has been a while, but I did some work, and the problem that I encountered was that DiCaprio was not lining up well with Damon or any of the other Damon match-ups. He is, however, in near perfect alignment with Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson DiCaprio

So I see what others see. Goodness, just the hair is a giveaway, same part, same widow’s peak. But look around, see how many fathers and sons you know who look exactly alike. I know of none. Miles suggests a more distant relationship? My cousins and I do not remotely resemble one another. We don’t get closer, but more distant as we step away from genealogical lines.

Is what we see above, then, an indication that DiCaprio is Nicholson’s son? No! It means something else entirely.

Here’s another potential Son of Jack to test our own amazing powers of perception:

That’s Timothy Olyphant, maybe better known to us as Seth Bullock in Deadwood, or at least to me. I am most surprised at how hairlines and widow’s peaks manage to line up. I do not make that happen. It is just there.

Yet another:

Younger readers may not remember Roger Moore, who was for a long time James Bond. Note that even though imperfect, the hair of the two gentlemen wants to align.

That is Rock Hudson on the left. Facial angles make the chop look wider than it should. It is really difficult to find photos where people are looking straight at the camera. Hudson has a softer look, not the highly charged animal magnetism that Nicholson projects. Maybe that’s why they terminated the Hudson project in 1985.

And Brad Pitt. He often looks right at us. Don’t know why, but straight-on photos of him are abundant. He, like Jack, exudes confidence.

These facial alignments are not perfect, but I would place them all within 95% of one another. And that is close enough, because we know these men are not from the same families and that they are not twins, but that their facial plates line up almost precisely.*

Did Nicholson father all these famous actors? Of course not, no more than he is DiCaprio’s dad. Miles’ paper sent me on a mission, and I discovered more than I knew in the past. Things got moved around in my world quite a bit. I am not going to show any more photos here, but I will list some of the groups that look eerily alike that I am working on. I have much more work to do on this, so this is merely a map of where I am at now.

The Matt Damon Group contains Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Garner, Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Kinnear, Heath Ledger, Rob Lowe and Paul Newman. So far. Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a thing, with Kimmel (have not watched in a while) saying at the end of his show that Damon was bumped due to time constraints. They know each other well, and Damon went so far as to pretend to be Tom Brady on the Kimmel show, completing the circle. These men are self-aware.  

The Charlie Sheen Group is one I just picked up on this within the last year … Charlie is part of a group whose facial architecture turns up often. Members so far: Justin Bateman, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Kit Harrington (John Snow of Game of Thrones), Michael J. Fox, Julia Roberts. I notice two James Bond’s in this group along with John Snow, indicating to me that the Sheen group may be British in origin, while the Damon group, save Crowe, is American. Michael J. Fox is Canadian, but that is close enough.

Others who look remarkably alike: Inger Stevens and Emma Thompson; Jayne Mansfield and Betty White; Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lawrence; Judy Woodruff and Dalida. I have not been attune to these match-ups, so do not have many members as of this time. Hillary Swank appears to belong in the Mirren group, but the (botoxed?) lips are wrong. Seth McFarland belongs with Sheen, but is an odd-looking duck, so I left him out. Talulah Riley is in with Woodruff, but I just don’t have enough Woodruff work to make it convincing, even to me.

I can only theorize: Finding stars in the rubble of the human population is not easy. The producer spotting Lana Turner at the Woolworth soda fountain was just an invented backstory. Perhaps it is to save money, but they are somehow manufacturing stars.

I would imagine that when Brad Pitt was born, his parent(s) understood that he was going to be an actor, so that training started when he was very young. When he turned up in Thelma and Louise in 1991 (or before – that is my first memory of him), it was not a discovery, but rather a rollout. His career was preordained and launched; it was understood he would be big. As with all of the above, these people do not become famous by accident. They are selected from birth.

It is done by some unknown process, be it gene splicing or egg splitting. In that sense, they are related. They are given over to families who are seemingly real parents – for instance, Martin Sheen and his son Charlie look and sound a lot alike. So it appears that they are half from one person, and half from … test tube?  A clone machine?

The word “clone” is probably inappropriate, but the only other one that comes to mind is “twin,” and that does not work either. That’s why I settled long ago on the expression “Bokanovsky Brats,” in reference to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, or just Brats.

So please, let’s all put away our amazing gut perceptions, and take a closer look not just at the ones I’ve listed above, but all of Hollywood, along with Great Britain and Australia …and Sweden. Brats seem to come from everywhere. Help me understand how they came to be. It is not natural selection, it is not a golden ratio. It is something else that I am yet to come even close to understanding.

PS: Here is Jack Nicholson’s real son, Ray, the one of his five children that looks most like him:

Nicholson Ray

As you can see, he resembles his father. He is not, like Leo DiCaprio, a perfect facial plate match. There aren’t many useful photos of him, so I settled on this one with head tilted upward (making everything difficult). That does not help but still, we get a general idea.

I aligned the tip of the noses. See that the eyes and lips do not align. The fact that Ray is smiling, Jack is not, does not affect placement of the eyes. They are close to the center of gravity as the head rotates forward and back. With head tilted back, the eyes should appear higher, not lower than Jack’s. The jaw and lower lip are affected by the head tilt, so it is hard to saw how they align. These guys look a lot alike, but Ray is not an exact replication. That is normal in true parentage.

Do I have amazing gut perception too? Do I? Do I?

*One flaw with this technique is that it relies on setting eye pupils at the same distance. That causes the apparent overall size of the head to shrink or expand. It could be that Jack Nicholson’s head is a balloon while Leo DiCaprio is a pinhead. But the technique works within limits. It needs to be further developed to come up with standards whereby I can measure relative skull size. But, alas, life is short.

36 thoughts on “Perceptions gone awry

  1. You all know my theory. They are getting identical “beauty” gene sequences in utero. This explains the identical-ness of it. Same designer gene sequences. What really becomes shocking is that this implies they have been capable of advanced science FAR longer than we are publicly aware.

    Golden ratio is silly. There would have to be Hollywood talent managers out in the middle of nowhere with facial recognition software matching up to face templates. We would then find these perfect matches to have legitimate “rags to riches” stories, yet they never do. Always the same sketchy/Mathis “families” type background.

    The identical nature of the matching features is somehow inherent to this. Mark, you are correct. Those are your “amazing powers of perception”.


    1. I really like the Bokanovsky Brats theory. One thing we know about TPTB, they aren’t overburdened with ethical concerns nor reluctant to “play God.”

      That said, just to play Devil’s Advocate for a second, here’s a response to you, Fauxlex:

      Your theory is that they are inserting “beauty” gene splices and that they have lots of advanced technology we don’t know about. I find that perfectly plausible, but…

      If they have advanced technology, software to quickly scan faces and match them against beauty algorithms would be quite easy for them to have, indeed, much EASIER than super-advanced gene splicing. And we wouldn’t necessarily see rags to riches stories…the sad truth is that beauty is correlated with money and “good breeding.” They wouldn’t NEED to bother scanning every face in every small town. In fact, they probably wouldn’t WANT to even if there WERE a lot of hidden beauty gems among the proletariat….they want their “own” to be the stars, to keep the money (and the propaganda production) all in the family.

      Again, I’m not saying your theory isn’t right–I like it and I like Mark’s. I’m just stress-testing a few of your secondary supporting arguments–the notions that facial scans would be too hard for TPTB, or would necessarily elevate poor outsiders to stardom.


      1. It sounds like your comment is more about what I said against so-called “Golden Ratio” than anything about my genetic engineering theory.

        Simply, I disagree. We would only see rags to riches stories if they were plucking from random people solely on the factor of whether they resembled Jack Nicholson or whatever. The weirdest part of this is that the identical-type matches always have that weirdly spotty parentage that mm loves to write about. It is just an observation. Their backgrounds are always full of oddities. I might agree with you if we actually saw first-hand that the “Golden Ratio” people were Joe-Schmo from Solina, KS or whatever. It just never seems that this is ever the case.

        So when you put it all together, I see it how Mark sees it. Some kind of genetic engineering program and families recruited to raise these engineered children for a particular purpose from birth. One good question is whether the children are genetically related to their parents at all. Mark does not believe so, but I do. I think that they can keep the parents as the bedrock of the DNA, but make the outward-facing “shell” look however they want. See: Paris Jackson.


          1. Thanks for clarifying. I was more referring to cases of random parentage…meaning, was Jack Nicholson actually related to his parents? This is where I had believed your view was no. Not so much the cases of whether Leo is Jack’s son. Is Jack really the offspring of his parents, or was he “placed” there?


            1. I will have to read more of Mathis on this matter, but I am not sure which paper, or even if it was MM, but it seems Nicholson has a murky background, orphanages or some such thing, not living with real parents, stuff like that. My memory on the subject is murky.


              1. The leading candidate for Jack’s father is Dominic Furcillo who changed his name to Don Rose. Jack’s mother was passed off to Jack as his sister and she died just as Jack was getting work on a regular basis. My guess is that Jack was placed with a caretaker who, when Jack was on his own, was reassigned. Its also possible that Furcillo’s real name was Rose and he switched back to that name when his assignment with Jack was over.
                Also, Jack’s kids are by four different blondes with names like Knight and Anspach which sound peeragy.
                Just wildly spitballing here, but what if Jack was a bastard noble whose IVF donations went to the women who were the important links to the Octopus, not Jack. Being a nut job, he was then given over to Angelica Huston for safekeeping because she really does link to the royals. I suspect she was orchestrating Jack’s offspring going to the right pre-selected wombs and keeping house over the whole operation.
                Okay, lets go nuts: (I’m in near lock down and have already gone nuts) Huston was the adult supervision for that Jack/Beatty/Brando nexus that produced a tangle of bastards and donor wives and girlfriends. Something must have been going wrong and they amputated the problem by throwing Polanski to the wolves to cover up whatever was getting beyond their control. Roman was probably “volunteered” because he could skate back to Europe without missing a beat. The “rape” probably was made up as I suspect Roman wasn’t into girls. It may have been about boys- always a possibility with show folk of that stature. The hype about these guys being lotharios could just as easily be BS. After all, Roman Polanski wrote and directed the Manson hoax, IMO, so why not get him out of there before someone caught on?

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  2. Good call that Leo is too identical to Jack for natural parentage.

    I rewatched Good Will Hunting recently. Long, tedious movie. Seems transparently a launch pad for Damon and Affleck, with silly story that they wrote it.. But the script feels far more like the hackneyed, cynical but worldly and knowledgeable work of an old pro(s).

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  3. Mark,

    What do you expect from a genius who keeps denying Alex Jones = Bill Hicks?
    Talking about teeth and facial perfect alignment.
    Apparently his gut feeling and extraordinary powers of perception have gone down the loo with that one (and many others too).
    Or was he talking about his perfect digestion maybe?


    1. Miles is very proud of his abilities as a portrait artist to see things with the naked eye that others miss, and often enough it has been the case. He is also stubborn on things, Hicks/Jones being one, that a naif like me cannot possibly see something he does not.


      1. Do you still think he’s a real artist?
        I don’t.

        If he is, I reckon Jackson Pollock and his buckets of paint thrown randomly on canvases are pure talent.


    1. Those pictures of Connery are pretty interesting: (1) #6 and #7 look fake, and (2) first (and only) time I’ve seen him with tattoos (#12).


  4. I know you never post my shit but here’s more. They are BE’s or clones. They are driven by the original soul in the natural body. They fracture their minds…Think MK Ultra. Monarch is referring to royalty and the change of worm to butterfly. All Royals are Monarch programmed. So Leo just doesn’t “look” like Jack. He is Jack but as another “facet” of his persona. Facet as in fine cut diamond. Diamond being synonymous with stars which are synonymous with fallen angels. The originals are old stale fossils like the crypt keeper but by drinking blood and eating flesh they stay alive. Listen to the BeeGees song staying alive backwards. It will smarten you up a bit. Micheal Jackson gets into it also. His song. You’re just another part of me. MJ also fits the Damon template well, because he is Damon, Tom Brady and tons more. The problem comes when the greedy ones at the top over drive a high value asset like MJ or Britney. The natural one breaks down and can’t sustain the heavy load on their brain. There are many facets to MJ. Also you have to figure in the Vril worm. When a natural is Vriled he then becomes a shapeshifter and also a jumper. They are then able to jump from BE to BE as agent Smith in the matrix. Neo was a natural phenomenon who could do all things without the worm or witchcraft. That’s why he’s the ONE or Christ. That is why he is so dangerous. This is real shit. Neo is MJ, MJ is barrack and Barrack is the anti christ. The original natural MJ is the actual Christ but they cloned him at 14-15 and created Obama. Look at his head scars….. Pepsi fire scars. Look at his boots in I pet goat. Match MJ boots from Bad. I know this won’t get out but it’s a good day to die….. in my best Daniel Craig voice….. he matches your Damon template too…… hehe


    1. If MJ is Christ and MJ is Barrack, then why is Barrack the anti-Christ? I have actually read that some guy who claimed to be an MK Ultra victim, Stewart Swerdlow, said that TPTB can travel back in time and gather the blood of Jesus to use for DNA for various people, such as Tom Brady. I am not saying I believe it. But it was a great fun read. I may be mistaken, but I think MM said time travel was possible, maybe not?


  5. This post touches upon a few thoughts of my own which I believe are worth sharing.

    1) Christian Slater has always struck me as being a younger version of Jack Nicholson, even his gestures and speaking mannerisms.

    2) I do have some personal knowledge of Brad Pitt and can vouch for him being a born-and-bred Missourian as a number of my friends have either had class with him or know where his mom still lives (just outside of Springfield, Missouri). Pitt was in a fraternity house at the University of Missouri, so he was highly visible during the 3-4 years he spent there (but oddly left for California the semester before he would have graduated). Based upon what I know, he certainly doesn’t appear to have the lineage that you suggest.

    3) The Miles Mathis Group fascinates me. Two thoughts about “him” here: (A) “but as you may know my gut has proven to have amazing powers of perception” is some potent NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by beginning with “but as you may know” which means what follows is what he is hoping to convince you to believe is the absolute truth, when it’s nothing of the sort. Similar lead-ins are “I don’t need to tell you this but…” and “you already know this but…” before serving up a whopper which influences the hearer to not be as skeptical about the whopper which follows. (B) I am assuming that many have read the “guest” paper on the coronavirus scare. I am trying to figure out how anyone other than the usual MM writers wrote that because it is absolutely identical to his typical musings with all the genealogy stuff and other typical tidbits. Anyone else have the same reaction?


    1. I concur with your point 3B.

      The writer oddly claims that no one could have the name Debbie de los Angeles. No argument for that opinion, just assertion. But that is in fact a real Spanish surname, and you can find several people with it in

      The MMC is getting ленивый with a capital л.

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    2. I’ve read that thing or paper, whatever, and what caught my attention was the font used in the first 2-3 pages, total shite and unreadable, and then the usual font Miles uses, just to make it appear as if two different people wrote that crap.

      You never go far with the Taos guy: It’s always about the money…and the Phoenicians of course.
      Well, it’s not. There’s so much more to it that I don’t even know where to start. So many implications, consequences, people who are taking advantage from this mass hysteria, you name it.

      But rest assured you’ll never find the truth with that guy and his group. You’ll just find the same, old boring and at this stage useless genealogy and squalid misdirection to have you look at the finger but not at the moon .
      Oh and btw Fauxlex, they guy’s obsessed with this blog it seems. You wrote your post about the Moon and after a day or two the genius came up with his paper on the Italian documentary American moon. Why now? Why during the Covid-19 outbreak? Why an Italian documentary? It’s a hidden message I’m sure. To whom I don’t know, but I have a gut feeling myself, as the Italian guy who made that film runs a famous blog where he’s been exposing the fake pandemic for weeks now, with thousands and thousands of comments.
      And now a pathetic 7 page paper of which one a scan of an article.

      I feel sick to my stomach.


      1. Nix on previous comment. I’ve been doing a lot of this recently and my eyes get a little bleary. Lofcaudio, Slater is not a perfect match for Damon, Nicholson or Sheen, but Sheen is closest.

        Sheen Slater 90%

        But it is not a great match,a s you can see.


    3. Lofcaudio, thanks for the Pitt background. I know nothing of the man other than that I have spent an inordinate amount of time staring at his face. The genetic or Brat process we suggest does not carry with it a necessity that the Brats don’t live normal lives before being rolled out as stars. It does not suggest, either, that the parent(s) be well born. As I said at the end of the post, I am nowhere close to understanding how this is done. I can only describe the what, not the how.


    4. Your 2nd point is an interesting one, and I believe some of the highest-ranking future stars might actually be placed strategically with “random-enough” families. I have seen rumors of this with top ranking families, I think Mathis himself said something like this. The last names are irrelevant because they will drop children from one line into another line. Just because Pitt is genuinely born and raised in Missouri might not really mean anything. If this is true, it is done quite strategically so that outside analysis by people like us is essentially impossible.


        1. And this now reminds me of something I didn’t think of when I made my previous post about Pitt. MM had a fascinating theory on PGA golfer Payne Stewart (which I believe was embedded in his Tiger Woods exposé). One of the things MM said as a spook-marker for Stewart was that he was from Springfield, Missouri. I thought that was rather silly as I know tons of people who live there and have spent a lot of time there and have never once heard about anything odd or strange about the area which might make it a suspicious place (other than the usual backwards Ozark jokes).


    1. It reads like they have created a universe of people with Nicholson at the center, so that maybe I am related to him too. We are both very good looking men. That’s a start.


  6. Would you say American film and TV is the exclusive field for this phenomenon? Actors in British TV shows, strike as more genuine street people, commoners. I would be led to think the brits may be real actors not artificial chosen brats.
    Anyway, perhaps the brats are just a clue for the awake ones (red pill) to id the current iteration of the latest simulation. More details:


    1. That sounds plausible from the POV that US seems to be the tip of the spear, or was for a while, of social engineering and rebuilding traditional cultures by Enlightenment ideals. Deracinating a bunch of dispossessed proles and programming them through the latest theories in schooling, media manipulation etc.


    2. I would say that visual media is the place most likely to house this phenomena. These are pretty faces. They may take a person far in other areas of life, but I doubt that they are manufacturing pretty faces to run large corporations.


  7. I think Dr. Oz looks like Charlie Sheen. There used to be rumors that the Oliver actor, Mark Lester, fathered one or two of Michael Jackson’s kids. According to some reports, Lester himself says it is true. Lester was a very cute child actor and had a lot of charm. I would think they would want to use his genes if they could. It was written that Jackson was obsessed with Lester and asked him to be the Godfather of Paris. Who knows?


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